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He Who Has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear 

Happy Tails ~ Matt. 11:15 

“canine co-workers”, where they train the dogs 

to help professionals such as physicians, teachers, 

counselors, and court room advocates by 
Dogs that are trained for the purpose of meeting assisting in the treatment of patients and working 

the human’s practical day-to-day needs always with clients. 
amaze me! Those fabulous, furry four-footers 
seem to truly enjoy helping their human When I heard about this organization, I 

companions by performing basic day-to-day immediately wanted to support them, because 

tasks on their behalf. We’re talking about some they adopt otherwise euthanized dogs, and 
pretty special dogs here. Dogs that are committed give them a second chance at life as well as the 
to being true-blue friends through thick or thin, opportunity to carry out their instinctual desire 
and it just makes me love them all the more. to make their master happy! This is another 

one of those win/win deals, where folks come 

The first time I witnessed a blind person together on a worthwhile cause to help both 
walking with a seeing eye dog was when I was dogs and humans alike. The physical services 
about 10 years old. I was shopping with my mom provided by those courageous canines is life-
at the mall, and being the animal lover that I am, changing for the humans they are assigned to, 
I reached out to pet the dog. The owner promptly but equally important is the unconditional love 
warned me that I needed to keep my distance they share. There is nothing quite like it! For 

because he was a service dog “on the job” so it more information about Dogs for the Deaf go to: 
would not be appropriate for him to socialize 
with me at that time. 


At first I thought the lady was just being 
snobby, but I later learned that service dogs are If you happen to have read my article four weekstrained to focus on their master‘s needs while ago entitled ‘Justice for Gracie‘, you may beout and about, so they are not in the position to wondering what, if anything has happened ininteract with strangers in public. When I thought the case of Gracie‘s tragic and senseless suddenabout the concept of canines catering to the needs death. I received word from a reliable source this 
of humans in that unique way, I was thrilled that past week that Gracie’s necropsy report and thea dog would be such a willing servant on behalf veterinarian’s findings both support what all






Meet Captain! He is a greatfamily, as well as a daily walk or

looking mixed breed dog whotwo to help channel his energy.

is thought to have some GreatIf you are a fan of large

Dane in his history. He has a breed dogs, please come in to 

beautiful coat of gray fur withmeet our handsome Captain.

white highlights. His fur is He’s a great dog who deserves a

short and requires little care,secure and loving home to call

other than regular bathing andhis own. 

brushing. Captain has had aHe currently resides at 

few grooming sessions while atthe San Gabriel Valley Humane

the Humane Society, and is verySociety located at 851 E. Grand

tolerant while being bathed andAvenue in San Gabriel. We are 

loves the attention. located off San Gabriel Blvd., 

Captain is about five yearsnorth of Mission and south of 

old and weighs 80 pounds.Las Tunas. To arrange a ‘Meet

He was found as a stray, andand Greet’ with Captain, please

although he had a microchip, thestop by any time from 10:00am

owner could not be located, and he has been at the shelter to 4:30pm Tuesday thru Sunday.

for several months. His adoption fee is $135 and includes neuter surgery,

Captain is a friendly dog who will greet you as youvaccinations, microchip and a free wellness exam at a

approach his kennel. He is a big dog with a big bark, butparticipating veterinarian. Feel free to call us at (626)

he is just happy to have visitors. Captain gets very excited286-1159 for more information on Captain. If you

when he knows dog treats are being offered, and will tapare interested in meeting Captain or any of the other

his feet from side to side, doing his happy dance. He knows wonderful pets at the shelter, visit the San Gabriel Valley

the “sit” command will often get him a treat, and if one isHumane Society at 851 E. Grand Ave., San Gabriel, Calif.,

offered, he will take it gently. He also is quite skillful at91776, Tuesday through Sunday. For more information, 

catching one that is tossed to (626) 286-1159. See our website at www.sgvhumane.

Captain is eager to go on walks, but because of hisorg for information and photos of all our wonderful pets.

size and strength, he needs a strong, experienced handler.SGVHS Calendar Photo Contest: Pet photos wanted!

He would benefit from some training classes with his newIf you have some great pet photos and want to share, the

owner to help him become a better walker. He would make shelter welcomes your best photos in their second annual

a great running or hiking companion once he masters hiscalendar contest. It’s easy - just email your landscape

walking skills.(horizontal) format photos to 

Captain has youthful energy and enjoys fetching toysTell your friends, family and co-workers! Everyone is 

during playtime. He would do well with a big yard whereinvited to compete. The submission deadline is Saturday, 

he can have the chance to run and play with his forever July 11, 2015. 

of a human. Over the years I have come to know 
many more amazing facts about dogs and what 
they are capable of when given proper training, 
support and love. 
The idea of a canine helping a blind person 
make their way through the day is a common 
concept to most of us, but the idea of a dog 
assisting a deaf person in an effective way to 
help them through the day is rather new, at 
least to me. Until I heard about an organization 
called “Dogs for the Deaf”, I had not given much 
thought to the idea of canines being trained to 
assist people with hearing loss. As it turns out, 
dogs understand way more than most of us think 
they do, and indeed they can be trained to help 
bridge the gap between sound and silence for 
hearing impaired individuals who are willing to 
accept the assistance of a dog. 
Dogs for the Deaf, 
Inc. is an Oregon-based 
non-profit organizationdedicated to rescuing 
shelter dogs that they 
train to assist people 
a variety of 
challenges and needs, 
struggle with 
autism. They 
also have a program 
to creating 
involved had suspected to be her cause of death.
Blunt force resulting in liver damage, ultimatelycausing her death. Gracie was an otherwisevery healthy 1 ½-year-old husky pup, with noindications of illness or injury but that whichshe mysteriously sustained on that dreadfulmorning. 
The Pasadena Humane Society told Gracie’s 
owner that they are recommending the case to 
the district attorney, in light of the suspicious 
circumstances surrounding her dog’s death. 
As of now, this is all of the information I have 
been given. Please continue to pray that Justice 
will prevail for Gracie, and many thanks to those 
who donated to the owner’s veterinarian fees. It is 
my hope that the perpetrator will never have the 
opportunity to take out his rage on an innocent 
and helpless animal again. Rest in Peace, precious 
Like fine wine, pups only get better with age. 
Such is the case with the beautiful soul Starlet 
Sweet little Starlet is a sparkly 10-year-old white-
and-brown female Chihuahua mix who was 
found in Covina on June 9th and brought to the 
Baldwin Park Animal Care Center. Weighing 
almost 5 whole pounds, Starlet may make a 
wonderful piece of arm candy as a lap or purse 
dog, but she plays second fiddle to no one. She 
definitely deserves the spotlight, and she is not shy 
to take it! Peppy, energetic, active, and curious, 
this lady does enjoy being held and carried 
around (don’t get her wrong), but she delights 
in walking on leash and meet-and-greeting with 
people and other dogs, too. She displays decent 
leash skills, strikes us as most likely housebroken, 
and relishes in dispensing kisses to her human 
We suspect that Starlet may have either a skin 
cyst or mammary gland mass, and so she should 
be examined by an outside veterinarian upon 
Starlet continues to act easily half 
her age, though! She is one special dog who will 
make a stellar indoor pet for just about anyone 
eager to share the joys of helping the rest of her 
senior years really shimmer and shine! This dog 
is a gem and would make a great companion for 
anyone willing to give her a loving chance. To 
watch a video of the amazing Starlet, please visit 
the following link: HYPERLINK “https://youtu.
To meet Starlet in person, please see her at the 
Baldwin Park Shelter, located at 4275 N. Elton, 
Baldwin Park, CA 91706 (Phone: 626-430-2378 
or 626-962-3577). She is currently available now. 
For any inquiries about Starlet, please reference 
her animal ID number: A4840843. The shelter 
is open seven days a week, 12 pm-7 pm Monday-
Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday-Sunday. This 
is a high-intake shelter with a great need for 
adoptions. For more information about Starlet 
or the adoption process, contact United Hope 
for Animals Volunteer Adoption Coordinator 
Samantha at To 
learn more about United Hope for Animals’ 
partnership with the Baldwin Park Shelter 
through its Shelter Support Program, as well 
as the many dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes 
available for adoption in local shelters, visit
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