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By Dean Lee

Police made 12 arrests 
during the sold-out Jay Z, Justin 
Timberlake concert Sunday 
at the Rose Bowl. Five of the 
arrests were for ticket scalping 
and illegal vending. Three 
people were taken into custody 
for public drunkenness and two 
people for battery. One person 
was stopped for a car violation 
according to police. There was 
also a domestic violence arrest. 

 Pasadena police Lt. Tracey 
Ibarra said security around the 
stadium was beefed up. SWAT 
officers were on scene and bomb 
stiffing dog were also used.

 Limousines and taxis lined 
Orange Grove Boulevard, 
for hours, after dropping offconcert goers. Officials from 
LiveNation estimated 60,000 
people attended the Legends of 
the Summer, mega-concert.

 Thousands of people took 
advantage of a daytime picnic 
in the park before the highly 
anticipated 7 p.m. main event. 
Organizers said the pre event was 
a way to ease traffic congestion. 
Metro also extended the hours 
on its rail lines near the stadium.

 Residents in the area also 
worried about the large crowds 
and traffic. 

 It’s a nightmare,” longtime 
resident Leo Alvarez told KCAL 
9 News “In my own house I feel 
like I’m in some kind of jail.”

 A car accident at around 9 p.m., 
the same night, blocked north 
bound Orange Grove Boulevard 
forcing traffic to be diverted near 
the Rose Bowl. Cleanup crews 
worked to have the area cleared 
before the concert ended, at 
press time it was unclear if the 
accident was related to event 

 Inside the stadium, fans 
danced and cheered as Justin 
Timberlake and Jay Z took the 
stage bathed in red lights. The 
night continued with massive 
sing-alongs to the hip-hop duos 
biggest hits. 

Pet of the 

Watson is an eightyear-
old Chihuahua/
Dachshund mix. He’s very 
energetic for an older dog 
and loves treats! He does 
qualify for our Seniors for 
Seniors program in which 
is adoption fee is waived 
for adopters 60 years and 

 Watson’s regular 
adoption fee is $125, 
which includes his neuter 
surgery, a microchip, the 
first set of vaccinations, 
as well as a free follow-
up health check at a 
participating vet. New 
adopters will receive 
complimentary health 
and wellness exam from 
VCA Animal Hospitals, as 
well as a goody bag filled 
with information on how 
to care for your pet. Ask 
an adoptions counselor 
for more information 
during your visit. 

 Call the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA 
at 626.792.7151 to ask 
about A331660, or visit 
at 361 S. Raymond Ave. 
in Pasadena. Adoption 
hours are 11-4 Sunday, 
9-5 Tuesday –Friday, 9-4 
Saturday. Pets may not 
be available for adoption 
and cannot be held for 
potential adopters from 
phone calls or email. 
Directions and photos of 
all pets can be found at 

Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard

Protesters Rally Metro SR710 Meeting

Pasadena Mayor Bill
Bogaard speaks out 
against the 710 Freeway 

 A number of elected 
officials, dignitaries and other 
out spoken community leaders 
gathered last week outside a 
Metro’s SR710 Informational 
Meeting at Blair High School. 
Organizers said the gathering 
was a protest of “disinformation” 
about the long proposed 710 
tunnel that would connect 
Pasadena and Alhambra.

 Billed as a press conference, 
led by former California State 
Assemblymember Anthony 
Portantino, speakers included 
Councilmember Steve Madison 
and Pasadena Mayor Bill 

 “This is a project $5 to $10 
billion, maybe more, in search of 
a justification and I don’t think, 
and I know you don’t think that 
justification exists,” Bogaard 
said. He also said that newly 

New City Sidewalk RepairPartnership Program

elected State Assemblymember 
Chris Holden opposes the 
tunnel although only if trucks 
are allowed to travel through 
it. “That is a very significant 
change in his position,” Bogaard 
said. “I think that will be helpful 
to us.”

 Madison called the idea of a 
freeway an antiquated solution 
from the 1950s, “this is just a 
stupid, old, old idea that has to 
be killed. Will we even be using 
fossil fuels, in the future, when 
the investment would have to be 
paid off?”

 Madison talked about what he 
called the three “T” and why 
the city of Pasadena should pass 
a strongly worded resolution 
against it.

 “It’s a tunnel, and that would 
cause massive destruction in 
historic neighborhoods,” he said. 
“They now want to put trucks, 
we should not sacrifice our 
community to help the regional 
transportation needs of Long 
Beach and the Inland Empire, 

A new Pilot Sidewalk Repair 
Partnership Program has 
been launched by Pasadena’s 
Department of Public Works 
that encourages collaboration 
between the city and private 
property owners to fix public 
sidewalks damaged by city-
owned tree roots. 

Under the new program, the 
city will match 50 percent of the 
cost of the sidewalk repair up to 
a maximum of $1,000 per parcel. 
Income-qualified residents 
may be eligible to receive a 
match of up to 70 percent of 
the cost of sidewalk repair, also 
to a maximum of $1,000 per 
parcel. Income qualifications 
are based on criteria from 
the Pasadena Water and 
Power Department’s Electric 
Assistance Program (UUAP)

 To be eligible, property owners 
cannot be currently engaged in 
the sale of their property and/
or cannot already be involved 
in a building permit process for 
improvements to the property 
valued at $20,000 or more. 

Damage to the sidewalk 
must be caused by a city-

Library toHold 50th 
Anniversaryof March on 

Pasadena Public Library is 
holding a two-part celebration 
of the 50th anniversary of 
the August 28, 1963 March 
on Washington for Jobs and 
Freedom, a watershed in the 
struggle for civil rights in the 
United States at Pasadena Public 
Library’s Allendale Branch, 1130 

S. Marengo Ave. in August. The 
March, which culminated with 
Martin Luther King’s “I Have a 
Dream” speech in front of the 
Lincoln Memorial, is widely 
credited with helping to pass the 
Civil Rights Act (1964) and the 
Voting Rights Act (1965). 
At 2:00 p.m., Saturday, August 
17,Peter Dreier, Occidental 
College professor and author 
of The 100 Greatest Americans 
of the 20th Century: A Social 
Justice Hall of Fame (Nation 
Books, 2012), will introduce a 
screening of the award-winning 

owned tree and verified by the 
city. Damaged to sidewalks 
caused by privately owned 
trees or damage due to other 
circumstances are not eligible 
for the program and remain the 
property owner’s responsibility 
to repair and maintain. 

 Property owners can submit an 
application for any residential 
property located within city 
of Pasadena with existing 
sidewalks that are damaged 
by City-owned tree roots. The 
City will inspect the sidewalk 
to determine qualifications, 
condition, project limits and 
if the sidewalk was damaged 
by city tree roots. The city will 
then send an agreement to the 
property owner with the cost. 

 The work will be scheduled 
by the city once the invoice 
has been paid in full. The city 
will be responsible for permits 
and working with a designated 
contractor to do the work. 

 The pilot program is based on a 
first come, first serve basis until 
funds have been expended. 

 For more information, visit 
w w w. cit yof p a s ad en a .net/
publicworks or call (626) 7444191. 

documentary, Brother Outsider: 
The Life of Bayard Rustin. The 
lead organizer for the March on 
Washington, Rustin, according 
to Dreier, used “his immense 
talents—as an organizer, 
strategist, speaker, intellectual, 
and writer—to effectively 
challenge the economic and 
racial status quo. Always an 
outsider, he helped catalyze 
the civil rights movement with 
courageous acts of resistance.” 

 Then at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, 
August 31, folk singer Ross 
Altman will present the Musical 
Legacy of the Great March, a 
program of folk music originally 
performed at the March on 
Washington by Bob Dylan, Joan 
Baez, Len Chandler, and Peter, 
Paul and Mary. The performance 
will also include a few songs 
that became prominent in the 
months leading up to the March 
from the 1963 Newport Folk 
Festival with Pete Seeger and the 
Mississippi Freedom Singers, 
and in the aftermath (such as 
Richard Farina’s “Birmingham 
Sunday”), and will conclude with 
a 50th anniversary remembrance 
of the assassination of John F. 
Kennedy on November 22, 1963. 

let them figure out another way. 
And it is a toll road.”

 Portantino said at issue was all 
the questions not answered.

 “They still won’t tell us how 
much this is going to cost,” he 
said. “We don’t know how many 
cars and trucks are going to use 
this tunnel. They have not put 
one credible financial model 
on the table, one credible traffic 
model on the table not one 
piece of credible environment 
documentation to substantiate 
one claim they are making.” 

 The Military Times has 
ranked Pasadena City College 
(PCC) eighth in the nation as 
a veterans-friendly two-year 
college. The publication’s 2013 
“Best for Veterans” ranking, 
which reviewed submissions 
from more than 650 schools 
nationwide, determined PCC’s 
placement based on the impact 
of its Veterans Resource 
Center (VRC) and campus 
policies. Within the category 
of two-year colleges (of which 
23 were recognized with a 
formal ranking), PCC was 
the highest-ranked California 
community college and placed 
third nationwide in terms of 
graduation rates. 
The VRC served more than 
760 veterans last year and 
offers resources ranging from 
free tutoring to psychological 
services. The center, which 
first opened its doors in 2010, 
has undergone extensive 
developments that have helped 
establish PCC as a premier 
choice for veterans. 
“We have adopted a more 
pro-active case management 
model by partnering with a 
variety of outside veterans 
service providers,” said Patricia 
D’Orange-Martin, PCC 
counselor and coordinator 
of the VRC. “This innovative 
approach has allowed us to 
address our student-veteran’s 
issues so they can continue 
their academic careers and 
PCC’s veteran-friendly 
practices and other campus 
policies were considered by the 
Military Times in determining 
the placement of PCC in 
their rankings. Additional 
considerations included the 
number of veterans staff on 
campus, relaxed residency 
standards, whether a campus 
grants academic credit for 
military training, and the 
default rates among loan 
recipients (PCC was tied for 
first place in terms of the 
lowest default rates among 
ranked two-year colleges). 
PCC ranked 
Best for 

 The Indian Department of 
Space / Indian Space Research 
Organization (ISRO) has 
established a fellowship at 
the California Institute of 
Technology (Caltech) in the 
name of Satish Dhawan (1920–
2002), a Caltech alumnus 
and a pioneer of India’s space 

 “India has a very strong 
domestically grown space 
program,” Said Graduate 
Aerospace Laboratories 
at Caltech (GALCIT) 
director Guruswami (Ravi) 
Ravichandran. “The ISRO 
is hoping to maintain its 
momentum by training 
students in much the same 
way that Dhawan was trained 
when he went through 
GALCIT decades ago.” 

Schiff Meets with Interns 
from Armenian National 
Committee of America

 Local Armenian 
community holds
6th Annual Identity 

 Hundreds came out last week 
Sunday for a day-long cultural 
celebration (pictured below) 
include Armenian folk dances 
in traditional dresses, music and 
Mediterranean/Armenian food, 
during the Annual Armenian 
Identity Festival, organized 
by the Armenian Community 
Coalition of Pasadena.

 “It is such a proud moment 
for the city of Pasadena when 
this event occurs each year 
to celebrate and spotlight 
Armenian identity,” Pasadena 
Mayor Bill Bogaard said. “To 
come together as friends, to 
recognize how much has been 
accomplished, to recognize 
how much still needs to be 
accomplished and to say let’s 
work hard to achieve the goals 
of this community.” 

 Other activities include classic 
car show, judo practices, petting 
zoo and slides for the children. 

Event organizer Khatchik “Chris” Chahinian and Bogaard pose

with Armenian children’s dance group at the 6th Annual Armenian 

Identity Festival. Photo by D.Lee/MVNews

 In Related News

 Rep. Adam Schiff met with 
several interns, last week, 
from the Armenian National 
Committee of America in his 
Washington D.C. office. The 
interns discussed their work 
at the ANCA and priorities 
for the Armenian-American 
community, both in Congress 
and at home. During the They 
the July 24 visit were also given 
a chance to ask Rep. Schiffquestions about his work in 
Congress and to suggest ideas 
for legislation.

 “I am always pleased to see 
young people in our country 
engaging in public service and 
the legislative process, and am 
especially impressed when they 
demonstrate such enthusiasm 
and commitment. The 
experiences and professional 
development that internships 
provide will position these 
students well for their future 

In June, Rep. Schiff also met 
with several students from 
the Armenian Assembly of 
America who came to visit 
his Washington D.C. office. 
The students thanked him 
for sponsoring the Armenian 
Genocide Resolution and 
for creating awareness by 
speaking on the House Floor 
in Armenian. They also shared 
family stories and asked Rep. 
Schiff about his priorities this 

 “I am proud to represent a 
large and vibrant Armenian 
community, which has so 
enriched our nation in so 
many fields,” Rep. Schiff said. 
“As a friend of the Armenian 
community, I will continue 
working hard to pursue 
recognition for the 1.5 million 
victims of the Armenian 
Genocide, as well as policies 
to ensure a better life for 
the Armenian people in our 
communities and throughout 
the world.”

Old Pasadena Farmers 
Market Begins this Sunday

hand pressed juices, and 
much more. 

 The Old Pasadena Farmers 
Market is coproduced by 
Southland Farmers Market, 
the nonprofit organization 
that started and produced 
some of the finest farmers 
markets in the world 
including the Hollywood 
Farmers Market, and the 
Santa Monica Farmers 
Market. Southland Farmers 
Market prides itself on 
purchasing quality produce 
from certified local growers 
and producers. 

 In addition to enjoying the 

 Old Pasadena Management new market, the first 250 
is excited to announce the attendees will receive a free 
grand opening of the Old commemorative canvas tote 
Pasadena Farmers Market, bag with the market logo 
Sunday, August 4 from 9:00 designed by the esteemed 

a.m. to 2:00 p.m., on Holly local illustrator Paul 
Street in Old Pasadena. Rogers. Rogers has been 
The new, certified, farmers commissioned to design for 
market will take place every the 2012 London Olympics, 
Sunday throughout the the 2009 US Open, the 
year showcasing the best in LA Dodgers, and the US 
organic and locally grown Postal Service. We think his 
fresh produce, planted work for the Old Pasadena 
orchids and cut flowers, Farmers Market is some of 
jams and chutneys, fresh his best to date. 
baked goods, gourmet olive For more information 
oils and spreads, homemade visit
tamales, specialty cheeses, farmersmarket 
Several City CouncilMeeting to be Canceled

 The public is reminded that 
the Pasadena City Council 
meetings of Aug. 19 and Aug. 
26 are currently scheduled to be 
canceled. The Council meeting 
on Sept. 2 is also scheduled to 
be canceled due to the City’s 
observance of Labor Day, 
according to Pasadena City 
Clerk Mark Jomsky. 

 The Council is scheduled to 
meet on Aug. 5 and Aug. 12 and 
will resume its regular meeting 
schedule Sept. 9. Council 
meetings are held at Pasadena 
City Hall, 100 N. Garfield Ave. 
The public is always welcome 
to attend Council meetings. 
Agendas are posted online at 


 Meetings are also broadcast 
live on KPAS, the City’s 
government cable access TV 
station, available on Channel 
3 for Charter subscribers 
and Channel 99 for AT&T 

 Council meetings are also 
streamed live when in session 
via the City’s website by clicking 
on the “KPAS Live” option at
Media/. Meeting broadcasts are 
archived on the City’s website 
and periodically re-broadcast 
on KPAS.