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VOLUME 11 NO. 40 
VOLUME 11 NO. 40 
Director of 
EarthquakeCenter Jailed 
over Scheme 

Arroyo Group Launches One Arroyo Survey


 A former director of South 
Korea’s Earthquake Research 
Center at the Korea Institute 
of Geoscience and Mineral 
Resources (KIGAM) was 
sentenced to 14 months in 
federal prison for using a 
local bank account to launder 
bribes he received from two 
seismological companies, one 
based in Pasadena. 

 Heon-Cheol Chi, of South 
Korea, was sentenced last 
week by United States District 
Judge John Walter on one 
count of engaging in financial 
transactions with criminally 
derived property stating that 
this sentence “should send a 
clear message that this will 
not be tolerated by the law.” 
Chi was convicted in July of 
the money laundering charge 
following a four-day jury 
trial in United States District 

 According to trial testimony, 
from 2009 through 2015, 
Chi used his official position 
at KIGAM to demand and 
receive over $1 million in 
bribes from two seismological 
companies in exchange for 
unfair business advantages 
in the South Korean 
seismological market. 
Evidence showed that Chi 
advocated the purchase 
and use of equipment from 
these two companies by 
KIGAM and other South 
Korean customers. He also 
provided these companies 
with market intelligence and 
inside information, including 
confidential information 
about their competitors and 
the KIGAM bidding process.

Pasadena based Kinemetrics, 
a company that works closely 
with Caltech, JPL and the 
USGS to prototype and test 
seismological equipment, was 
named in the criminal case.

 The case against Chi is part 
of an ongoing investigation 
by the FBI’s International 
Corruption Squad in Los 

Survey Results to be Part of 
to unite the three areas of the 
Arroyo—Hahamongna, Central 

the Arroyo Advisory Group’s 

Arroyo and Lower Arroyo—

Report to City Council 

under a singular vision. 

The Arroyo Advisory Group The survey will also be available 
(AAG) announced last week at Mayor Terry Tornek’s One 
that the survey for public input Arroyo Walks with the Mayor. 
on Pasadena’s One Arroyo, During this walks, the mayor 
“great city park,” has launched will highlight trail connectivity 
online at: issues and opportunities that 
It will remain there until will be addressed through the 
midnight, November 30. AAG’s trail concept study now 

 “The One Arroyo survey is a in process. 
vital component of our outreach In addition, in-person surveys 
effort and the data gathered will be conducted throughout 
will guide AAG in identifying the fall at a dozen or so 
opportunities consistent with community events and public 
public input”, said AAG Co-spaces. Various incentives will 
Chairs Doug Kranwinkle and be offered to survey participants, 
Bill Bogaard. “Moreover, it while supplies last. 
will help refine the One Arroyo Taking the survey and joining 
vision and ultimately the AAG’s the mayor on his ‘Walks’ 
recommendations to City offer a unique opportunity to 
Council.” engage with the AAG and learn 

 According to the group, the One more about the One Arroyo 
Arroyo concept was identified Vision. One Arroyo: Walks 
by the AAG after extended with the Mayor Dates and 
review and discussion as a way Locations Saturday, October 

NASA Gives Chance to 
Put Your Name on Mars 

 When it lands on Mars 
in November of 2018,
NASA’s InSight lander will 
be carrying several science 
instruments -- along with 
hundreds of thousands of 
names from members of the 

Pg. 4 
Pg. 3 
Pg. 7 
Pg. 10 
In 2015, nearly 827,000 
people signed up to add their 
names to a silicon microchip 
onboard the robotic 
spacecraft. NASA is now 
adding a second microchip, 
giving the public another 

flier points will be NASA’s 

chance to send their names to 

Exploration Mission-1, 


the first flight bringing 

 New submissions will be 

together the Space Launch 

accepted through Nov. 1, at the 

System rocket and Orion 

following link:

spacecraft to travel 


thousands of miles beyond 

 “Mars continues to excite 

the Moon in preparation 

space enthusiasts of all ages,” 

for human missions to 

said Bruce Banerdt, the InSight 

Mars and beyond.

mission’s principal investigator 

 InSight will be the 

at NASA’s Jet Propulsion 

first mission to explore 

Laboratory in Pasadena, 

Mars’ deep interior. The 

California. “This opportunity 

spacecraft will set down 

lets them become a part of the 

a seismometer to detect 

spacecraft that will study the 

marsquakes and meteor 

inside of the Red Planet.”

strikes, using the seismic 

 This fly-your-name opportunity 

energy of these phenomena 

comes with “frequent flier” 

to study material far below 

points reflecting an individual’s 

the Martian surface. It 

personal participation in 

also will deploy a self

NASA’s exploration of Mars. 

hammering heat probe 

These points span multiple 

that will burrow deeper 

missions and multiple decades. 

into the ground than any 

Participants who sent their 

previous device on the Red 

names on the previous InSight 

Planet. These and other 

opportunity in 2015 can 

InSight investigations will 

download a “boarding pass” 

improve our understanding 

and see their “frequent flier” 

about the formation and 


evolution of all rocky 

 As part of this frequent flier 

planets, including Earth.

program, a chip carrying the 

 InSight is scheduled to 

names of 1.38 million people 

launch from Vandenberg 

also flew aboard the first flight 

Air Force Base, California, 

of NASA’s Orion spacecraft in 

in May of 2018.

2014. NASA is building Orion 

 For more information 

to carry astronauts to deep 

on InSight, visit:

space destinations that will 


enable future missions to Mars. 
After InSight, the next 
opportunity to earn frequent 

14th, 9 a.m.- Lower Arroyo 
(Meet at the Casting Pond 
Entrance) Parking: Available 
adjacent to the Casting Pond 
area. Thursday, October 26th, 
8 a.m.- Central Arroyo (Meet 
at Rose Bowl Gate A under the 
marquee) Parking: Available in 
Lot F of the Rose Bowl. 

 For more details about the 
AAG the “One Arroyo” concept 

The Arroyo Advisory Group 
(AAG) formed by the City 
of Pasadena, was established 
to identify opportunities to 
enhance and preserve the 
Arroyo Seco for current and 
future generations. The ‘One 
Arroyo’ effort endeavors to 
bring awareness to the work 
by the AAG, and others, to 
restore the legacy of Pasadena’s 
historic Arroyo Seco and unite 
all three areas of the Arroyo—
Hahamongna, Central Arroyo 
and Lower Arroyo—under a 
singular vision. 

2017 Doo Dah 
Queen Tryouts

 Parade Officials announced 

this week that royal mayhem 

will take place as individuals 

of all genders, shapes, ages, 

and persuasions, including 

a dog, will test their fate to 

become this year's Doo Dah 


 Tryouts, open to all, are 

Saturday, October 21st, at the 

American Legion Bar, 179 N. 

Vinedo St., in Pasadena

 Contestants are usually 

outnumbered by equally-

costumed judges, who include 

many former queens, and 

veteran parade entrants, 

tryout supporters and the 

curious public. 

 Each Queen Hopeful will 

have three minutes to WOW 

the Judges. Microphone and 

boom box, even drumroll, 

provided. They will be ready 

to show and tell why they 

should be Queen. 

People can buy their way into 

being judges by purchasing 

two beers for the parade 


 Many former Queens, all 

judges, will be there including, 

Naughty Mickie, Tequila 

Mockingbird, Queen Susann 

Edmonds, 2015 Queen 

Veronika MeowMeowz, 2017 

Queen Ruby Chard, Goofball 

Judges, Prizes, Cheap drinks, 

and Lots of Dancing.


2:00 - Doors Open to the 
Public, Bands
4:00 - 5:00 pm - Arrival of 
Queen Hopefuls and Judges5:45-8:00 pm -Tryouts 
8:15-8:30 (approximately) - 
Doo Dah Queen is crowned.
Free to first 20 Queen 
Contestants to arrive, $5.00 
Cover charge for all who enter 
after. For more information go 
to: pasadenadoodahparade. 
The 2018 Royal Court Selected 

Caption, from left to right; Julianne Elise Lauenstein, La CanadaHigh School; Sydney Grace Pickering, Arcadia High School; 
Savannah Rose Bradley, Pasadena High School; Georgia Jane 
Cervenka, La Canada High School; Lauren Elizabeth Buehner, 
Arcadia High School; Isabella Marie Marez, La Salle High School;
Alexandra Marie Artura, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy.

 The Tournament of Roses 
announced Monday the seven 
members of the 2018 Royal 
Court. The Royal Court will 
attend nearly 100 community 
and media functions, acting as 
ambassadors of the Tournament 
of Roses and the Pasadena 
community at large. The grand 
finale for the 2018 Royal Court 
will be riding on a float in the 
129th Rose Parade presented 
by Honda and attending the 
College Football Semifinal at 
the Rose Bowl Game® presented 
by Northwestern Mutual, both 
on Monday, January 1, 2018.

 Nearly 1000 people applied 
to participate in the interview 
process. The Tournament 
of Roses Queen and Court 
Committee made its 
selections based on a number 
of criteria including poise, 
speaking ability, academic 
achievement, youth leadership, 
and community and school 
“The 2018 Royal Court 
consists of seven extraordinary 
young women who are 
now ambassadors for the 
Tournament of Roses,” said 
Dave Link, chair of the 
Tournament of Roses Queen 
and Court Committee. “By 
attending events throughout 
southern California, the 
members of the Royal Court 
will Make A Difference through 
contributing acts of kindness 
by helping others.”

 The seven members of the 

Senior Center Medicare 
Resource Fair/Presentation

 A resource fair Wednesday, Oct. 18, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the 
Pasadena Senior Center, 85 E. Holly St., will focus on Medicare, 
the federal health insurance program for adults 65 and older. The 
event is open to members and non-members of the Pasadena 
Senior Center.

 With open enrollment for 2018 approaching from Nov. 1 to 
Dec. 15, older adults will receive information they need to make 
informed decisions about the medical and prescription plans that 
are best for them.

 Health plan representatives will provide information and answer 
questions about Medicare plans and services and help everyone 
understand their options for the coming year. Those health plans 
include AGA, Blue Shield, Care 1st, CareMore, Center for Health 
Rights, Health Net, Humana, InterValley Health Plan, Kaiser 
Permanente, LA Care, SCAN and UnitedHealthcare.

 At noon, a one-hour presentation will begin about Medicare 
issues and upcoming changes for 2018.

 While reservations are not required for the resource fair or the 
presentation, complimentary box lunches will be provided after 
the presentation to the first 50 people who call 626-795-4331 to 

 For more information, call 626-685-6732 or visit www. and click on Events. 

2018 Royal Court are (inalphabetical order): Alexandra 
Marie Artura, Flintridge Sacred 
Heart Academy; Savannah 
Rose Bradley, Pasadena High 
School; Lauren Elizabeth 
Buehner, Arcadia High School; 
Georgia Jane Cervenka, La 
Cañada High School; Julianne 
Elise Lauenstein, La Cañada 
High School; Isabella Marie 
Marez, La Salle High School; 
and Sydney Grace Pickering, 
Arcadia High School.

 The Announcement and 
Coronation of the 100th Rose 
Queen® and Presentation 
of the Royal Court is on 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 
at the Pasadena Playhouse; the 
event is sponsored by Citizens 
Business Bank. A limited 
number of tickets are available 
for purchase from Sharp 
Seating Company.

 The Tournament of Roses is 
a volunteer organization that 
hosts America's New Year 
Celebration with the Rose 
Parade® presented by Honda, 
the Rose Bowl Game® presented 
by Northwestern Mutual and 
a variety of accompanying 
events. 935 volunteer members 
of the association will drive the 
success of 129th Rose Parade 
themed "Making A Difference," 
on Monday, January 1, 2018, 
followed by the College 
Football Playoff Semifinal at 
the 104th Rose Bowl Game. 
For more information, visit 

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