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While not a very common problem, if you’ve got 
it, it can have a terrible impact on your listing: 
The Messy Neighbor. If you live next door to a 
“neglected” property, you might lose up to 20% of 
your home’s market value, particularly with buyers 
looking for any excuse to reduce their offer. 

It’s technically not your problem, but ask not for 
whom the bell tolls. It’s well worth your time and 
effort to resolve this situation amicably. Always be 
respectful, and don’t let your emotions get the best 
of you. 

 Unless you believe your neighbor is “unhinged,” 
you should begin with a visit to their home and 
a positive attitude - no name-calling or finger-
pointing. Don’t grab everyone on the block and 
gang up on your neighbor - you’ll get better results 
if you go alone or with one other person. 

If you find your messy neighbor is unwilling to take 
care of their maintenance, it may still be in your 
best interest to do the work yourself or with the help 
of other neighbors. No, it’s not fair, but if you want a 
fair sales price, this may be your only option. 

 As a last resort, you could file a complaint 
with your property owners association or city 
government. You could be referred to a mediator 
who will help settle your disagreement cordially.


The longer I am a part of this community, the 
more I appreciate all it has to offer. Last weekend 
was my first Halloween in Sierra Madre. My kids 
are 6 and 4; perfect trick-or-treating age. And let 
me tell you, they had a blast! I love how Sierra 
Madre does Halloween. It was an amazing blend 
of cooperation between government, businesses, 
and residents. And as a parent, trick or treating 
in Sierra Madre with my kids gave me the 
opportunity to watch them enjoy themselves 
thoroughly, encourage them to be polite and use 
their manners, and talk to them about the down 
side of overindulging in candy. All in all, a win-
win-win situation!

 Speaking with my children about 
overindulgence got me thinking about my hopes 
and fears for them when my wife and I pass on 
our inheritance to them. How did I make that 
leap? Well, statistics show that most individuals 
who inherit IRAs completely deplete them within 
less than two years. My wife and I, and I imagine 
most of you, would prefer those assets not only 
benefit our children, but future generations 
as well. I don’t want my kids viewing their 
inheritance as “found money” to be squandered 
away and blown. Yet study after study says this is 
what’s most likely to happen.

 The good news is, there’s an estate planning 
tool to keep beneficiaries from overindulging 
and wasting that type of inheritance. A trusteed 
IRA is like a traditional IRA but with some of the 
advantages of a trust. They are designed to provide 
a long-term distribution plan for withdrawals 
to benefit more than just one generation of 
beneficiaries. Trusteed IRAs are less expensive 
than setting up a trust, though generally a bit 
more expensive to administer than a traditional 

 Trusteed IRAs are a wonderful tool for those 
who want to control how their IRA assets are 
distributed after they’re gone. With traditional 
inherited IRAs, the beneficiary has full say over 
what happens to the IRA assets he or she inherits. 
And since most elect to completely deplete an 
inherited IRA, future generations will likely 
never benefit.

 A trusteed IRA allows the original owner 
to dictate how withdrawals can be made. For 
example, by allowing only the minimum required 
distribution that the IRS requires heirs to take 
every year, you can stretch out your IRA over 
multiple generations since investments grow tax-
deferred (traditional IRA) or tax-free (Roth IRA).

 I don’t want my kids to be one of the statistics. 
I hope they respect what my wife and I are 
leaving them and work to grow 
those assets so they can pass 
an inheritance on to their own 
children. If you feel the same, 
let’s get together and talk. 

To you family’s health, wealth, and happiness,

 A local attorney, father, and CASA volunteer 
(Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children), 
Marc Garlett is on a mission to help parents protect 
what they love most. His office is located at 49 S. 
Baldwin Ave., Ste. G, Sierra Madre, CA 91024. 
Call 626.355.4000 to schedule an appointment to 
sit down and talk about ensuring a legacy of love 
and financial security for your family or visit www. for more information.


Facebook is a channel, just like TV or radio. The 
people are there. Statistics show that 135 million 
Americans check Facebook 14 times a day on 
average! It offers huge exposure for businesses. 

Unfortunately it is becoming more difficult to get 
your business page posts noticed on Facebook 
without paying for it. If you want to reach a target 
audience on Facebook, it’s no longer earned 
exposure, it’s about paid media exposure, just like 
TV and Radio. 

 The good news is that Facebook’s ad model is 
much more affordable. You can do quite a bit with 
$40 a month. A budget of $20 a day is like a prime 
time TV Spot. Both are very affordable compared 
to TV, Radio and Print ads.

 It’s time to realize that business exposure on 
Facebook is going to cost a little. It’s still one of the 
best places for businesses to reach their customers 
at all times of the day. But, now just like other 
media channels with lots of eye balls, you need to 
pay for a spot.

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HUTdogs, a creative services business that 
specializes in Internet Marketing strategies and 
Social Media. They offer social media management 
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Sierra Madre, CA November 4, 2014 Andy 
Bencosme, Managing Broker of CENTURY 
21 Village in Sierra Madre recently welcomed 
Jack Balentine to his Sierra Madre office. The 
announcement was made at the office’s weekly 
marketing and sales meeting.

 Balentine said “it feels great to be a new agent 
and have the pleasure of working with Andy 
Bencosme. Everyone was nice welcoming me to 
my new home here at CENTURY 21 Village.”

 Originally from New England, Jack has lived in 
the Sierra Madre with his family of four for over 
22 years. He has many years of experience in the 
corporate world and has owned his own business 
for the past 12 years in San Marino. 

 Bencosme stated that “People who have worked 
with him over the years will tell you that he is 
honest and is always 100% committed to his 

 Jack is well acquainted with the real estate 
market and will work hard to earn your business. 

 Jack Balentine and all of the friendly CENTURY 
21 Village agents can be contacted at 38 W. Sierra 
Madre Blvd in Sierra Madre or by telephone 
626.355.1451 or on the internet at www.c21village.
com or

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