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Eating tomatoes can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer 
and maybe osteoporosis. Not only that, but cooked tomatoes are actually 
better for you than raw ones. 

U.S researchers found this juicy vegetable is the biggest source of a powerful 
antioxidant called lycopene, and unlike other fruit and vegetables it has 
greater potency after it is cooked. 

Lycopene is the red pigment in tomatoes and several fruits. According to 
scientists, it is a potent carotenoid. Carotenoids are a group of naturally 
occurring pigments essential for plant growth which have a high ability to 
suppress unstable oxygen. Due to this ability to decrease oxidative stress, 
lycopene has been associated with a decreased risk of chronic diseases. 
Lycopene in tomatoes can reduce heart disease by almost 30 percent 
making the phytochemical almost as powerful as many classes of drugs 
commonly prescribed for cardiovascular disease. 

Could tomatoes be an effective alternative to dangerous statins, the class 
of drugs commonly prescribed for these conditions? Scientists at the National Centre of Food and 
Safety in Illinois said “the nutrient lycopene contains protective mechanisms that help prevent 
inflammation and blood clots”. 

A strong link has already been established between this wonder veggie and a lower risk of certain 
diseases such as prostate cancer, heart disease and now osteoporosis. Researchers have recently found 
an important connection between lycopene and bone health. A diet consisting of a variety of many 
fruits and veggies including tomatoes and other lycopene-containing foods has been shown to be 
especially beneficial to postmenopausal women who are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. 
We don’t always think about antioxidant protection as being important for bone health, but it is, and 
tomato lycopene (and other tomato antioxidants) may have a special role to play in this area.

After just spending 2 weeks in Italy and eating tomatoes with just about every meal, no wonder 
Italians are number 11 in life expectancy in the world. And sadly, the United States is number 42. 
So be sure to consume 
tomatoes on a regular 
basis is part of a 
healthy diet. And if 
possible, buy organic. 
A study released just 
last week showed 
organically grown 
vegetables had higher 
nutritional value than 
conventionally grown 

In the philosophy of yoga we look at the mind as having a storehouse 
of memories called chitta. Memories from our past influence our 
decisions about our future. We also have a section of the mind called 
manas, where we take in sensory input. The sensory input guides us in 
decisions based on sensory desires. What happens most of the time is 
that we are either remembering or anticipating (“I loved that chocolate 
ice cream at Mother Moo’s. I have to go back to Mother Moo’s to get 
more!”). This kind of thinking is constantly dictating our behavior. It 
is very hard to “just be” when we are thinking of the past and the future, or what we are going to have 
for lunch. 

 After a yoga class we rest in savasana (corpse pose) where the body lies inert. The natural breath 
pattern takes over and the mind is hopefully calmer with less thought of the past and future jumbling 
around inside. This allows us to rest in the here and now.

It is at these quiet moments that we can hear our soul speak. Because we do not associate ourselves 
with who we think we are – but who is really inside. Too often we define ourselves with our careers, 
our family positions, our who we think we should be – all based from our memories and our senses. 
When we do that, we are not aligned with our dharma (our souls purpose). Getting quiet through 
yoga and meditation can help us to tap into our true nature, to see clearly in the here and now and 
find contentment and freedom from the pull of our memories and desires. Then the “higher mind” 
can step in and help us make the right decisions and help us choose the right path.

See you in the here and now!

Namasté, René

Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutritionist 
at Vibrant Living 
Wellness Center


Feeling under the weather? Many common 
ailments, as well as serious life-threatening 
conditions, are caused by what you are and 
aren’t putting into your body, say experts.

“Even if you stick to a well-balanced diet, you 
may not be getting sufficient nutrients,” says 
Dr. Michael A. Smith M.D., author of the new 
book and educational tool, “The Supplement 
Pyramid” and host of Healthy Talk on www.

 In fact, nearly all Americans have an 
inadequate intake of Vitamin E and nearly a 
third does not get enough Vitamin C according 
to government statistics.

 “It doesn’t matter how many fruits and 
vegetables you’re eating if they’re grown in 
nutrient-poor soil,” says Smith. “The unfortunate 
truth is that the nutrient content of our soil -- and 
thus our crops -- has been steadily declining for 

 While organic produce may reduce your 
exposure to pesticides, it doesn’t necessarily 
mean it will be more nutrient-rich. So in addition 
to a healthy diet, what can you do to ensure 
you’re getting sufficient nutrition? Smith offers 
a few tips:

 • Take an ideally dosed multi-vitamin/
mineral. From Vitamin A to zinc, your body is 
dependent on these nutrients for optimal health. 
But not all multivitamins are the same. Skip the 
bare-bones variety that provide minimal doses 
of some essential nutrients, and opt for a robust 
multivitamin that delivers ideal doses of a full 
spectrum of essentials.

 • Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats that 
your body can’t live without, supporting mental 
and cognitive health, decreasing cardiovascular 
disease risk, and lowering systemic inflammation. 
But because your body can’t make them, you 
either have to get omega-3 fatty acids through 
your diet or supplementation.

 • All of your cells need energy to function, 
particularly your heart and brain cells. You may 
have never heard of coenzyme Q10, but it plays 
a critical role in cellular energy production. Look 
for this supplement in ubiquinol form, which is 
absorbed much better by the body.

 • It doesn’t matter how healthy your diet 
is. If your gut is compromised, it can’t extract 
the protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and 
minerals you need to survive. Not only that, 
but about 70 percent of your immune system 
is actually located in your gut. Since so many 
factors diminish levels of beneficial bacteria 
in the gastrointestinal tract, it’s essential to 
replenish their numbers with daily probiotic 

 • When seeking out supplements, stick with a 
company that has an established track record of 
selling high-quality products and uses only pure, 
potent raw materials. They should also include 
dosages of key ingredients high enough to 
impact your health. Find out if your supplements 
make the grade by doing your research.

 For free tools to build your personal supplement 
regimen and for more information about Smith’s 
new book, visit www.MySupplementPyramid.
com or call 1-855-870-0687.

 Don’t assume a healthy diet is sufficient. Key 
supplements can improve the way you feel. 


Back in the 70’s the Ford motor company coined this motto in response to the influx of Japanese cars 
dominating the market. The US car maker’s quality was down. To compete, the quality of US cars had to 
be upgraded.

 In the US we now more than ever need to apply this motto to our health care. I’m not talking about 
the health care system for that reform is not health reform at all. All they are talking about is economic 
reform....They’re protecting the health insurance industry.

 I’m talking about us individually and our own self responsibility to health.

Look at the make-up of the US population. Over 60% are overweight, over 30% are obese, less than 15% get 
regular exercise. Diabetes, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, cancer, and arthritis in its many forms are 
rising. This is poor quality.

 In regards to health are we mindful or careless? Carelessness in how we eat, drink, exercise, sleep, our 
posture and in the habits we cultivate will have the most profound effects on health. It starts with you. Do 
not be careless with this precious commodity called health or this incredible machine called our body.

 St. Augustine said, “Conquer thine own self and the whole world will be conquered.” To turn the health 
care of the citizens of the US and the world in fact, we will need to be much more mindful and disciplined 
in how we live.

 In watching this health care reform (finance) debate, do you think we will really be any better off than 
now with the government telling you what care you can and can’t have?

 Do not count on anyone else. Count on yourselves and take action. Whatever is not true in your life will 
come back to you time and time again until you take action and correct your course.

 Your habits have developed over time. New habits can overcome old habits through mindfulness and 
consistent action. Bad habits are easy to put in place but hard to live with. Good habits are harder to put 
in place over bad habits but are much easier to live with. You are guaranteed two pains in life, the pain of 
discipline or the pain of regret. One weighs ounces the other tons.

 The choice is yours. In regards to your health make it Quality Job 1.

Protect Your Family from Tick Bites 

and Lyme Disease

More than 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are 
reported each year, making it the most commonly 
reported vector-borne illness in the US, according 
to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 
Make sure your family isn’t part of that number.

 As the warmer months coax us outside, reducing 
the risk of tick bites is essential to protecting your 
family from Lyme disease and its potential long-
term, devastating effects.

 Lyme disease can cause facial or Bell’s palsy, 
severe headaches, neck stiffness, heart palpitations, 
and pain and swelling in large joints. However, 
it’s difficult to diagnose, as symptoms can be 
attributed to other health problems. Left untreated, 
approximately 60 percent of Lyme disease sufferers 
experience arthritis, while five percent develop 
chronic neurological challenges months or years 
after the infection.

 “Had I understood the potential severity of Lyme 
disease and taken the threat seriously, I might have 
saved my children from years of suffering,” says 
Jennifer Reid, a mother of two children affected 
by Lyme disease and Community Coordinator for 
the BLAST Lyme Disease Prevention Program. 
“Prevention is possible.”

 BLAST is a helpful acronym representing basic 
tick bite prevention measures -- Bathe, Look for 
ticks, Apply repellants, Spray the yard and Treat 
your pets. Additionally, Reid recommends taking 
these simple steps:

For People

• Avoid wooded and busy areas with high grass 
and leaf litter.

• Apply repellent to exposed skin and clothing 
before outdoor activities.

• Bathe or shower right after spending time 
outdoors and conduct a full-body tick check. Use a 
mirror to see hard to reach places such as the under 
arms, belly button, scalp, and behind the knees.

For Pets

• Check pets for ticks daily and remove them as 
soon as possible.

• Talk with your veterinarian about using tick 
preventatives on your pet.

• Watch pets closely for changes in behavior or 
appetite. This may indicate Lyme disease infection.

In Your Yard

• Place a wood chip or gravel barrier between 
your lawn, patio, and play equipment and any 
wooded areas. This will restrict tick migration into 
recreational areas.

• Mow the lawn frequently and keep leaves raked.

• Keep playground equipment and patios away 
from yard edges and trees and place them in sunny 
locations, if possible.

• Pest control products can help protect your family 
from tick bites, according to RISE (Responsible 
Industry for a Sound Environment), a national 
trade association. On a seasonal basis, consult a 
professional to spray the perimeter.

Get more tips to become a “backyard boss” 
and protect your family against hidden lawn 
and landscape risks by visiting http://blog. 

 This season, take charge of your backyard and 
learn how to protect your family.

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