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My dearly departed father and the inspiration for my career, Elmer Dills, made it his life’s work and 
inspired a legion of readers in the process by investigating and writing about the restaurants that 
meld into the landscape and seldom win the curiosity of a visit by their appearance. 

His job carried many investigative practices but I believe he enjoyed this type of commando experience 
the most. For he retained an American pride in discovering uncommon food among the common 
places of our city.

Ever vigil in his search for the great people and fabulous dining that composed the dining experience. 
I thought of my Dad when I made such a discovery this week in Old Town Pasadena. On my 
routine visit to Red White and Bluezz for a glass of bubbly, and the free customer supervision I lend 
their operation. I happened to park on Raymond in front of the Roxolana Restaurant. Now if you 
have been there or have heard the rumors through a friend, you may have just beaten me to this story. 
I sauntered in and was greeted by a lovely young lady named Veronica, her accent punctuating her 
salutation. I asked her my usual crime scene Restaurant reviewer questions: What’s going on here? 
How long have you been here? And what type of cuisine are you featuring? She didn’t even bat a 
brow as she led her opening with….. You are in for a treat, have you ever had Ukrainian food before? 
Hmmm…I don’t think so, and she didn’t need to throw in that Ukrainian part, because she had me 
at….You are in for a treat. 

I started off with the wine list and pursed their impressive 
selections, many by the glass. I may not 
be a regular in the Ukrainian chow line, but I do 
have a familiarity with their wines, and sure enough, a name that 
I recognized surfaced, Khvanchkara, a red wine. I am not certain 
of the origin of the grape but my palate did not appear to mind 
my lack of knowledge in the subject. I began my dining exploration 
with a Pierogi ($5.95). This a delightful pastry stuffed with 
mixed meats, bacon and onions. The soup settled upon the table, 
the Borsch ($7.95) with pampushki, carrot, potato, and beets. It’s 
the peasant soup of Russia, and if their vodka doesn’t add a smile 
to your face this will perform the act. The soup made such an 
impression that I stopped in for another bowl and a glass of wine 
this week.

For you less adventurous palates there are plenty of salads in the 
($5) range. There are a couple of intriguing Ceaser Salads that I 
didn’t sample but appear to have the makings of nirvana. The 
entrees on the menu are a bounty filled of chicken, fish and lamb 
dishes. The Shashlik appeared to be a dish with a handsome reward. 
The pork, beef and lamb dish all fall in the ($17) range and 
are accompanied by steamed vegetables. For the adventurous 
diner, go with the Varenki, the owner and chef, Alex Balinschi, 
assures me this is the authentic Ukrainian experience. A dumpling 
stuffed dish with a choice of potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, 
meat, friend onions and cherries ($13.95). There also feature a 
host of pastas on the menu. 

Roxolana – small, quaint and the perfectly authentic Ukrainian restaurant from their accent to their 
peasant pie.

Located at 34 S. Raymond Ave. Pasadena (626) 792-0440 Friend me on facebook or just send me an 
e mail at

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills



 A demonstration for 
cancer patients on 
how to prepare tasty 
and healthy raw dishes 
will be given on 
Tuesday April 26 2011 
from 3 p.m. to 4.30 


The demonstrator 
will be Sharron Wimbush, 
author of 'Half 
Raw'. Ms Wimbush 
has been educating 
people on the benefits 
of raw foods for many 


The demonstration 
is free. Location is 
the Cancer Support 
Community, 200 East 
Del Mar Blvd., Suite 
118, Pasadena, Ca 
91105. Reservations 
at 626-796-1083.

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