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 Mountain Views News Saturday, February 9, 2013 

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Just a year ago, the ceremonial kickoff of the long awaited construction 
of the new 7,000 square foot medical building in Sierra Madre took 
place on February 9, 2012. The first major construction project 
in the downtown area for several years, the project is now nearing 

Designed by Norberto Nardi, AIA, of Nardi Associates of Monrovia 
and built by ACME Construction of Pasadena, the complex is quickly 
becoming a tangible reality. Dr. Hani Sami, principal of Sierra Madre 
Community Medical Group took me on a tour last week.

Architect Nardi reflected, “It is always interesting for an architect to see an overall idea being 
materialized in a building form. The structure confirms our design strategy to complement the 
existing building without overpowering the friendly urban scale of the City of Sierra Madre”

Scheduled to bring a new level of medical services to the community, the building features many 
state of the art and patient-centric features that were a result of intensive planning and research by the 
architects and the contractors, plus extensive hands on involvement by Dr. Sami.

Sami was particularly proud of his choice of a new generation, Swiss made flooring that combines 
the warmth of wood with the washability of vinyl, with the sound and thermal benefits of the cork 

Beautiful details will combine to welcome patients and visitors, such as a sky lit reception area with 
a “floating” ceiling above a Carrera marble reception center with separate general medicine and 
obstetrics waiting areas and exam room wings.

Nardi further describes the unique design quickly taking shape, “The main lobby and reception area 
have been conceived as a warm envelope defined by the wood flooring and the suspended and curved 
wood louvered ceiling filtering the light coming from roof skylights.”

The 1500 square foot third floor space will be initially unoccupied until Sierra Madre Medical settles 
into its new quarters. An expanded medical specialty area is planned for the third floor, with pediatrics 
or physical therapy services under consideration.

Sami chuckled at the size of the larger exam rooms in the new building. “We are used to working in 
very tight quarters in the current offices with only 2200 square feet in a converted single family home. 
The new rooms seem so large! Our patients and staff will love it!” 

Passersby will see what appears to be fast progress at this stage, as the asphalt driveways are scheduled 
over the next couple of weeks, and the cement board lateral detailing is being installed right now. 
Vining landscape plants are planned to intertwine up the lateral screening to further recede the 
structure visually from pedestrian level.

At the groundbreaking, then Sierra Madre Mayor Pro Tem, Joshua Moran, spoke as representative for 
the city, praising the tenacity of Dr. Sami and his team in pursuing the project. “This is one of those 
rare projects where we as a city, and the city council, listened to the groundswell of support from the 
public for this project.”

As the project winds down, ACME Construction principals, Carol and David Jones commented on 
the project, “As builders, our focus is on delivering excellent workmanship that stands the test of time. 
The unusual façade element posed some initial installation challenges, but what would construction 
be without challenge? ACME is proud to have been a part of the development team in this landmark 
project, and to participate in the evolving landscape of Sierra Madre. We wish Dr. Sami and his practice 
many successful years in its new headquarters!” 

A ribbon cutting for the completed building is planned within approximately two months.

Sierra Madre Medical Group is located at 147 W. Sierra Madre Boulevard in Sierra Madre. Contact 
them at 626-355-3443. For more information about the architects and general contractors, visit www. and 

Courtesy Nardi Associates


An article appeared recently in the New York Times that beautifully illustrates the opportunities 
today's real estate market offers. A mother working two jobs saved up for a down payment and managed 
to buy a large home with a pool for $187,000. Three years ago, that same home had sold for 

While sellers are still feeling pressure, buyers with stable incomes and good credit histories are beginning 
to spread a "feel good" vibe throughout the industry. Conditions have literally never been better 
for first-time buyers. Affordability has seldom been higher and interest rates have hardly been lower. 
Selection of inventory is vast, and sellers are highly motivated.

As more buyers enter the marketplace, the ripple effect will be felt far and wide. When they purchase 
a highly affordable foreclosure or "short sale," they have removed a distressed property from the listings, 
improving values for other homes in the area. When they buy a "traditional" listing, that in turn 
sets off a chain reaction whereby the sellers in turn will purchase another home, from sellers who will 
in turn buy another home, and so on and so on. 

You probably get the picture now. As we approach some stability in real estate, all indications are that 
prices will begin rising again. As the market approaches recovery, don't miss your opportunity for 
the buy of a lifetime.