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Mountain Views News Saturday, August 6, 2016 BUSINESS NEWS & TRENDS 

for exercise, medical and dental appointments,
pampering, and play.

Block this time and keep it as prioritized as youwould a meeting with your boss, or one of yourco-workers or clients. Then, block time for familyactivities. Finally, look at what you have left overfor work. 

If you find that you cannot realistically completeyour work in the time you have left over, considerhaving an honest and direct conversation withyour boss (or yourself, if you are the boss) abouthow you can get more support.

Knowing what you want and asking for it arethe first steps to taking personal control of yourcircumstances and creating the life you want, andit gives your employer the opportunity to haveyou doing your best work while retaining you as avaluable, long-term team member.

So how does this tie into estate planning foryour family? Despite what many people think,
estate planning isn’t really about “planning fordeath.” In fact, proactively handling your estateWORK-LIFE BALANCE: A planning is one of the best ways you can come intoalignment during life. And putting a plan in placePERSONAL PERSPECTIVE will help support you to make the most of your

Pick up the latest copy of just about any businessRemember, your real wealth encompassesjournal, and you’re likely to find at least one articlemuch more than just your financial holdingson work-life balance. Employers are waking up toand material possessions. It includes your mostthe fact that if they enhance work-life balance,valuable personal assets – the time, energy andthey are better able to retain their best employees.attention you spend on what really matters.
So how is your work-life balance?This is one of the most valuable aspects of estate

For the next two weeks, use a tracking calendarplanning. It allows people to make consciousto track all of your waking time. It’s easy to do thischoices about how they use their whole wealthusing a google calendar that you set up specificallyresources during their lifetimes for the benefit offor identifying what you spend each hour of yourthose they love most.
day doing.Dedicated to your family’s health, wealth, and

Then, at the end of each week, identify howhappiness, 
much time you spent on just yourself, how muchtime you spent on family, and how much time youspent working. You’ll quickly be able to see whereyou might be out of balance.

While it may be counter-intuitive, investing inyour own self-care first, family second and workthird, is the equation that will keep you happiestA local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is onat home and at work, which ultimately translatesa mission to help parents protect what they love 
to a more positive bottom line for you and yourmost. His office is located at 49 S. Baldwin Ave., 
employer.Ste. G, Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Schedule an 

If you are out of balance, first and foremost, takeappointment to sit down and talk about ensuringpersonal responsibility by using a time blockinga legacy of love and financial security for yourcalendar to block time each week for self-care. family by calling 626.587.3058 or visit www.
This may mean putting time on your calendar for more information. 

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