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For the period of Sunday, September 30th, through Saturday, 
October 6th, the Police Department responded to 1,017 calls for 
service of which 125 required formal investigations. The following 
is a summary report of the major incidents handled by the 
Department during this period.

Sunday, September 30:

1. At about 10 minutes past midnight, officers responded 
to the area of Live Oak Avenue and Las Tunas Drive regarding a 
report of a non-injury traffic collision. An investigation revealed 
one driver was under the influence, failed to stop in time, and 
collided with the vehicle in front of her. The 25-year-old Hispanic 
female was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for 
booking. No injuries were reported. 
2. At approximately 6:42 p.m., an officer responded to the 
500 block of East Live Oak Avenue regarding a medical assist. An 
intoxicated female subject jumped out of her second story bedroom 
window in attempt to leave the location and landed on the asphalt, 
causing injury to her head and arm. She was transported to the 
Arcadia Methodist Hospital for treatment. Due to the victim 
having a child, the case was referred the Department of Children 
and Family Services for review. 

Monday, October 1:

3. Around 6:00 p.m., an officer responded to the gift shop 
at Arcadia Methodist Hospital, 300 West Huntington Drive, in 
regards to a suspect detained for theft. The suspect concealed items 
inside her purse and exited the location without making payment. 
The 28-year-old Black female was arrested and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
4. Shortly after 11:30 p.m., an officer responded to Pavilions, 
745 West Naomi Avenue, in regards to a subject brandishing a knife. 
Two victims explained they were walking home from the market 
when an unknown subject approached them from behind with a 
knife and threatened to harm them. Officers detained the subject 
on Duarte Road, west of Sunset Boulevard, and located a black 
folding knife on his person. The 46-year-old male of unknown race 
was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

Tuesday, October 2:

5. At about 9:44 a.m., an officer made contact with a male 
subject walking swiftly from a residence in the 100 block of West 
Camino Real Avenue. As the subject provided false information, 
an elderly resident approached the officer and explained the subject 
had attempted to burglarize her residence. An investigation revealed 
the subject posed as a construction worker and distracted the victim 
by having her check her water in multiple locations. The suspect 
attempted to force entry through a rear door with a screwdriver; 
however, he was unsuccessful and informed the resident he would 
return at a later time. Officers located his vehicle nearby which 
contained burglary tools and possible stolen property. The 38-year-
old male of unknown race was arrested, transported to the Arcadia 
City Jail for booking, and his vehicle was impounded. 
6. At approximately 5:10 p.m., officers responded to 7-Eleven, 
2 East Duarte Road, regarding a theft that had just occurred. A male 
subject selected an 18-pack of beer and exited the store without 
making payment. Two bystanders helped detain the subject until 
officers arrived. A records check revealed the subject had an 
outstanding misdemeanor warrant. The 26-year-old Hispanic male 
was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

Wednesday, October 3:

7. At about 12:08 p.m., an officer conducted an enforcement 
stop on a vehicle for driving recklessly in the parking lot of Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 150 West Duarte Road. An 
investigation revealed the juvenile driver was in violation of his 
provisional license and was in possession of tobacco products. The 
17-year-old male of unknown race was transported to Arcadia 
High School where he was cited and released to his father.
8. Around 5:44 p.m., officers were dispatched to Arroyo 
Plumbing, 300 North Santa Anita Avenue, in reference to an 
embezzlement report. The reporting party discovered approximately 
$5,000 worth of fraudulent charges on the company’s gas card 
and found reason to believe a current employee was responsible. 
Further investigation is being conducted by the Detective Bureau. 

Thursday, October 4:

9. Shortly after 3:00 p.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop 
on a vehicle whose driver was swerving between lanes as he talked 
on his cell phone, in the area of Santa Anita Avenue and Lemon 
Avenue. The driver exited the vehicle and walked toward the officer 
in an aggressive manner while ignoring the officer’s commands to 
stop. As the subject neared the officer, he placed his hand inside 
his pocket and turned away from the officer, prompting the 
officer to restrain the subject on the ground until assisting officers 
arrived. The subject eventually stopped resisting and apologized 
for his behavior. The 56-year-old Hispanic male was arrested and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
10. At approximately 10:32 p.m., an officer conducted an 
enforcement stop on a vehicle for expired registration on El Monte 
Avenue, south of Duarte Road. An investigation revealed the driver 
was in possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, 
marijuana for sale, and stolen property including another person’s 
license and debit card. A records check revealed the debit card was 
reported lost out of Pasadena and the officer made contact with the 
victim. The 25-year-old Asian male was arrested and transported to 
the Arcadia City Jail. 

Friday, October 5:

11. Around 10:13 a.m., an officer responded to the 100 block 
of Diamond Street regarding a residential burglary. The victim 
explained he believed someone entered his residence on October 
3rd and stole his laptop computer and briefcase. He explained that 
at about 7:30 p.m. on the listed date, he heard his front door open, 
but thought nothing unusual as he figured his son had entered 
the residence. He later noticed his son was nowhere around and 
became suspicious. As he left for work the next day, he discovered 
his property missing. The officer was unable to locate any evidence 
and no saw or heard anything suspicious. 
12. At about 11:10 p.m., officers conducted a traffic stop on a 
vehicle for running a red light in the area of Santa Clara Avenue 
and Second Avenue. An investigation revealed the driver was under 
the influence of an alcoholic beverage with a blood alcohol content 
greater than .08 percent. The 46-year-old White male was arrested 
and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

Saturday, October 6:

13. At about 7:00 a.m., an officer was dispatched to the 2000 
block of Doolittle Avenue in reference to a residential burglary 
report. A White male suspect, wearing an unknown type of 
uniform, contacted the victim at her front door and explained 
he needed to check her backyard because he was “installing 
telephone and electric lines underground” and “needed to check 
the layout of her property”. The suspect insisted the victim go 
with him to check the area and deferred her by telling personal 
stories. Approximately twenty minutes later, the subject left and 
the victim discovered several items missing from her bedroom 
including cash, jewelry, and a bass guitar. The victim can identify 
the subject if seen again. 
14. Shortly after 1:35 p.m., an officer responded to Macy’s at 
the Santa Anita Mall, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, in regards to a 
theft report. A female subject entered a dressing room, concealed 
items inside a used bag, and exited the store without making 
payment. A search revealed she was in possession of a price tag 
gun. The 35-year-old Asian female was arrested and transported 
to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 


By Helen Conroy

“The Guide Dogs are here!” cheered my 
10-year-old 4th grader, Max, as he hung 
up our classroom phone. It was 8:58 a.m., 
Friday, October 5. As class phone operator, 
he had just been notified by the office that 
our furry visitors had finally arrived at 
Camino Grove. We had been anticipating 
their arrival for two weeks. Along with 3 
other 4th grade classes, we had done the 
following preparation for their visit: boned 
up on Guide Dogs of America literature 
provided by GDA; made thinking maps and 
taken an assessment to show our learning; 
collected donations of blankets, towels, and 
toys for the puppies and dogs that live at the 
Sylmar training facility; watched puppies 
live on the GDA web site puppy cam; read 
literature in our curriculum focused on 
blindness; and acted out proper guide 
dog etiquette, such as never distracting a 
working guide dog and talking to the owner, 
not the dog.

As 4th graders funneled through the 
auditorium doors for the GDA assembly, 
they were greeted by two 13-month-old 
Labrador Retrievers, donning yellow GDA 
training jackets. Though brothers, one of 
the pups was black and the other was yellow. 
Students cooed, “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” as they 
spotted the dogs wagging their tails excitedly 
and cooling off their wooly coats with pink, 
panting tongues. Puppy raisers, Carol Jarvis 
and Diana Snyder, then introduced the 
pups-in-training as “Cooper” and “Aiden,” 
as the dogs stretched out on the linoleum 
flooring like carefree siblings on vacation. It 
was hard to believe that they could someday 
be a life-changing partner for a person with 
blindness, guiding them through a crowded 
street with ease, or helping them start up a 
social conversation at a Starbucks café. If 
they passed the program, which only 60% 
of pups-in-training are able to accomplish, 
they would be services dogs for up to 8 years 
(most guide dogs retire between the age of 
8 and 10).

Demonstrating to students one of many 
challenges facing people who can’t 
see, Synder stepped up onto one of the 
auditorium stage stairs. She asked students 
to imagine how hard it would be to walk 
up those steps if they couldn’t see and had 
no partner to guide them. Though only 
21, Synder is already in her 6th year as a 
volunteer puppy raiser. In that capacity, she 
has seen first-hand how her puppies have 
enhanced the lives of their eventual blind 

Though she took a year off here and there, 
Jarvis, 66, has been a volunteer puppy 
raiser for over 20 years. She shared with 
students that though raising and training 
one guide dog costs GDA about $42,000, 
service comes free of charge to those blind 
or visually impaired who qualify. As puppy 
raisers, Jarvis and Synder work with a GDA 
pup from the time they are about 7 weeks 
old until they are a year and a half. They 
then have to say goodbye to the pup so that 
it can advance to formal training for an 
additional 4 to 6 months at the Guide Dogs 
of America facility in Sylmar. Though this is 
hard for puppy raisers to do, most tears shed 
are tears of joy for the new owner, whose 
life will dramatically change for the better 
because of their service dog. 

As the assembly concluded, students were 
given a special treat – being allowed to pet 
the pups. Cooper and Aiden lay on the floor 
like sedated patients on a vet’s surgery table, 
as 132 sets of wiggly hands stroked their 
coats, touched their yellow training jackets, 
and shook their paws. It was as if these dogs 
knew they must endure this prodding for a 
greater cause, as acting ambassadors for the 
Guide Dogs of America program. Our hats 
go off to these devoted creatures and the 
dedicated GDA puppy raisers and trainers 
who help lead them down their noble path, 
guiding a blind or visually impaired person 
to a fuller, less isolated life. 

Camino Grove 4th graders hold donations they have collected, enjoy sitting next to GDA pups-in-training, and volunteer 
puppy raiser, Carol Jarvis. From left to right: bottom row – Samantha, Matthew, “Aiden” (GDA pup-in-training), and 
Sydnee. Top Row: Cisco, Issac, Leo, Ashley, and Quinn. Standing - volunteer puppy raiser, Carol Jarvis, next to “Cooper”, 
(GDA pup-in-training).