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At Least Two Prayers Answered After Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

When I heard the news about the tragic events that unfolded during last week’s Oklahoma 
tornado, I was heart-broken for the victims, yet amazed at how strong they appeared to be 
in the wake of a natural phenomenon that would have put me into a state of shock. After 
having lost the lives of 9 young children and 15 adults as well as hundreds of homes in 
their small rural community, one would expect the surviving victims to be overwhelmed 
with grief and frustration. The citizens of Moore, Oklahoma seem to be uniquely strong and hopeful individuals based on how they 
reacted to their recent tragedy. If anything good came from such an horrific event, it is the inspiration the victims spread throughout our 
nation to keep the faith and refuse to give in to despair.

I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, so I have a pretty good idea of how it feels to be huddled in the center of the house, surrounded by 
tornadoes outside, threatening to blow it all to smithereens. It is probably the scariest feeling I have ever experienced in all my life. They 
used to call our town “tornado alley”, and it lived up to it’s name. However, even among the several tornado storms I lived through as a 
kid, none could possibly compare to the EF-5 monster twister that ripped through the town of Moore, Oklahoma on the morning of May 
20th, flattening hundreds of homes and sending trucks and cars flying through the air like fallen leaves. God bless those who lost their 
loved ones and their livelihoods during that horrific storm. They have a lot of rebuilding to do, both emotionally and physically, but I 
predict they will emerge stronger and more resilient for it.


My intention is not to belittle the loss of lives and homes on that dreadful day, but I believe it is also important to celebrate the happy 
stories that came out of the tragedy as well, because the human spirit thrives and grows where there is strength during the storm. One 
particular story of a happy ending that touched me, actually developed during a live news interview with Barbara Garcia, one of the 
victims who lost her home and nearly everything she owned to that horrific storm. She stood among the twisted rubble that was once her 
house and with a renewed grateful attitude for being alive, and she told the news correspondent exactly what had happened.

As the tornado headed her way at top speed, Barbara immediately kicked into survival mode and carried out what she described as her 
“game plan”. That is, she gathered her little dog, a sweet miniature schnauzer named Bowser and ran with him into the bathroom, hoping 
that the plumbing would be more stationary and less likely to give way than other parts of the house. There she sat on the toilet stool with 
Bowser by her side, waiting for the tornado to pass and praying to God that He would allow them both to survive.

When the tornado hit her house, the electricity went out and the stool she sat on flew up and out from under her, blowing away along with 
the floor, walls, ceiling and every other component of the structure. For what must have felt like a lifetime, she held tight and continued 
to pray while wood studs, drywall, roof shingles, sheet metal and all sorts of enormous random objects spun around her like ingredients 
being minced in a food processor. Finally, when everything got quiet and she could see the light of day, she dug herself out from under 
the debris that had buried her and began calling out to her beloved best friend, Bowser.

As she stood among the wreckage, recounting her epic experience to the news correspondent, Barbara never once lost her composure. 
Clearly, she must have been saddened by her immense loss, and very upset not to have received a response from her precious pup, 
Bowser. However just as she mentioned his

name, a member of the news crew cried out, “The dog, the dog!”, and pointed to a spot in the rubble just behind Barbara, where Bowser’s 
little head could be seen poking through a small opening in the pile.

That’s when Barbara turned to see Bowser peering up at her in desperation. She just about burst into tears when she realized he was alive! 
The news crew helped Barbara remove the twisted metal and wood debris that had trapped poor Bowser, and helped her pull him out 
from under the pile and into safety. Well, I have to say that is when I lost it completely. Tears welled up in my eyes and I could not stop 
crying. Like I said, I do not mean to take away from the tragic reality that 24 people lost their lives that day, particularly the children. I 
guess I just felt the need to write about this story because to me it represents hope during a time when hope would otherwise be very 
difficult to cling to.

What really struck me most about 
this happy-ending story were the 
words that came out of Barbara’s 
mouth immediately after they got 
her scared yet injury-free baby 
boy, Bowser to safety. As if on cue, 
she said, “Well, I thought God had 
just answered one prayer to let 
me be OK, but he answered both 
prayers…this was my second one.” 
When asked how she was feeling 
about seeing her home and her 
entire neighborhood ripped to 
pieces, Barbara candidly replied, 
“That’s life in the big city!”. What 
an inspiring lady. She apparently 
has her priorities well in line, and 
demonstrated strength beyond 
my comprehension, in the midst 
of the storm!


ROSEMARY #A4578777

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

“Beautiful” is the word 
to describe Rosemary 
Rosemary is a solid, 
steady two year old 
black female German 
Shepherd/Pit Bull 
mix who was found in 
Walnut on May 18th 
and brought to the 
Baldwin Park Shelter. 
Weighing fifty-six 
pounds, Rosemary 
walks well on leash 
and knows commands 
- she will sit and shake 
hands on command. 
We think she 
would be wonderful 
with children as 
she is playful and 
affectionate, but we 
suggest older children 
because she might accidentally knock smaller ones down. 
Rosemary is the perfect indoor pet for an active individual or 
family living in a private home or large condo, and would be an 
ideal hiking partner. To watch a video of Rosemary please visit 
this link:

To meet Rosemary in person, please see her at the Baldwin Park 
Shelter, located at 4275 N. Elton, Baldwin Park, CA 91706 (Phone: 
626-430-2378 or 626-962-3577). She is currently available now. 
For any inquiries about Rosemary, please reference her animal 
ID number: A4578777. The shelter is open seven days a week, 
12 pm-7 pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday-Sunday. 
This is a high-intake shelter with a great need for adoptions. 
For more information about Rosemary or the adoption process, 
please contact United Hope for Animals Volunteer Adoption 
Coordinator Samantha at To 
learn more about United Hope for Animals’ partnership with 
the Baldwin Park Shelter through its Shelter Support Program, 
as well as the many dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes available for 
adoption in local shelters, visit http://www.unitedhope4animals.


Did you know there are more than nine reasons you might be healthier 
when sharing your life with cats and dogs, or that for $9 you can become 
part of a nationwide life-saving movement? Adopt a pet from 
Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles during the special $9 adoption 
event this weekend and you become part of something important. 

The event at Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Mission Hills is in 
conjunction with Best Friends’ nationwide promotion of cat adoption. 
The 9 Lives for $9 has more than 1,000 national participating shelters 
and rescue groups and lasts throughout the month of June. To kick off 
9 Lives for $9, the Mission Hills Center is also offering $9 adoptions for 
all pets May 31 through June 2.

“Every day 9,000 animals are killed in shelters simply because they 
don’t have homes. Just by adopting a pet, everyone can be part of the 
movement to end the killing of adoptable, treatable animals,” says 
Marc Peralta, executive director of Best Friends Los Angeles, pictured 
right. “We are making it so easy for people to meet our fabulous animals 
and for just $9, you can save a pet who could end up saving you.”

Studies show that proven health benefits of pet ownership include 
lowered blood pressure and 
risk of heart attack, boosting of the 
immune system and stress relief. “If 
laughter is the best medicine, dogs 
and cats can provide a daily dose with 
their funny antics or just snuggle up 
and let you know everything’s going to 
be okay,” says Peralta. 

All pets at the Best Friends Adoption 
Center are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, 
micro-chipped and ready to go 
to a forever home immediately. Potential 
adopters can preview pets online 
at, meet 
cats in person at the interactive, state-
of-the-art cat area, or bring along 
their existing dog for a canine meet and greet in the 
outdoor runs. The Best Friends Adoption Center 
is open seven days a week until 8 p.m. and conveniently 
located within a mile of the 405 freeway.

Mr. Big, a seven year old male tuxedo cat, is just one 
of the many pets hoping to get a second chance for 
a new home this weekend. A volunteer favorite, Mr. 
Big is an affectionate fellow who likes to “chat” with 
people through an entertaining series of squeaks 
and meows. Lily, a two year old pit bull terrier as 
beautiful as the flower she’s named after, is a playful 
girl who loves to give kisses and go for long walks.

“We have pets of every size, age, breed and personality 
here and our adoption specialists are excited 
to help you make that perfect match,” Peralta says. 

Potential adopters can preview available pets online 
at or visit the center 
at 15321 Brand Boulevard, Mission Hills, to meet 
their prospective pet in person.

“Since they’re so low-maintenance, cats are awesome 
pets for busy families, seniors, and apartment 
dwellers or just about anyone seeking love and 
companionship. As for dogs, we have everything 
from slow strollers to lean, mean canine machines 
who can act as your personal trainer. We also have 
the couch potato pups for people who just want a 
pal to hang out with,” Peralta says. “We encourage 
everyone to come to our center this weekend to find 
their new best friend.”

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