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Book Reviews by Jasmine Kelsey Williams 

Review By Sean Kayden


By Ellen DeGeneres

The New Year has now passed, and with the New 
Year comes another selection that will boost your 
spirits, help to put you in a positive frame of mind, 
and give you a good laugh while you are at it. This 
next selection, ‘Ellen DeGeneres: Seriously…I’m 
Kidding’, delivers the quality of a self-help book all 
while bringing a smile to your face and is provided 
from one of the most successful and iconic figures 
of her time. 

The title alone is enough to pull in any reader to 
Ellen’s successful name, and the contents within 
her third successful book will not disappoint you. 
Ellen’s narrative is casual, cheerful, and will do a 
wonderful job of providing some secrets to enjoying 
life more, as well as personal experiences, but 
while keeping a friendly tone. Instead of generic 
“how-to” facts, Ellen takes the time to make her 
story come to life, both with her words and fun-
loving personality. This is where ‘Seriously…I’m Kidding’ gets its gusto: the tone of 
Ellen’s words makes it sound like she’s actually having a conversation with the reader, 
and that the reader will enjoy what she explains to them: perspectives on love, life, 
and even why children are so important and such a delight. 

Copyrighted in 2011, having received much positive feedback from critics, and with 
this book also being on audio, ‘Ellen DeGeneres: Seriously…I’m Kidding’ is another 
perfect happy boost for all book lovers, and a sweet reminder of loving life, its simple 
pleasures and reasons to love, laugh, and smile. 


“Django Unchained” is the latest film from auteur Quentin Tarantino. 
His epic new western, actually deemed a “southern,” is a big, bold, and 
bloody affair. However, at the core of this two hour and forty-five minute 
opus, there is an irrefutably strong love story. Set in the south, two years before the civil war, we’re 
introduced to Django, a slave played by Jamie Foxx. While traveling through a forest with other 
slaves chained together and guarded by two men in chariots, a man in his own dentistry chariot 
stops them. The man is Dr. King Schultz portrayed by the incredibly talented Christoph Waltz. 
Schultz was a dentist now turned bounty hunter. He’s looking for a particular slave who can help 
him find the Brittle brothers. After taking care of the guards that don’t comply, Schultz acquires 
the help of Django, who knows what the brothers look like. He allows Django to become a free 

 Schultz and Django form this unlikely 
friendship as they travel with one goal in 
mind. Eventually that goal is turned into an 
even bigger one when we find out Django 
has a wife named Broomhilda, depicted 
by the lovely Kerry Washington. After the 
slaying of the Brittle brothers, who tortured 
both Django and Broomhilda, Jamie Foxx’s 
character agrees to become a bounty hunter 
with Schultz, who in return will lead him to 
the man who has his wife. Soon after, we find out she was sold to a man named Calvin Candie, the 
ruthless owner of the infamous Candyland plantation. The two men have a huge obstacle ahead of 
them and it won’t be an easy task just to walk up to Candie’s front door and demand him to give 
up Broomhilda. They decide to introduce themselves under the false pretenses that they’re in the 
business of purchasing one of Candie’s slave fighters. Candie orchestrates these matches where 
two slaves fight for sport and wealthy men place bets on it. This is where the movie takes a slightly 
different, even more ominous turn. 

 While the first half of the film is invigorating, spectacular in execution and tons of fun, the 
second half is downright fantastic once Leonardo DiCaprio’s conniving, but indubitably charming 
Calvin Candie appears along with his submissive head slave, Stephen (depicted impeccably by 
Samuel L. Jackson). “Django Unchained” is literally off the chain - offering no short supply of 
laughs, tension, and utter enthrallment. It’s a spectacle unlike anything this year, ranking it as one 
of the best American films of 2012. Tarantino has done it again with his quick-witted dialogue 
(seriously, he’s probably the only guy who can write a 165-page script without making an audience 
feel bored or impatient), grandiose filmmaking, and razor sharp direction. 

 The collection of brilliant actors makes “Django Unchained” the most entertaining film of 
the year. With award type performances by Waltz and DiCarpio and strong showcases by Foxx 
and Jackson, you’d be hard pressed to find a better acting ensemble of 2012. All and all, the film 
runs slightly too long, but mostly all is forgiven. With the exception of one mildly phony scene 
toward the end (where Django escapes from the men holding him captured), the entire film is 
luminous, audacious, and uncompromising badass. Tarantino is still one of the few directors to 
be excited for the future. Be sure to catch this ambitiously impressive film in theaters for the full, 
unadulterated experience. 

Grade 4.5 out of 5

Written and Directed by: 

 Quentin Tarantino 

Rated R for strong graphic violence 
throughout, a vicious fight, language 
and some nudity

Release Date: December 25th, 2012


Nola's Proudly Presents the Awesome Music of Sierra Madre’s Own


Quentin Dennard, Drums - Bill Markus, Bass

Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 11am-3pm

Nola's (A Taste of New Orleans) Restaurant

 Reservations Highly Recommended - 213 680-3003

734 E. 3rd St. (Downtown Arts District) Los Angeles, CA 90012


by Dr. Dennis Buckley 

With the arrival of the New Year comes the 
need to change. Health changes are usually high 
on the priority list. Usually these are the same 
changes we wanted to make last year and the 
year before. Perhaps a new strategy is needed. 

Most people need to lose weight. Over 60% of 
the US population is overweight and over 30% 
are considered to be obese. Being overweight 
can make one more prone to develop diabetes, 
heart disease, arthritis, certain cancers and skin 
conditions, not to mention low self esteem and 

Each of us has two ages; a chronological age, or 
how long we’ve been around, and our biological 
age, or how old is our body and how fast it is 
aging. It is has been studied and reported that 
up to 70% of the problems we experience are 
related to our health habits or lifestyle. These 
same habits, good or bad, can accelerate or 
decelerate the aging process. The good news 
is that by improving our health habits we can 
reverse the aging process.

Our bodies when broken down to the most 
basic components, are vibrations of energy that 
show up as molecules, cells, tissues, organs, 
organ systems and body matter. We are energy 
beings. The level of energy of our body has a 
direct correlation to our health status. Our 
habits can increase or decrease our body’s 
energy. The habits that have the most direct 
affect on our energy include: 

• Nutritional Habits
• Exercise Habits 
• Sleep
• Form and function of our spine and 
nervous system

Addressing these four areas positively can raise 
your energy, and reverse or slow the aging 
process. Neglecting these areas can lower your 
energy and accelerate the process. The four 
areas synergize with each other. Neglecting 
one area can counteract the other areas that are 
positive. If you have an energy crisis in your 
body, it is felt as fatigue, pain, stress, interrupted 
sleep, illness, depression or a general sense of 
frustration with life and those around you.

To create a “New Beginning”, you can have 
goals as to lose weight, increase endurance, 
manage stress, and improve health but realize 
these are outcomes. These are by-products of 
what you do each and every day. 

The goal of a “New Beginning” is to make 
every day a masterpiece of health. Address 
these areas each and every day and what will 
happen is that over time you will notice that 
you’ve transformed your habits and your life. 
You will create a more efficient machine. The 
aging process will be slowed or even reversed. 
Your outlook on life will change. Your stress 
will decrease. 

What you will have done is taken control and 
responsibility for your health. You will control 
the things you can control; stop worrying about 
the things you cannot control and be able to tell 
the difference.

Dr. Dennis Buckley is the co-owner of the Health 
Advantage in Pasadena, CA. for more information 
on how to create your new beginning go to, and learn how to 
live the 100 Year Lifestyle



Did you know that the main reason to do yoga is to thrive? So, at the 
beginning of this New Year, let’s not focus on the weight loss and the stress 
management, (that will come with the practice anyway), but let’s focus on 
creating the life you want. It is not just a calm mind that we want. We want focused minds that can 
visualize and direct energy to accomplish our goals. This does not come from a “work out”, this comes 
from learning to control your mind. Learning to control your mind comes from learning to direct your 
prana, or life force energy, through asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), and meditation. It’s not 
simple, but it is do-able.

 They call us yogis ‘the ultimate control freaks’, because we try to control everything about ourselves, 
body, breath, mind…..but we do not try to control what we cannot, like other people. That’s when we 
learn to go with the flow. We also learn to change it if it’s not working. If we have control over our 
minds then we do not get caught up in everyone else’s stuff. That means we have inner peace!

So, ask yourself if you are thriving. Is the same ‘ol routine done faster or harder or with more intensity 
going to work for you? Or could it be that re-directing your energy and mind could allow you to live 
the life you should be living? Not every style of yoga focuses on energy. So check to make sure that 
you have the right teacher and are getting what you need from your practice. You should be and can 
be happy. 

 Happy New Year! Namasté, René