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VOLUME 11 NO. 14


It’s been a while since Sierra Madre had a Code Enforcement 
Officer, in fact the position has technically been vacant 
since the retirement of SMPD Code Enforcement Officer 
Lisa Volpe in 2013. However recent enforcement efforts 
by the city’s latest CEO, Greg Silva, have raised the ire of 
several businesses and residents. Silva, who was appointed 
last year came to a city where for almost three years there 
was no one to remind some residents and businesses what 
was required of them.

 Some of the businesses that have upgraded their signage 
to keep up with marketing trends have received citations 
as did several businesses that had ‘sidewalk sandwich 
boards’. However, the most controversial action was due to 
Silva’s attempt to confirm that an unlicensed business was 
operating in town. In that instance, the business, which 
had one or more vehicles advertising the business were 
parked in a residential driveway. Silva noticed the vehicles 
as he was leaving from another unlicensed business 

 According to Silva and actually confirmed by the 
business/homeowner, Silva knocked on the door and did 
not receive a response. He then walked along the driveway, 
past the vehicles looking for any workers associated with 
the company. Silva indicated he thought that the company 
was working on the residence and wanted them to secure 
the necessary permits. He acknowledged looking into the 
window for any sign of the workers. Finding none, he 
called the number on the van and the owner answered and 
was aware of Silva’s presence at the location because he had 
received a call from the man’s children (one of whom was 
17), who were home on spring break and called their dad 
because they didn’t know who the stranger was at the door. 

As it turns out, it was a home-based business that was 
operating without a license. The owner, who stated that 
he has lived in Sierra Madre for 38 years and operated the 
business for 20, did not know that as a resident he was 
required to have a license for his home based business. No 
citation was issued and he has since obtained a business 

 While that incident shows some of the challenges in 
actually trying to enforce the city’s laws, it also highlights 
how much need to know exactly what is required of them.

What is code enforcement?

 Code Enforcement efforts are concerned with safety, 
welfare and the esthetics of our community. By using 
the Sierra Madre Municipal Codes as a guide, residents 
can easily see what types of conditions are considered 

 Code Enforcement works with the Planning 
Department, Police Department, Public Works and 
Community Services as well as several outside agencies 
such as the LA County Health Department, Adult Services, 
San Gabriel Valley Vector Control. We coordinate with 
these agencies to provide a safe and desirable living and 
working environments. According to the city’s website, 
“Enforcement officers may issue notices of violation 
and administrative citations, inspect public and private 
property, and use whatever judicial and administrative 
remedies are available under this code and other law to 
enforce the ordinances of the city. Enforcement officers 
are authorized to enter upon any property or premises 
within the city to ascertain whether code violations exist, 
and to make any examination and surveys as may be 
necessary in the performance of their enforcement duties, 
in accordance with Fourth Amendment of United States 
Constitution and the related protections of the California 
Constitution. These inspections may include the taking 
of photographs, samples, or other physical evidence. All 
inspection, entries, examinations and surveys shall be 
performed reasonably and in accordance with law. If an 
owner or occupant or property or his or her agent refuses 
to consent to entry and inspection, an enforcement officer 
may seek an administrative inspection warrant pursuant 
to law.”, and that is something many residents are really not 
aware of or feel is unfair.

Are you guilty?

 The typical violation usually comes from failure to 
comply with the city’s water conservation efforts or for 
business, failure to apply for permits. Other issues include:

 Keep all landscaping neatly manicured and free of dead, 
dry vegetation and weed growth.

 Keep your property free of standing/ stagnant water.

 Ensure that irrigation systems do not waste water by 
spraying water onto streets and sidewalks.

 Minimize outside storage of household items, trash and 
discards. These things should be stored out of public view.

Do not store inoperative vehicles in public view.

 Maintain the exterior of your home and accessory 
structures to avoid damage by the elements.

 Abide by the California Building Code and submit 
plans and obtain permits prior to commencing any 
home improvement projects such as remodels, repairs or 


According to the City, projects requiring authorization 

• New Additions to primary residences.

• New/ upgraded plumbing and fixtures

• New/ upgraded electrical systems.

• New roofs, windows, building alterations

• Detached structures in excess of 120 square feet.

 Doing Business in Sierra Madre? License Required! 

 Brick and Mortar or Home Based, a business license is
required annually. Home Based Businesses need a special 
“Home Occupation Permit” and must be approved by the 
Planning Department. 

Contractors - (general builders, plumbers, electricians, 
handyman, gardeners, painters, installers, pool cleaners, 
tree trimmers, realtor companies, property management 
companies, investment properties), must have city 
business license. 

 Prior to Silva’s appointment, the position was under the 
auspices of the police department. Now it is part of the 
city’s Planning and Community Preservation Department. 
In addition to code enforcement, the department also 
oversees Planning and Zoning, Building and Safety and 


 For more information, go to the city’s website: http://www. where you can also apply for the 
appropriate license if needed.

S. Henderson/MVNews

Walking Sierra 
Madre…The Social 

by Deanne Davis

From the Editor: Congratulations John and Deanne!

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly.”

Richard Bach

There was an intriguing article in the Los Angeles Times last 
Monday entitled: “Coming: an inundation of insects.” “Heavy winter 
precipitation has fueled plant growth not seen since at least 2005 
and that in turn should produce bumper crops of butterflies, moths, 
beetles, mosquitoes and even subterranean termites!” Well! One 
day last week I was out in back of the house watering when my eye 
caught movement. A large caterpillar was inching its way up the back 
of our house. Looking further, I was aghast to see a whole bunch of 
caterpillars inching their way up the house, their destination being 
the roof, where they were intent on turning themselves into cocoons 
and dangling off our eaves. Quite frankly, I was horrified as I had 
never seen this happening before in all the 47 years we’ve lived here. 
And they only want to be on the back of the house, sheltered from 
wind, I guess, with lots of sun exposure. I promptly texted my son-
in-law, Chuck, arborist, champion herb/tomato/rose grower and 
part-time lepidopterist, sending along a picture of one of these guys, 
two inches long with black spines topped with red spots and said 
something along the lines of, “AAACCCKKK!!” What is this!!” He 
sent me pictures back of Red Admiral butterflies and said most likely 
that is what my caterpillars will be when they emerge. Well, OK! I’m 
good with running a butterfly hatchery.

 A couple of things coming up you won’t want to miss: The Library’s 
used book sale is today and you can still get tickets for the Art of the 
Garden tour, Sunday, April 23rd. Self-guided tour of five fantastic 
gardens in the foothill communities. Stop by Creative Arts on Baldwin 
to pick up your tickets. 

 The picture here is of me and my best friend and Walking Sierra 
Madre buddy, John, who laughs at my humor, likes my cooking and 
tells me every week that he liked my column. We celebrated our 50th 
wedding anniversary on April 1st and spent the day at daughter, Patti, 
and son-in-law, Dave’s house visiting with lots of family, some very 
dear friends, and a lot of reminiscing. There was cake, there was a taco 
guy, there was champagne, and about a million pictures were taken. I 
actually like some of them.

As this is something that doesn’t happen every day of the week, I 
thought I’d talk about it a little bit. The day we were married, it poured. 
Buckets! There is an old wives tale which says that if it rains on her 
wedding day, the bride will not shed many tears during her marriage. 
This proved to be true as I have laughed way more than I’ve cried.

 In these fifty years, we have successfully raised four amazing 
children, none of whom live with us, who have given us 13 fabulous 
grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. We have survived the 
building of, running of and sale of a radio station in the desert without 
losing our collective shirts or sanity. We have had so much fun, laughed 
so much, been to beautiful places together, and made delightful friends 
along the way, many of them Sierra Madreans. We have shared all that 
there is in life: joy, sorrow, laughter, tears, death, birth, pleasure, misery, 
poverty and not quite so poverty, pride in our children and other times, 
not so much; and always we have had each other to hold on to. Fifty 
years has flown with the speed of light! To quote one of our favorite 
singers, Kate Wolfe, “Who knows where the time goes...who knows 
where the time goes.”

 If you’ve married the right person, one who appreciates you and 
likes that you love to garden, is proud of everything you write; books, 
Kindle novelettes, blogs, newspaper columns; never gets annoyed 
or rolls his eyes when you endlessly point out sunrises, sunsets and 
flowers, and is ready to go out to dinner any time you say, “Let’s go out!” 
Will go to movies you pick without complaining...too much, and will 
hug you and hold you when you’re hurting, without telling you how 
to fix it, you’ll be happy. I know I certainly have been, and am looking 
forward to the next fifty years! 

 “A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter” is now available at Sunrise 
Books + Coffee at Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene on Sierra Madre 
Blvd. Kindle readers, give yourself the gift of: 

The Crown – An Easter Story It’s on on my book page!

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