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My wife and I were both apartment renters in our 
younger years. Now we are landlords with several 3 and 
4-unit residential properties in and around Los Angeles.

 Good landlords aren’t looking to take advantage of 
their tenants. Without even going into the legal and 
ethical implications, that’s just bad business. And good 
tenants respect their landlord’s property and time. That’s 
good business on their end of things as well (again, not to 
mention the legal and ethical consequences of not doing 

 But even when there are good, moral people on both 
sides of the landlord-tenant relationship, problems can – 
and do – still arise. Often, these problems are because of a 
simple misunderstanding. So to help prevent those kinds 
of problems, here’s what prospective renters should ask 
before signing a lease:

 Number 1: What Will My Total Cost Be and When Is It 

 You might be surprised at how many people sign 
leases without understanding all of the associated costs 
and when they must be paid. Renting an apartment or 
house is exciting and it can be easy to simply just scan 
the document and jump straight to the signature line. 
Most tenants think about obvious costs, such as monthly 
rent and typical utilities. However, some leases require 
tenants to pay less obvious costs, such as application fees, 
credit check fees, parking fees, and optional service fees, 
such as cable and Internet. Review your lease carefully 
and compare leases from different landlords--what may 
seem like a better deal may not actually be better after 
everything is taken into consideration.

 Be sure you know what the deposit is, what will be 
necessary to get your deposit returned after you move out, 
when your rent payment is due and what the late fee is if 
you are late (and whether or not there is a grace period for 
being late).

Number 2: What Rules and Regulations Will Apply to 

 Many landlords impose rules on their tenants, 
particularly those living in close quarters, such as 
apartment buildings. More common rules include 
mandatory quiet times, as well as prohibitions on pets or 
parties. However, other important rules are also found 
in leases. For example, many landlords prohibit tenants 
from redecorating their property, from changing locks, 
from using propane grills or from storing items on 
balconies or porches. Read the lease carefully to ensure 
you understand and can abide by each of the rules.

Number 3: When Will My Lease End, and What Happens 
When It Does?

 Many leases define how long they will last (called the 
“term” of the lease) and under what circumstances they 
will renew. If the lease does not provide this information, 
California state law will set the term of the lease and its 
renewal. Before you sign a residential lease, make sure 
you know how long you are locked into it and under what 
circumstances you can move out and owe no more rent. 
If you are not sure, consult with an attorney.

A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a mission 
to help parents protect what they love most. His office is 
located at 49 S. Baldwin Ave., Ste. G, Sierra Madre, CA 
91024. Schedule an appointment to sit down and talk about 
ensuring a legacy of love and financial security for your 
family by calling 626.355.4000 or visit www.GarlettLaw.
com for more information.


I can’t keep up with 
Twitter. Sound familiar?

 In order to appreciate 
Twitter, you have to 
know how to slow it 
down and filter out the 
noise. Categorizing 
users into “Lists” helps 
you organize the people 
or topics you follow. 

 You can create your 
own lists or subscribe to 
a list created by someone 
else. When you click on 
the list, it will show a 
stream from only the 
users on that list.

 To create a new list, 
go to your main profile 
page (you’ll find that by 
clicking on “me”). Select 
“Lists” under “More” in 
the top bar navigation. 
“Create new list” and 
decide if this is a public 
or a private list. If you 
make it public, other 
people can see it and subscribe to it. Add users 
(@name) to your list, then test it. Select your list 
(under “More). Only the recent tweets from those 
users will show up. 

 You can also subscribe to a list created by 
someone else. For example, if you go to the L.A. 
Times Twitter page, click on their lists. Often a 
newspaper will create lists of their writers and 
editors. When you select a list that someone else 
has created, you have the opportunity to subscribe 
to it and the list will be added to your main profile. 

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HUTdogs, a creative services business that 
specializes in Internet Marketing strategies and 
Social Media. They offer social media management 
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USE NEXT MONTH LaRocca Integrated Solutions, Inc., Discusses Impact, How to Prepare and More

ARCADIA, CA (August 18, 2015) – Major changes to credit card use and processing for businesses and consumers 
that will take effect Oct. 1 will be the topic of the monthly Government Affairs Forum at 8 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 
3, in the conference room at 388 W. Huntington Drive sponsored by Foothill Credit Union.

 A computer chip on new credit cards is replacing the swipe stripe, meaning businesses will have to get new 
devices to read cards, and consumers will have to learn a new way to register their payment.

 John LaRocca, of LaRocca Integrated Solutions, Inc., based in Westlake Village, and Chairman Emeritus of the 
Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, will be one of the primary speakers along with representatives 
from Foothill Credit Union.

 LaRocca explain the changes, how they impact retail, restaurants, and on-line commerce, how to prepare, and 
offer a vision for the future of merchant processing.

 Also at the Forum, Congresswoman Judy Chu’s representative Viola Van will be noting recent 
DiverCities award honoree Arcadia Chamber CEO Scott Hettrick, and Forum chairman Jack 
Orswell will be recognizing the successful recent efforts of Special Olympics World Games Host 
Town Arcadia committee chairman Bruce McCallum and volunteer chairman Denise Weaver.
Arcadia Mayor Gary Kovacic will provide updates on key issues within the city.

 The public is invited at 8 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month (except July & August) to hear free informative 
presentations at the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Government Affairs Forum sponsored by 
Keystone 365 Sponsor Singpoli. Led by Chairman Jack Orswell from Orswell & Kasman, Inc. Environmental 
Assessments & Consulting, and co-managed by Arcadia Chamber Deputy Director / Office Manager Bill Hacket, 
the Forums are held in the Chamber’s conference room sponsored by Foothill Credit Union.

 A discussion of pending legislation and other updates will be provided by representatives from City, County, 
and State government offices, the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension and the Monrovia-Arcadia-Duarte Town 


 RSVPs to the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce office are appreciated – (626) 447-2159 or info@ArcadiaCaChamber.





Karma Yoga is 
referred to as the 
yoga of (selfless) 
service. I love how 
Karma is described 
as an action and 
the results of our actions. There’s power in action. 
In fact, it’s the only thing we really have control 
over: our actions. I love to incorporate Karma 
Yoga, the yoga of service or action, in my everyday 
existence. It’s in this ideal that my work becomes 
rich, fruitful and fulfilling. Great work divorced 
from the attachment of ego is service to the world. 
As my work becomes service, I, then, know I’m in 
the right place spiritually. It is an offering to the 
Divine, the Universe, or God (whatever name 
applies to you personally). 

 Just as I created bad karmas through poor 
actions, I can create good karma through positive 
actions. This brings hope and inspiration in a 
big way! It’s never too late to take good actions, 
to practice Karma Yoga as a way of life. We can 
overcome our own hurdles and change course to 
a more fulfilling way of being in the world. In the 
prayer by St. Francis, there’s a line, “For it is by 
self forgetting that one finds…” it never fails to re-
direct my actions toward a spiritual solution. 

We know the great examples of Karma Yoga, such 
as Mother Teresa or Gandhi. Their entire life was 
an offering and immersed in service. I love to be 
around everyday Karma Yogis, they show me 
what it really means to be helpful, thoughtful and 
divorced from ego and expectation. Cheers to 
helping out our community not only through your 
own gifts and talents, but also through selfless 


Keely Totten

Winter is upon us. Colder temperatures lower the humidity and tend to 
make us use our heat. Add to this that in southern California, colder 
weather signals wind. All of these factors can leave our skin feeling very 
dry and damaged. So, what can we do to keep our skin moist and healthy 
throughout the winter months?

Protect your skin when going outside. Even here in southern California 
it is important to wear a scarf and gloves on cold days to prevent drying 
and chapping. If you are fortunate enough to make it to the mountains, 
remember that snow is a great reflector of the sun. You can easily get a 
sunburn. And don’t forget to keep your lips moist because lips do not have 
oil glands so they dry out easily. 

 Use moisturizer liberally. You should look for moisturizers that are 
made from natural oils such as coconut, jojoba oil, almond, or avocado. 
Watch out for preservatives and fragrances since they can dry and irritate 
skin. In addition, don’t use skin care products containing alcohol since 
alcohol can strip oil from the skin. Hand sanitizers are mostly alcohol so 
they too can be a cause of dry chapped hands. 

 Don’t overheat your home. Heating systems and space heaters draw moisture out of the air which in 
turn dries out our skin. Using a humidifier is a good option. I use a humidifier in our bedroom, to keep 
my skin well hydrated while sleeping.

 As always, stay hydrated. You need to drink water or herbal tea to prevent dehydration. Our skin 
reflects what’s going on inside of us. Remember that alcohol, caffeine, sodas and other kinds of diuretics 
increase our need for water. 

 With a little extra care and planning, you can keep your skin from becoming too dry over the winter 

Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutritionist 
at Vibrant Living 
Wellness Center

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