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Sierra Madre Celebrate’s 

America’s Birthday

Water Main Breaks Continue - 

Parts of Sierra Madre Blvd. Closed - Council Calls Emergency Session 

Parade Grand Marshal Lew Watanabe and wife lead the way.

The city of Sierra Madre continues 
to face challenges with its aging 
water system as yet another water 
main break occurred closing down 
portions of Sierra Madre Blvd. This 
is the fifth break in the past 10 
days and by far the most serious 
one this year. The break occured 
on Wednesday evening and crews 
worked into the night putting a 
clamp on the leak. Residents in the 
immediate area were without water 
until workers could put a brace 
over the hole and stop the leak. By 
morning, however, a second leak 
had sprung and the Water Division 
workers were back to square one.

 The water damage has caused 
buckling on Sierra Madre Blvd. and 
the city subsequently issued the 
following notice: 

 A 10” water main burst in the 
400 block of East Sierra Madre 
Boulevard. Before that section 
of main could be shut down for 
repair, a section of roadway 
pavement, approximately 75 feet 
and 41 feet wide, was severely 
compromised. The entire width of 
the street in that section has been 
made unsafe for through traffic, 
with portions of the asphalt raised 
as much as six inches and other 
areas undermined and settled six 
inches or more. The full extent 
of the damage will not be known 
until all of the pavement has 
been removed. 

 The current incident is caused 
by the same main that leaked 
and caused the sinkhole at 
Mountain Trail and Grandview 
approximately two years ago. The 
main runs from the Main Plant 
pump house to Mira Monte and is 
one of the two mains that transport 
water from the Main Plant to Mira 
Monte. This is a critical link in 
providing service to all of Sierra 
Madre’s water customers. 

 Until the water main is replaced, 
and the roadway is resurfaced, 
the road has been closed to all 
but residents of the immediate 
neighborhood. City staff 
anticipates this portion of Sierra 
Madre Blvd. may remain closed 
through Saturday, July 17, 2010. 
In addition there may be periodic 
closures to residents in the area 
as the work progresses.

 Drivers are encouraged to utilize 
arterial detours such as Mountain 
Trail and Orange Grove, as the 
narrow side streets including as 
Coburn, East Montecito, Holdman 
Avenue, and Santa Anita Court 
are experiencing traffic levels for 
which they were not intended or 

 On Friday, the City Council held

(continued on page 2)

Workers clamped the broken main in two spots within a 24 hour period. 
At right, a resident holds a broken piece of pipe.

Public Hearing on 
Water Rate Increase

July 13th

Anti-Increase Campaign 
Rhetoric Accelerates

 On Tuesday, July 13, 2010, the Sierra 
Madre City Council will hold a public 
hearing on the proposed water rate 
fee increase. The hearing is part of the 
requirements under State Propostion 

 Since the first notice was given to 
the public almost 45 days ago, there 
has been increased visibility by those 
opposed to the increase.

 If more than 50% of the existing 
rate payers submit a written protest 
to the City Clerk, the council may not 
approve the fee hike.

 Protestors have been seen leafleting 
cars and homes in the last week, and 
canvassing for signatures to oppose 
the increase.

 Although several negative statements 
have been made concerning the 
increase, the new structure would 
actually allow exemptions for low 
income residents and with the 
proposed tiered structure, those who 
conserve water will benefit from the 
new structure.

 Residents are urged to attend 
Tuesdays council meeting at 6:30 pm.

Sierra Madrean Louise Neiby waves to the crowd. She and her husband, 
the late Dr. Paul Neiby were this year’s Citizens of the Year.

Sierra Madre Honors…

Recognition Nominations - Due to City Hall Monday, July 26, 2010, at 4:00 pm

 This is an exciting event and the City’s 
opportunity to recognize and honor 
the true treasures of Sierra Madre, its 
volunteers, City Commissioners and 
employees. Sierra Madre Honors… 
Recognition and Appreciation 
Dinner will recognize all out-going 
City Commissioners as well as 
extraordinary community members, 
organizations and employees. Please 
take a moment to review the awards 
listed below and nominate any person 
you feel is eligible for such an honor.

 To nominate a member of the Sierra 
Madre Community for one of the 
Awards, please include the person’s 
name, phone number, address, and 
1-page explanation of nomination 
along with your name and phone 
number, and return to City Hall, the 
Community Recreation Center, or 
email to city@cityofsierramadre.com.

George Maurer Lifetime Service 

Presented to a person/entity that most 
strongly represents a commitment to 
serving and volunteering, which is the 
true spirit of Sierra Madre.

Wistaria Award

In recognition of City/Community 
partnership, presented to a local 
business or organization whose major 
contributions to the City/Community 
of Sierra Madre have demonstrated 
a true partnership that assists in 
and provides services, programs, or 
enhances the general welfare of the 
community as a whole.

 Police Chief’s Special Award

Presented by the Sierra Madre 
Chief of Police to an individual 
who has demonstrated outstanding 
dedication to duty (employee) or 
service (community) in resolving a 
community law enforcement-related 

Public Safety Award

Presented by the Mayor to an 
individual, either an employee or 
citizen, who took action to protect and 
maintain the safety of the community 
by taking lifesaving action.

 Public Service Award

Employee of the Year – presented by 
the Mayor upon the recommendation 
of the City Manager to an 
extraordinary city employee who has 
represented remarkable customer and 
public service as well as dedication to 
the citizens of Sierra Madre over the 
course of a year.

 Community Youth Service Award

Presented to a young adult in the 
community who demonstrates 
dedication and outstanding service to 
the community.

This year’s Sierra Madre Honors... 
Recognition and Appreciation Dinner will 
be held on Thursday, September 23, 2010. 
For more information on the nomination 
process or on the event, please contact 
the Community & Personnel Services 
Department at 626-355-5278 or city@

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Sierra Madre Mayor Joe Mosca and son Garrett greet well wishers.

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