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Mountain Views-News Saturday, July 29, 2017 11THE WORLD AROUND US 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, July 29, 2017 11THE WORLD AROUND US 
With the push of a button, final commands for theEuropean Space Agency’s LISA Pathfinder missionwere beamed to space on July 18, a final goodbyebefore the spacecraft was powered down.
LISA Pathfinder had been directed into a parkingorbit in April, keeping it out of Earth’s way. The finalaction this week switches it off completely after asuccessful 16 months of science measurements. 
While some spacecraft are flashy, never sitting stillas they zip across the solar system, LISA Pathfinderwas as steady as they come -- literally.
It housed a space-age motion detector sosensitive that it had to be protected against the forceof photons from the Sun. That was made possiblethanks to a system of thrusters that applied tinyreactive forces to the spacecraft, cancelling out theforce of the Sun and allowing the spacecraft to staywithin 10 nanometers of an ideal gravitational orbit.
These requirements for Pathfinder were sochallenging and unique that LISA Pathfinder flewtwo independent systems based on different designs-- one provided by NASA and one by ESA -- andran tests with both during its 16-month mission.
“We were trying to hold it as stable as the widthof a DNA helix,” said John Ziemer, systems lead forthe U.S. thruster system at NASA’s Jet PropulsionLaboratory in Pasadena, California. “And we wentdown from there to the width of part of a DNA helix.” 
JPL managed development of the thruster system,
formally called the Space Technology 7 DisturbanceReduction System (ST7-DRS). The thrusters weredeveloped by Busek Co., Inc., Natick, Massachusetts,
with technical support from JPL. During the U.S.
operations phase, Pathfinder was controlled usingalgorithms developed by ST7 team members atNASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt,
Maryland. This control system took inputs fromthe European sensors and sent commands to the
thrusters to precisely guide the spacecraft along itsphotons with extremely tiny force that can subtlypath.move the spacecraft.” 

JPL finished primary mission experiments inSo why build something this sensitive to beginthe fall of 2016. In March and April of this year,with? 
they continued validating the algorithms used inLISA Pathfinder was just a starting point. Thestabilizing the spacecraft. They improved themmission was led by ESA as a stepping-stone of sorts,
through a number of tests.proving the technology needed for an even more

“The main goal for us was to show we can flyambitious plan, the Laser Interferometer Spacethe spacecraft drag-free,” Ziemer said. “The mainAntenna (LISA): a trio of spacecraft proposed toforce on the spacecraft comes from the Sun, from launch in 2034. With each spacecraft holding as still 



Living with Coyotes 

[Nyerges is a naturalist been here for perhaps thousands of years, and that 
who teaches classes in it plays an important role in the local ecology.
botany and biology. He is According to U.S. Forest Service Wildlife Biologist 
the author of several books Bill Brown, coyotes are mostly carnivorous. He 
including “Enter the Forest,” explains that they are excellent hunters, often 

“Extreme Simplicity,” “How to Survive Anywhere,” working in pairs, who feed primarily on rats, mice, 
and others. He can be reached at www.SchoolofSelf-ground squirrels, rabbits, insects, and carrion. or Box 41834, Eagle Rock, CA 90041.] (Did you notice that at least half of the animals 

eaten by coyotes can be carriers of plagues?)

Coyotes are fascinating members of the dog Berries and backyard fruit comprise only a small 
family. Today, there are found in virtually every portion of the coyotes’ diet, according to Brown 
city in the lower 48 states, and they seem to be able (whom I interviewed for my “Enter the Forest” 
to survive anywhere. book). Still, coyotes are regarded as opportunists, 

I can recall my first coyote encounters during and will not hesitate to capture and eat cats, small 
summer camp and while backpacking in the local dogs, poultry, sheep, and other domestic animals 
Angeles National Forest just north of Sierra Madre. as long as they are easier to capture than other wild 
At first, I was sure that I was hearing other children animals. 
and adults howling. The voices had such a chilling All too often, people who move into mountain 
human-like quality that I could not believe they locations fail to adequately protect their pets, which 
were coyotes. But my friends assured me were become easy prey for a coyote. Brown points out 
hearing a pack of coyotes, and we could hear that coyotes do not go after people,, and in the very 

as possible, they would be able to detect the ripplesto reaction wheels, the current standard for rotatingsent out across space by the merging of black holes.and pointing spacecraft.

These ripples, known as gravitational waves, have“This kind of technology could be essentialbeen a source of intense scientific interest in recent for space telescopes,” Ziemer said. “They couldyears. The ground-based Laser Interferometry potentially hold them still enough to imageGravitational Wave Observatory detected exoplanets, or allow for formation flying of a seriesgravitational waves for the first time in 2015.of spacecraft.” 

But there’s a bigger role for thrusters like the onesThe thrusters are an enabling technology,
on LISA Pathfinder. Ziemer said the operation ofopening up a magnitude of precision that simplysuper-steady thrusters could serve as an alternative wasn’t available before. 


A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder 


I have just celebrated myElegance. I never saw this before, but then of courserecent birthday. By now, itI was not old enough to appreciate it.
is getting to be old businessWhen I was young, I noticed my grandfather

for me. Just another day of the year to celebratehad some rather grumpy sessions and I did notsomething, which just happens to be my birthday.quite understand. Now that I am approaching my

I believe that if it is my birthday, I should be ablegrandfather’s age, I appreciate that grumpy attitude.
to celebrate whatever birthday I want to celebrate.Oh, the wonder of Aggressive Grumpy Elegance.
You are only as old as you celebrate.If I ever thought youth was exciting, it is nothing

I am not embarrassed at how old I am, I justcompared to this A.G.E. that I am experiencingsometimes cannot remember the exact figure.right now. It is so wonderful to be grumpySome of my friends are rather legalistic along thiswhenever you choose. 
line and are demanding the exact number of mybirthday. Is it really that important? Does it reallyI know some people are grumpy because theymatter how old you are?are just grumpy. That has nothing to do with this

Well, if you spoke to some of my friends itwonderful Aggressive Grumpy Elegance that Imatters to them. For those of us, however, who have discovered. 
have experienced a succession of birthdays it doesIt takes quite a few decades to master this kindnot really matter.of attitude. I am delighted to say I have reached

Thinking of my birthday this past week I wasthat stage in my life and I am mastering this parttrying to figure out what was my best birthday.of Aggressive Grumpy Elegance. I just cannot say itAll of them had certain significance to them. Foroften enough.
example, my 16th birthday allowed me to drive theFor example, when I want a quiet afternooncar. However, I could only drive the car when myand maybe take a little bit of a nap, the result offather said I could drive the car. this would be somebody saying, “Stay away from

My 21st birthday was very important because Igrandpa, he’s acting a little grumpy today.” The keythen could get married. Back then, you could notto that is “acting.” 
get married unless you were 21 years of age. BeforeSome people are grumpy because they are 
that, you had to have your parent’s permission. Igrumpy, but those of us who have reached a certainhave asked my parents for many things throughoutlevel in life are grumpy because we are actingthe years, but I think asking to get married is justgrumpy and to act grumpy takes a great deal ofcrossing the line somewhere.thespian skill.

Every birthday starts a new year of adventureIf someone, and I will not mention the real name 
and excitement. When you get older, adventurehere, wants me to go shopping with her, all I needand excitement sort of goes away a little bit. Itto do is put on the grumpy act. “Well,” she will say,
can be exciting to celebrate another birthday and“I guess you’re too grumpy to go shopping with mewonder where you going to be at when your nexttoday!”
birthday comes around.The person who has reached this level of A.G.E

Some people feel it’s a little negative to get older.can turn it on when needed and turn it off when 
If you do not get older, it means that you have…not needed. That is the “elegance” part of this wholeWell, you know the rest of that sentence. I findbusiness. 
nothing negative about getting older. I find certainWhen the grandchildren are around makingamenities are associated with getting older that Inoise and excitement, I do not have to act grumpy.
could not cash in when I was younger.When their parents, however, come around that is

When I was younger, I could not get away withthe time when grumpy kicks in.
much of anything. Now that I am older, I can getYou have to know when to act grumpy and whenaway with things because I have a few niches I cannot to act grumpy. That is the wonderful aspect ofuse. “I’m sorry,” I often say to the Gracious Mistressgetting to the age I am at right now.
of the Parsonage, “I forgot all about that. You knowI believe Solomon understood this when he 
I’m getting older now.” wrote, “The glory of young men is their strength:

She smiles and shakes an understanding head. Itand the beauty of old men is the grey head”
is wonderful to have an excuse for things of that (Proverbs 20:29).
nature. One of the great privileges in life is to earn that

For my birthday this year, I discovered “grey head.” More important, to use that grey headsomething rather interesting. This year I discoveredin a positive, affirmative fashion. 
the amazing wonder of A.G.E. If you look at agefrom the proper perspective, you do get some veryDr. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family of Godinteresting enjoyments.Fellowship, 1471 Pine Road, Ocala, FL 34472. He

I suppose I should explain to you what I mean bylives with his wife in Silver Springs Shores. Call him

A.G.E. It never occurred to me until this birthdayat 352-687-4240 or e-mail
celebration. A.G.E is simply Aggressive Grumpy The church web site is 
Read us online at: 
maybe 50 distinct voices. 

That human-like voice is the reason so many 
scary camp-fire tales are told about coyotes, usually 
involved disappearing children who get raised in 

Back then, during the naivete of childhood, it was 
easy to believe in the magical, mysterious, and 
mystical qualities of the coyote. These nocturnal 
animals could survive where few others animals 
could, and so supernatural qualities were often 
attributed to the coyote in myth and lore.

In fact, an entire branch of American Indian 
lore pertains to stories about Coyote, a Trickster 
who usually ends up getting caught in his own 
machinations. Coyote Trickster tales were akin to 
the morality stories found in all cultures.

Today, as we humans in the valleys below the 
mountains ever-expand our range, we encounter 
coyotes more and more frequently. A friend from 
South Pasadena who would get up around 4 a.m. 
for work, would report that he frequently saw a 
line of up to a dozen coyotes calmly walking down 
his hilly urban street. Yes, they are urban dwellers.
As the urban sprawl continues to sprawl, people 
move into the remote sites in the foothills and 
mountains and discover that their family cat has 
disappeared; all too often, it was some indigenous 
coyote’s dinner. These homeowners generally 
regard the coyote as a menace and an animal to 
be rid of. They quickly forget that the coyote has 

rare instances where this has occurred, it was with 
unprotected toddlers in the mountain areas. To 
the coyote, the young child is a “fat hairless dog.” 

Increased sightings of coyotes can occur for many 
reasons, such as lack of food in their normal area, 
or after wildfires when their territory is disrupted. 
But in general, coyotes – like bears and mountain 
lions – want nothing to do with people and will 
usually depart before they are spotted.

The coyote is a very adaptable animal, and its 
range is by no means restricted to the foothills. Its 
home range is about 16 square miles, and in some 
cases, as much as 100 square miles. Coyotes are 
known to travel through flood control channels, 
along freeways and city streets, and even sidewalks. 
The Los Angeles River and the Arroyo Seco are 
two easy routes for them to get from place to place. 
I’ve spotted them on the streets of Sierra Madre, 
Pasadena, Altadena, and surrounding areas.

It is not unusual to see coyotes running on the 
streets at night around the Rose Bowl. Coyotes 
are frequently found in foothill neighborhoods in 
Sierra Madre, especially on the night the trash cans 
are put out. (Make sure to have tight lids on your 
trash cans).

Wildlife Biologist Brown says we have no 
accurate idea how many coyotes are living in the 
Angeles National Forest, but that it could be in the 

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