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JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 7, 2017 
8JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 7, 2017 

A Second Dog in the Household 

There are various reasons why people choose to find a matefor their four-footed friend. Among the most commonreasons are companionship for their canine and hopes thatthe new dog will act as a help-meet in buffering the blow ofsaying goodbye to the older dog, when his time comes.

These are reasons why people choose to have a seconddog, but there are times when such a scenario can play outfor reasons other than intention or choice. A few yearsago, I suddenly had a second dog in my home due to theunexpected passing of a very dear friend, and I learned somevaluable lessons through the experience.

When my next door neighbor called saying he felt sick andasked me to come over, I went immediately. At the time, I hadno idea he would be rushed to the hospital, never to returnhome, leaving his 3-year-old dog “Molly” in my care. I nevergave it a second thought as to whether I would take care ofMolly, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t overwhelmed bythe sudden loss of my friend and the addition of a second dogto our home. 

You see, I already had a 10-year-old bloodhound named“Tatertotts”. I had adopted Tater when she was 18 monthsold because she was aggressive in the show ring. Herunpredictable behavior may have been the result of inbreeding, 
at least that’s what I believe caused her social shortcomings. 
For this reason, Tater was a challenge when it cameto interaction with others. She was fine at home with me and 
my husband, but as soon another person - human or animal

- was introduced, trouble ensued. 
For the first two weeks, Tater and Molly got along fine andI was so relieved and happy that Tater would not have to liveout the rest of her life lonely with no social interaction otherthan her human mom and dad. Unfortunately, the fun-lovingended about halfway through the third week of having Mollyin our home. 

I guess Tater got tired of sharing her space and decided itwas time to put her foot down! (In case you never met Tater,
I’ll tell you, she had a big foot to put down!). That’s when the“fun” started for me. I soon found myself rotating the 2 dogs one 
in the crate, the other out of the crate…one into the yard,
the other back into the house. Our home had become a three-
ring circus.

Finally, I called my vet and asked her what I should do tohelp facilitate the new relationship. Her first bit of advice wasthat I continue giving Tater lots of positive reinforcement. Iwas to allow Tater to be “top-dog” on her turf. She also gaveme some very specific tips on how to deal with Tater andMolly to ensure the best outcome.

First of all, she said that if a fight broke out, I should notyell or get excited (easy for her to say), rather I should keep aneven tone and talk to Tater calmly, saying such things as “It’sok girl, I know you’re just protecting yourterritory, and “We know you’re numberone, now let Molly have a little space too,
and “Just be yourself and Molly will knowyou‘re the boss”. 

The bottom line was I needed to 
confirm Tater’s position over Molly, andnot reprimand her for behaving accordingto her instincts. Well, I’ll tell you that wasa challenge when I found my 108-poundbloodhound holding Molly, who weighedabout 40 pounds, down on the floor withher two enormous front paws. Still, I gotthe logic behind my vet’s advice and Itrusted her opinion, so I did my best to 


gentle petting are the nearest things to heaven! Aurorashould be the only pet in the home, and respondsbest to gentle, quiet adults, and older, calm children.
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Happy Tails 
by Chris Leclerc 

carry it out.

At first I kept Molly and Tater separate most of the time,
but I worked toward allowing short, closely monitored visitstogether in the back yard. I took them on frequent walksaround the block together because the leash seemed to actas a gentle equalizer and I continued to practice the tips myvet had given me. It took about a year, but eventually I wasconfident enough to let Tater and Molly to be alone togetherin the house. 

My situation was one in which I did not choose to adopt anew dog, but I loved Molly and made a promise to Fred that Iwould always be there for her, so I was committed to makingit work. Eventually, my two girls were able to cohabitate andtolerate one another and we were able to enjoy them bothwithout the risk of blood shed. 

Unlike my situation, most pet owners make the choice toadopt a second dog, and with so many in shelters I think thatis a wonderful idea! But it is important to find the best matchfor your existing pet. Although each dog is an individual,
some handle change better than others.

There are some basic factors to be considered before 
adopting dog #2. Age, gender, size and energy level areamong the most important to be considered. It is alsoimportant to recognize that, unless the existing dogallows otherwise, the new dog will most likely have toplay ‘second fiddle’. If your dog has lived in your homefor a long time, unless he happens to be very passive andallows the new pup to dominate, he will likely assume theposition of “top dog”. 

Another concern to be aware of is that the new dogshould not be too energetic or hyper-active, compared tothe energy level of the existing dog. For example, bringinga rambunctious puppy into the home of an elderly, perhapseven deaf or blind dog could create a disaster for all involved.
If the purpose is to find a friend for an older dog, do yourbest to find a younger dog that will follow the lead of his elderrather than take over like a tornado. 

Dogs are, by nature, territorial, so if a dog has lived inhis home for a significant period of time, he will defend histerritory against a potential predator, even another dog. Beaware of your dog’s level of territorial tendencies, do notpunish him for such behavior, and try to find another dogwho will respect those boundaries.

There is much more to know before adopting a seconddog, so take the time to research the issues and ask questions.
Retain a good trainer who can guide you through the process.
The more you know and understand about the nature of dogsand how they interact, the better your chances of maintainingan harmonious home with more than one pup on thepremises. 

gorgeous!! She’s aMaine Coon, age 
2, smart, youngand healthy. You 
can see how fluffyshe is. Loves to 
play with the catteaser and nap ona pile of laundry.
Aurora is learningthat attention and 

microchip, exam & vaccines. A great savings! Our cats 
are negative FELV/FIV unless otherwise indicated.

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GOOD NEWS: Cheyenne has been adopted. 

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Nourishment and 
rejuvenation are 
at the top of the 
list when it comes 
to yoga. Yoga and 
the sister science 
to yoga, Ayurveda, 
promote healing and surrender to innate peace 
and joy. In midst of life, stress accumulates as we 
navigate our way through. This stress contributes to 
worry, fear, or anger, over circumstances or people 
which we cannot control! Left unchecked, this leads 
to disturbances in the mind and stagnant energy 
in the body. We know exercise and yoga work well 
for the body, but what about the mind? Worry and 
disturbance are draining. It’s important to remember 
that bringing rejuvenation to the mind is just as 
important as rejuvenating the body. 
Here are a few ways to conserve, rejuvenate, and 
reconnect with your inner spirit which gives the 
mind the rejuvenation it needs:

1. Silence. From the sacred scriptures, the Vedas, 
comes a statement: “Silence cures all.” Silence 
supports clearing accumulated waste in the mind. 
Additionally, many answers can be found in silence. 
2. Connect with Sound. Calming mantras such 
as OM, So-Hum, and others are excellent sources 
of inspiration. Longer mantras such as the Gayatri 
come later. Remember OM is said to be the sound of 
creation itself. What could be more connected? 

3. Give the senses a break and enjoy time in 
nature! This changes perspective and helps to clear 
the mind, allowing us to soak in the beauty of our 
4. A pure diet of easily digestible foods is ideal 
for calming the mind. Avoid stimulants as much as 
possible and eat organic, freshly cooked meals. 
5. Don’t hesitate to add aromatherapy into your 
routine. Oils such as sandalwood, rose, rosemary, or 
lavender are excellent for the emotions. 
6. Get still through meditation and monitor the 
physical level of exertion. You can conserve energy by 
not spending it and gather energy through devotion 
and openness to the divine. 
These are just a few of the ways to deeply restore 
balance and equanimity. Pay attention to the body 
but give the mind what it needs too! When the mind 
is less disturbed, functionality in the world increases 
and we gravitate toward opportunity, gratitude, and 
positive experiences. 

Take good care and do lots of yoga! Please contact 
me with questions via email: keely@yogamadre.
com. Check out the class schedule at Yoga Madre: 

Keely Totten, E-RYT 500, Yogi, 
Teacher Trainer 

Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual 

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either 
of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has 
no one to help them up.
Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm Lori A. Harris 
alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of 
three strands is not quickly broken.

We live in a connected universe. It is natural and healthy to seek, create and celebrate connection.
The process of building a committed romantic relationship can seem arduous and even impossible. I 
invite you to imagine the relationship of your dreams. What if having such a relationship could be fun? 
What if the love you seek is seeking you? As you design your very best life, do not neglect the area of 
relationship. It is tempting to believe that having a fulfilling relationship is impossible; it's not. When 
you feel the temptation to give up, ask yourself why? 

A fulfilling and connected relationship is not only possible it could be an essential component of youliving your best life and sharing it. What will be required of you to have love? Who will you need to be?
Authenticity and genuine sincerity are needed. You need to be fully you. I often speak of truth-telling. 
The first person to get honest with is yourself. The first step is to admit that you want a relationship.
The next is to give real consideration to what such a relationship would look like for you. Do you 
long to share your life on a day to day basis? Do you want a lifelong partner? Would that include cohabitation? 
Do you want to get married? 

Many women get into a relationship, and they won't want to reveal they're true desires from the beginning. 
That's a mistake because the best foundation of the relationship is one built on truth. As youstart designing the love of your dreams, get clarity on what you're seeking. It will be easier to attract 
what you want and reject what you don't. Your potential mates will be most appreciative, and some willself-eliminate when they know their desires are not a match to yours. 

1Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 New International Version (NIV):
Lori is lawyer and coach; she helps women find love and have fun doing it. Find out more about Lori on her website and her free app Gratitude Train, a journal to record your gratitude. 

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