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Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can 
be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Over the years that I’ve been writing this column, 
I’ve used quite a bit of it’s printed space to share my 
feelings about how animals should be treated more 
humanely by the human. Although what I have 
written has been based on facts as I know them, and 
while my motive has been pure in terms of hoping 
to encourage change for the better, I realize that my 
writing has, at times, turned to ranting and raving on 
a subject that is frustrating at best.

 This week I decided to focus on the good things 
humans have done to help protect animals and 
enhance their quality of life. So many positive changes 
have come about through compassionate legislation, 
volunteerism, philanthropy and individual self-
sacrifice - all on the part of the human and all on 
behalf of the animals. There is much more to be done 
to ensure that all animals, both wild and domestic are 
given a fair shake in life, but we’ve come a long way so 
let’s celebrate our success!

 Here are a few examples of the positive changes 
that have come about for the animals over the past 
several decades. It’s a short list, but it shows our 
country is taking a more positive approach to our 
relationship with animals.

 In 1966, The Animal Welfare Act was signed 
into law, making it the first in the United States 
that regulates the treatment of animals in research, 
exhibition, transport, and by dealers. Other laws, 
policies and guidelines before or after may include 
additional species coverage or specifications for 
animal care, but today all refer back to the Animal 
Welfare Act as the minimum acceptable standard.

 In May of 2006, Ohlone Dog Park in Berkeley, 
CA became the first known of it’s kind in the world. 
Since then, dog parks have been popping up by the 
hundreds in numerous cities within the US, and 
throughout the globe. This proves that all those 
millions of dog owners care enough about their pets 
to want the very best for them. Off-leash play in a 
social setting (for well-socialized dogs) is a kind way 
to show you love your canine. If you haven’t visited 
our own dog park here in Sierra Madre, you should. 
It’s located behind the pool, next to the tennis courts 
in Recreation Park. There are also a few other dog 
parks in neighboring towns with fenced areas 
designated for small and large dogs to play off leash. 
Use common sense and go by the rules to ensure a 
positive experience.

 In February, 2012 LA County agreed to allow dogs 
to accompany their humans for dinner on restaurant 
patios. Now your four-legged friend can really be 
a part of the family, by joining you for an evening 
outing rather than waiting at home 
anxiously until you arrive. With LA 
county being the forerunner and 
followed example, this law carried 
over to several other counties in 
California as well. It was amended 
later to prevent restaurant owners 
from being cited by the Health Dept., 
opening even more doors to four-

 In October of 2012, The LA City 
Council voted 12-2 in favor of a law 
that would require pet stores to sell 
only rescued animals. In addition to 
reducing euthanizations, the law seeks to put an end 
to puppy and kitten mills that breed animals in poor 
conditions and ship them to pet stores for profit.

 Pet ownership in the United States, Great Britain 
and Australia is on the rise! According to a recent 
census, the number of dog owners in these three 
countries has grown by several millions from the 
1990’s to the 2000’s and the number of dogs per 
household has increased as well. We humans are 
obviously becoming much more willing to forego 
another toy or trinket, in order to love and care 
for someone besides ourselves! Pets are great 

 Countless animal rescue organizations have 
formed over the past few decades. The Humane 
Society is a prime example of kind humans helping 
animals in need. Their efforts have reduced the 
number of euthanized pets to a proportionate 
fraction of what it used to be and numerous other 
organizations have followed their lead by placing 
rescued animals and advocating spay and neuter 
practices to all pet owners.

 Which brings me to another positive praise for 
the human’s love toward animals. Many licensed 
veterinarians in the US now offer affordable spay and 
neuter services to those who are financially strapped. 
Several non-profits network with veterinarians who 
share their desire to stop excessive breeding, and are 
willing to provide such services at their own cost. Do 
the research to find the right vet for your pet, and 
discuss your financial status frankly & honestly. You 
may be surprised at how helpful your vet will be when 
you tell them your desire is to prevent unintentional 
pet pregnancy.

 Last but certainly not least, there is a growing trend 
in our society to adopt and not shop. This not-so-new 
concept got started by avid animal rights advocates, 
and has been made more popular in recent years 
by celebrities who promote the philosophy. Now it 
seems just about every animal lover is on the band 
wagon. Now adopting is not only a win-win for the 
animal and its owner, it is also a cool trend that has 
caught on like wildfire.

 Again, this list is limited to only a few of the many 
great things that are happening in our society, on 
behalf of the animals. More than ever before, we 
humans are realizing how precious our beloved pets 
are. They are genuinely grateful for the care they 

 Pets love unconditionally, and for some people 
a pet may be the only source of unconditional love 
they have in their life. Kudos those who recognize the 
value of animals and selflessly help pave the way to a 
better life for them. May we all try to focus more on 
the good things happening to make a change for the 
better. Love and let live. 


Happy Spring! It’s 
one of my favorite 
times of the year. 
It’s a chance to 
shed the heaviness 
accumulated thus 
far and move 
forward again in a new way. Whether this means re-
adjusting my schedule, or actually creating space by 
getting rid of stuff in the house, it creates freedom. I love 
the analogy of my yoga practice being like a garden. The 
garden must have light and water, and old weeds must 
be removed to allow for new blooms. Here are a few tips 
to support you in springtime fun and reflection: 

 First, don’t forget exercise. A 30-minute walk each 
day can do wonders! If you live near the studio, try 
a walk to and from yoga class. It’s funny we can live 
two blocks from some place and never think to walk. 
Try adding in an extra yoga class each week as well. If 
you can’t make it to class, roll out your mat at home 
and do 10-15 sun salutations with a resting savasana 

 Secondly, make a daily meditation part of your 
routine. In the hustle and bustle of the day, we need 
this quiet time as calming, centering refuge. This 
practice will help to balance out the emotions, provide 
a place to breathe, and create peace.

 Last, make sure your diet is healthy, balanced, and 
regular. Skipping a meal is so easy to do when we’re 
working hard, but later on, our mood could suffer as 
a result. Food choices should be light, refreshing, and 
warm. Enjoy fresh cooked vegetables such as kale, 
broccoli or asparagus seasoned with garlic, ginger, and 

 Enjoy your time shedding those extra layers -- 
literally and figuratively. If you feel weighed down 
by stuff, people, or responsibilities, ask the question: 
What can I do differently? Is there something I can 
give up doing that might shift things? Your answer 
may lead you into a blossoming, new-found freedom.

Namaste and come see us for class at Yoga Madre. 

Keely Totten

E-RYT 500, Reiki Master Practitioner 

Grateful Teacher at Yoga Madre


Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual


Cute & playful, MINNIE, age 2, is very friendly, 
and so, so sweet! This pretty gray & white girl has 
the cutest pink nose, and very soft fur. She loves 
other cats and likes to play with the feather wand. 
She especially 
loves her treats, 
too. Minnie has a 
very skittish sister, 
Daisy, but Minnie 
can be adopted 

 Adoption fee 
is $100, which 
includes spay, 
microchip, exam 
& vaccines. A great savings! Our cats are negative 
FELV/FIV unless otherwise indicated. 

 See more pictures, videos, adoption 
info & application on our website, www. Sorry, we are not accepting 
cats at this time.

The twentieth century had 
many songs that celebrated the 
weekend. Every decade and 
every genre reveled in those two 
days dedicated to relaxation and 
pleasure. Some folks sleep longer; some try to squeeze 
in more fun, and some attack a personal to-do-list. It’s 
common in our culture to dread the coming of Sunday 
evening only because Monday is coming and it’s the 
start of a new work week. Rather than live for the 
weekend, why not seek ways to make Monday more 

 Here are some things that I do to recalibrate my 

 First, I remind myself of the time that I prayed 
for my job. I work in a highly competitive field, and 
because of economic fluctuations, it was difficult just 
to get an interview when I graduated. Now it’s even 
more difficult. Next, I focus on the service. I remind 
myself of the clients that depend on me to bring my 
best self each day and of my colleagues that expect my 
support. I don’t schedule my calendar too heavy on 
Mondays, and that helps me ease back into the work.

 When I find that the work is becoming too routine, I 
find a way to switch things around. I brainstorm ideas 
or seek out different experts, arguments or strategies to 
explore. I actively seek variety or consult with a more 
senior person to change my perspective.

 I like to schedule something fun to look forward to, 
like a small treat. I use a meal delivery service, and I 
love it! I look forward to having something interesting 
to prepare and eat. I feel like a gourmet chef. Perhaps, 
you could buy yourself fresh flowers to lift your mood 
and brighten your home. Or maybe you could have a 
weekly visit with a special friend and strengthen your 

 At the end of each day, before I go to sleep, I review 
the day. I remind myself of what I did well and look for 
ways to improve the areas that require it.

 All we ever have is now. Each moment is brand new 
and has never been lived before. Why not appreciate 
the moment for the wonder it represents? Our lives 
are so much better than our ancestors; it doesn’t make 
sense to complain. Monday is coming, yay! Let’s make 
it a great one!

Lori A. Harris is a lawyer and empowerment coach 
that helps women that women live their best lives. 
You can get more tips and find out more about her at and download her free app the 
Gratitude Train in Google Play and the App Store.


DON’T USE POISONS that kills the predators of these 
rodents too

 Poison means the death of natural hunters; owls, 
opossum, skunks, and CATS & DOGS

 Once a rodent eats the poison it is a long painful death 
and the rodent can become pray and poison the good 
predators. Especially remember that POISON KILLS 

There are electrical devices easily found at hardware stores 
that electrocute the rodent

 This is a quick death

 T.hank you for a concerned Sierra Madre pet owner


A Pasadena Area Women’s Scholarship is 
available annually in $500-$1000 increments for 
any female who is currently enrolled or planning 
to enroll by Fall, 2017 at a college or trade/
technical school at any level. This scholarship 
is sponsored by First Congregational Church 
of Pasadena, United Church of Christ as part 
of it’s community outreach program, however 
members of it’s congregation are not eligible for 

 Qualities to be considered by the Scholarship 
Committee are: goals, grades, financial need, 
college and/or community service and proximity 
to achieving degree objectives. Students are 
expected to enroll in at least nine (9) units per 
semester at the undergraduate level and at least 
six (6) units at the graduate or postgraduate level. 
Applicants must be current residents of the city 
of Pasadena or adjoining communities OR be 
enrolled by Fall of 2017 in a Pasadena college, 
university, technical or trade institution.

 Blank printed applications are available in 
the FCC church office, 464 E. Walnut Street, 
Pasadena, CA 91101, on the church website: www. OR via email from: fccmonina@ In addition to the application, two 
references are required, as well as a typed 1-2 
page autobiography. If currently attending 
college or trade/technical school, applicants 
must submit a photocopy of their transcript. The 
deadline for submitting applications is April 15, 
2017. Scholarship awards will be announced on 
May 15, 2017 and presented on May 20, 2017.

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