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Local Area 
News Briefs

Reminders for Lincoln, 
Washington Birthdays

Armed Robbery suspect 
arrested on Super Bowl 

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses are reminded 
that City Hall and many City 
services will be closed Monday, 
in observance of Lincoln’s 
birthday, and Monday, Feb. 
20, for Washington’s birthday. 
Specific closures, reminders 
and exceptions are listed below. 

 The Pasadena City Council 
will not meet on either 
Monday. The City Council and 
the Pasadena Unified School 
District will hold their annual 
joint meeting on Thursday at 
City Hall. 

 Pasadena’s Citizen Service 
Center, (626) 744-7311, www.
Service-Center, will remain 
open both days, 8 a.m. to 2 
p.m., for calls from the public.

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses with any power 
emergencies should call the 
Pasadena Water and Power 
(PWP) Department at (626) 
744-4673 and for water-related 
emergencies call (626) 744-
4138. PWP’s regular Customer 
Call Center will be closed for 
the holidays, but customers can 
access their accounts and pay 
bills online at www.PWPweb.
com or by calling (626) 744-

 The City’s Municipal Services 
Payment Center at City Hall 
will be closed both days, as will 
the Parking Office, for citation 
payments, at 221 E. Walnut St.

 Trash, recycling and yard 
waste pickups will be on the 
regular schedule, including 
bulky item pickups.

 Pasadena Transit and Dial-
A-Ride buses will operate on 
regular schedules for both days. 
On Feb. 20, all parking meters 
will be free, and parking time 
limits will not be enforced. 
Parking meter enforcement will 
resume Feb. 21. All parking 
meters will be in operation, and 
time limits as well as all parking 
violations will be enforced on 
Feb.13. Violations for red curb 
parking, overnight parking 
and blocking fire hydrants will 
continue to be enforced on 
both holidays.

 All Pasadena Public Library 
sites will be closed Feb. 12-13 
and Feb. 19-20 in observance of 
the holidays.

 All community centers 
operated by the City’s Human 
Services and Recreation 
Department will be closed both 

 For life-threatening 
emergencies, remember to 
always call 9-1-1. “If You See 
Something, Say Something” 
by calling the Pasadena Police 
Department at (626) 744-4241 
for non-emergencies.

 Police arrested a Pasadena 
suspect Sunday on six counts 
of felony armed robbery after a 
weeklong crime spree. 

 According to police Terry 
Wayne Wilson began an alleged 
armed robbery crime spree on 
January 27. Over a seven day 
stretch, Wilson robbed three 
Subway Sandwich stores, and 
a Domino’s Pizza store in 
Pasadena. On Feb. 4, in the 
early evening, Wilson robbed 
a retail shoe store in Temple 
City. A vehicle and suspect 
description was given to the 
Pasadena Police Department’s 
emergency services operator. 

 Pasadena patrol officers 
stopped a vehicle matching the 
description and witnesses and 
victims positively identified 
Wilson and his vehicle as the 
suspect involved in all five 
armed robberies police said.

 Wilson pled not guilty 
Wednesday and is being held 
on $250,000 bail and is in 
custody of the L.A. County 
Sherriff’s Department. 


By Dean Lee

 With a backdrop of local 
city council members, 
community leaders, and non-
profit organizations, State 
Assemblymember Chris Holden 
announced Thursday Morning 
the introduction of Assembly 
Bill 287 that prohibits the 
construction of a freeway tunnel 
for the 710 corridor gap between 
the 10 and 210 freeways. 

 The bill also creates an I-710 
Gap Corridor Transit Zone 
Advisory Committee and looks 
to alternative transportation 
options for the area.

 “As our state and cities integrate 
smart growth, new technologies 
and transit oriented development 
into our evolving transportation 
infrastructure, large freeway 
projects like the State Route 710 
tunnel are no longer necessary 
or environmentally sustainable,” 
Holden said. 

 Not everyone was reassured 
about the bill stopping the 710 
freeway project. One person 
asked about the possibility of 
Caltrans funding a new study for 
a freeway surface route through 
the area.

 Holden said, “First and 
foremost it will remove the 
freeway tunnel as an option, 
that will be clear. Then we put 
the power in the hands of the 
advisory committee to make 
recommendations, people will 
be appointed to it from all of the 
corridor communities and the 
members that represent the area, 
Caltrans will have its appointees, 
so will L.A. Metro… but their 
numbers will be dwarfed by 
those serving on this advisory 

 The announcement of AB 287 
took place in South Pasadena at 
the Gold Line station.

 “Dedicated community 
members, activists, from South 
Pasadena neighborhoods have 
spent a half century fighting 
this outdated… devastating 
polluting freeway… said 
South Pasadena Mayor 
Michael Cacciotti. “All of us as 
Californian’s, L.A. County, San 
Gabriel, have a constitutional 
god given right to breath clean 
healthy air.”

 Pasadena Mayor Terry 
Tornek said “His [Holden] 
bill contemplates taking a 
look at the alternatives, not 
simply objecting to a solution 
that people are not willing to 
consider anymore but rather 
want are we going to do… the 
solution of the tunnel is clearly 
not the answer… I think this 
process that Chris has suggested 
is exactly right.” 

 Holden said he hoped to have 
the bill to Governor Jerry Brown 
by summer.

 Councilmember Steve 
Madison has said that if the 710 
freeway corridor is stopped the 
city would request that Caltrans 
give the land back to Pasadena, 
the current freeway stub, 
between the 210 Freeway and 
California Blvd. 

 Former Pasadena Police 
Woman Honored Turns 100

 Police Chief Phillip Sanchez 
and members of the Pasadena 
Police Department honored 
Marguerite Haskins at her 
home Thursday morning in 
Chino and presented her with a 
certificate of recognition on her 
100 birthday.

 Marguerite served the 
Pasadena Police Department 
in the role of “Police Woman” 
from 1942 through 1948. She 
resigned from the Pasadena 
Police Department in 1948 but 
returned to the city of Pasadena 
in 1965 and worked as a fire 
alarm dispatcher and clerical 

 “It is absolutely a privilege 
and honor to participate in 
someone’s 100 year milestone 
but even more special for 
us as she served our great 
department and community at 
a time when our country was 
embroiled in WWII. Sanchez 

Safe Drug 
Drop Off 

 The Los Angeles County 
Sheriff’s Department offers a 
Safe Drug Drop Off program 
where both controlled and 
non-controlled substances are 
accepted. Take medications/
drugs to the Altadena Sheriff’s 
Station for safe and anonymous 
disposal. The mailboxes are 
located on the west side of the 
Altadena Sheriff’s Station and 
are designated for anonymous 
drop-off of all types of drugs. 

 You can also return your 
medications to a pharmacy 
near you. Some pharmacies 
offer take-back and/or mail-
back programs.

 Medications/drugs that can 
be dropped off:

Prescription medications

Illegal drugs


the-counter medications

Aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.

Cold/flu remedies

Birth control pills

Hormone replacement drugs

Veterinary medicines

Codeine, phenobarbital, and 
anabolic steroids, narcotics, 
tranquilizers, etc

 Medications flushed down 
the toilet or in drains pass 
through the sewer system 
and eventually enter our 
streams, lakes, and rivers. 
Medicines and synthetic 
hormones have been detected 
in trace amounts in bodies 
of water. This could lead to 
increased bacterial resistance 
to antibiotics and interference 
with growth and reproduction 
in aquatic organisms such as 
fish, frogs and all marine life.

 The presence of medications 
in the environment is a 
complex issue and the risk to 
humans and the environment 
is still being determined. With 
tens of thousands of medicinal 
products on the market and 
more being developed each 
year, the long-term risks have 
not been determined on the 
effects on the environment. 
However, in order to minimize 
the potential negative and 
irreversible impacts, it is 
important that we limit the 
disposal of waste medications 
to the sewer.

Altadena Sheriff’s Station is 
located at 780 E. Altadena Dr., 
the cross street Is El Molina 

Chamber to Host City 
Council Candidate Forum

 The public is invited to 
attend a live forum featuring 
the candidates for election to 
the Pasadena City Council. 
The event will be held at the 
Boston Court Performing 
Arts Center at 70 North 
Mentor Avenue in Pasadena 
on Monday, at 6:30 p.m. 
Seating will be available on 
a first-come, first-admitted 
basis beginning at 6:00 p.m. 
The forum will end by 8pm.

 The candidate forum is 
being sponsored by the 
Old Pasadena Management 
District, Pasadena Chamber 
of Commerce, Playhouse 
District Association and 
South Lake Avenue Business 

 Ishmael Trone, chair of 
the Board of Directors of 
the Pasadena Chamber of 
Commerce, will moderate 
the forum discussion. 
Confirmed to participate 
(as of this date) are Victor 
Gordo (incumbent) and 
Krystal Lopez-Padley, who 
are running for the District 
5 council seat, and Andy 
Wilson (incumbent), Phil 
Hosp, Alejandro (Alex) 
Menchaca and Bryan 
Witt, who are vying for the 
District 7 council seat.

 The forum will focus 
on issues related to the 
local economy, jobs and 
employment, workforce 
development, economic 
vitality and downtown 
development. Questions 
will be provided by the Old 
Pasadena Management 
District, Pasadena Chamber 
of Commerce, Playhouse 
District Association and 
South Lake Avenue Business 
Association. Those audience 
members in attendance will 
also have the opportunity to 
submit questions.

 The event will be taped for 
later broadcast by Pasadena 
Media, which oversees 
the Public, Education and 
Government (PEG) cable 
television stations serving 
Pasadena. It will be available 
on YouTube and through 
Pasadena Media’s website at

 Forum will feature 
candidates for Council 
District 5 and Council 
District 7

Social Justice Advocate to 
be Pasadena City College 
Graduation Speaker


 Pasadena City College 
Officials announced this 
week that Julissa Arce, 
a writer, social justice 
advocate, and former 
investment banker 
who made headlines 
when she revealed 
her undocumented 
immigration status, 
will serve as the guest 
speaker for PCC 



 Arce was chosen 
from a list assembled 
by a committee of 
faculty, administrators, 
and students by 
President Rajen Vurdien.

 Arce started her career 
on Wall Street as an 
analyst at Goldman Sachs. 
A rare woman of color 
in a male-dominated 
field, she found success 
as an investment banker, 
even gaining promotions 
during widespread 
turmoil in the field during 
the Great Recession. 
When she reached the 
office of vice president 
at Goldman Sachs, it was 
revealed that she was in 
fact an undocumented 
immigrant from Mexico.

 In the years that followed, 
Arce turned to advocacy 
to help those who would 
follow in her footsteps. 
She published a book, 
My (Underground) 
American Dream 
(Entre Las Sombras del Sueño 
Americano), and began speaking 
out for immigrant rights in 
a number of forums. She has 
spoken at TEDx and the Forbes 
Reinventing America Summit, 
and her writing has appeared on 
CNN, The Hill, Refinery29, and 
Fusion, among other outlets.

 She is the chairman and 
co-founder of the Ascend 
Educational Fund, which offers 
scholarships and mentorship 
to immigrant students in New 
York City, regardless of their 
ethnicity, national origin, or 
immigration status. She also 
serves on the board of directors 
of the National Immigration 
Law Center and CollegeSpring. 
In August 2014 she took the 
Oath of Allegiance and became 
an American citizen.

 PCC’s Commencement 
ceremony is June 16, at 7 p.m. in 
Robinson Stadium.


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Julissa Arce




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