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Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 27, 2015 9FOOD AND DRINK Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 27, 2015 9FOOD AND DRINK 

What could be more American than a Hot Dog, 
so why am I writing about Pastrami, read on my 
loyal readers. My late Pappy always told me, “Son, 
never debate sex, politics or religion. I am going 
to have to add one additional item to his list, a 
Sandwich/Dip. You probably couldn’t go more 

next month and I am going to ask everyone I 
meet, about LA’ based World Famous Dishes. I’m 
just kidding… a little. But, I do develop a chuckle 
in that self anointed phrase. The World Famous 
Pastrami Sandwich is priced at a reasonable 
($6.99). The meat is thinly sliced and the portion 
is generous. The bread is light and fluffy; it may be 
a little too light and fluffy in my opinion. For my 
next visit I will try it on regular sandwich bread. 
My sources inform me that the Hat goes through 
14 tons of Pastrami per week. By my calculations, 
that is a lot of sandwiches. My dining companion 
“Mike” had the Hot Dog and a huge portion of 
fries .He is on a diet it appears. The prices are 
right at The Hat, everything is under ($10). If you 

than a couple blocks in most cities and not come 
across one, an American Sandwich Shop. It may 
be the most versatile food item ever created. I eat 
them for lunch, dinner and sometimes, even for 
breakfast. We are lucky for in the San Gabriel area 
we have a number of All-Stars sandwich shops to 
choose from. There is Tops on Walnut, Connel’s 
Grinders on E. Washington, and The Hat, which 
has several locations. The Hat has been around 
since 1951, and I glad to say, it is a family run 
business. They are actively involved in the 
community, and that fact was fully demonstrated 
to me when Ron “Corky” Conzonire held the 
position of President of the Tournament of Roses, 
from 2008-2009. 

The Pastrami Sandwich or “Dip,” as the menu 
proffers, is the Hat’s signature dish. Sure, they 
have burgers, hot dogs and salads, but the menu 
item that keeps them coming back is the “Pastrami 
Dip.” It is a World Famous plunge of sandwich into 
au jus. I am planning on a trip to South America 

haven’t checked it out, you will love the Dip. For 
the location near you, they have a slick web site 

Happy 4th of July I’ll be at Denny Berry’s House 
though he said it’s water-less this year. Listen to 
my radio show on KLAA AM 830 on Sundays. 

Old-Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream 

• 6 eggs 
• 2 cups sugar 
• 1/4 teaspoon salt 
• 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 
13-ounce can evaporated milk 
(1-1/2 cups plus 2 tablespoons) 
• 1 gallon whole milk 
• chipped ice 
• rock salt 
In a large mixing bowl, beat eggs. Add sugar gradually, stirringconstantly. Add salt, vanilla and canned milk. Add about a pint of the fresh milk andmix. 

Pour mixture into ice cream freezer can. Add enough of the remainder of the milk tofill can to the middle of the top board of dasher. (If the freezer can has a "fill" line onit, fill no higher than that line.) 

Assemble the ice cream freezer. Add alternating layers of chipped ice and rock salt tobarrel around freezer can. Crank freezer until ice cream begins to freeze (crankingwill become harder as ice cream freezes), adding more ice and salt, as needed. Whenhandle becomes difficult-to-impossible to turn, remove turning mechanism, andcarefully remove top from freezer can; remove dasher. Replace top. Cover can withmore ice and salt. Cover ice with an old towel, allowing ice cream to "cure" for at least1 hour. If yours is an electric freezer, follow manufacturer's directions, but the curing 
step is essential. 

Makes about 5 quarts of ice cream 

Have A Wonderful Holiday! 


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