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 Is it just me, or has the study of life sciences become 
increasingly more interesting and intriguing over time? 
It could be related to the swift forward-motion of 
information technology allowing access to fascinating 
scientific facts that, just 10 years ago would have required a trip to the library or a consultation with 
someone who “knew“. Or perhaps the social metamorphosis that is taking place in this age, apparently 
prompting people to gain a higher level of self importance, is driving me to gain a higher level of 
understanding about nature and science. I must admit, I always have been one to “go against the flow”. 
Whatever the reason, I feel more inspired than ever to recall what I learned in my high school and 
college biology classes, research the interesting facts that I do not recall, and apply that knowledge to 
my daily walk of life. I guess you could say it is my means of social survival, via science.

 I can’t think of anything more important than having a good understanding of who and what we 
are, where we came from, and how we can better relate to the creatures that surround us and the 
planet that sustains us. With so many radical changes occurring in our society over the past several 
decades, and amazing new technological concepts constantly appearing on the horizon, “simple” 
scientific truths such as the origin of life, the study of living organisms and how they thrive through 
symbiotic relationships, may, to some, seem like rather boring or mundane subjects to be pondered. 
It’s old news, so who cares anymore, right? For me, not so much. In fact, I feel more inspired now than 
ever to understand how my existence fits into the “big picture” on this magnificent planet and I hope 
to learn more about how I can have a positive impact. To be completely honest, my perspective as an 
adult differs greatly from that of when I was a young child. Back then, I harbored frightful fears of wild 
animals that lived in the woods behind my house, and I did my best to avoid contact with the creepy 
crawling insects and spiders that lived in the basement. These days, I view all living creatures as an 
interesting and very important component of the universe that I live in, and that universe requires an 
environment of mutual appreciation and respect to maintain an healthy balance. It all boils down to 
the fact that I am no more than an integral part of an immense universe, and that, my friends, is indeed 
the “big picture“.

 When I started to look at life from this perspective, I soon found myself free of the childhood 
fears, and the fears were replaced with curiosity and a craving to learn more about the organisms that 
surround me. Another result of my perspective adjustment was a realization that regardless of what we 
humans like to think in terms of property ownership, and our own personal rights on this earth, the 
bottom line is that we are here for a very short time, and the earth cannot be owned. We can borrow 
it for a while, and we can mark our territory just as other animals do, but we will never really own any 
part of this globe. What we humans need to be doing is appreciating every single element of the dirt 
that we 65“camp” on, and be careful to tend to it like a garden that we depend on to feed us. For now, we 
may have a grocery store just down the street where we can choose from a numerous plethora of edible 
products, and for now we may have fuel for our vehicles that take us from point A to point B within 
moments, but let us not forget that we are most definitely dependant on the earth, and the resources 
are limited.

 By learning more about the living organisms that surround me, I have inherently become more aware 
of my responsibility as an important component, to take good care and to not exploit the treasures 
that earth has to offer, because no one is an island unto himself. I believe in creation, and I believe 
that God gave the human a very tall order 
of obedience to respect the earth and 
the other animals that He created. This 
is no small command, and I take it very 
seriously. All living things were made by 
Him, and we humans have a tendency 
to forget that we are responsible for our 
position in the system. So, before I come 
down from my “soap box”, I will end 
with a reminder to all of us to keep good 
thoughts about our surroundings, and 
learn to appreciate other life forms as an 
integral part of ourselves. Love and let 

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

- #A4492632 

Meet Yoshi (A4492632), a sweet petite little gal. Yoshi is an 
endearing three year old brown spayed female Chihuahua who 
was found in La Puente on September 26th and brought to the 
Baldwin Park Animal Care Center. Weighing six pounds, Yoshi 
walks well on the leash but far prefers to be carried – she was 
born to be a lapdog and is a “Velcro dog” who always wants 
to be attached to you. She is good with other dogs and those 
who have met her think she will be fine with children who are 
old enough to handle her gently. Yoshi is a sweet, cuddly girl 
who is the perfect indoor pet for an individual or family living 
in an apartment or condo, and is ideal for someone looking for 
a portable companion. To watch a video of Yoshi please visit:

To meet Yoshi in person, please see her at the Baldwin Park 
Shelter, located at 4275 N. Elton St., Baldwin Park, CA 91706 
(Phone: 626-430-2378 or 626-962-3577). She is currently available 
now. For any inquiries about Yoshi, please reference her animal 
ID number: A4492632. The shelter is open seven days a week, 
12 pm-7 pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday-Sunday. 
This is a high-intake shelter with a great need for adoptions. For 
more information about Yoshi or the adoption process, contact 
United Hope for Animals Volunteer Adoption Coordinator 
Samantha at or 661-309-2674. To 
learn more about United Hope for Animals’ partnership with 
the Baldwin Park Shelter through its Shelter Support Program, 
as well as the many dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes available for 
adoption in local shelters, visit http://www.unitedhope4animals.

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