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‘Roto Pasadena’ Premieres 
Tonight in Civic Center

on Shootings

Pasadena’s Civic Center 
District will be transformed 
into a magical world of giant 
roto-scoped animated images 
projected up to 20 feet tall 
outside City Hall, the Police 
Department and Central 
Library during the free “Roto 
Pasadena” public art event 
tonight, 8-10 p.m. 

 The public is invited to stroll 
down Garfield Avenue to watch 
the bold, colorful, hand-traced 
animated videos depicting 
residents, police officers and 
City elected officials presented 
in the unique rotoscoping 
digital format based on live 
action video interviews. Three 
different videos, about three 
minutes to five minutes in 
length, will be projected and 
re-shown continuously during 
the event onto the front entry 
area of the Central Library, in 
the courtyard entrance outside 
the Police Department building 
and on an exterior wall of the 
historic Pasadena City Hall 

 Roto Pasadena is created 
by artists Lisa Mann and Yo-
Yo Lin, along with a cadre of 
animation artist assistants. 
The videos are part of the “My 
Pasadena” public art project 
presented by the Planning and 
Community Development 
Department’s Cultural Affairs 
Division, www.cityofpasadena. 
net/arts, through a grant award 
from the National Endowment 
for the Arts, 

 “Roto Pasadena” is a community 
art project created by Mann 
and Lin, who collaborated with 
two Northwest Pasadena youth 
groups—La Pintoresca Teen 
Education Center and Pasadena 
YouthBuild—to create the 
videos from a teen perspective 
of living in Pasadena and to 
use interviews with police, 
councilmembers and residents. 
The idea was to use art to open 
a positive dialogue in an artistic 
medium between Pasadena 
officials and the people they 
serve thereby bridging the 
divide between generations, 
cultures and ethnicity, Mann 

 Portions of Garfield Avenue 
near the video locations will be 
blocked off to vehicular traffic. 
Food trucks will be available 
on site during the event. For 
online information about Roto 
Pasadena, visit rotopasadena.

 Authorities are asking for 
the public’s help in finding 
suspects after a rash of 
shootings, over the last few 
weeks, in the Altadena area. 

 Investigators said they are 
looking into the possibility 
that the shootings may 
be gang related. They are 
asking all of the Altadena 
community to work with 
Law Enforcement and share 
information to help solve 
and stop these incidents 
from occurring. 

 According to investigators 
the recent shootings 

 Monday, July 25, at 11:00 
pm, an adult male and 
female were in a car in the 
600 block of East Pine St. 
The male victim sustained 
a wound to his left palm 
and right wrist. The victim 
was transported to a local 
hospital where he was listed 
in stable condition. 

 Tuesday, July 26, at 1:30 
am, a shooting occurred on 
Lake Avenue and Woodbury 
Rd., in Altadena. The male 
victim was in a vehicle 
when he was fired upon and 
sustained wounds to his left 
hand and left knee. 

 Tuesday, July 26, at 2:30 
am, a shooting occurred 
in the 200 block of West 
Calaveras St., in Altadena. 
Seven people were inside a 
residence when it was fired 
upon, thankfully no one 
was injured.

 Saturday, July 30, at 9:00 
pm, an adult male was 
walking in the 2200 block 
of North Lincoln Ave., in 
Altadena when he was fired 
upon. The victim sustained 
a wound to his left leg.

 Anyone with information 
is asked to call 626-
798-1131 or anonymity 
through Crime Stoppers at

Later, Gator: Tina Moves to the LA Zoo

 Authorities announced that 
after 18 years at the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA, Tina 
the Alligator has been moved 
to the LA Zoo Thursday— she 
will now share an enclosure with 
famed Reggie the Alligator. 

 Tina, a 7-foot, 100 pound 
American Alligator, was one of 
many wild and exotic animals 
that came to Humane Society 
in 1998 after a traveling wildlife 
education program closed due to 
permitting issues.

 Pasadena Humane Society 
Vice President of Community 
Outreach Ricky Whitman said 
Tina had lived in an enclosed 
pond area with a waterfall in 
the PHS dog kennels for the 
better part of two decades. Tina’s 
stay at PHS was supposed to be 
temporary, but safe placement 
outside of the shelter was difficult 
to obtain. Whitman said Tina 
likes to swim, her meals and get 
back brushes with a broom. 

 She said Tina left the shelter 
Thursday and was transported 
to the LA Zoo where she 
will have a larger habitat and 
companionship with Reggie.

 Authorities said that while 
Tina was never up for adoption, 
she was a beloved local icon. 
Always the star of student tours 
at the Humane Society, Tina was 
considered part of the family for 
the staff, volunteers and visitors.

 Reggie made headlines in May 
2007 after being captured and 
taken out of Machado Lake 
at Harbor City. Reggie eluded 
capture for two years after first 
spotted in the lake in 2005. 

 Reggie again made the news a 
year later when he escaped his 
habitat, he was later found near a 
loading dock in the zoo.

 Authorities at the zoo said 
putting the two Alligators 
together is not intended as a 
breeding effort. The two will 
share the enclosure as pals. 

 Photo courtesy of Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA

Latino Heritage 
Parade Grand 
Marshal Sought

SIP-tember Kicks off Monday

 Know someone who would 
be a great Community Grand 
Marshal for this year’s Latino 
Heritage Parade? Nominate 
them by 6 p.m., Aug. 24. Send 
your nominations by email 
to Mary Urtecho-Garcia

 The parade is scheduled to 
begin at 11 a.m., Saturday, 
October 15. It is sponsored 
by the City’s Human Services 
and Recreation Department, 
net/HumanServices and 
the Latino Heritage 
Committee. This year’s 
theme is “Nuestros Heroes” 
(Our Heroes), celebrating 
the accomplishments 
of individuals from all 
professions within the Latino 

 Nominees for Community 
Grand Marshal must be 
residents of Pasadena in order 
to be eligible for selection. 
Please include the following 
information with your 

 Name, mailing address, 
telephone number and email 
address, for both you and your 

 Brief biography describing 
their noteworthy 
accomplishments, and why 
you consider them to be a 

 High resolution photo to be 
used for promotional purposes

 Last year, more than 1,000 
participants and spectators 
took part in the parade and 
post-parade festivities. The 
parade kicks off at 11 a.m. 
on Los Robles Avenue at 
Howard Street, turning west 
on Washington Boulevard 
and ending at La Pintoresca 
Park, where cultural activities, 
food and dance, info booths 
and other activities will be 
available from Noon to 4 p.m.

 For more information about 

POPS to 

Hold Cole 
Porter Night

 Taste of Pasadena is set 
for September 21st


 Pasadena celebrates the 
cocktail during SIP-tember, 
with some of our favorite 
Pasadena Chamber member 
restaurants offering some of 
their favorite cocktails.

 Voting begins Monday. To 
vote for your favorite, visit

 Drinks being offered for the 
SIP-tember Cocktail Bracket 
Challenge include special 
margaritas, new interpretations 
of traditional cocktails and 
some specially created drinks 
from some of Pasadena’s 
premiere mixologists.

 Once again, SIP-tember: A 
Celebration of the Cocktail 
culminates in a grand taste-off 
at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena 
on September 21st. Everyone 
attending the Taste of Pasadena 
that evening will be able to taste 
the four finalist cocktails and 
vote for your favorite.

 The SIP-tember cocktail 
bracket challenge is an annual 
six-week long competition 
among Pasadena Chamber of 
Commerce member restaurants 
and lounges. Competitors 
served drinks that were 
paired against each other in a 

 The Sip-tember Cocktail 
Bracket Challenge Grand Finale 
is part of Pasadena Restaurant 
Week event sponsored by The 
City of Pasadena, Wells Fargo 
and the Rose Bowl.

 The Chamber will also be 
hosting an informal citywide 
cocktail party to celebrate the 
103nd anniversary of the birth 
of America’s first culinary 
celebrity - Pasadena’s own Julia 
Child. The Julia Child Pasadena 
Cocktail Party on Monday takes 
place in restaurants all over 
Pasadena, culminating in a 
citywide happy birthday toast at 
7:00pm. Patrons are encouraged 
to dress for a 1950s, 1960s or 
1970s era cocktail party.

 For more information on 
participating restaurants visit 

 The Pasadena POPS are set 
next Saturday to bring an 
evening solely devoted to one of 
America’s most beloved musical 
icons - Cole Porter. Conductor 
Michael Feinstein has curated 
an evening for the most astute 
Cole Porter connoisseur, 
pulling out some instrumental 
arrangements he has been 
saving for just this occasion. 
Among these, he will premiere 
a selection of works that have 
never been heard publicly, “or at 
least not in 70 years,” including 
the original overture from 
Broadway’s “Anything Goes.”

 Bring a picnic; grab a table or 
a spot on the lawn with your 
friends and family to hear these 
hidden gems along with timeless 
classics “I’ve Got You under My 
Skin,” “I Love Paris,” “Night and 
Day” and many more.

 August 20, at the LA County 
Arboretum Gates open at 
5:30pm for picnicking, concert 
begins at 7:30pm.

 For more information or tickets 
visit pasadenasymphony-pops.
org or call 626-793-7172.

Nick Ziobro

Pet of the 

Free Events Roundup at the 
Pasadena Senior Center

Catherine Russell

Caltrans to Work on 210 
Freeway again this Weekend

There is something for everyone 
at the Pasadena Senior Center, 
85 E. Holly St. You do not 
have to be a member to attend. 
Some events require advance 

 Stay Connected with 
Social Media – Tuesdays and 
Thursdays, to Aug. 25, from 9 
to 11 a.m. Learn how to keep in 
touch with family and friends 
via email, Skype, Facebook 
and other forms of social 
media during a 30-minute, 
one-on-one meeting with an 
instructor. You’ll choose which 
applications you want to learn. 
Bring a laptop or use one of the 
onsite computers. If you have an 
email address, bring it and your 
password. Sign up with Edison 
at the Welcome Desk. 

Smart Phones, Tablets and 
Computers – Any Questions? 
– Tuesdays and Thursdays, 
to Aug. 25, from 10 to 11 
a.m. Get the answers you need 
about technology devices, 
whether you own them already 
or are considering a purchase. 
Learning how to text, check 
voicemail, set an alarm, navigate 
the Internet and download 

 Movie Matinees – Fridays, 
Aug. 19, at 1 p.m. Everyone 
enjoys movies and the pleasures 
they bring. Aug. 19: “Shutter 
Island” (2010, R) starring 
Leonardo DiCaprio and 
Mark Ruffalo. A U.S. Marshal 
investigates the disappearance 
of a murderer who escaped from 
a hospital for the criminally 
insane. For more information 
or call 626-795-4331. 

 LA Opera: Specialty Topic 
– Monday, Aug. 15, at 1 p.m. An 
LA Opera community educator 
will take a deeper look into 
opera and classical music while 
sharing passion and enthusiasm 
for topics ranging from the 
delightful to the disastrous and 
everything in between.

 Need a Senior TAP Card? 
– Thursday, Aug. 18, from 10 
a.m. to 1 p.m. The Metro Mobile 
Customer Center will come to 
the Pasadena Senior Center to 
provide free Senior TAP cards 
for discounted fares on any 
Metro transportation route. 
Applicants must be 62 or older 
and bring a valid ID. Temporary 
cards will be issued on the spot 
so you can ride right away. 

 On the Move Riders Club 
– Thursday, Aug. 18, at 1 p.m. 
Explore Los Angeles County 
without driving! Learn how 
seniors can participate in this 
special travel cub that goes 
to popular destinations and 
points of interest using public 
transportation throughout 
Metro bus and light rail service 
areas, plus helpful tips and 
information about TAP cards, 
the benefits of riding transit and 
more. Presented by Lilly Ortiz, 
project manager of Metro’s On 
the Move Riders Club.

 Health Fair – Friday, Aug. 
19, from 9 to 11 a.m. Services 
include glucose, varicose vein, 
vascular health, blood pressure 
and hearing screenings as 
well as counseling and health/
community resources. Bring 
your list of medications, doctors 
and emergency contacts for 
a free personal identification 
card sponsored by New York 
Life. For more information call 

 Founded in 1960, the 
Pasadena Senior Center is 
an independent, nonprofit 
organization that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social services 
to people ages 50 and over in 
a welcoming environment. 
Services are also provided 
for frail, low-income and 
homebound seniors.

 All lanes of the eastbound 
I-210 between Mountain Street 
and Lake Avenue in Pasadena 
will be closed again, twice 
in August, for 34 hours each 
time, by Caltrans for pavement 
rehabilitation work. The 
eastbound I-210 connector 
lanes to the westbound SR-134 
freeway also will be closed, 
along with the eastbound I-210 
on-ramps for Lincoln Avenue 
and Mountain Street.

 The 34-hour weekend closures 
will occur 7 p.m., today, until 
5 a.m., Monday and 7 p.m., 
Saturday, August 27, 2016 until 
5 a.m., Monday, August 29

 Motorists who want to get 
through on the eastbound 
I-210 will have to use detours. 
There will be a number of 
detours posted with the main 
one being the eastbound I-210 
to the southbound SR-2 to the 
eastbound SR-134.

 Motorists can check traffic 
conditions by calling 511 or 
visiting the Caltrans Quickmap 

 Rambo (A399663) an 
adult, neutered male, all-
white rabbit. Rambo is very 
friendly and playful. He 
enjoys ear and nose rubs, 
and absolutely loves being 
brushed. This energetic 
bunny has a fantastic time 
running around doing 
binkies in our rabbit 
enrichment playpen, and 
loves playing with toys in 
his kennel.

 The adoption fee for rabbits 
is $30, which includes the 
spay or neuter surgery and 
a microchip. 

 New adopters will receive a 
complimentary health-and-
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals, as well 
as a goody bag filled with 
information about how to 
care for your pet.

 Call the Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA at (626) 
792-7151 to ask about 
A399663, or visit at 361 S. 
Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. 
Adoption hours are 11 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. Sunday; 9 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. Tuesday through 
Friday; and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

 Pets may not be available 
for adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters 
by phone calls or email. 
Directions and photos of 
all pets can be found at

Free concert, 
Upstream a 
tribute to 

Bob Marley

Crime Blotter for Altadena

Sunday, July 31st

12:11 AM – Dalonte Andrews, 
25 years old of Altadena was 
arrested in the 2200 block of 
Fair Oaks Avenue for domestic 

9:08 PM – Three juveniles 
were taken into custody in the 
2900 block of N. El Nido Drive 
for battery and residential 

Monday, August 1st

9:50 PM – A battery with a 
water bottle occurred in the 
2400 block of Lincoln Avenue. 
Suspect identified as the victim’s 

10:00 PM – A vehicle vandalism 
occurred in the 2400 block of 
Lincoln Avenue. Suspect is the 
victim’s ex-girlfriend. 

Tuesday, August 2nd

1:59 AM – An assault with a 
deadly weapon (hands/feet) 
occurred in the 1500 block of 
Coolidge Avenue. The victims 
were walking northbound 
on Coolidge when they were 
approached by a male White 
in his 20’s and (2) male Blacks 
in their 20’s. The suspects 
punched and kicked the victims 
and fled the area. 

8:00 AM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 700 
block of W. Royce Street. 
Suspect(s) entered the residence 
by tampering various windows 
and removing window screens. 
Stolen: unknown. 

Wednesday, August 3rd

10:00 PM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 1900 
block of Glen Allen Avenue. 
Suspect(s) entered the residence 
via the rear sliding door. Stolen: 

Friday, August 5th

3:38 PM – A vehicle was 
reported stolen from the 2100 
block of Lincoln Avenue. 
Vehicle described as blue 2011 
Toyota Corolla. 

8:30 PM – Jerry Vaughns, 27 
years old of San Bernardino 
was arrested in the 400 block of 
W. Figueroa Drive for spousal 

Saturday, August 6th

9:00 PM – A grand theft 
occurred in the 300 block of E. 
Calaveras Street. Stolen: black 
purse, iPhone 5S, identification 
card, and keys.

 Upstream, a tribute to Bob 
Markey is performing a free 
concert tonight at 7:00 pm 
at Farnsworth Park. This 
concert is open to the public. 
Farnsworth Park is located 
at 568 E. Mt. Curve Ave., 

 Upstream has been spreading 
their message of love and 
positivity through their 
exhilarating Caribbean Music, 
namely, Reggae, Calypso, Soca 
and Steel Drum Music.

 Bandleader and Lead Singer/
Guitarist “Haile Blackman” is 
originally from The Republic 
of Trinidad & Tobago and the 
son of the legendary creator 
of Soca Music, the late Ras 
Shorty I.

 As always, there will be 
members of the mounted 
Posse unit, Reserve Deputies, 
Volunteers and Community 
Relations Deputy at the concert 
to answer any questions.

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