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VOLUME 11 NO. 16

Local Area 
News Briefs

City Council Run-off 
Election Too Close to Call

South Pasadena Police 
Arrest Child Molestation 

 Phil Hosp (pictured above), 
a first-time council candidate, 
held a 20-vote lead over 
Councilmember Andy Wilson 
(pictured below) based on 
unofficial final election results 
from Tuesday run-off election 
for Pasadena Council District 
7 seat. 

 City election officials said in a 
statement that the race was still 
too close to call as a mandatory 
re-count of ballots will occur 
next week and approximately 
290 ballots, including about 
90 provisional ballots and 
200 vote-by-mail ballots, still 
need to be verified as eligible 
to be counted. In addition, an 
unknown number of vote-by-
mail ballots could be received 
by the end of this week and 
they too need to be verified as 
eligible to be counted.

 The election results were 
counted and announced in 
the Council Chamber by City 
Clerk Mark Jomsky. About 
2,000 vote-by-mail ballots were 
received and counted along 
with 1,184 votes from four 
precincts. Hosp was ahead by 
20 votes, with 1,602 votes cast 
for him, or 50.3 percent of the 
vote, and 1,582 votes cast for 
Wilson, or 49.6 percent of the 

 Both the provisional and 
additional vote-by-mail ballots 
currently in the possession of 
the City Clerk’s Office will need 
to be verified and, if eligible, 
will be added to the vote tally. 
Any additional vote-by-mail 
ballots received through the 
end of this week, if properly 
signed, post-marked and/or 
dated, can be eligible to be 
counted too, according to the 
City Clerk’s Office. 

A man in Alhambra was 
arrested Thursday morning 
in connection with attempted 
child molestation in South 
Pasadena. The suspect Edwin 
Linares was arrested at about 
7:00 a.m. by SPPD. 

According to police on 
Wednesday at about 12:30 
p.m., a female juvenile was
walking eastbound on Oak 
Street in front of the South 
Pasadena Middle School. 
She noticed that an adult 
male, driving a red Toyota 
Corolla, was slowly pacing 
her. The male drove ahead of 
the juvenile and stopped at 
the intersection of Marengo 
Avenue and Oak Street. He 
asked the juvenile if she needed 
a ride. After she refused the 
ride, the male asked her again. 
She then pulled out her cell 
phone and took a picture of 
the suspect vehicle, which fled 
eastbound on Oak Street. The 
juvenile was subsequently able 
to pick the suspect out of a 
photographic lineup.

Linares was also wanted by the 
Alhambra Police Department 
for felony child molestation. 
If you have additional 
information call SPPD 
Detectives at 626-403-7280.

First Fitness Training Program for Fire Service

 Retired Pasadena Fire 
Department Chief Calvin Wells 
(pictured above) announced last 
week “Firefighter in Training,” 
a the collaboration of Athletic 
Gaines at CATZ Pasadena, and 
Stephen Loy, Ph.D., former 
Wellness Coordinator for LA 
County Fire Department. 

 “I put in three and a half 
decades in the fire service and 
there are a number of things, 
that as a fire chief concerned 
me,” wells said. “There is an 
alarming failure rate at a high 
expense for hiring someone. 
So we devised a program that 
will help candidates meet up 
to the rigors of recruit training 
through fitness.” 

 The Firefighter in Training 
programs featuring techniques 
and training needed to pass 
the CPAT and to succeed in 
the extremely competitive Fire 
Recruit Academy “Drill Tower” 
programs wells said.

 The CPAT is the recognized 
standard for measuring an 
individual’s ability to handle 
the physical demands of being 
a firefighter. The timed test 
measures how candidates 
handle eight separate events, all 
designed to mirror tasks on the 
job. The CPAT is first physical 
challenge in the process of 
becoming a firefighter. 

 Fire Recruit Academy “Drill 
Tower” is a 16-week long, 
extraordinarily difficult training 
program equivalent to military 
boot camp. The physical 
demands of Drill Tower 
mirror the responsibilities of 
firefighting including: training 
in full firefighting structural 
gear, throwing ladders and 
pulling hose, wild land 
firefighting, live fire training, 
and vehicle extrication tactics.

 For more information visit: 

Police Release 
New Sketch of 
Murder Suspect 

 Sexual Assault Suspect 
at Large

Fire Service 
Day with 
Open Houses 

 Police are still looking for 
a suspect involved in sexual 
assault earlier this month 
at Pasadena City College. 
According to police, on April 
5 at 12:33 p.m., Pasadena 
Police responded to a local area 
hospital in regard to an alleged 
sexual assault that occurred at 
PCC. The incident occurred as 
the victim retrieved personnel 
items left in a locker room. 
Detectives said the suspect 
description is: 21 year old male 
Hispanic, 5 feet 8 in, 170 lbs., 
brown hair, brown eyes.Suspect 
had a shaved head with a mullet 
and nose piercing. Anyone with 
information is asked to contact 
Lt. Carrillo at (626) 744-4517.

 The Pasadena police 
department is continuing to 
ask the public’s help with tips 
or information regarding the 
murders of Antione Sutphen 
and Ormoni Duncan on Jan. 6. 
Information from the public has 
led to a new composite sketch 
of Suspect #2. Anyone with 
further information is asked to 
call Detective Gomez at (626) 
744-7112 or anonymously at 

 Meet the dedicated 
men and women of the 
Pasadena Fire Department 
during Fire Service Day on 
Saturday, May 13th from 
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Fire 
Station 33, 515 N. Lake 

 Firefighters will conduct 
several demonstrations 
to include: How fast they 
put on their firefighting 
equipment, how they 
respond to a structure 
fire, vehicle extrication 
using the Jaws of Life, 
rappelling down a building 
by the Urban Search and 
Rescue team and how 
they work with patients 
on a medical emergency. 
Fire engines, trucks and 
other equipment will be 
on display. There will be 
hot dogs, refreshments and 
opportunities to experience 
live fire extinguisher 
training and safety tips 
for children and parents 
with the public education 
trailer. Fire Station 33 is 
on the west side of Lake 
Avenue just north of Villa 
Street. Parking will be 
available in Lot C at Lake 
Avenue Church one block 
south of the fire station off 
of Villa.

 All other fire stations in 
Pasadena will be open to 
the public as well to meet 
firefighters and showcase 
fire apparatus.

 Fire Station #31, 135 S. 
Fair Oaks Ave.

Fire Station #32, 2424 E. 
Villa St.

Fire Station #34, 1138 E. 
Del Mar Blvd.

Fire Station #36, 1140 N. 
Fair Oaks Ave.

Fire Station #37, 3430 E. 
Foothill Blvd.

Fire Station #38, 1150 E. 
Linda Vista Ave.

Fire Station #39, 50 Ave. 64

 For more information call 
(626) 744-7177.

 An Open Studios 
Art Tour this June will 
provide an intimate 
view into the artist’s life 
and studio; to be able 
to see where and how 
ideas are conceived 
and developed. When 
visiting an artist’s 
studio, the creative 
process becomes 
apparent and is 
unique to each artist. 
It provides a personal, 
experience, unlike 
the setting of a typical 
gallery show. 

 The Art Tour takes 
place over Saturday 
and Sunday, June 3, and 
4, from 11 am until 5 
p.m. It is a self-guided 
tour, allowing visitors 
to visit with as many 
artists and locations as 
desired. Each location 
offers varying artists 
and art styles and all 
offer hospitality and 
a chance to support 
local art and make new 

 The Tour’s opening 
gala will be held at 
the Altadena Library’s 
main branch on 
Mariposa Street on 
Friday evening, June 2. The 
open event will include 
a silent auction of artist’s 
work, live jazz, and spoken 
word. Food and beverage 
will be available from our 
own Altadena Wine and Ale 
House and Sweeter Than 
Honey serving up wonderful 

 Art and other one-of-a-
kind, handmade items are 
available for purchase at 
most locations and at our 
retail hosts. Some locations 
offer food, and some offer 
music, and other amenities. 
We hope that you enjoy 
this Open Studios Art Tour 
and remember to: “Meet 
Neighborhood Artists, Come 
Curious and Leave Inspired”!

 Hoopla! Emporium, an 
early supporting merchant 
and member of the 
Administrative Planning 
Team, is hosting two artists 
this year – Liz Crimson and 
Linda Brooks. 

McGinty’s Gallery will be 
featuring Kate Carvellas and 
Alfred Haymond. 

 ARK Gallery and the Art 
Crush Gallery are also on the 

Be sure to look for our flyers 
and Tour Guidebooks, placed 
in locations throughout 
the Pasadena/Altadena 
area. We invite you to visit 
our supporting merchants 
during your tour. Tour 
Guidebooks will be available 
at Hoopla! Emporium, 
McGinty's Gallery, Altadena 
Public Library, Pizza of 
Venice, Sidewalk Café 
and the Pasadena Antique 

 For more information about 
Hoopla go to shopathoopla.
com or call 626-797-1135.

Open Studios 
Dena Tour

The Altadena Chamber 
of Commerce recognized 
open Studios Alta/
Pasa/Dena as 
Business of the Year 



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