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June 14th is................ Flag Day



Sierra Madre Book 
Wins Two Prestigious 

Republican Nominee 
For 59th Assembly 
District Still Undecided

Lew Watanabe has been 
named 2010 Fourth 
of July Parade Grand 
Marshal in Sierra Madre, 
according to Matt 
Bosse, Fourth of July 
Committee chairman. 

A well known and 
beloved figure in town, 
Watanabe will lead the 
annual parade down 
Sierra Madre Boulevard 
on Monday, July 5. The 
parade starts at 10 a.m.

Watanabe and his wife, 
Joyce, with sons Randy 
and Steven Sage, moved 
to Sierra Madre in 1965. 
Their neighbors and 
the community were 
so welcoming to the 
new family that, Watanabe 
says, “It was like coming 
home.” He immediately set 
out to repay the kindness, 
beginning with volunteer 
work for the Cub Scouts, the 
Boy Scouts, and the Civic 
Club. His devotion of time 
and talent over many years 
has ever since enriched the 

Watanabe’s original interest 
in the nursery business 
expanded into landscape 
contracting in 1981. In 1987 
he started designing and 
building award-winning 
granite sculptures known as 
“water walls” that are now 
to be seen in many gardens 
and museums. One such 
work of art he donated to 
the City of Sierra Madre in 
1999: the “Weeping Wall” 
in Memorial Park, which is 
part of the City’s World War 
II Veterans Memorial. 

Another gift to the City 
is his contribution to the 
renovation of the abandoned 
Japanese garden given to 
Sierra Madre Elementary 
School in 1931 as a symbol 
of goodwill by local Japanese 
families. The garden, 
which fell into disrepair 
during World War II, was 
uncovered by schoolchildren 
and beautifully restored, 
complete with koi pond. 

A dedicated worker for 
landscape improvements 
and planting projects of 
all kinds in Sierra Madre, 
Watanabe’s designs include 
the setting of local plants, 
boulders, and a stream bed 
at the Richardson House, 
the Kiosk at the Pioneer 
Cemetery, the Memorial 
Garden at the Gooden 
School, the landscaping 
around the City entrance at 
the west end of Sierra Madre 
Boulevard, and the flower 
garden in Kersting Court. He 
brought years of professional 
experience to his service as 
chairman of the City’s Tree 
Preservation Committee. 
A tireless supporter of many 
local nonprofit activities, 
Watanabe was honored 
in 1996 as Sierra Madre’s 
Citizen of the Year for his 
efforts in enhancing and 
supporting the community.

The City had another 
opportunity to thank 
Watanabe after he suffered 
serious injury in a fall in 
2003; Sierra Madreans 
enthusiastically rallied 
around their generous friend 
to help with his recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. Watanabe are 
now living on their ranch 
in Wildomar, where they 
grow plants and accumulate 
granite for his landscaping 
projects. “I feel that I have 
moved,” Watanabe says, 
“but I don’t think my heart 
has left Sierra Madre. It has 
been my home for 45 years 
and I don’t think that’s going 
to change.” He maintains 
his local landscaping and 
water installation business, 
Good Earth Enterprises. He 
will have two pieces in the 
2010 Malibu Sculpture Show 
in late June. And, lucky for 
us, he will be returning to 
Sierra Madre to oversee his 

And to ride at the front of 
his hometown parade. “I am 
very honored,” he says, “and 
I think it will be fun. And 
all my friends who helped 
me get well will be riding 
with me.”

Lew Watanabe Named 
Grand Marshal of Fourth of 
July Parade 

Parade To Be Held On July 5th

 When the Sierra Madre 
Historical Preservation 
Society decided to 
undertake publishing 
the history of the city, 
their goal was to share 
the rich history of the 
town with the world. 
The thought of the book 
becoming an award 
winning masterpiece 
probably never entered 
the minds of anyone on 
the committee.

 However, the book, 
“Southern California 
Story: Seeking The Better 
Life In Sierra Madre” has 
recently been selected to win 
awards from the American 
Design Awards and the 
American Association For 
State and Local History.

 Sierra Madre resident, Jeff 
Lapides was selected as one of 
only 54 participants among 
1888 entries to receive a top 
accolade for excellence in 
design and creativity in the 
2010 Winter Semi-Annual 
Design Contest for the cover 
of the book. 

 Author Michele Zack will 
be receiving the The Award 
of Merit which is presented 
to recognize excellence 
for projects (including 
civic engagement, special 
projects, educational pro-

grams, exhibits, publi-
cations,restoration projects,

etc.),individual achievement

and general excellence.

 Both Lapides and Zack 
have been recognized 
nationally for their work.

 The coffee table book, was 
printed in limited quantities 
and covers the first 100 
years of Sierra Madre and 
includes photographs from 
1907 to present. 

 The book is available at 
Sierra Madre Books and 
Vromans or you can contact 
the Sierra Madre Historical 
Preservation Society at 
(626)355-8129 or go to www. 

By Susan Henderson

 Voters in the 59th Assembly District, 
which includes Sierra Madre, parts of 
Arcadia and Monrovia, will have to 
wait until Tuesday to find out who the 
Republican nominee is. 

 Due to the unusual configuration of 
the district, votes are tallied by two 
different county offices. While the 
votes, including provisionals and 
absentees have been counted in San 
Bernardino County, the Los Angeles 
County absentee ballots have not yet 
been tallied.

 The results in San Bernardino County 
at press time showed Tea Party backed 
candidate, and former Minuteman 
organizer, Tim Donnelly with a 654 vote 
lead. However, the results of the Los 
Angeles County votes may change that 
number. In Los Angeles County, the 
votes show candidate Chris Lancaster 
with an almost 2 to 1 lead over Donnelly. 
Whether or not that trend will continue 
and will be enough to overcome the 654 
overall lead Donnelly currently holds 
won’t be known until the last vote is 
counted on Tuesday. It is also unknown 
how many provisional/absentee ballots 
are waiting to be counted in LA County, 
making projections impossible.

 Whomever gains the Republican nomination will face Democrat 
Darcel Woods, American Independent Robert Gosney and 
Libertarian Tony Tyler in November. 

San Bernardino 
County voters 
showed strong 
support for Tim 
Donnelly (above) 
but LA County 
voters favored 
Lancaster (below).

Michele Zack 

Photo courtesy

Jeff Lapides

Carrying The Torch of Remembrance

Sierra Madre Memorial Day Observance

WWII Veteran Gordon Caldwell with family. 

 Hundreds attended the yearly observation of Memorial Day 
held by VFW 3208 at Pioneer Cemetery on May 31 this year. 
Though years or decades may have elapsed since those who 
sacrificed their lives for our country died, it was clearly written 
on the faces and in the emotional voices of those in attendance. 
Mayor Joe Mosca first spoke, followed by the keynote address by 
Charles Carter. Ninety five year old Mike Di Domenico, a World 
War II vet and VFW member and one of the “Rosie the Riveters,” 
Rose Fafach, joined the observance. (See Speech on Pg. 3)

Inside This Week

New: Music News Pg. 2

“Ronald McDonald House” 
Program at Kiwanis Meeting

On Tuesday, June 15, the 
Sierra Madre Kiwanis Club 
will present a program by 
Elizabeth Dever, Director 
of the Ronald McDonald 
House in Pasadena. 

 The Pasadena Ronald 
McDonald House 
provides a community 
supported “home away 
from home” for families 
coming into Pasadena 
seeking advanced medical 
treatment for their critically or terminally ill 
children. Premature births, cancer and other 
critical illnesses can put unimaginable stress 
on a family. In addition, many people must 
travel great distances looking for treatments 
and answers not found near their home.

 The meeting will be at the Masonic Temple, 
33 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. The public is invited. 
Lunch will be served. The cost is $11 per 
person - reservations and exact change are 
required. For reservations, please contact 
Harriet Lyle at 355-6786 no later than noon 
the preceding Monday. Visitors who have 
difficulty hearing the PA system should bring 
a portable radio with headphones; the PA 
sound can be heard at 104.7-FM.

Keeping That Small Town Charm: 

Arnold’s Frontier Hardware

“Where old-fashioned service is never out-dated”

By LaQuetta Shamblee

 If it can be found in a hardware 
store, you should stop and shop here 
first. The massive warehouse chains 
can’t come close to personalized 
service awaiting customers at two 
hardware stores owned by Basil 
Kruger and Michael Howland - 
Arnold’s Hardware in Sierra Madre 
and Frontier Hardware in Duarte. 

 Both locations offer a broad 
selection of hardware, building 
materials, gardening and plumbing 
supplies, and a list of convenient 
services including glass cutting 
and screen repair. With Father’s 
Day a week away, it’s an ideal time 
to stop in to check out their line 
of Craftsman tools since they’ll be 
offering great discounts as members 
of the Ace Hardware Co-op. 

 Whether you’re in need of new 
sprinklers or looking for a place 
to have pipe threaded or cut, 
you’ll discover one of their biggest 
departments is plumbing. An 
inventory of electrical supplies 
and a great selection of hardware 
including stainless steel, metric 
and Grade 8 quality make these 
local stores a go-to for both 
professionals and do-it-yourselfers. 
The gardening department stocks 
everything needed to earn and 
maintain your green thumb status, 
including organic potting soil, peet 
moss and some gardening tools with 
pretty floral designs popular with 
women. Some inventory items and 
features are unique to each location.

 Custom-matched and blended 
paints are one of their specialties. 
The Ace brand is available at both, 
with Pratt & Lambert only at their 
Sierra Madre store. (cont. pg. 3)

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