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From Arcadia’s Best:


Most people in Arcadia are familiar 
with high-profile long-
established churches in town 
such as the Holy Angels Roman 
Catholic Parish and the Good 
Shepherd United Methodist 


But not as many are aware that 
Arcadia is also the base for major 
centers of operations of the 
Mormon and Jewish religions 
for the entire San Gabriel Valley.


¦The California Arcadia Mission 
of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints 
at 170 W. Duarte Road, next 
door to the LDS Arcadia Stake 
congregation at 150 West Duarte 
Road (across from Arcadia 
High School), manages the 
administration of about 200 
young missionaries from Glendale 
to Glendora and from La 
Canada to the 60 freeway (those 
clean-cut, nicely-dressed young 
men who walk or bicycle in 
pairs, going door-to-door with 
their message). Volunteer retired 
couple church members 
from all over the country are assigned 
to assist in the office for 
18-months – two years at a time 
under current branch President 
and missionary Jorge Eduardo 
Torres Becerra. The mission 
has been based in Arcadia since 
1969, though it did not start out 
in this building.


¦The 19-year-old independent 
non-profit Jewish Federation 
of Greater San Gabriel and Pomona 
Valleys, at 550 S. Second 
Avenue (between Eldorado and 
Fano Streets), is a fundraising 
and coordinating body dedicated 
to bringing together all 
the many threads of Jewish life 
East of the Greater Los Angeles 
area. Executive Director Jason 
Moss says the mission of the 
Federation, which moved from 
Covina to Arcadia in late 2010, 
is to provide programs and services 
that meet the needs of the 
local Jewish community and 
serve as the Jewish voice of the 


– By Scott Hettrick


 At the February 
Government Affairs Forum 
at the Arcadia Chamber of 
Commerce, Dr. Joel Shawn, 
Superintendent of the Arcadia 
Unified School District was the 
keynote speaker. The five topics 
he targeted were Clean Water, 
Clean Beaches “Fee”, Governor 
Brown’s Local Control Funding 
Formula Proposal, Common 
Core Standards, Smarter 
Balanced Assessments, Capital 
Allocations Bonds (CABS), and 
California Superintendents’ One 
Voice Initiative. 

 The “Clean Water 
Clean Beaches” is a FEE, not 
a tax. (I had wondered about 
that because my husband said 
schools cannot be taxed.) School 
districts would be assessed this 
fee and charged accordingly. It 
was noted that at the Arcadia 
City Council Meeting two 
nights ago, Council Member 
Peter Amundson was very 
concerned with this proposed 
fee for the school district and 
that it meant two teachers being 
laid off. Dr. Shawn said the fee 
was $100,000 year which meant 
1 ½ teachers!

 The “Governor Brown’s 
Local Control Formula 
Proposal” concerns a local 
control formula which means 
all districts would have to pay 
the tax. A certain portion of the 
“fee” paid would go back to each 
district. However, the rest of the 
funding would go to districts 
with greater needs which 
would include ESL students, 
immigrant and low income 
families for example.

 “Common Core 
Standards” should be in place 
2014-2015 and was created to 
address order of skills in high 

 “Smarter Balanced 
Assessments” is a whole new 
testing system aligned to the 
common core standards.

 “Capital Allocation 
Bonds” (CABS) Dr. Shawn 
referred to Measure I passed 
in Arcadia for our facilities’ 
programs which was 218 million 
in bonds. (Not to exceed $60,000 
per $100,000 assessment)

 “Smarter Balanced 
Assessments” is a whole new 
testing system aligned to these 
common core standards.

Superintendents’ One Voice 
Initiative” Dr. Shawn said 
there are 1023 school districts 
in California. There was a 
meeting of Superintendents. 
1000 superintendents with 
ONE OPINION certainly have 
a chance of being heard or 
recognized as opposed to only 
a few. How many times have 
issues occurred which affect 
many people and then many 
residents come together and 
bombard the local official with 
letters pertaining to the issue? 
Or a few hundred residents 
come to a city council meeting 
to get their elected officials’ 
attention? (Several times in 
Duarte there was standing 
room only at a meeting. Then 
the Council Members did take 
notice to listen to concerns, 
and postpone a vote till more 
research was done.) 

 After Dr. Shawn gave 
his address, he answered many 
questions. I was very impressed 
with the clarity he sued to 
present the information. I 
might add that he first handed 
out a paper with these six topics 
listed. After each topic, there 
was a large space to write notes. 
Everyone left the meeting with 
a great understanding of what 
the Arcadia School District has 
been doing.

 Lastly, Brian Mejia from 
Supervisor Antonovich’s Office 
and Rodrigo Gonzalez gave an 
update. Supervisor Antonovich 
is VERY opposed to the 
“Clean Water Clean Beaches 
Fee. He considers It “double 
dipping” and that in these 
tough economic times, few can 
afford it. For the time being, this 
issued has been postponed by 
the Board of Supervisors, but 
March is coming upon us. Stay 

 Rodrigo Gonzalez 
gave an excellent update from 
Metro Gold Line and everyone 
had positive comments about 
the project. The availability 
of the office in Arcadia and 
just the constant updates and 
community meetings have 
kept the public aware of what 
is being done. Someone asked 
why construction was begun in 
Azusa and Rodrigo explained 
about projects being “spread 
out” In Arcadia, for example, 
construction is ONLY on one 
bridge at a time. Metro Gold 
Line is working so hard to try 
to put the public at the least 
inconvenience, which everyone 
should appreciate! 



Come aboard TATA Airlines’ imaginary flight. In 
a themed environment, it is an evening of food 
and “PG” entertainment for adults. Guests first 
enter a mock security zone as they enter the “San 
Gabriel International Airport,” complete with 
overhead announcements. They are then greeted 
by the TATA Airlines crew and directed aboard 
for our imaginary flight to London. Along the 
way, a British-themed meal is served, during 
which there are performances by lounge-style 
entertainers. After dinner and a pretend “mishap” 
aboard the airline, the audience is “read a 
story” intermixed with the live action play “Robbin’ 
Hood,” a one-act play where the script is both 
prepared and improvised to allow freshness of 
the tale and surprise reactions.

“Robbin’ Hood” is a comedic look at an adventure 
of the legendary Robin Hood and follows 
the meeting of our hero with Maid Marilyn, Friar 
Tryur Luck, and the rest of the band of Merry 
Men. Hilarity ensues between Sherwood Forest 
and King Richard’s Castle, now controlled by 
Prince John Juan, the Sheriff of Nottingham and 
Sir Darth of Gisbourne.

Story Tailors’ Dinner Theatre presents ‘Robbin’ 
Hood- The Adventure.” Ticket includes, flight, 
meal and entertainment. $45 per person or $75 
per couple. At Arcadia Woman’s Club, 324 S. First 
Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006. On Thursday, February 
14, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. To reserve call (626) 379-
3789 or (626) 398-9302, or e-mail katganino@

Take a delicious flight of the imagination with us 
on Valentine’s Day.


Nomination forms are available at the Arcadia 
Community Center and the Recreation Department 
office for the 2013 Senior Citizen of 
the Year! Do you know someone who is: 

- 55+ years of age 

- Arcadia resident

- Actively involved in volunteer work

- Have made significant contributions to improve 
the community

If so, please stop by one of these locations or 
log onto the city website at and download the nomination criteria 
and nomination form. Recipient of the award 
will be honored at the Arcadia Rotary Club Salute 
to Seniors luncheon on Tuesday, May 14, 
at the Arcadia Community Center. 365 Campus 
Drive, Arcadia. Nomination forms must be 
submitted to Dan Belling, Recreation Supervisor, 
by Thursday, February 28 by 4:30pm. For 
more information, please call 626.574.5130.

About the City of Arcadia

Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel 
Mountains, Arcadia is an 11.38 square mile 
community with a population of just over 
56,000. Located approximately 20 miles east of 
downtown Los Angeles, Arcadia is known for 
combining small-town charm with the conveniences 
and amenities of a mid-size city. Arcadia 
is a full-service charter city governed by 
a five-member City Council, elected at large. 
Recognized for exceptional education and recreation 
opportunities and beautiful neighborhoods, 
Arcadia is also defined as the “Community 
of Homes” and has twice been designated 
the “Best City in California in which to Raise 
Kids” by Business Week Magazine.


For the period of Sunday, January 27th, through Saturday, February 2nd, the Police Department responded to 
1065 calls for service of which 139 required formal investigations. The following is a summary report of the 
major incidents handled by the Department during this period.

Sunday, January 27:

1. At approximately 3:39 a.m., officers were dispatched to the 2500 block of S. Santa Anita Avenue regarding 
a male subject playing loud music on the front lawn of a residence. Upon contact, the subject complied with the 
officers’ orders to turn down the music. Further investigation revealed the residence in question was reported to be 
abandoned. A subsequent warrant search of the home revealed the majority of it was being used as a sophisticated, 
indoor marijuana grow operation. The 30-year-old, Chinese male was arrested for cultivation of marijuana, and 
was transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. The investigation is continuing. 
2. At about 6:49 p.m., officers responded to Macy’s at the Westfield Shopping Town, 400 S. Baldwin Avenue, 
regarding a juvenile male subject in custody for theft. The subject concealed clothing items inside a shopping bag, 
and exited the store without paying for them. Further investigation revealed the subject had stolen merchandise 
from several other stores in the mall. The 17-year-old male was arrested for commercial burglary and transported 
to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. He was subsequently released to his father.

Monday, January 28:

3. Around 11:28 a.m., officers responded to Chase Bank, 60 E. Huntington Drive, regarding a robbery. 
Investigation revealed the suspect presented a demand note and fled the location with an undisclosed amount of 
money. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male in his early thirties. The suspect had a black mustache and was 
wearing a black sweatshirt, black hat, and black glasses. 
4. At about 1:16 p.m., officers were dispatched to Rusnak Mercedes, 50 W. Huntington Drive, in reference to 
a stolen vehicle. Investigation revealed the vehicle was parked in the service driveway with the keys in the ignition, 
when the male suspect entered the vehicle and drove off. The suspect was described as an Asian male, in his forties, 
with a skinny build, short black hair, wearing a black jacket, and carrying a black duffel bag. The vehicle was a black, 
four door, 2013 Mercedes E350, license plate number 6XYM128. 

Tuesday, January 29:

5. At approximately 1:40 p.m., officers responded to UPS, 122 E. Foothill Boulevard, regarding a 
vandalism that had just occurred. Two suspicious male suspects were seen near the building. During a search of 
the area, officers contacted two suspects matching the description. Upon contact, one of the suspects complied 
with the officers’ orders, while the other suspect ran away from the officers. Following a short foot pursuit and 
containment, this suspect was taken into custody. The 16-year-old male suspect was arrested for vandalism 
(graffiti), and the 21-year-old male suspect was arrested for interfering/delaying a peace officer. Both were 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking.
6. At about 6:49 a.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at Huntington Drive and Holly 
Avenue for displaying a false registration sticker. Further investigation revealed the driver had no proof of 
insurance. The 41-year-old, Hispanic female was subsequently cited and released in the field. 

Wednesday, January 30:

7. At approximately 2:40 a.m., officers responded to Holy Angels Church, 370 Campus Drive, in reference 
to a commercial burglary. Officers discovered that suspect(s) had broken into one of the buildings on the Church 
property and vandalized the interior. Further investigation revealed several religious artifacts were broken and 
a small fire was set in the corner of one room. There were no surveillance cameras and no signs of the suspect(s) 
in the area. 
8. At about 11:29 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 000 block of W. Naomi Avenue in regard to a 
residential burglary. Officers discovered the suspect(s) removed a rear window screen and entered through an 
unlocked window. Further investigation revealed the living room was ransacked, and it is unknown if property 
was stolen. There were no surveillance cameras or witnesses. 

Thursday, January 31:

9. At about 10:10 a.m., an officer responded to Victoria’s Secret at Westfield Shopping Town, 400 S. 
Baldwin Avenue, regarding a female suspect in custody for theft. Investigation revealed the suspect concealed 
several perfume bottles inside a shopping bag, and exited the store without paying for them. A records check 
revealed the suspect had an outstanding warrant. The 25-year-old, Hispanic female was arrested for commercial 
burglary and the warrant, and was transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
10. Around 9:12 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of W. Huntington Drive in reference to 
a residential burglary. Investigation revealed the suspect(s) removed a rear window screen and a piece of glass 
in order to unlock the rear door to the residence. Officers discovered every room had been ransacked, and it is 
unknown if property was stolen. There were no surveillance cameras, and the suspect(s) were not located in the 
11. At approximately 10:33p.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at Baldwin Avenue and Las 
Tunas Road. A DMV check revealed a warrant attached to the vehicle. Further investigation revealed the driver 
had an outstanding felony warrant. The 28-year-old, Hispanic male was subsequently arrested and transported 
to the Arcadia City Jail for processing.