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Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

Inspired by 
the recent high 
temperatures, I 
thought I’d give a 
few of my favorite 
techniques for an 
effective yogi cool down. 

 Begin with a cooling asana practice and stay 
out of hot yoga, at least for the summer. There 
are practices that can be satisfying from a 
cardiovascular point of view and still cool the 
body while calming the mind. Gravitate toward a 
gentler, less rigorous practice that may hold poses 

 Second, add a cooling pranayama, or breath 
practice, to your day. Sitali (rolling the tongue 
lengthwise) and Sitkari (inhaling through 
the teeth) are excellent for transforming your 
inhalations into an air conditioner for you! Sitkari 
is practiced by inhaling through the teeth, closing 
the mouth, then exhaling through the nose. With 
Sitali, the tongue is rolled lengthwise and saliva 
is gathered in the center. Then inhale, bringing 
in the cool air and saliva down the throat. Close 
the mouth and exhale out the nose. Repeat several 
times. Both can aid in soothing excess heat and 
hot emotion.

 Lastly, try giving as much attention to what 
you are putting into your body with food and 
drink as you would your physical asana practice. 
My favorite summer foods include: watermelon, 
cucumber, cilantro, and coconut. I also use spices 
such as cardamom and turmeric for their calming 
and anti-inflammatory properties.

 Are you feeling overloaded? Think of cooling 
excess heat by balancing your schedule too. Strive 
to lessen the burden in some way to steer clear of 
overheating, exhaustion, and irritation.

Stay cool, friends, and I will see you in class!

Namaste, Keely Totten

The concept of using canines for comfort therapy 
is nowhere near new to most of us dog lovers and 
others alike. In fact, the idea of dogs helping bring 
up the spirits of people who are sick or distressed 
has been around for centuries. And in this day 
and age, the culture of having comforting canines 
come to hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers 
and schools to lend a helping paw to people in 
pain has become common practice.

 Dogs doing what they do best - loving 
unconditionally - is certainly not a foreign 
concept, but how often do you hear about horses 
bringing hope to a broken soul or healing to a 
broken heart? Actually, equine therapy is more 
common than you might think. Spending time 
with the equine has indeed proven to be just the 
right medicine for many people seeking some 
semblance of serenity in their lives.

 I happened to pick up a free magazine in front 
of a real estate office during a dog walk in town 
this past week, and in it I read about one amazing 
lady who is very aware of how a human/horse 
relationship can have a remarkably positive 
impact on the mind, body and soul. For Jennifer 
O’Neill, equine therapy has played a big part in 
living a peaceful life since she was a young child.

 Most folks (at least the ones from my 
generation) best know O’Neill as an awesome 
actress. She played several major roles in a list of 
Hollywood hits such as “MASH”, “Love Story”, 
“The Exorcist”, “The Godfather” and many more. 
Most of her films came out years ago, so while 
we ‘older folks’ may have memories of her on the 
silver screen, the younger generation may not. But 
with the numerous globally-good things O’Neill 
is currently involved in, she need not rely on 
the roles she played in her early acting career to 
maintain a good name.

 One of the many notable accomplishments 
Jennifer O’Neill has achieved in recent years is 
her special way of reaching out to a part of our 
population that is, far too often, overlooked. Early 
in life, she recognized the amazing healing affect 
that spending time and sharing love with horses 
had on herself and others. As she grew older she 
also began to recognize the need 
for such healing among the brave 
souls who put their lives on the 
line for our nation’s freedom.

 With a deep compassion and a 
strong conviction that interaction 
with horses has a healing affect, 
O’Neill decided to create a place 
where she could freely share that 
rare and natural source of peace 
and comfort with the people 
whom she believes deserve it most 
- veterans of war, active military 
troops, first responders and their 

At Hillenglade, O’Neill’s sprawling horse ranch 
located in the rural outskirts of Nashville, 
Tennessee, welcomed visitors are known to find 
new hope through kind equine interaction and 
other relaxing and therapeutic activities designed 
to bring serenity to the soul and healing to the 

 Having been raised in a military family herself, 
O’Neill understands and appreciates the unique 
needs many of our troops and first responders are 
left with after the fact. For many, the mind, body 
and spirit are depleted and weary due to trauma 
stemming from the extreme, unsettling and life-
threatening experiences they’ve had to endure. 
They are often left in desperation for all three 
forms of nourishment with no idea where to go to 
get it. 

 To O’Neill, it just seemed like the natural thing 
to do, to open up her heart and offer up her horses 
as comforting companions to those she considers 
to be America‘s greatest hero‘s. She is a sincerely 
patriotic woman with a strong drive to help others 
thrive, and the best way she could think of to 
accomplish that goal was to introduce the troops, 
first responders and their loved ones to her furry, 
four-legged, kind equine friends.

 I know from personal experience that horses 
can heal the heart and lend serenity to the soul. 
They just do it, because that’s what they do. They 
don’t have to work themselves up to it. They don’t 
dread doing it or feel as if they are being put out. It 
just comes natural for them to be a comfort to us. 
I find that amazing. And equally amazing to me is 
a remarkable lady like Jennifer O’Neill. This is a 
woman who possesses a unique brand of kindness 
and willingness to reach out and help others.

 O’Neill makes it her business to be a burden-
bearer on behalf of those who fight for our freedom 
and put themselves in harm’s way to protect the 
lives of others. It is heart-warming to know there 
are people out there like Jennifer O’Neill, and it 
tells you something about what happens to the 
heart of a human who spends a lot of time with 
horses. Love and let live.

Born 2009, this 
sweet and spunky 
miss likes people 
of all ages! Come 
and meet her 
and give her a 
little sweet-talk, 
and she can’t do 
enough for you! 
She likes to roll 
over, play with 
the string toy, 
and just generally 
be entertaining. 
She loves to just be pet anywhere, mostly her tummy, 
and likes walking around and then just chilling. She 
definitely likes attention--doesn’t really sit on your lap 
but will lay next to you and help you watch tv or read. 
She is fine with other relaxed cats, but would maybe just 
like to be your one and only. Peaches had a tough early 
life, but, thankfully, that did not stop her happy spirit! 
This special girl is a winner!

 Lifeline for Pets is a small no-kill rescue organization, 
and we know our cats well. We show some of our cats 
most Sunday afternoons at Petsmart, 3347 E. Foothill 
Blvd. in Pasadena, 12:30-3:30. 

 Adoption fee is $100, which includes spay, microchip, 
& vaccine. Our cats are negative FELV/FIV unless 
otherwise indicated. 

 See adoption application, more pictures, & videos on 
our website, Or call 626-676-
9505. Sorry, we are not accepting cats at this time.

pasadena. Email: 

 GOOD NEWS: The “Panda Triplets” have been 


Cat Eastwood is a new Leading Man 
in Meow Manor, winning fans’ hearts 
with his charm and good looks! He is a 
stunning 1-year-old with a silky black 
coat that he loves to have stroked. He 
greets admirers boldly and will often 
climb into an empty lap for adoration. 
Cat Eastwood’s play style is stalk 
and attack anything that moves...a 
toy, a dangling feather, a laser dot, 
or somebody’s shoe laces! He loves 
hanging out in boxes, looking out to 
survey his kingdom. When a camera 
comes his way, he strikes a pose, with his glowing 
pale green eyes demanding attention. This guy 
will be an entertaining and loveable star in any 

 Cat Eastwood will be fine in a multi-cat 
household, or as a sole companion. He qualifies for 
the $25 reduced adoption fee in honor of National 
Black Cat Appreciation Day from 8/15-8/31/2016.
This adoption fee includes neuter surgery, 
a microchip, first vaccinations 
and a free wellness check-up at a 
participating veterinarian. Feel 
free to call us at (626) 286-1159 for 
more information on Frederick. He 
currently resides at the San Gabriel 
Valley Humane Society located at 
851 E. Grand Avenue in San Gabriel 
which is located off San Gabriel Blvd, 
north of Mission and south of Las 
Tunas Drive. To arrange a ‘Meet and 
Greet’ with Cat Eastwood, please 
stop by any time from 10:30am to 
4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday.Website:www. Cat Eastwood would love to 
audition for a place in your forever home. 

 Go to and find the San 
Gabriel Valley Humane Society and every time 
you buy something 0.5% will be donated to the 
shelter! It’s easy to do and helps the shelter with 
every purchase you make! Let your friends know 
about this simple way to make a difference!


Boo Boo (A4981640) is a gregarious 7-year-old 
white male Maltese and Miniature Poodle who 
was surrendered to the Baldwin Park Animal 
Care Center on August 9th for no good reason. 
Weighing 13 pounds, Boo-Boo is quite scared 
in the shelter and is looking for familiar faces, 
eagerly scanning the surroundings in the shelter 
yard. He walks well on leash, showed signs of 
being housebroken, and likes other dogs. In fact, 
when he saw another white dog about his own 
size, he became overjoyed, excited, and tried to get 
the other pup’s attention by barking. Once he was 
taken over to meet that dog, he sniffed him and 
instantly settled down by him, seemingly feeling 
like he was with a friend (we think he might have 
had a buddy in his former home who resembled 
this dog). Boo Boo has a skin condition on parts 
of his body and around his eye that the shelter 
hasn’t named but that we think is likely to clear 
up once he is in a less stressful living situation and 
getting good care and nutrition. He should, of 
course, be seen by an outside vet for these issues. 
Boo-Boo was cooperative with the groomer and 
shows every sign of being a sweet and easygoing 
family dog for any household. We also think he’ll 
be classically fluffy and gorgeous once he’s been 
given proper love and care. 

To meet Boo Boo in person, 
please see him at the Baldwin Park 
Shelter, located at 4275 N. Elton, 
Baldwin Park, CA 91706 (Phone: 
626-962-3577). He is currently 
available now. For any inquiries 
about Boo Boo, please reference 
his animal ID number: A4981640. 
The shelter is open seven days 
a week, 12 pm-7 pm Monday-
Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday-
Sunday. This is a high-intake 
shelter with a great need for 
adoptions. For more information 
about Boo Boo or the adoption 
process, contact United Hope 
for Animals Volunteer Adoption Coordinator 
Samantha at To 
learn more about United Hope for Animals’ 
partnership with the Baldwin Park Shelter, as well 
as the many dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes 
available for adoption in local shelters, visit http://

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