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WHERE DO WE STAND? First Draft Of Redistricting Maps Released

Congressman Dreier’s District May Change Dramatically

By Susan Henderson

The much anticipated draft of the Congressional, Assembly, State Senate 
and State Board of Equalization redistricting maps were released 
Friday and among residents in Sierra Madre, one of the biggest concerns 
was the possibility of loosing long-time Congressman David 
Dreier. The proposed State Assembly District changes have also raised 
a lot of eyebrows.

 In 2008 via a ballot measure, Californians empowered a Citizens Redistricting 
Commission in a effort to eliminate partisan influence over 
voting boundaries. Prior to the passing of the proposition, boundaries 
were done out of public site and often created districts that divided cities 
and even crossed county lines. There appeared to be no ryhme or 
reason for the boundaries other than to create party strongholds, as the 
lines were often excluded cities that were adjacent to each other and 
connected cities that were hundreds of miles away. 

 After holding numerous public meetings across the state, the commission 
created these proposed districts without influence from the existing 
boundaries or elected officials. It uses a set of criteria that is supposed 
to provide equitable boundaries.


 According to the press release that preceeding release of the proposed 
new districts, “..the first preliminary district maps [were] based on balancing 
the needs of all Californians. These preliminary maps restore 
integrity to California's Constitutional mandate to redistrict to ensure 
fair representation. Where possible, the Commission worked to keep 
communities whole to maximize their voices under these proposed 


Perhaps one of the first casualties of the new boundaries should the 
proposals be adopted, would be Republican Congressman David Dreier. 
Under the suggested map, Dreier would no longer represent Sierra 
Madre, La Canada Flintridge and Rancho Cucamonga. His new district 
would be considerably more Democratic. 

 The proposed new Assembly District Map is equally as troubling for 
some. Currently, Sierra Madre is the western border of the 29th Assembly 
District which spans two counties, LA County and San Bernardino 
County. Although the proposed map appears to have resolved 
this problem (see map on right), the cities of Upland and Rancho Cucamonga 
are in fact in San Bernadino County. 


 Citizens still have the opportunity to present their concerns to the 
commission before any final maps are drawn. In the initial phase of the 
redistricting, more than 1,500 citizens testified at the 23 meetings held 
in various places around the state. There will be another round of hearings 
in June and the committee welcomes input via mail, fax and email 
as well. The deadline for the committee is August 15th, so there is still 
time for public comment. 

To see all the proposed maps, go to

The first draft of the proposed new Congressional (above) and Assembly 
(below right) maps. Sierra Madre is included in the areas 
that are not shaded. Congressman Dreier’s district which includes 
San Dimas where he lives, would become heavily Democratic.



 On Tuesday morning, June 7th, 
a resident was in his home in the 
300 block of E. Montecito Ave. 
when he heard loud banging on 
his front door. The victim looked 
through the blinds and saw two 
unfamiliar men. The victim did 
not answer the door, but watched 
as one man drove a pickup truck 
down the driveway. The other 
man put on gloves and walked 
towards the rear of the home. 
The victim grabbed a cell phone, 
called 911, and ran upstairs. As 
the victim was on the phone with 
the dispatcher, the two suspects 
broke into the home. The victim 
hid upstairs, and continued to 
provide the dispatcher with 
updated information. 

 Police arrived in the area within 
a minute and found the suspect 
vehicle, a blue pickup truck with 
a single lawnmower in the bed, 
backing out of the driveway. 
Officers tried to stop the vehicle; 
however, the driver did not 
comply and a short vehicle 
pursuit ensued. (Cont. page 3) 

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Grammy Award winning singer 
and songwriter, Cee Lo Green, 
one of the Judges on the popular 
reality show, “The Voice” spent 
the afternoon in Sierra Madre, this 
week. Green toured the station, 
donned firefighting gear and sat 
behind the wheel of our fire engine. 
Green’s visit was made on 
behalf of Duracell Battery’s Power 
Those Who Protect Us program. 

 Photo courtesy of Duracell

Read The Paper Online At:

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