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WATER MEETING (continued from page 1)

city’s obligations, “It’s not debt that is changing year after year . . . it’s not a debt issue, it’s the result 
of capital needs.” Because the capital expenditures are outpacing the estimates predicted in the rate 
study, the city cannot catch up. More work and projects needed to be done in order to maintain the 
various wells. Furthermore, the City is stuck in a revenue and expenditure dilemma which they cannot 
avoid. To remind everybody what is needed, Schnaider stated, “By 2016-17 we will have used up 
all of the water fund reserves, and will no longer have the financial resources to cover our ongoing 
maintenance and production needs.”

 The financial situation in the sewer fund is comparable to the water fund. From 2008 to 2012, an 
emphasis was placed on the water fund 

 because the water fund had greater financial needs during that time. The sewer fund was not in as serious 
a financial condition as the water fund. However, it is now time to also address the sewer fund, 
because at its current rate, the sewer fund cannot meet the capital needed to operate. The sewer fund 
only has one long-term debt, a ten-year master lease for the purchase of a Vactor Truck for maintenance 
of the sewers. The sewer issue is very similar to the water issue, in that new revenue is needed. 
Sewer fees have remained the same for the past twelve years, but costs have increased. Similar to the 
water fund, the sewer fund will soon be using reserves to pay for current expenses. 

 If nothing is done to resolve these issues soon, the City will have to start dipping into reserve 
funds in both the water and the sewer fund. Regarding the water fund, Aguilar stated, “For every $1, 
we’re having to dip into reserves 21 cents right now.” Over a period of time the reserve funds will be 
expended, and there will be inadequate funds to pay for ongoing expenses. 

 The meeting aroused fear and frustration, but was tempered by reassuring reports of water conservation 
attempts that many have already initiated. In fact, water conservation is already up by 27%, 
all thanks to the aware residents of Sierra Madre. Aguilar ended the meeting cautioning, “The further 
and further we fall behind, the more difficult it will be to catch up.” 


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On a lazy summer morning when 
most people were still sitting with 
their morning coffee, members of the 
Sierra Madre Rotary Club picked up 
their paint brushes and headed for 
the Library. Once there, they primed 
and painted the new Local History 
Room, getting it ready for the new 
Digital Storyboards which will feature 
stories about “Sierra Madre Stories & 

The library received a state grant 
of $50,800 to upgrade historical 
collections and make them more 
available to the public. Staff and interns 
have been preparing materials for 
display in the space but it was Rotary 
that took the old space and made it 
into a lovely new space worthy of the 
name, Local History Room.

Seated (left to right): Kris Poulsen, 
Marilyn Diaz, Janice Kramer, Tom 
Brady, Peggy Beauregard, Voki 

Standing (left to right): John 
Stubbs, Pete Siberell, Alan Unell


 Roberta Ann Forest was born on July 30, 1927 in a 
farm house near Grandin, ND, to Robert and Alice 
Black. Roberta, known to friends as Bobby, shared 
an idyllic childhood with her sister and two brothers 
on a farm with apple, cherry, and pear orchards in 
Naches, Washington.

 Bobby earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the 
University of Washington, Pullman. She married 
Robert B. Forest in 1949, and lived in Chicago 
during a dynamic cultural period, where she took 
advantage of opportunities to see performances of 
Billie Holliday, and A Streetcar Named Desire on 
the stage. An intellectual and curious person, Bobby 
attended mothers’ discussion groups with Dr. Bruno 

 Bobby later recalled what a change it was for her, 
a farm girl from Washington State, finding herself in 
the big city. «I heard words I›d never heard before.» 

 When Bobby and Bob moved to California, the 
truck containing all their belongings caught fire and 
burned, so they started out with few possessions.

 After raising four children, Bobby was divorced and returned to school to earn a Teaching Credential 
at Pacific Oaks College. Bobby taught Special Education classes for many years at Roosevelt 
Elementary School in Pasadena, a career that brought her much joy. 

 She was an avid reader and supporter of the arts. She was Prop Master for the Pasadena Repertory 
during the 1970s, helped to found and maintain The Howard Whalen Sculpture Garden in Sierra 
Madre, and volunteered at the Sierra Madre Public Library. 

 Also an adventurous traveler, Bobby was thrilled to visit Manitoba, Canada, London, New York, 
and rode the legendary Orient express from Paris to Istanbul. After retiring in 2001, Bobby enjoyed 
working in her garden, doing crossword puzzles, and spending time with her grandchildren. 

 Quiet and unassuming, she also held strong convictions. She had an inner beauty and a natural 
elegance. She made others feel at home, and years after her children had left home, their friends 
would drop in to visit with Bobby when they came to town. Her annual Christmas party was an 
event that many friends looked forward to year after year.

 Though she never complained, those closest to Bobby know that she survived many battles with 
cancer throughout her adult life with remarkable strength, grace, and resilience. She died after a long 
illness, at home on July 12, 2013 in Sierra Madre, California.

 Bobby is survived by children Catherine, Julie, Andy, and Virginia, Son-in-law Fred, and 
grandchildren Daniel, James, Alison, Caitlin, Henry, and Ella.



If it is September it is 
time for Creative Arts 
Groups Annual Flea 

We have two garages 
stuffed to the gills with 
important treasures, 
trivia and trash. 

We hope you will join us 
on Saturday, Sept 7th to 
find out what actually is 
in all the boxes and bags. 

By then we will have 
unpacked the garages 
and displayed it all for 
you. Without a doubt 
we will have a little bit of 

Furniture, toys, books, 
crafts, electronics, 
clothes, tools, housewares, 
collectibles, antiques, 
art...just to list a few. And as an added bonus everything is cheap! 

Creative Arts Group is an non profit art center that offers classes for adults and children, provides 
a free art experience to the students at Sierra Madre School, sponsors the Scarecrow Festival, has a 
gallery and gift shop, and provides a venue for local artists to display their work. The Flea Market is 
one of the ways we collect funds to support its programs. 

Do come and shop! You never know what you are going to find. 


For the period August 5-11, 2013

Monday August 5, 2013

At 10:30pm, residents in the 600 block of Manzanita Avenue woke to the sound of their doorbell. 
Moments later they heard noises on the side of the house and went outside to investigate. They 
discovered a window screen had been removed from a side window and noticed a nearby motion 
detector light had been activated. As they were examining the window, they heard the sound of a 
vehicle being driven away. Police were summoned to the scene.

As officers were investigating the Manzanita Avenue incident, three citizens reported seeing two 
suspicious individuals in the area of Sunnyside Avenue and Ramona Avenue. Both individuals were 
wearing dark colored Hoodies. When they discovered they were being watched, both individuals 
entered an older model Acura and drove away from the area. Police units began searching the area 
and at 11:05pm located a similarly described Acura parked at the curb in the 400 block of Ramona 
Avenue. The engine was still warm to the touch and a laptop computer was observed in plain sight 
on the rear seat. 

Officers initiated a surveillance of the vehicle from a distance away. At 12:30am, they observe the 
lights of the Acura activate and the vehicle drove away. A traffic stop was initiated and officers 
detained the lone occupant for investigation. He was sweating profusely and had dirt and plant 
debris on his clothing. He was identified as Adan Bernal, 24years of age and it was determined that 
he was currently on parole for burglary. Bernal was very evasive in his responses to the officers and 
he denied being with another individual that evening. 

As the officers were dealing with Bernal, a resident called to report noises outside her residence in the 
400 block of Ramona Avenue. Units responded and with the assistance of Arcadia Police Department 
and the Pasadena Police Department Helicopter, an in-depth search of the area was conducted. No 
one was located but during this search, the laptop computer, previously seen in the Acura driven by 
Bernal was found at the curb where the vehicle was parked earlier. Bernal was arrested for burglary 
and his vehicle seized as evidence. 

At 3:30am, another resident in the 400 block of Ramona Avenue was awakened by the sounds of all 
the police activity on her street. When she came downstairs to investigate, she discovered a curtain 
in the living room window partially open. Upon closer examination, she observed the window screen 
had been removed and the window lock damaged. Pry marks were evident on the window sill. The 
evidence suggested that no entry into the residence had been accomplished. 

Tuesday August 6, 2013

Overnight, an unknown suspect entered an unlocked garage located in the 00 block of Bonita Avenue. 
New items, recently purchased for a construction project were taken. The crime was reported to the 
resident by a construction worker who arrived in the morning to install the items that were taken. 

At 11:45am, residents in the 600 block of Edgeview Drive observed an unknown male walking in 
their backyard. As this individual walked by a kitchen window he made obvious attempts to conceal 
his identity by pulling up his shirt collar. As the resident exited the house, the individual climbed a 
fence and ran east. He was described as a male Hispanic 25-30 years old wearing a black baseball 
cap white shirt and grey shorts. A thorough search utilizing a K-9 and the police helicopter failed to 
locate this individual. 

Two nights later, at 12:45am, units responded to the 600 block of Edgeview Drive to investigate a 
report of a suspicious vehicle parked on the street. The caller had observed two individuals exit this 
vehicle and walk to another residence a few doors away. As units arrived on scene, the vehicle was 
being driven away from the curb. The officers detained the vehicle and lone occupant (Jorge Linares 
20 years of age). Linares denied being with anyone else and stated he was in the area looking for a girl 
he had met on Facebook. 

While investigating the matter, the Department received a call from another resident on Edgeview 
Drive reporting that someone had just rung his doorbell and he saw a shadowy figure run past the 
front of the house. With the assistance of the Arcadia Police Department and the Pasadena Police 
Department Helicopter, another exhaustive search of the area was conducted. The second individual 
was not located.

It was discovered that Linares is currently on probation for robbery. He was arrested and booked for