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People Uniting, Helping Animals, Creating Hope

I am among the lucky ones in today’s population who 
can say, “I’m over a half century old”, and I’m okay 
with that. It’s an age that allows me to blend in easily 
with people of all generations. I’m happy hanging 
out with my contemporaries, but I am just as content 
when I’m with those who happened to be born before 
and after me.

I still have the mental wherewithal to keep up with 
the young pups (debatable, I know), yet I can totally 
relate to my elders because I’m nowhere near as young 
as I used to be! Granted, these conclusions are based 
on my own perspective, so an on-looker may beg to 
differ. But if there is one thing I can say with absolute 
certainty about getting older, it’s that age has instilled 
in me a stronger desire to pursue the things I am most 
passionate about.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had an intense sense of 
compassion for animals, and now as an adult I have 
an undying desire to share whatever resources I have 
to make a change for the better on their behalf. One 
of my most vivid childhood memories is from when 
I was about 6 years old and my dad took me and my 
sister to the local animal shelter to pick out a dog. 
Although I don’t remember every detail of that day, 
I do remember us choosing what most people would 
have considered to be a “mongrel”.

He was a multi-mutated, mixed-up mutt and I 
thought he was the most beautiful beast I‘d ever seen. 
He was a shepherd sort of mix with chocolate brown 
eyes and a perpetual puppy-face smile. Being the 
“baby of seven“, I often felt sort of lost in the crowd 
myself, so I guess I could relate to that poor little fella 
in some strange way.

After a moment of contemplation, my dad did the 
paper work and we took the young dog home to be 
our own. We called him “Rex“. About a year later, Rex 
got out of the back yard gate and ran into the road 
where he was hit by a car. I was sure my world would 
come to an end, but miraculously my dad was able to 
rescue Rex yet again. He picked him up off the street, 
coddled him in a blanket, brought him inside and set 
his leg with some wood and masking tape.

For the next few weeks, the family worked together to 
nurse Rex back to good health and he ultimately gave 
us many years of happiness. The kind of happiness 
only a truly grateful dog knows how to give. I believe 
that childhood experience with Rex being rescued by 
my dad probably played a big part in my becoming 
such an avid animal lover as an adult.

So, at the ripe ole age of 53 my 
passionate pursuit is to be an 
advocate for the animals. As part 
of my pursuit, I try to support 
others who care equally, and are 
actively involved in practical 
ways to make a difference for the 
better. Particularly those who help 
otherwise-euthanized pets get a 
second chance at life.

United Hope for Animals (UHA) is 
a non-profit organization that has 
wiggled its way into my heart. They 
are a dedicated group of volunteers 
whose goal is to place as many shelter pets into loving 
forever homes as possible. 

They recognized a dire need for adoption facilitation 
assistance at that the Baldwin Park Shelter, and they 
came to the plate. By providing some very practical 
pro-bono services that the LA County budget does 
not provide for, they have become real life hero’s for 
animals in need.

UHA goes about helping save animals’ lives at the 
Baldwin Park Shelter by first holding professional 
glamour shot sessions during which they take 
photographs of freshly-bathed adoptable pets. They 
then post the photos along with a detailed, creatively 
written description of each pet in promotional 
listings on-line for potential adopters to view and 
respond to. When a potential adopter makes contact 
in response to a listing, UHA sets up a meet and greet 
to allow the interested party and the animal to get to 
know each other and determine whether or not they 
make a good match.

In addition to their “match-making” endeavors, UHA 
also has other practical programs in place to help 
enhance the quality of life for the animals at Baldwin 
Park. For example, they collect donated items such as 
beds, bowls and blankets for the animals and their 
qualified volunteers are always willing to take the 
dogs out for some fresh air and much needed exercise. 

UHA’s main objective is to find forever homes for as 
many shelter animals as possible before their time is 
up, and they’ve succeeded in doing so time and time 
again. They have been a “dog-send” for more shelter 
pets than you can imagine. The dedicated volunteers 
at UHA are literally walking the walk, not just 
talking the talk. They are self-appointed stewards on 
behalf of the animals, and for that they have earned 
my unremitting respect and gratitude. 

For more information about United Hope for 
Animals, visit their website at: unitedhope4animals.
org where you’ll have the opportunity to get involved. 
Whether it be a volunteer opportunity, or a monetary 
contribution, there is a wide variety of ways to help 
pave the way to a better future for our furry, four-
footed friends. You can also visit their Facebook 
page where you’ll find listings of animals currently 
available for adoption. Let’s all do our best to help 
ensure that rescue is the only resolution for animal 
shelter overpopulation. Love and let live.

Want a purr-
fect male 
cat? Look 
no further 
than princely 
age 3. Panther 
is a very 
friendly and 
cuddly boy. 
His fur is so 
soft and sleek, 
just like a real 
panther! He 
likes to be held, and will rub and love all over you! 
He is also playful. He gets along well with other cats, 
too. He is healthy, neutered, and current on all his 
shots. Adopt Panther and help us debunk the fact 
that black cats are the hardest to get adopted. He’s 
been waiting for a forever home since he was a baby.

 Lifeline for Pets is a small no-kill rescue, and 
we know our cats well. We show some cats most 
Sunday afternoons at Petsmart, 3347 E. Foothill 
Blvd. in Pasadena, 12:30-3:30. 

Adoption fee is $100, which includes spay, 
microchip, exam & vaccine. Our cats are negative 
FELV/FIV unless otherwise indicated. 

 See adoption info & application on our 
website, Or call 909-561-
7700. Sorry, we are not accepting cats at this time.

GOOD NEWS: Felix has been adopted!

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc


When you first meet Courtney, you 
might be reminded of a beautiful 
deer. Her slender body, long 
legs, expressive ears, and delicate 
movements are all very doe-like. 
This lovely girl is a white 11-year-old 
Chihuahua mix who found herself 
at the shelter after being struck by a 
car. She was treated for her injuries, 
which resulted in part of her tail 
being amputated. She is doing well 
now, and is ready for a loving home.

 Courtney is the perfect size to sit 
comfortably on a lap where she can 
feel loved and share some affection. 
She is friendly with people and will 
come over to put her paws on your 
leg, asking for some petting. She has 
a mellow personality and calm energy level. 

 Courtney is easy to harness and walk on leash, 
although she is a bit cautious and pauses when she is 
unsure of her path or strange noises and activity. She 
may remember her close call with a vehicle, and is just 
trying to be safe. Courtney needs an adopter who can 
patiently offer her the security she 

 Courtney is a dainty, gentle girl 
who would do best in a quiet home 
where she does not have to worry 
about her safety. If you are looking 
for a loving companion to share 
your lap, please consider meeting 
sweet Courtney. Her adoption fee is 
$130, which includes spay surgery, 
a microchip, first vaccinations 
and a free wellness check-up at a 
participating veterinarian. Feel free 
to call us at (626) 286-1159 for more 
information on Courtney. ID#22038 
She currently resides at the San 
Gabriel Valley Humane Society 
located at 851 E. Grand Avenue in 
San Gabriel which is located off San Gabriel Blvd, north 
of Mission and south of Las Tunas Drive. To arrange 
a ‘Meet and Greet’ with Courtney, please stop by any 
time from 10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday. Courtney qualifies for 
the “Senior for Senior” discount.

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