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Tours of Tournament 
House to Conclude

News Briefs

 City moves forward on 
construction of hotel 

 Free tours of Tournament House, 
the operating headquarters 
for the Tournament of Roses 
Association, which oversees 
the annual Rose Parade and the 
Rose Bowl Game, will conclude 
for the year at the end of the 
month. The last tours will be 
offered, at no cost, is scheduled 
on August 25 at 2 p.m. and 
3 p.m. Reservations are not 
required except for groups of 15 
or more. Tours of Tournament 
House will resume in February.

 The house, Located at 391 S. 
Orange Grove Blvd., was once 
the home of chewing gum 
magnate William Wrigley Jr. 
and his wife, Ada. After Ada’s 
death in 1958, the Wrigley 
family presented the property 
to the city of Pasadena, with 
the request that it become 
the base of operations for the 
Tournament of Roses. The 
Wrigley family had long enjoyed 
the Rose Parade as it unfolded 
just beyond their front yard.

 Guided tours allow visitors 
to see the 21-room Italian-
Renaissance-style mansion 
designed and built by architect 
G. Lawrence Stimson and his 
father George W. Stimson.

 Tournament of Roses 
volunteers from its Heritage 
Committee, well-versed in the 
organization’s history as well as 
in the details of the house itself, 
conduct the tours. The interior 
of the house features richly 
paneled rooms, inlaid marble 
floors and an ornate molded 
plaster ceiling - a design element 
that Stimson would later 
become famous for creating. 
Displays related to Rose Bowl 
Games, Rose Queens and Royal 
Courts, Grand Marshals and 
Tournament Presidents also are 
part of the décor.

 Groups of 15 or more may call 
(626) 449-4100 for reservations 
for the remaining tour dates.

 The city council approved 
Monday night the 
Environmental Impact 
Report for the YWCA/
Kimpton Hotel project 
that would rehabilitate the 
historic YWCA building 
and-construct a new two to 
six-story building across the 
street from city hall

 The, approximately, 
127,912-square-foot, 179-
room Hotel with restaurant 
and banquet would be 
bound by Garfield Avenue 
on the east, Union Street on 
the south, Marengo Avenue 
on the west and Holly Street 
on the north. 

During the five hour 
meeting nearly 50 people 
spoke, of those only four 
people were in support of 
the project. Many of the 
speakers were opposed to 
the removal of parkland 
and the encroachment on 
Jackie and Mack Robinson 

 The group Pasadena Civic 
Center Coalition said they 
are seeking a lawsuit. 

 All parking for the proposed 
project would off-site and 
valet only and would be 
provided something many 
were also upset at.

Pasadena Fire Sends Crew to Blue Cut Fire

By Dean Lee

 As part of a joint effort with 
nearby fire departments, 
Pasadena sent a number of 
firefighters and equipment 
Wednesday to help fight the fast 
moving Blue Cut Fire, which 
began Tuesday morning in the 
Cajon Pass, in San Bernardino 

 The fire has forced more than 
80,000 people to evacuate, 
with numerous structures lost, 
including the iconic route 66 
restaurant The Summit Inn.

 “We sent eight firefighters and 
two engines as part of a strike 
team with Burbank and Glendale 
personnel,” said Pasadena Fire 
Spokesperson Lisa Derderian. 
“They will serve in structure 
defense surrounding homes and 
other structures. This is part of 
state mutual aid in place to assist 
other agencies.”

 Derderian added that the 
department uses “back fill” or 
hires back personnel to make 
sure the city is covered should 
something happen in Pasadena. 
She also said that the city is 
currently not at a red flag, “but 
still, high fire danger with low 
humidity and high heat.”

 As of late Thursday night, 
according to, 
there are 1584 fire personnel 
on scene including 178 engines, 
26 crews, 10 air tankers, 2 Very 
Large Air Tankers (VLATS), and 
17 helicopters, including night 
flying helicopters. The fire has 
burned more than 35,969 acres.

 Approximately 34,500 structures 
remained threatened in the 
communities of Wrightwood, 
Oak Hills, Phelan, Lytle Creek, 
Baldy Mesa, West Cajon Valley, 
South Hesperia, and Summit 

 Although dozens of homes 
and structures have been seen 
destroyed, the exact number 
of losses has not been given as 
assessors have not been able to 
get into the area. 

 Authorities said the fire has 
been moving to the north, 
northwest and northeast 
towards Wrightwood, Victor 
Valley, Phelan, Baldy Mesa 
and South Hesperia. The fire 
was reported as 22 percent 

Labor Day 
Fun BBQ 
and Dance

Pasadena Scientists Study 
‘Hot Spot’ Methane Sources

South Orange Grove Blvd. 
Lecture and Walking Tour

 Pasadena hotel hacked, 
credit cards compromised

 In an extensive airborne 
survey released Monday, a 
NASA-led team has analyzed 
a previously identified “hot 
spot” of methane emissions in 
the Four Corners region of the 
United States, quantifying both 
its overall magnitude and the 
magnitudes of its sources. The 
study finds that just 10 percent 
of the individual methane 
sources are contributing half of 
the emissions.

 Scientists from NASA’s Jet 
Propulsion Laboratory and 
Caltech, both in Pasadena, 
California; the National 
Oceanic and Atmospheric 
Administration (NOAA), 
Boulder, Colorado; and the 
University of Michigan, Ann 
Arbor, used two JPL airborne 
spectrometers to identify 
and measure more than 250 
individual sources of methane. 
The sources emitted the gas 
at rates ranging from a few 
pounds to 11,000 pounds (5,000 
kilograms) per hour. Results 
are published this week in the 
Proceedings of the National 
Academy of Sciences in a 
paper titled “Airborne methane 
remote measurements reveal 
heavy-tail flux distribution in 
Four Corners region.” Christian 
Frankenberg of JPL and Caltech 
is the lead author.

 As a greenhouse gas, methane 
is very efficient at trapping 
heat in Earth’s atmosphere, 
contributing to global warming. 
In the Four Corners region, 
where Arizona, Colorado, New 
Mexico and Utah meet, methane 
emissions are primarily 
associated with the production 
and transport of natural gas 
from coal beds. The odorless, 
colorless gas is difficult to detect 
without scientific instruments.

 The experiment was a proof of 
concept for airborne detection 
of methane, according to 
Frankenberg. “That we could 
observe this distribution in a 
widespread geographical area 
and collect enough plumes to 
perform a statistical analysis 
was a pleasant surprise,” he said.

 Authorities are warning the 
public that an undisclosed 
number of patrons at 20 hotels 
across the country, including 
the Westin Pasadena, may 
have had their credit card data 
compromised after hackers 
used malware to collect names 
and account numbers though 
their computer payment 

 HEI Hotels & Resorts, which 
operates the Westin, said that 
data may have been collected 
starting early December 
through late June. They 
assured customers Monday 
that the data breach had been 
contained. They also said for 
a list of affected locations or 
other information about the 
incident visit

Bring friends and family for 
a fun and festive Labor Day 
barbecue Monday, Sept. 
5, at noon at the Pasadena 
Senior Center, 85 E. Holly 

 The Scott Pavilion will be 
specially decorated for the 
occasion as everyone enjoys 
a tasty menu of barbecued 
chicken, pulled pork 
sandwiches, cornbread, 
beverages, dessert and 
more. The Great American 
Swing Band will entertain 
with music for listening and 

 All ages are welcome. The 
cost is only $10 for members 
of the Pasadena Senior and 
$12 for non-members. 
Reservations are required at 
org or at the Welcome Desk 
by Wednesday, Aug. 31.

 For more information call 

 Pasadena Heritage will present 
South Orange Grove Boulevard: 
From Millionaires’ Mansions 
to Contemporary Condos! 
The lecture and tour are being 
held on September 17. This 
year we will be focusing on a 
section of south Orange Grove 
Boulevard north of California 
Boulevard. From a handful 
of millionaires’ mansions and 
courtyard apartments that 
remain to the contemporary 
condominiums they influenced, 
Preservation Director Jesse 
Lattig will trace the evolution of 
the neighborhood. 

 The tour will focus on the 
section of South Orange Grove 
Blvd. that is north of California 
Blvd. From the handful of 
millionaires’ mansions and 
courtyard apartments that 
remain to the contemporary 
condominiums they influenced, 
Preservation Director Jesse 
Lattig will trace the evolution 
of the neighborhood. After her 
illustrated lecture, guests can 
walk along South Orange Grove 
Blvd. and enjoy the variety 
of architectural expression. 
Several properties will be open 
for docent-guided tours on the 

 Lecture is at 10:00 am - 
Maranatha High School – 169 
S. St. John Ave., and at 11:00 
am - 3:00 pm - Self-guided 
Walking Tour with docent-
guided interior stops at multiple 
locations along South Orange 
Grove between Colorado and 
California Blvd.

 Visit for 
event details and ticket sales.

Pet of the 

Free Events Roundup at the 
Pasadena Senior Center

City to Hold 
Screenings of 

There is something for everyone 
at the Pasadena Senior Center, 
85 E. Holly St. You do not 
have to be a member to attend. 
Some events require advance 

 Stay Connected with 
Social Media – Tuesdays and 
Thursdays, to Aug. 25, from 9 
to 11 a.m. Learn how to keep in 
touch with family and friends 
via email, Skype, Facebook 
and other forms of social 
media during a 30-minute, 
one-on-one meeting with an 
instructor. You’ll choose which 
applications you want to learn. 
Bring a laptop or use one of the 
onsite computers. If you have an 
email address, bring it and your 
password. Sign up with Edison 
at the Welcome Desk. 

Smart Phones, Tablets and 
Computers – Any Questions? 
– Tuesdays and Thursdays, 
to Aug. 25, from 10 to 11 
a.m. Get the answers you need 
about technology devices, 
whether you own them already 
or are considering a purchase. 
Learning how to text, check 
voicemail, set an alarm, navigate 
the Internet and download 

 “Xocalati” (Chocolate) – 
Monday, Aug. 22, at 1 p.m. 
Learn the captivating history 
of chocolate from the discovery 
of the cacao tree hundreds of 
years ago to the present day – a 
story of intrigue and desire with 
wondrous culinary and scientific 
aspects. Chocolate tasting will 
follow the talk. Reservations are 
required at the Welcome Desk 
or 626-795-4331. Presented by 
Dr. Lee Scott Thiesen, an expert 
on food, culture and Latin 
American history.

 Hearing Issues: Loss and 
Technology – Thursday, Aug. 
25, at 10 a.m. Learn about 
the human ear, hearing loss 
as we age, hearing aids and 
breakthroughs in technology. 
Presented by Ellen Simon of the 
HEAR Center.

 Lower Your Cancer Risk 
Through Nutrition – Thursday, 
Sept. 1, at 10 a.m. Nutrition, 
weight management and a 
healthy lifestyle play active roles 
in lowering the risk of developing 
cancer. Learn about American 
Cancer Society guidelines for 
cancer prevention. Presented by 
Adern Yu, City of Hope.

 Friday Movie Matinees 
– Fridays, Sept. 2, 9, 16 and 
30, at 1 p.m. Everyone enjoys 
movies and the pleasures they 
bring. Sept. 2: “Me Before You” 
(2016, PG-13) starring Emilia 
Clark and Sam Claflin. A 
young woman in a small town 
forms an unlikely bond with a 
recently paralyzed man when 
she becomes his caretaker. Sept. 
9: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 
2” (2016, PG-13) starring Nia 
Vardalos and John Corbett. A 
Portakalos family secret brings 
the beloved characters back 
together for an even bigger 
wedding. Sept. 16: “Casablanca” 
(1942, PG) starring Humphrey 
Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. 
A cynical American expatriate 
meets a former lover in Morocco 
in 1941 with unforeseen 
complications. Sept. 30: “The 
Letters” (2014, PG) starring 
Juliet Stevenson and Rutger 
Hauer. The life of Mother Teresa 
is explored through letters she 
wrote to her longtime friend 
and spiritual advisor Father 
Celeste van Exem over a nearly 
50-year period.

 Founded in 1960, the 
Pasadena Senior Center is 
an independent, nonprofit 
organization that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social services to 
people ages 50 and over.

 The public is invited to 
attend upcoming screenings 
of “TellMeNovela” by 
Betty Marin, a bilingual 
and participatory outdoor 
screening series of popular 
Latin American soap operas.

 The next screenings will 
be 7:30-9:30 p.m., Friday, 
September 2 and Saturday, 
September 3, in the Courtyard 
at Pasadena City Hall, 100 N. 
Garfield Ave. The events are 

 The screenings are part of 
the “My Pasadena” public 
art project presented by the 
Planning and Community 
Development Department’s 
Cultural Affairs Division 
and Side Street Projects,
arts, through a federal “Our 
Town” grant award from the 
National Endowment for the 
Arts, (NEA), 
For online information about 
“TellMeNovela,” go to http://

 “TellMeNovela” is the latest 
installment of 13 public art 
works funded by the NEA 
and presented through the 
My Pasadena projects that 
are intended to transform 
the Civic Center District 
into a vibrant public forum 
that expands community 
awareness and engagement 
in the contemporary role 
of government in civic life. 
Produced in a variety of media 
to reflect the diversity of civic 
engagement themes, projects 
include live performances, 
walking tours and visual art 
installations as well as dance, 
theater, animated projection, 
oral history and audio 

Crime Blotter for Altadena

 J.J. (A403288) is an adult, 
male, white and tan guinea 
pig looking for a new home. 
This sweet boy enjoys 
petting and burrowing in 
his bedding for a good nap. 
J.J. got along well with other 
guinea pigs in his previous 
home. Guinea pigs aren’t 
able to produce their own 
Vitamin C, so a proper diet 
should include plenty of 
timothy hay and leafy green 
vegetables, and occasional 
fresh fruit.

 The adoption fee for guinea 
pigs is $10. 

 New adopters will receive a 
complimentary health-and-
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals, as well 
as a goody bag filled with 
information about how to 
care for your pet.

 Call the Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA at (626) 
792-7151 to ask about 
A403288, or visit at 361 S. 
Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. 
Adoption hours are 11 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. Sunday; 9 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. Tuesday through 
Friday; and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

 Pets may not be available 
for adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters 
by phone calls or email. 
Directions and photos of 
all pets can be found at

Sunday, August 7th

2:00 PM – A residential burglary 
occurred in the 2000 block 
of Beverly Drive. Suspect(s) 
entered the location via the 
open garage door. Stolen: 
white and black Cannondale 
Hybrid bicycle. 

Monday, August 8th

10:30 PM – A vehicle burglary 
occurred in the 2100 block of 
Pinecrest Drive. Suspect(s) 
entered the vehicle by shattering 
the window. Stolen: red wallet 
containing credit cards and 

11:15 PM – A vehicle burglary 
occurred in the 1900 of E. Loma 
Alta Drive. Suspect(s) entered 
the vehicle via unknown 
means. Stolen: iPad, sunglasses, 
clothing and a backpack. 

Tuesday, August 9th

4:52 PM – A vehicle was 
reported stolen from the 70 
block of Mountain View Street. 
Vehicle described as a gold 1991 
Acura Integra. 

Wednesday, August 10th

2:40 AM – Hiram Cormier, 
39 years old of Pasadena 
was arrested in the area of 
Washington Boulevard and 
Lake Avenue for being under 
the influence of a controlled 

9:30 AM – A vehicle burglary 
occurred in the 2400 block of 
Lincoln Avenue. Suspect(s) 
entered the by shattering the 
window. Stolen: black laptop.

11:45 AM – A vehicle vandalism 
occurred in the 2600 block 
of Lake Avenue. Suspect(s) 
shattered the sunroof. 

9:11 PM – Mario Sandoval, 
19 years old of Altadena was 
arrested in the area of Weimar 
Street and Windsor Avenue for 
being under the influence of a 
controlled substance. 

Thursday, August 11th

3:52 PM – Francisco Soria, 
37 years old of Altadena was 
arrested in the area of Maiden 
Lane and Morada Place for 
possession of a controlled 

9:30 PM – Jacobo Avalos, 34 
years old of Altadena was 
arrested in the 2200 block of 
Glenrose Avenue for possession 
of a controlled substance. 

11:30 PM – A vehicle burglary 
occurred in the 2300 block of 
Catherine Road. Suspect(s) 
entered the vehicle by shattering 
the window. Stolen: vehicle 
registration and currency. 

Friday, August 12th

10:30 AM – A petty theft 
occurred in the 600 block of 
E. Mendocino Street. Stolen: 
white and blue girls bicycle. 

Saturday, August 13th

3:00 AM – A residential 
vandalism occurred in the 2500 
block of El Molino Avenue. 
Suspect(s) damaged the 
window screen. 

4:00 PM – A theft from an 
unlocked vehicle occurred in 
the 900 block of Parkman Street. 
Stolen: vehicle registration, 
insurance card, and gas cards. 

11:31 PM – A shooting at an 
inhabited dwelling occurred 
in the 2600 block of N. Glen 
Avenue. No injuries reported.

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