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VOLUME 10 NO. 39


“They broke the mold 
after they made Rae!”

“What an inspiration!”

Another of the Greatest 
Generation has left us. 
Rae V. Anderson, 51 year 
resident of Sierra Madre, 
passed away September 
9, 2016. World War II 
Submariner and Korean 
War veteran, member 
and past president of the 
Search & Rescue Team 
and daily hiker of the Mt. 
Wilson Trail for many 
years, Rae was a naturalist 
of the finest kind with an 
encyclopedic knowledge 
of birds, plants, trees, 
flora and fauna of every 

 Born May 30, 1923, Rae was a resident 
of Alhambra and Southern California 
all his life, except for stretches in the 
Navy, where he served his Country 
with pride and excellence. Rae joined 
the Navy in 1942 at a very young 19 
and served on a submarine in the 
Pacific as a radio-sonar-radar operator 
and technician. He was part of the 
commission crew of the SS-402 Sea 
Fox Balao-class submarine. Rae served 
‘duration plus six months’ exiting 
active duty in 1946, then went into the 
Reserves. Rae was on Midway Island 
when the atomic bombs were dropped 
on Japan. 

 Commissioned as a Reserves officer 
in the Peacetime Navy, Rae was sent 
back to Japan where he worked with 
and made friends with the Japanese 
officers who made up what was called 
the Japanese Maritime Defense Force 
after the War, training them on Patrol 
Frigates, notably, the USS Newport. 
Rae is pictured here on the bridge of 
the USS Newport on which he was the 
Executive Officer during the Korean 
War. Rae frequently commented that 
these Japanese officers, the finest 
surviving officers following WW2 had 
forgotten more about seamanship than 
he ever knew!

 Rae was part of the shore support 
team in the shelling of the Inchon 
invasion and had his share of Korean 
Service medals. Rae loved the 
Navy but not so much his time in the 
Korean conflict. 

 Rae attended Pasadena JC (now 
PCC) then went on to graduate from 
UC Berkeley with a BS in business. He 
was a long-time employee of Pacific 
Telephone, seeking employment with 
a company that would afford him the 
ability to take care of his family. As a 
child growing up in the Depression, 
that stability was something he greatly 
valued for his family. He retired 
from Pacific Telephone at age 63 and 
devoted himself to his real love, pursuit 
of knowledge in natural history and 
the natural sciences.

 Rae married Geraldine Mary Griest 
in October, 1942 – just before he 
entered the Navy. They were blessed 
with four children: Kenneth Rae, Eric 
Van, and twins Kurt Scott and Heidi 
Lucille. Kurt laughingly stressed that 
he was by far the senior twin, being 
13 minutes older than Heidi! Rae and 
Gerry were the proud grandparents 
of ten grandchildren and numerous 
great-grands. Gerry passed away 
just two months short of their 60th 
wedding anniversary.

 Rae’s home, hidden away in the Sierra 
Madre Canyon, is one of those lovely 
places where it’s just plain peaceful to 
be. As part of the group celebrating 
Rae’s 93rd birthday, I had occasion to 
sit out on his back deck with many of 
his friends and admire the trees and 
Rae’s Koi pond. Ah, the Koi pond...very 
deep, straight down with an overhang 
–designed to defeat the miserable
raccoons and herons, eventually 
became a sushi platter for our bears. 
Over the years, Rae spent a fortune on 
Koi and at this moment, his least two 
favorites are still swimming happily 
and awaiting their next helping of 
TetraPond Koi Growth Food!

 A past president and member, of 
the Sierra Madre Search & Rescue 
Team, Rae organized and took part 
in searches, ran and organized base 
camps and was heavily involved in 
the bloodhound training as one of the 
family dogs, Jinx, was a bloodhound 
and the Anderson sons quickly 
became the “bait” in training these 
search dogs. “You guys go up the trail 
there and hide!” The process would 
repeat with the tracking distances 
increasing, a few feet at a time until 
the hounds became proficient at 
finding the right scent and tracking 
the victim for miles.

 At age 75, Rae met Anne Garbarine 
and they became fast friends and fellow 
Trail hikers, undertaking a backpack 
trip into the Sierras and, along with a 
group of ladies, who called themselves 
the Rae-ettes, went to Africa in 2008, 
visiting Uganda to see the gorillas. This 
arduous two day adventure to be close 
to gorilla families was a huge thing 
for Rae and he frequently spoke of the 
gorillas, even having them as his screen 
saver. Two of his Rae-ettes took him to 
Catalina for his 92nd birthday, to show 
him the place he hadn’t seen since the 

 Rae was one of those people who 
would bend over backward to help 
a friend and, as a result, had many 
friends who loved him dearly. He 
was a frequent dogsitter and did his 
best to corrupt the best behaved dogs. 
He was an aviculturist, involved 
particularly with the spectacularly 
beautiful Lady Gouldian Finch, and 
was renowned for his success in 
keeping and breeding them.

 Rae’s picture is proudly displayed 
on our own Veteran’s Memorial Wall 
in Sierra Madre Memorial Park. A 
memorial will be held at Ascension 
Church in Sierra Madre at 9:00 AM, 
Saturday, October 29, 2016.

Submitted by Deanne Davis


1923 - 2016

On September 20, 2016, detectives from the Los Angeles Police

Department’s (LAPD) Juvenile Division, Internet Crimes 
Against Children Unit (ICAC), assigned to the Los Angeles 
Regional Internet Crimes Against Children (LAICAC) Task 
Force, arrested a resident of the City of Sierra Madre, identified 
as Victor A. Randall, 38 years of age, for violation of 311.11(a) 
Penal Code, a Felony, Possession of Child Pornography.

Randall was charged on two counts of California Penal Code 
Section 311.1(a) which reads, "311.1. (a) Every person who 
knowingly sends or causes to be sent, or brings or causes to be 
brought, into this state for sale or distribution, or in this state 
possesses, prepares, publishes, produces, develops, duplicates, 
or prints any representation of information, data, or image, 
including, but not limited to, any film, filmstrip, photograph, 
negative, slide, photocopy, videotape, video laser disc, computer 
hardware, computer software, computer floppy disc, data storage 
media, CD-ROM, or computer-generated equipment or any 
other computer-generated image that contains or incorporates 
in any manner, any film or filmstrip, with intent to distribute 
or to exhibit to, or to exchange with, others, or who offers to 
distribute, distributes, or exhibits to, or exchanges with, others, 
any obscene matter, knowing that the matter depicts a person 
under the age of 18 years personally engaging in or personally 
simulating sexual conduct, as defined in Section 311.4, shall be 
punished either by imprisonment in the county jail for up to one 
year, by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by 
both the fine and imprisonment, or by imprisonment in the state 
prison, by a fine not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or 
by the fine and imprisonment.".

 Investigators initiated the investigation after receiving reports 
from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 

 Randall was booked at the LAPD, 77th Street Jail on the 
aforementioned charge, and was subsequently released on 
$20,000 bail. Randall was given a Notice to Appear at the Clara 
Shortridge Foltz Criminal Court Building, Division 30 on 
October 14, 2016.

 The LAPD is the principal agency for the Los Angeles Regional 
Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, with 69 Federal, 
State and Local affiliate Law Enforcement agencies that detect 
and investigate child predators that use the Internet as a means 
to contact children for the purposes of sexual exploitation or 
deal in child pornography. For further information contact 
LAPD’s Media Relations section at (213) 486-5900.


The City of Sierra Madre announced this week the retirements of Sierra 
Madre Public Safety Director and SMPD Chief Larry Giannone (left) and 
Public Works Director Bruce Inman, (below) and Public Safety Director 
Larry Giannone at the end of the year. This announcement comes on the 
heels of City Manager Elaine Aguilar's retirement earlier this month.

 Inman, the senior of the three, has been employed by the city since 1997. 
Both Aguilar and Giannone joined the city in 2007.

 Mayor Gene Goss noted that the city will begin the process of replacing 
these individuals as soon as possible. The first priority is anticipated to 
be a replacement for City Manager Aguilar whose Assistant Elisa Cox left 
the city for another position a few months ago. The Police Department 
has Captain Joe Ortiz and Lt. Donna Cayson to fill in until a new chief is 
named. In addition, Sierra Madre native Chris Cimino has been Inman's 
'right hand' for many years.

 Giannone began his employment with Sierra Madre in March 2007, as 
a Captain in the Police Department. He was promoted to Chief of Police 
in 2012, and then was appointed Public Safety Director in November 2014, 
overseeing both the Police and Fire Departments. Giannone’s public safety 
career began 44 years ago, as a Police Cadet with the Huntington Beach 
Police Department. 

 When Giannone 
was asked about 
his service to Sierra 
Madre, he replied, 
“In 2007 I joined the 
Sierra Madre Police 
Department with one goal in mind -- that was to make it a stronger 
and more professional police department. As I recently reflected on 
the Department as a whole, I realized that not only has my goal been 
met, but the Police Department is strong and in the best position it has 
been in for many years. The Department will be back to full staffing, 
providing 24\7 service to the community starting October 30, 2016. I 
have been involved in the Law Enforcement profession for 44 years; it is 
now time to pass the torch to my strong management team to continue 
to move this Department forward and to continue providing the best 
possible service to the Sierra Madre Community.” City Manager 
Aguilar added, “Larry is truly amazing; not only is he a great Chief, 
but he also possesses skills and professional insight that extend beyond 
his public safety background and he is always ready to step in to help 
with whatever is needed. But most significantly, he is a true example 
of a tireless, dedicated public servant, public safety professional, and a 
leader.” Giannone last day will be December 10, 2016

 When giving notice of his retirement, Bruce Inman stated, “As I prepare 
to leave Sierra Madre I am 
filled with pride over the 
accomplishments of the 
Public Works Department 
over the last twenty years. 
(cont. page2) 


 Russell W. King passed away September 16, 2016. He 
resided in Sierra Madre for over 50 years. 

 He was born April 2, 1928 in Rosiclare, the third child 
of Floyd and Hildred King. He is survived by 
his five children: Rebecca Floyd, Steven King, Suzanne 
Hammersmith, Leslie McLeod and Carol LaCorte, 
along with eleven grandchildren and his sisters Wanda 
Kinscherff and Norma Lawless. His wife of 64 years, 
Ruth Eleanor (Young) King, passed away in 2015. 

 Russell was a submariner in the Navy from 1946-
1948, and then earned a bachelor’s degree in Physics 
from Southern Illinois University. He founded Medi/
Nuclear Corporation, Inc., which provides radio-
aerosol lung delivery systems for nuclear medicine, with 
a dozen patents for his product designs. He owned a 
number of affiliated companies and a ranch in Northern 

 More than his considerable accomplishments, Russell 
was especially proud of his family. 

 A private service was held at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, CA. Donations in his 
memory may be made to the Golden Circle Senior Citizen’s Council in Elizabethtown, IL, or the 
Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum, home of the USS Razorback submarine. 

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