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Always Working to Serve Others

By Joan Schmidt

This past May I lost a dear friend, Jan Wight, 
wrote of her passing and what a remarkable 
woman she was. She made an impact both in 
Monrovia and Duarte. Prior to Jan’s passing, 
in February, I reported about her husband Bob 
Wight’s Retirement from Foothill Unity Center 
and his role in its establishment.

 Their story begins with the Jaycees, where 
they met and became friends. After a while 
they fell in love and truly were soul mates: 
their purpose in lives was to improve their 
community and serve others. Bob told me that 
after their marriage in 1960, they relocated to 
his home in Duarte with Jan, “Screaming and 
Kicking”. After all, she lived most of her life in 
Monrovia. He said they’d have to drive up and 
down Myrtle Ave. every week so she could get 
her “Monrovia fix”.

 After their move to Monrovia, Jan became 
involved in various fields. First she served on 
the Duarte School Board. She’d do her “JAN” 
and encouraged people like Steve Hernandez 
who questioned education in Duarte to “Get 
involved and make changes”- which he did. 
Current Board Member Ken Bell revealed that 
JAN told him to run for School Board and 
make a difference.

 Jan became Executive of the Duarte Chamber 
of Commerce. She was involved with the 
Route 66 Parade and it was she who began the 
wonderful awards given by the Duarte Chamber 
at the Mayor’s Breakfast. Jan was instrumental in 
involving youths in the DC TV recording.

 When Jan retired from the Chamber, she said 
she could not have done all she did without Bob’s 
support. The same is true for her time with the 
Friends of the Duarte Library. He helped her 
behind the scenes with so many projects.

 When Bob retired from the Foothill Unity 
Center which serves several cities, I learned of its 
beginning in a closet at Immaculate Conception 
Church as a food pantry. Bob became Executive 
Director and through his leadership, it became 
the great organization it is today. Annually 10,000 
individuals are served with food supplies, case 
management/crisis help, health care resources 
and the Back to School Event, which provides 
health screening, haircuts, uniforms and school 
supplies. At Bob, retirement, there were many 
accolades for him, but also Jan was mentioned. 
(Sadly she was too ill to attend.)

 When I spoke to Bob, mention of their 
cancer several years ago came up. He told me 
how they both had it, and each would support 
the other when needed. It reminded me of part 
of our wedding vows: in sickness and in health. 
I think of Jan STILL doing so much for the 
Friends of the Duarte Library, although ill and 
with a walker or cane. Bob was her chauffeur, 
and helped her set up for various functions and 
assisted at those functions.

 Bob told me there were ups and downs over 
the years for each of them at various times. 
But the other one would be there for assistance 
and support. Bob and Jan Wight truly were 
soul mates devoted to each other and the 
community in which they lived. 

During the past several months, staff has been 
engaged in discussions with a variety of different 
interests and agencies regarding our stormwater 
requirements mandated by the MS4 Permit. As you 
may recall, pursuant to the permit, our watershed 
group was required to develop an Enhanced 
Watershed Management Plan (EWMP), which 
includes an estimated $1.4 billion in stormwater 
clean-up project costs.

 Given the financial realities of facing our 
EWMP group, we have been working to identify 
alternative methods of stormwater compliance 
that would be implementable and financially 
feasible. A major part of the solution that has been 
identified includes the creation of a sub-regional 
Joint Powers Authority to manage stormwater 
clean-up projects and initiatives for our EWMP 
group, which includes Arcadia, Sierra Madre, 
Bradbury, Duarte, Azusa, and LA County, in 
addition to Monrovia.

 We recently received word that the Arcadia 
City Council at their meeting last week signed 
on to pursuing the EWMP JPA plan. In addition, 
we have received confirmation that the matter is 
scheduled for consideration by all of the remaining 
city jurisdictions in our EWMP group according 
to the following schedule:

 The City of Azusa will consider the matter at 
their August 15, 2016 meeting 

 The City of Bradbury will consider the matter at 
their August 16, 2016 meeting 

 The City of Duarte will consider the matter at 
their August 23, 2016 meeting 

 The City of Sierra Madre will consider the 
matter at their September 13, 2016 meeting (they 
are dark all of August)

 In addition, staff has been communicating with 
LA County representatives, who have already 
indicated their support for the plan. We are actively 
managing and monitoring this overall issue and 
will be certain to share additional updates as more 
information becomes available.



Assemblywoman Chang Announces Legislation to Prohibit Sex Offenders from “luring” Kids

SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Ling Ling 
Chang (R-Diamond Bar) today announced she is 
pushing legislation to prohibit sex offenders from 
using games like Pokemon GO to lure minors to 
their location. Recent reports have demonstrated how 
easy it can be for sex offenders to use new geolocation 
games like Pokémon GO to abuse children. 

 “I am Pokémon GO’s biggest fan – that’s no 
secret,” said Assemblywoman Chang. “But as 
someone who uses the game, you can see how 
easy it is for criminals and predators to attract 
people to certain locations -- and many of those 
players are minors.” 

 Pokémon players have fallen victim to criminals 
in a number of ways in the one month the game 
has been released in the US. For example, armed 
robbers have been known bait to victims using the 
game’s features that allow players to lure others 
hoping to “catch” more Pokémon characters. 
Meanwhile law enforcement has expressed 
concerns that sexual predators could use the game 
in a similar way. Reporters in California have 
found that the game can bring players within feet 
of the residences of sex offenders.

 “Before new games are released and they grow 
even more popular, it’s critical we establish 
protections for kids,” said Chang.

 AB 2682 – once amended – will clarify that 
using interactive video games like Pokémon GO 
in an effort to prey on children is prohibited by 
law. The Legislature has until August 31 to send 
the bill to the governor for consideration. 

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By Joan Schmidt

On August 5, 2016, at approximately 8PM, 
Ireland time, Father Frank Cassidy left 
us to be with the Lord. Father Cassidy is 
very well-known in the Arcadia-Monrovia 
Area for his many years of ministry 
at Immaculate Conception Church, 
Monrovia, and Annunciation Church, 

 When did his ministry begin? Father 
Frank Cassidy attended All Hallows 
Seminary in Dublin, Ireland and was one 
of 43 graduates in 1959. After Ordination, 
he and other young priests relocated to the 
United States. Among his assignments were 
Immaculate Conception, Monrovia, and 
Annunciation, Arcadia. Fifty years later, 
Father Cassidy returned to Ireland with 
Fr. Jack Foley for their Jubilee Celebration. 
(Twenty-three attended.)

 After learning of Father Cassidy’s 
passing, I went to the Immaculate 
Conception Church website which gave many 
updates on Father’s time in Ireland and I am sharing 
some of them for all who loved him.

 Three months ago, Father Cassidy was told his 
cancer was terminal. He made the decision to return 
to his homeland and be surrounded by his beloved 

 First the awesome Immaculate Conception 
parishioners (And some from Annunciation too!) 
gave Father Cassidy a Spectacular “Good Bye” on 
Sunday, July 11th by lining up on Royal Oaks Drive 
with a banner, “We love you, Father Cassidy.”

 Father arrived safely in Dublin on July 12th. He 
was able to eat, sleep and was not in any pain. On 
July 13th, he spoke to his dear stateside friend, Sr. 
Nuala. It had been very overwhelming, but he was 
happy and at peace.

 On July 14th, Father met with the Palliative Care 
Team and he was happy with their plan for him. 
On July 15th, he listened to the Immaculate Heart 
Radio Show about prayer. July 16th was a severely 
rough one for Father-change of medication, severe 
leg pain, emotional past events. July 17th showed 
improvement and Father was doing well-the trip 
home was a miracle. On July 18th, his pain was 
under control.

 Father Cassidy was in Ireland a week when his 
brother Noel passed away. Not only was Father able 
to see Noel before he passed, but also Father Cassidy 
concelebrated at his brother’s funeral. 

 Father Cassidy moved from Dublin to Ennis on 
July 21st and was able to stay in his birth home three 
days. By July 26, Father was at Cathercalla because 
he needed round-the clock care. He enjoyed visits 
from his sister Claire and nephews-apparently he 
was the favorite uncle.

 On July 26th, Sister Nuala reported being so 
grateful that she has received a ticket to Ireland to 
be see her dear friend. At the time of his passing, 
Sr. Nuala and family members were with Father 

“Well done, good and faithful servant.” You have 
touched many hearts and served your people well.



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