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“What’s Going On?”ARCADIA TO BE “HOST TOWN” 

News and Views from Joan Schmidt 


The City 
of Arcadia and Chamber 
of Commerce recently 
announced that Arcadia was 
one of 100 cities between San 
Luis Obispo and San Diego 
chosen as a “Host Town” for 
the Special Olympics World 
Games 2015. 

The “Host Town Program” 

is a special 3-day program 

that takes place prior to 

the Opening Ceremony of 

the Special World Olympic 
Games. At their Host Towns, delegations of athletes from around 
the world will be welcomed and celebrated. The athletes will 
become community members, participate in cultural activities 
unique to each area, and in between, practice and rest for the 

This announcement ceremony was held at Arcadia City 
Chambers, and many attended: Arcadia’s Mayor John Wuo, 
Council Member Sho Tay, City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto, 
Police Chief Bob Guthrie and several officers, Fire Chief Kurt 
Norwood, Director of Recreation and Community Services Sara 
Somogyi, Director of Library and Museum Services Mary Beth 
Hayes, Communications, Marketing & Special Projects Manager 
Linda Garcia, Public Works Management Analyst Carmen 
Masud, and Communications & Marketing Specialist II Kristen 
Olafson-Segal. Also present were Arcadia Chamber CEO Scott 
Hedrick, Chamber President Denise Weaver and photographer 
Glenn Oyoung; from AUSD: Superintendent Joel Shawn, 
School Board President Cung Nguyen, and Ryan Foran, 
Public Information Officer. From the Special Olympics, 
President Emeritus Richard Van Kirk, well-known 
Arcadian and Methodist Hospital Board Member, Patrick 
McClenahan, President and CEO of LA2015, the Games 
Organizing Committee, and Steven Vanderpool, Vice 
President for Communications who provided much 
background and current information.

Because of the late Eunice Shriver’s vision, Special 
Olympics was founded in 1968. It began from a movement 
of a few hundred athletes to more than 4 million athletes. 
With the support of more than one million coaches 
and volunteers, Special Olympics is able to deliver 32 
Olympic-type sports and more than 70,000 competitions 
throughout the year. Visit 

At the Announcement Ceremony, there were 
several great speakers. Kim Guillien, Special Olympian 
participant from Covina blew us away with her fantastic 
speech. This young lady is truly an inspiration to all and 
it was befitting that she held the special Proclamation 
from the City of Arcadia. Next to her was Richard Van 
Kirk who was presented a Key to the City of Arcadia. 
There also were presentations by Viola Van representing 
Congresswoman Judy Chu and Olivia Lee representing 
Assemblyman Ed Chau. 

Mayor Wuo spoke of the honor for Arcadia as a 
Host Town and praised the Special Olympic Games which bring “competition and team spirit”. Mayor Wuo also commended Dick Van 
Kirk who he has known as a great volunteer/Board Member of Methodist Hospital 

Speaker Santa Anita Jockey Aaron Gryder, was “honored to be up here. I admire each of these individuals.” (After the program, 
I spoke briefly with Aaron. He happily posed with Kim and told her that she “inspired him”. It was awesome!) 

The Olympians need a practice facility during their Arcadia stay, and Dr. Shaun was “thrilled our facilities will be used.” AUSD 
President Cung Nguyen mentioned ‘great pride’ and ‘happy to open our school facilities.” 

The Arcadia Rotary Club presented a $10,000 donation and three local hotels-Santa Anita Inn, Embassy Suites and Hilton 
Garden Inn- will host the athletes by providing rooms at discounted prices, wireless internet and 300 free breakfast meals. 

Members of the Host Committee include Chairman Bruce McCallum; SOSC Advisor Dick Van Kirk; Former Mayor Bob 
Harbicht, Master Schedule, Activities, Events; APD Captain Paul Foley, Security; Scott Hettrick, Publicity, Lodging; Denise Weaver, 
Community Involvement; Jim Rider, Financial records; Keith Kerney, school rep; and Larry Stewart, Food Service. 

Arcadia Police Blotter 

For the period of Sunday, May 25th, through Saturday, May 31st,
the Police Department responded to 983 calls for service of which139 required formal investigations. The following is a summaryreport of the major incidents handled by the Department duringthis period. 

Sunday, May 25: 

1. Around 5:20 p.m., an officer was flagged down by severalsubjects in the parking lot of Ralphs, 211 East Foothill Boulevard,
regarding a battery that had just occurred. A 19-year-old White malestruck his girlfriend multiple times in the face and pushed her to theground while she was holding their infant son. Several witnessesobserved the incident. The 19-year-old White male suspect fled thescene prior to the officer’s arrival. Further investigation is beingconducted by the Detective Bureau. 
2. At approximately 7:42 p.m., an officer responded to theintersection of Huntington Drive and Second Avenue regardinga welfare check on a stalled vehicle. A male subject had passedout behind the steering wheel of his vehicle while it was still in“drive”. An investigation revealed he was under the influence witha blood alcohol content greater than 0.08 percent. The 28-year-oldHispanic male was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jailfor booking. 
Monday, May 26: 

3. Just after 11:00 a.m., officers were dispatched to the area of 
Colorado Boulevard and Santa Anita Avenue regarding a physical 
altercation. A female subject stopped her vehicle so she could 
use her cell phone. As she sat in her car, she noticed a white van 
was parked in front of her and noticed a male subject’s head was 
sticking out of the rear door, and he was not moving. When she 
elected to check on the man’s well-being, he began taking pictures 
of her and punched her after she told him to stop. In self-defense, 
the woman hit the man on his head with a glass bottle. The man 
was determined to be a transient and the woman was not desirous 
of prosecution. 
4. At about 7:40 p.m., an officer was dispatched to Macy’s 
at the Santa Anita Mall, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding a 
theft report. The suspect removed security sensors from various 
articles of clothing, concealed them inside her purse, and exited 
the store without making payment. The 67-year-old Asian female 
was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
Tuesday, May 27: 

5. At approximately 6:40 p.m., an officer conducted a trafficstop on a vehicle in the area of Santa Anita Avenue and FoothillBoulevard due to the driver not wearing his seatbelt. The officerdiscovered the 57-year-old White male driver had an expiredlicense. He was cited in the field without incident and his vehicle 
was left legally parked. 
6. Around 7:18 p.m., an officer was dispatched to a residencein the 400 block of West Walnut Avenue regarding a report of ahome invasion. An investigation revealed a legal repossessionagency entered the victim’s closed garage to repossess a BMW 750iwhile no one was home. The victim is desirous of prosecution forunlawful entry into his home. 
Wednesday, May 28: 

7. At about 8:23 p.m., an officer was dispatched to Starbucks, 
733 West Naomi Avenue, regarding a disturbance. An intoxicated 
female was yelling profanities and annoying customers. She 
was determined to be under the influence and unable to care 
for herself. The 45-year-old Hispanic female was arrested and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
8. Around 10:16 p.m., an officer responded to Dave and 
Busters at the Santa Anita Mall, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, in 
regards to a theft report. Unknown suspect(s) stole the victim’s 
purse, which she had set down on a stool momentarily to play a 
game. No witnesses were located. 
Thursday, May 29: 

9. At about 2:16 p.m., an officer was dispatched to the 
parking lot at In-N-Out, 420 North Santa Anita Avenue, regarding 
a battery report. While attempting to legally repossess a vehicle, 
a repo man was pepper sprayed by the vehicle owner’s girlfriend, 
a 26-year-old Black female, who refused to exit the vehicle. The 
vehicle owner, a 47-year-old Hispanic male, arrived on scene 
and pushed the victim several times. Both suspects were arrested 
for Battery and Illegal Use of Tear Gas, and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
10. At approximately 7:36 p.m., an officer was dispatched to 
a residence in the 200 block of East Longden Avenue regarding 
a burglary report. Unknown suspect(s) forced entry through a 
sliding glass door and fled with property including jewelry, a spare 
key to the residence, and spare keys to the victim’s two vehicles. 
No evidence or witnesses were located. 
Friday, May 30: 

11. Shortly after 4:40 p.m., an officer was dispatched to JC 
Penney at the Santa Anita Mall, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, 
regarding an adult suspect detained for theft. The 26-yearold 
Hispanic female concealed cosmetics inside her purse and 
exited the store without making payment. She was arrested and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
12. At approximately 7:21 p.m., an officer responded to the 
Santa Anita Race Track, 285 West Huntington Drive, regarding a 
disturbance. A 65-year-old Hispanic male was under the influence 
of an alcoholic beverage and unable to care for himself. He was 
arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
Saturday, May 31: 

13. Shortly after 5:00 p.m., an officer responded to the 11900 
block of Clark Street regarding a report of a stolen water valve. As 
the officer conducted an area check, he noticed a large amount 
of water was coming from another business nearby located on 
Goldring Road. The officer called the business owner to inform 
him that unknown suspect(s) cut off and stole his back water 
valve. No evidence was located and no one reported seeing or 
hearing anything suspicious. 
14. At about 7:50 p.m., an officer made consensual contact 
with a female subject walking eastbound on Live Oak Avenue 
at Sixth Avenue. The officer discovered the 50-year-old White 
female was under the influence of a controlled substance. She was 
arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
Call Patricia at 626-818-2698