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VOLUME 11 NO. 25

Man Arrested 
with Arsenal 
of Weapons

Bridge Renamed after 
John K. Van De Kamp

By Dean Lee 

 Metro deputies arrested a 
man Wednesday morning at 
a Pasadena Gold line station 
with a duffle bag full of 
weapons including a loaded 
assault rifle and ammunition. 
The suspect, later identified 
as Christopher Harrison 
Goodine, was first stopped 
for urinating in public.

 According to L.A. County 
Sheriff Jim McDonnell, 
Goodine was stopped around 
9 a.m. near a planter outside 
the Sierra Madre Villa 
station. A search of his duffle 
bag, by deputies, revealed a 
.40-caliber pistol, a machete 
knife and rope. The assault 
rifle was fitted with two 30 
round magazines. The pistol 
was loaded with a high-
capacity magazine. Both guns 
were fitted with silencers/
suppressor. Some of the 
bullets were hollow points, a 
type illegal in some parts of 
the state.

 McDonnell also said the 
pistol was restricted to law 
enforcement or government 
use only. The investigation is 
ongoing as to how Goodine 
got the weapons. He also had 
a notebook full of writings 
McDonnell said but declined 
to say what was written. 
Investigators also said 
Goodine may have boarded 
the Gold Line in Chinatown.

 McDonnell said there was 
no evidence of terrorism, 
but credited deputies with 
averting possible disaster. 

 Arresting officer Deputy 
Katherine Zubo of the Sheriff 
Transit Policing Division said 
that at first Goodine gave 
officers a false name. Wearing 
black pants and a button-
down blue shirt, there was 
nothing to drawn attention to 
him Zubo said.

 Goodine is a resident of 
Union City, Georgia and 
reports suggest he may be 
linked a similar situations 
in New York and arrests 
in Georgia, Florida and 
Washington, D.C.


 City Officials are set to hold 
a plaque unveiling and bridge 
renaming ceremony today for 
the “John K. Van de Kamp 
Bridge” formerly known as the 
La Loma Bridge.

 A “Grand Walk” across the 
bridge, reception and formal 
opening of the bridge to both 
pedestrians and motorists is set 
for 9 a.m. 

 The formal program will 
begin with opening remarks 
by City officials, a dedication 
ceremony, musical tribute.

John Kalar Van de Kamp 
was born February 7, 1936 
in Pasadena and lived most 
of his life here. He is a 
graduate of John Muir High 
School; Dartmouth College 
and Stanford University Law 
School. He dedicated his 
professional career to public 
service, including serving as 
California’s 28th Attorney 
General, 1983-1991; a one-
time candidate for California 
Governor in 1990; the 37th 
District Attorney for the 
County of Los Angeles, 1975-
1981 and the 80th President 
of the State Bar of California, 

 He passed away at age 81 at 
his Pasadena home on March 
14 and his survived by his wife, 
Andrea and their daughter. The 
Pasadena City Council at its 
June 12 meeting unanimously 
approved the bridge re-naming 
in honor of Mr. Van de Kamp’s 
distinguished career in public 

 The John K. Van de Kamp/
La Loma Bridge is an open-
spandrel arch structure that 
was completed in 1914 over 
Pasadena’s beautiful Arroyo 
Seco. It is often described as the 
“small sister of the Colorado 
Street Bridge.” The 378-foot-
long bridge has two travel lanes 
for vehicles and five-foot-wide 
sidewalks on either side. The 
architectural style is highly 
decorative and was influenced 
by nostalgic views of ancient 
Greek and Roman architecture. 
The bridge was listed in 2004 
in the National Register of 
Historic Places.

 The bridge was closed in the 
summer of 2015 for a much-
needed, $16 million seismic 
retrofit and rehabilitation, 
including replacement of the 
bridge’s top deck; rehabilitation 
of the arches and spandrel 
columns and strengthening of 
the end piers.

Officials Discuss Technology in Policing

By Dean Lee

 The city’s Public Safety 
Committee had a lengthy 
conversation Wednesday night 
on the use of surveillance 
technology in policing that 
included putting security 
cameras in public parks, the 
use of unmanned drones and 
acoustic tools for gunshot 
detection and location.

 All the items were for 
information only and no action 
was taken by the committee.

Pasadena Community Services 
Supervisor Maricela Galvez 
said the city is looking at a 
pilot project that could utilize 
cameras as a deterrent for crime, 
graffiti or other disruption of 
park use or community centers 

 Pasadena City Manager Steven 
Mermell said that although, 
putting cameras in public 
places does not need the Public 
Safety Committee or city 
council’s approval, “we thought 
there should be some kind of 
public dialog on the issue, to 
get input… from interested 
members of the public,” he said.

 “Instead of going forward 
with new technology, I’d like to 
go backward and have officer 
‘bob’ in the park said Pasadena 
resident Joyce Perry. “Greeting 
people, engaging them, finding 
out who there are, or even 
the neighborhoods, before we 
install cameras.”

 Perry said she thought there 
was a serious disconnect 
between police and the public, 
“I think being reduced 
to images on a camera 
would be even more 

 ACLU representative 
Michelle White questioned 
the locations of the pilot project 
that includes La Pintoresca Teen 
Education Center, La Pintoresca 
Park, Villa-Parke and Villa-
Parke Community Center, all 
are in Northwest Pasadena.

 “I haven’t heard any crime 
statistics that indicate that we 
should start here, or the fact that 
we actually need the cameras… 
it’s [also] a questions if we need 
to start with communities of 
color,” White said.

 Councilmember and Public 
Safety Committee Chair John 
Kennedy asked that Police Chief 
Phillip Sanchez return to the 
committee with answers to the 
questions raised by the public.

 Councilmember and 
Committee member 
Tyron Hampton requested 
information about gunshot 
detection technology. Police 
Commander John Perez said 
that the system used acoustic 
sensors throughout the city to 
triangulate and detect gunfire.

 Perez said cost was a factor 
and they researched a company 
“ShotsSpotted” with a 20 year 
history using the technology. 

 “The cost runs about $40,000 
for startup, for a three miles 
radius and $195,000 per 
year, every year, in use and 
maintenance,” he said.

 Hampton said he was in favor 
of the system, “I think if we 
used it for even a few years in 
would seriously deter firing off 
weapons,” he said.

 Sanchez said he did think 
the system was needed, “I’m 
not convinced at this point, 
that a technology can outpace 
or significantly support the 
courageous people that we have 
in our community now.”

 Sanchez was also skeptical on 
the use of unmanned drone use 
in policing, an issue that has 
been before the committee and 
city council a number of times.

 He said concerns include 
privacy and restrictions in using 
the drone at night and within 
the line-of-sight of the operator. 
The drones can also not be 
flown from a moving vehicle or 
over people and that all traffic 
must be stopped if a drone is 
flying over a roadway. Drone 
use is approved by the Federal 
Aviation Administration. He 
said helicopters are a better use 
of air support.

 He did say there were limited 
uses for drones in policing 
including SWAT standoff 
situations and large scale 
disasters in emergency aid. “ 

 “This emerging technology is 
really on everybody’s radar… 
Sheriffs… LAPD… there are a 
lot of potential applications for 
this but desire can’t get ahead of 
the technology or the law,” he 

Free Summer 

in the Park 

Art Therapy Workshop at 
Pasadena Senior Center

 Back by popular demand, the 
Pasadena Senior Center will 
present free summer concerts 
showcasing the talents of a 
variety of popular musical 
groups that range from jazz 
to big band to country and 

 The one-hour concerts, 
every Tuesday evening at 6 
p.m. from July 11 to Aug. 29 
at the Gold Shell in Pasadena’s 
Memorial Park, are open to 
people to all ages. Bring a 
lawn chair and a picnic for the 
perfect summer experience 
with family and friends.

 July 11 – Pam Kay and 
The Tap Chicks entertain 
with lively dance routines, 
Vaudeville-style comedy and 
clever costumes.

 July 18 – Whiskey Hayride 
performs classic country/
rock that will get everybody 
up and moving.

 July 25 – Pasadena Youth 
Chamber Orchestra features 
talented high school and 
college students performing 
classical music favorites.

 August 1 – Susie Hansen 
Latin Band performs fiery 
jazz and salsa that will have 
the audience on their feet and 
dancing in the aisles.

 August 8 – Paddy’s Pig 
presents timeless Irish pub 
songs and contemporary Irish 
rock delivered with plenty of 

 August 15 – Theater of Vision 
Productions entertains with 
“Cirque di Sarray,” a fun and 
fast-paced carnival show.

 August 22 – Grammy-
winning Lisa Haley and the 
Zydekats play lively Cajun 
Zydeco music with lots of 
Louisiana spice.

 August 29 – The Great 
American Swing Band 
features the sounds of big 
band, rhythm and blues, jazz 
and Dixieland.

 For more information visit or 
call (626) 795-4331.

 Studies show that art therapy can help improve the emotional, 
physical and psychological health of senior citizens. 

 An art therapy workshop Monday, July 17, from 1 to 3 p.m. 
at the Pasadena Senior Center will be led by Norma Green, an 
art therapist who has been in private practice for 20 years. The 
workshop is open to members and non-members of the Pasadena 
Senior Center

 Green will show paintings by renowned artists, and participants 
will use pastels and pads of newsprint paper to express their 

 “There is great joy and wonderment in the discovery and 
expression of one’s own abilities to create and give real form to 
ideas and feelings,” she said.

 Register at the Welcome Desk. No prior artistic experience is 
required. A $5 materials fee will be payable at the door. 

 For more visit or call 626-795-4331.



 Pg. 3

All Fireworks are Illegal 
in the City of Pasadena


 Pg. 4


 City officials announced 
last week that Pasadena 
maintains a Zero 
Tolerance enforcement 
policy for fireworks and 
that the city’s police and 
firefighters are teaming up 
for special enforcement 
patrols against fireworks. 
Violators are subject 
to arrest; having their 
vehicles impounded; up to 
one year in jail and fines 
up to $50,000.

 Help keep all of us, 
our children, homes 
and property safe from 
illegal fireworks. If You 
See Something, Say 
Something! Call Pasadena 
Police at (626) 744-4241 
to report illegal fireworks 
and other suspicious 

 If you want fireworks to 
be part of your Fourth of 
July Holiday, attend the 
91th annual “Americafest,” 
one of the best family-
friendly celebrations and 
professional fireworks 
shows in Southern 
California at the Rose 
Bowl Stadium. For ticket 
and event information, go 

 Due to the high potential 
for fire hazards and injuries, 
Pasadena police and fire 
personnel will staff checkpoints 
around the stadium to seize all 
fireworks. Parking enforcement 
officers will ensure that vehicles 
illegally parked in Pasadena’s 
hillside areas on July 4 are 

 The Pasadena Fire Department 
will begin applying Phos-Chek 
on Thursday, June 29, to brush 
areas around the stadium. The 
main ingredients of this annual, 
preventative fire retardant 
are phosphates and fertilizers 
to help prevent plants from 
burning and re-vegetate burned 
wildland areas.

 Call 9-1-1 for all life-
threatening emergencies.

Call (626) 744-4241 for all other 
public safety needs.

for emergency preparedness 
information; and to register 
your telephones to receive Red 
Flag Alerts or other emergency 





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