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VOLUME 11 NO. 11



Sierra Madre's New City Manager Receives 
Warm Welcome from Residents

Pictured above is Sierra Madre Mayor Gene Goss, right, 
welcoming Gabriel 'Gabe' Engeland, the town's new city 
manager. A reception was held on Tuesday and residents 
had the chance to give Gabe a warm Sierra Madre welcome! 
His first day on the job was Monday, March 13th. 

Photo by Dave Felt 

SAYING FAREWELL...A Message From Retiring City 
Manager Elaine Aguilar:

"I began working for cities in 
1983, and I held a number of 
positions, in a number of cities, 
all in preparation for August 
2007, when I was appointed Sierra 
Madre’s new City Manager. Now 
nine and a half years have gone by 
so quickly, and I can’t believe this 
is my final City Manager’s report. I 
truly mean it when I say that Sierra 
Madre is a special place, and it isn’t 
easy leaving, but personal family 
matters need my full attention, so 
it is time to turn things over to the 
new City Manager Gabe Engeland. 
I have been able to spend some time 
with Gabe and I really think he is 
fantastic, and he will be a good fit 
for this wonderful town. I am really 
going to miss everyone – the City 
Council Members, the residents, 
business owners, volunteers and 
City staff. One of my many goals, 
9.5 years ago, was to hopefully 
bring some stability to the positon 
of City Manager, and at that time, 
I wholeheartedly gave the City 
Council a 5 year commitment. 
But little did I know that 5 years 
would quickly almost become 10 
years! I leave knowing that between 
the committed City Council, the 
involved community, and the 
dedicated City staff, that there 
aren’t any obstacles that are too 
great and that can’t be overcome. I 
wish everyone and Sierra Madre all 
the best!

What a wonderful day for a festival! The weather was 
perfect and the legendary Wistaria Vine was in full 
bloom. Families came from near and far as thousands 
made the trek to see the Vine either on foot or via shuttle. 
While in town, visitors also had the opportunity to shop 
and dine at our local merchants, visit nearly 100 crafter 
booths, food booths, and non profit organization booths. 
There was plenty of music around town and very special 
guests that just wanted to be adored, the 'Purple Ponies'. 

 The Wistaria Auto Show also displayed exactly 100 
antique and unique cars. The event was sponsored by 
the Chamber of 
Commerce. Photos 
by D. Lee/MVNews


Exhibition: “EMERGING WOMEN” Opening Night Reception - 

Saturday March 18, 7 to 9 pm 

“EMERGING WOMEN” is a collection of exciting, 
modern and often historically significant works of art 
inspired by and selected from the recently published, 
groundbreaking 4-volume set of books: Emerging 
From the Shadows: A Survey of Women Artists 
Working in California 1860-1960. 

 The exhibition, curated by author Maurine St. 
Gaudens, consists of stimulating and captivating 
paintings and sculpture all created by women artists 
working in California as well as throughout the 
United States, Mexico and Europe; most of whom 
were previously unknown. The majority of the 80+ 
works have never been seen by the public before 
this thought-provoking exhibition which will leave 
you asking why were these talented artists left in the 
shadows and forgotten?

 In addition, Maurine St. Gaudens, along with her 
colleagues Joseph Morsman and Maureen Siegel 
Sprowles, will be at Creative Arts Group on April 7, 
2017, from 7-9pm to participate in a Q & A discussing 
the artists presented in Emerging from the Shadows 
and the influential role these adventurous women 
played in the development of the arts culture in 

 The exhibition will continue through April 26, 
2017. (Gallery Hours: M-F 10am-5pm & Sat. 10-2)

 Creative Arts Group

108 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre


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