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News and Views from Joan Schmidt 


JULY 21, 1933-JUNE 4, 2015 

Last week, we said 
“Good-bye” to John Nicoloro, 
a member of the MonroviaArcadia-
Duarte Town Council 
for eleven-and a half years.

When I stepped down 
in from the Town Council in 
2004, John stepped up andassumed office with much 
enthusiasm. There is so much 
to this great man; I don’t knowwhere to begin. He was bornin Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Most don’t realize John had a 
four year scholarship to HarvardUniversity where he receivedhis degree. John was that kindof man-very modest. Everyonealways said how knowledgeablehe was, but we assumed from 

his extensive reading and always doing research on every topic/issuegoing on.

Most important to John was his family-his beloved wife Lucy of53 and their four children, Michael, Christine, Johnny, and Nancy.
John loved his children very much and was so proud they graduatedfrom college. And of course the grandkids were all very special tohim. 

Tuesday evening there was a Rosary at Annunciation Church.
From Duarte, Council Member Liz Reilly and School Board MemberTom Reyes attended. The Town Council was represented by DavidHall, Yvonne Bullock and Linda Sells. Although he is no longer theCommander at Temple Station, Captain Nee came. At the end of theRosary, people were invited up to speak. Captain Nee told of howhard-working John was, and that in his 28 year career, Captain Neehad never met anyone so dedicated to serving the community asJohn. 

At the funeral the next day, besides the above-mentioned TownCouncil Members, Terrence Williams came as well as Captain Nee,
Captain Coronne Jacob, current Commander of Temple Station,
Deputy April Nelsen, Community Liaison, Brian Mejia, FieldDeputy for Supervisor Antonovich, Kevin Paris, Probation Officer,
LA County, Irving Montenegro from Arcadia County Park, and agreat volunteer woman from Pamela Park.

For quite a few years John attended the Arcadia Chamber ofCommerce Government Forum Meeting every month, so he couldshare Arcadia news at the Town Council Meeting.

The City of Arcadia and the Board of Supervisors both adjournedmeetings in John’s honor. The Mass was beautiful; music was by JonAlman, and Dion Ramos, son of Linda Sells. (Her granddaughterJazzmyn was the Altar Server.)

Father Eugene Herbert officiated and John’s children andgrandchildren did the readings and brought up the gifts: JohnThomas Pico Nicoloro, Christine Nicoloro-Moore, Jordan Moore, 
Claire Moore, Nancy Nicoloro, Isaiah Hooper, Chloe Hooper,
Kaylan Tanner. The beautiful Eulogy was by John’s younger brotherPaul who told great stories of their childhood and how proud thefamily was of John. John worked 38 years as a Senior ConstructionInspector for the City of Los Angeles.

Following the Mass, there was a special luncheon at theNicoloro House-catered by Claro’s and a John J. Nicoloro MemorialBookshelf in the driveway. We were invited to take a book or two!

At the Wednesday, August 19th Town Council Meeting, atAnnunciation Church Hall, the Town Council will remember their 
beloved co-council member and friend, John Nicoloro. Please jointhem as they thank John’s family for sharing him all these year. It isat 7:00pm; address: 1307 East Longden Ave., Arcadia. 


Irwindale, CA—The San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnershipannounced the approval of its Executive Board of Directors 
nominations for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The new appointmentsare effective as of July 1st, 2015.

David Reyno, Director of Government Relations for FoothillTransit, will serve as the Board and Executive Committee Chair. 
Carlos Illingworth, Director of Public Affairs and GovernmentRelations for Albertsons, Vons & Pavilions was elected Vice Chair. 
Reyna Del Haro, Director of Public Affairs and Brand 
Communication of Kaiser Permanente was elected Secretary andTina Javid Regional Affairs Manager of So Cal Gas Company willbecome Treasurer. 

Bart Doyle, Attorney at Law and Paul Talbot, City Managerof the City of Monterey Park return to the Board and ExecutiveCommittee as Past Chair and City Manager Representativerespectively.

Cynthia Kurtz, the Partnership’s President and CEO said “We 

are looking forward to a very exciting year under the guidance ofthis strong leadership committee. While the economy in the regionis slowly recovering, there is still much work to be done. I know thePartnership can be an effective facilitator of the success of the SanGabriel Valley under the direction of such committed leadership.”
About the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership

The San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership is a regional,
not-for-profit corporation supported and directed by its membersand committed to the continued successful economic developmentof the San Gabriel Valley. A collaboration of businesses, local 
government, higher education institutions, and non-profits, thePartnership pursues this commitment by fostering the successof business, engaging in public policy, marketing the San GabrielValley and connecting people, companies, and organizations in theSan Gabriel Valley. For more information, contact the San GabrielValley Economic Partnership at (626) 856-3400 or visit at www. 


Location: Pasadena Central Librarythe Institute for Baseball Studies. 
Address: 285 E. Walnut St Pasadena, Consider this display as similar 
Information: (626) 791-7647 orto looking through a knothole and catching a glimpse of Greg’s

wonderfully eclectic collection. It 
The Baseball Reliquary presents a might even inspire you to start yoursumptuous feast for the eyes, A Baseballown baseball reliquary!
Buffet, an exhibition at the Pasadena On to the Humanities Wing forCentral Library, 285 E. Walnut Street,the next course, the viewer will travel 
from July 5-July 30, 2015. The exhibition through another dimension into aincorporates a variety of themes and subjectwondrous land of baseball history.
matter, utilizing photographs, artworks,The first stop, entitled “Ghosts ofand artifacts. Displays include “CulinaryHoboken,” spotlights Hoboken, NewBaseball: Dishing Up the National Pastime,”Jersey, where the first baseball gameartist Pat Riot’s bubblegum portrait ofbetween two organized teams tookEddie Murray, “Greg Jezewski’s Reliquary,”place in 1846 at Elysian Fields, just“Ghosts of Hoboken,” “You Could Look a short ferry ride from Manhattan.
It Up,” and “Bingo Bango Bilko!” SampleThat game, which was played underthe dishes, or consume the full meal – we the first written rules of modern 
guarantee that you will leave well, positioned Hoboken as 
Here’s a sneak peek of the entrees to bea baseball mecca in the mid-19th 
served: century. On view will be one of the 

world’s most sacrosanct baseball 
For appetizers, in the North Entry displayrelics, whose acquisition by the 
cases, “Culinary Baseball: Dishing Up theBaseball Reliquary in 1997 startledNational Pastime” explores the historic the sporting world: 
relationship between food and baseball,a clump of soil 
featuring trading cards issued to promoteremoved from the 
food products; menus, napkins, and area in front of the 
matchbooks from restaurants owned bybatter’s box at Elysianformer ballplayers; and artifacts whichFields in 1853 and 
could only appear in the “Culinary Wing”preserved by the Orrof the Baseball of Reading,

In the Reading Wing, the first coursePennsylvania for 
spotlights a couple of displays that are trulyover a century. Then 
out of left field. One case will house Los we cross over into 
Angeles artist Pat Riot’s large portrait ofthe Twilight ZoneBaltimore Orioles slugger and Hall of Famerwith an homage 
Eddie Murray, made of chewed bubblegumto the Hoboken 
on an aluminum panel, part of a series ofZephyrs and a robotartworks featuring baseball heroes fromnamed Casey, whohis youth. Riot describes working on thesejust happened to bepointillist-style bubblegum portraits likethe fastest pitcherthis: “The inside of my mouth feels like aof all-time, courtesyfamily of little sugar birds has built a nestof the bountiful 
made of plastic grass and gummy-wormimagination of one 
skin. My jawbone sounds like fresh rubberRod Serling.– Ernie Banks, Gene Baker, and Steve Bilko 
snapping when I chew solid foods, and theThe final entrée in the Humanities – didn’t play together long; in fact, Bilkojoints on my thumb and index finger of myWing, “You Could Look It Up,” is a tributeappeared in only 47 games for the Cubsright hand have been ground-down like oldto Eddie Gaedel, the patron saint of Littlein 1954. But Chicago’s loss would becomebrake pads by the incessant pinching andLeaguers, whose one at-bat for Bill Veeck’sL.A.’s good fortune, because from 1955-1957rolling of ten thousand little gum balls.”St. Louis Browns in 1951 is the stuff of “Stout Steve” became the greatest sluggingAfter twelve weeks of masticating for onelegends. On that day in Sportsman’s Park,star in the city’s history, using Wrigley Fieldshow, Riot’s dentist and internist diagnosedthe 3’7” Gaedel, weighing all of 65 poundsas his own personal launching pad, blastinghim with tempromandibular disorder and wearing jersey number 1/8, walked148 home runs for the Los Angeles Angels(TMD). An arduous and at times painfulinto baseball immortality. In honor of his of the Pacific Coast League. The “Sluggingart form, indeed, but the finished work is 90th birthday, the Baseball Reliquary teamsSeraph,” as he was called, developed suchastounding and must be seen to be believed!with the Spokane, Washington-based Eddiea cult following that comedian Phil Silvers

In a second case in the Reading WingGaedel Society and its founder, 2015 Hildanamed his famous television character, 
will be “Greg Jezewski’s Reliquary.” Those Award recipient Tom Keefe, to look back atSergeant Bilko, after the first baseman.
who are familiar with the Reliquary knowthe legacy of a player who had a perfect on-Pasadena Central Library hours for Athat its collection is unique only from thebase percentage and whose autograph is nowBaseball Buffet are Monday-Thursday, 9:00standpoint that it exists as a public entityworth more than Babe Ruth’s! a.m.-9:00 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 9:00 a.mwith 
a nonprofit status. There are manyDessert will be provided in the 6:00 p.m.; and Sunday, 1:00-5:00 p.m. For 
collectors who have their own uniqueCentennial Room, where “Bingo Bangofurther information, contact the Baseball 
baseball reliquaries, consisting of fabulousBilko!” highlights the life and times of LosReliquary by e-mail at terymar@earthlink.
artifacts and ephemera, which often areAngeles baseball luminary Steve Bilko,net, or by phone at (626) 791-7647. For 
seen only by a small circle of friends andwho will be inducted into the Baseball directions to the Pasadena Central Library,
fellow fanatics. One such reliquary belongsReliquary’s Shrine of the Eternals on July (626) 744-4066 during library hours.
to Los Angeles artist Greg Jezewski, whoseWhile it never developed into the legendaryThe exhibition is made possible, in part, bymagnificent paintings, assemblages, andrefrain of an early 20th century Chicagoa grant to the Baseball Reliquary from themixed-media works have been featured Cubs double play combination (“Tinker toLos Angeles County Board of Supervisorsover the years at numerous exhibitionsEvers to Chance”), “Bingo to Bango to Bilko”through the Los Angeles County Artssponsored by the Baseball Reliquary and had a nice ring to it even if the triumvirate Commission. 

Sample imagery of the national pasttime. 


“Selinske is back,” a spokesperson said. “He will definitely be on the ballot this November3rd.” The man who started the PCC Flea Market in 1977 — which has grown to generate over$150,000 per year for scholarships and student activities - is back to take up the cause of GreaterStudent Access at the legendary community college. “We’re slowing our kids down through lackof access to key classes, which costs them time and money,” Selinske said in a recent interview.
His goal is to prepare PCC students for meaningful, fulfilling employment in a modern worldwhere technology is king. Selinske has a track record of proven results. He distinguished himselfby winning two 4-year terms as a Board Member for the Pasadena Unified School District (2007and 2011). He currently teaches Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Management Strategy atthe Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. His other community leadership includetop roles with The Pasadena Educational Foundation and Leadership Pasadena. Selinske hasgarnered broad support among the PCC community and the surrounding electorate. 

For more information about Tom and his campaign initiatives please contact: Tom Selinske forPCC Trustee 984 E. Topeka Street, Pasadena CA 91104 (626) 233-4252 

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