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Mountain View News Saturday, June 7, 2014 
presents its 




Mount Wilson Trail Park 

189 East Mira Monte Avenue 
Lizzie’s Famous Chicken & Ravioli Dinner 
Digital Storyboard Demonstrations 
Museums’ Open House 

$30 per person 
Space is limited! 

Meet Lizzie 
No tickets will be sold the day of the event! in person! 

Arnold’s Frontier Hardware Sierra Madre Public Library Savor the Flavor 

It’s that time of year again for the Sierra Madre 

Mary’s Market Lizzie’s Trail Inn (10am-Noon on Saturdays) 
Save the Date! storyboard in Richardson House while listening 
to a historical commentary by the Sierra Madre 
Library’s Teen Docents. Peruse the unique raffle 

items donated by Sierra Madre’s local merchants. 

Historical Preservation Society’s famous & 

And hobnob with Lizzie and all her friends! 

delicious Chicken & Ravioli Dinner. Come join 
the Society & friends in celebrating this annual 

* No tickets will be sold the day of the dinner * 


Tickets may be purchased at the following 

Enjoy an evening of delicious Chicken & Ravioli 


with all the trimmings topped off with custom 

Arnold’s Hardware, Mary’s Market, Savor The 

made ice cream sundaes. Musical entertainment 

Flavor, Sierra Madre Library, and of course 

will feature Joe Tortomasi playing tunes from the 

Lizzie’s (opened on Saturdays: (10:00 – noon) 

era on his fabulous ukulele. View our new digital 

See you there! 


The young man that served on the USS Saratoga is pictured above in full VFW 3208 
attire, Sierra Madre resident Gordon Caldwell. Also shown above is WWII Veteran 
Ken Anhalt. Anhalt told the Mountain Views that on D-Day he was in training as a 
pilot in the U.S., but left shortly thereafter for Europe. Photo courtesy Bill Coburn, 


The Social Side By Deanne Davis 

“Until you face your fears, you don’t move to the other side, where you find the power.” Mark Allen – 
Six Time Ironman World Champion 

“I do not train to swim, bike, or run faster, I train to remove ‘quit’ from my body and from my mind.” 
Greg Almstad 

Walking Sierra Madre the last few months, we’ve been waiting for the new business to open at 49 

W. Sierra Madre Blvd., where Iris Intrigue and then the furniture consignment store were located. 
Wandered in there today, met Brandon Heflin and learned a little bit about what happens at Centric. 
Here it is in a word: Lots! 
If you’ve ever considered such 
a thing as participating in an 
Ironman Triathlon, here’s what 
you have to be able to do: 2.4mile 
swim, 112-mile bicycle 
ride and a marathon 26.2-mile 
run, raced in that order and 
without a break. Most Ironman 
events have a strict time limit of 
17 hours to complete the race. 
OK then! Centric is the place 
to start. There’s a comfortable 
area where Brandon will sit 
down with athletes and potential 
athletes and discover what each 
person’s needs in coaching 
actually are. Centric is also the 
place for endurance coaching, 
education in nutrition suitable 
for competition, and creating the 
mindset to achieve their goals for 
runners, tri-athletes and anyone 
at all, from the person who’d 
just like to learn how to ride a 
bike to an Ironman competitor. 
Brandon, by the way, has 
competed in the Ironman Coeur 
d’Alene, the Ironman Wisconsin, 
and done a half Ironman in 
Hawaii. He is currently involved 
in local competitive bike racing 
but his love is helping his clients 
achieve their goals. A complete 
novice can walk into Centric 
with a goal and walk out with all 
he needs to achieve it. And that’s 
a complete novice of any age, 
mid-20’s on up to whatever, and there’s no height or weight limit either! 

Centric Bike launched in 2011, specializing in coaching, bike frame building, stock bikes built to 
order, semi-custom and full custom paint work; and Brandon still maintains his home shop in 
Pasadena. Sierra Madre Centric is an athlete-driven, niche boutique, small enough to meet the 
needs of each person who walks in looking for coaching. Brandon says, “My job and my goal is 
to coach myself out of a job!” He works one on one with ten to twenty athletes at a time, and has 
people coming in from all over Ventura County, the Inland Empire, and, of course locally. He starts 
with a lengthy interview to find out what each potential athlete is hoping to achieve; as he says, 
“Goals need to be realistic… and just out of reach!” Brandon makes sure each client is medically 
cleared and then there’s testing which helps folks define where they are and where they want to 
go. Brandon’s methods are based on years of experience, since 2002, in fact, and a passion for 
teaching and developing athletes. “It’s exciting to see how transformative this can be in people’s 
lives. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things!” 

Testing? Don’t be nervous, nobody’s going to suggest anything like: Simplify the expression 2(a 
-3) + 4b - 2(a -b -3) + 5! No, indeed! There’s a compu-trainer bike which measures your power 
output and endurance; a Spin-Scan which discloses any discrepancies between your right and left 
legs. Also a treadmill and a VO2Max test which shows your aerobic endurance, and the amount 
of oxygen you effectively use. These simple tests are the best indicators of an athlete’s performance. 
Centric uses their years of experience in addition to scientific and clinical testing to define exactly 
how to assess each athlete’s endurance needs. Bottom line: No guesswork! 

Centric can put you into the right outfit for serious competition or casual bike riding, along with 
accessories and nutrition supplements to help you toward that goal you’ve been keeping a secret! 
Brandon’s been working with the Power Bar people for some years to help them with packaging, 
textures and flavors. As you can probably guess, nutrition is huge in helping people achieve goals. 

Brandon, his partner, Michael Hagler and Centric are constantly keeping up to date in the latest 
medical and sports findings, reading and exploring new ways to educate themselves and their 
clients. As Brandon says, he doesn’t define goals, he and Centric help you define them and then 
get there. Why Sierra Madre? Easy to get to for people coming from work and a pleasant place to 
end the day. Brandon commented especially on the friendliness of the businesses all around him, 
as he and Mike were renovating the Centric quarters, all of which they did themselves! Stop in, 
say hi to Brandon, admire the gorgeous bikes, and maybe you, too, will be thanking him after you 
successfully complete your first Ironman! 

“Endurance sports are accessible to everyone in their own individual time frame. I believe in 
people, their capabilities and potential!” Brandon Heflin 

“A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter.” 

My own personal book, is available on and at the following link: https://www. 

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