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Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 2, 2017 11THE WORLD AROUND US 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 2, 2017 11THE WORLD AROUND US 
New analysis of Pluto’s atmosphere explains why NewHorizons spacecraft measured temperatures muchcolder than predicted.
The gas composition of a planet’s atmospheregenerally determines how much heat gets trappedin the atmosphere. For the dwarf planet Pluto,
however, the predicted temperature based on thecomposition of its atmosphere was much higher thanactual measurements taken by NASA’s New Horizons 
spacecraft in 2015.
A new study published November 16 in Natureproposes a novel cooling mechanism controlled byhaze particles to account for Pluto’s frigid atmosphere.
“It’s been a mystery since we first got the temperaturedata from New Horizons,” said first author Xi Zhang,
assistant professor of Earth and planetary sciencesat UC Santa Cruz. “Pluto is the first planetary bodywe know of where the atmospheric energy budget isdominated by solid-phase haze particles instead of by 
The cooling mechanism involves the absorption ofheat by the haze particles, which then emit infraredradiation, cooling the atmosphere by radiatingenergy into space. The result is an atmospherictemperature of about 70 Kelvin (minus 203 degreesCelsius, or minus 333 degrees Fahrenheit), insteadof the predicted 100 Kelvin (minus 173 Celsius, orminus 280 degrees Fahrenheit).
According to Zhang, the excess infrared radiationfrom haze particles in Pluto’s atmosphere shouldbe detectable by the James Webb Space Telescope,
allowing confirmation of his team’s hypothesis afterthe telescope’s planned launch in 2019.
Extensive layers of atmospheric haze can be seenin images of Pluto taken by New Horizons. Thehaze results from chemical reactions in the upperatmosphere, where ultraviolet radiation from the Sunionizes nitrogen and methane, which react to form
tiny hydrocarbon particles tens of nanometers indiameter. As these tiny particles sink down throughthe atmosphere, they stick together to form aggregatesthat grow larger as they descend, eventually settlingonto the surface. 

“We believe these hydrocarbon particles are relatedto the reddish and brownish stuff seen in images ofPluto’s surface,” Zhang said. 

The researchers are interested in studying the effects 



[Nyerges is a teacher, andin this matter. One man asked me, “Well, don’t youauthor of such books at think it’s odd that some of them waited 30 years“How to Survive Anywhere,” to speak up?” No, I didn’t find that unusual at all. 
“Til Death Do Us Part?”, After all, if you lived in an environment where“Extreme Simplicity:you had to prove something happened, you wouldHomesteading in the City,” end up in the so-called he-said-she-said situation,
and others. He can be reached at www.SchoolofSelf-where it could not be decided by a court who, or Box 41834, Eagle Rock, CA 90041]lying or telling the truth. So why would any womanThe Harvey Weinstein saga was the openingunder such difficult situations bother to again putsalvo in what can be described as the latest herself through the wringer of the courts? I believe 
Pandora’s Box to be opened for public viewing.most of the women. The timing was right and theyWhy now? Who knows? The timing was right,are speaking up, saying, I didn’t like what you didapparently, and the pendulum has swung – in ato me. I did not consent. What you did was wrong.
good direction.And men should really sit up and listen. A 

I’ve had many discussions in the past month aswoman does not like a man to push himself on her.
revelation after revelation has come forth, almost A woman who rejects a man (for whatever reason)
at a dizzying speed. The nature of this particularis not playing “hard to get.” Guys, get over it. IfPandora’s Box is unique, and it has ignited deep-the woman does not care for you, keep your handsfelt discussions by both men and women. I’ve to yourself and move along smartly. The world is ahad discussions with just men, just women, andvery big place. Remember, it is always the womanwith mixed groups. I’d like to share some of my who chooses in a relationship. Get that into your 
observations. head. 

First, by whatever divine timing occurs to allowThe Weinstein saga has brought up a lot of touchysuch nasties to be revealed, it is clear that women issues, some of which will probably not be resolvedhave had enough! Women everywhere knowany time soon. For example, there are some who wanthow they have been treated for so long, almostto revisit some of Bill Clinton’s sexual allegations.
automatically, and they want it to end. After all,But, they aren’t interested in Bill’s extramarital affairslet’s face it -- the world is largely run by men, and– something that occurred between two consentingmany of them haven’t gotten used to the idea of aadults and therefore their own business – but only inwoman in the work place which is his equal, andcases where Clinton forced himself on a woman, and 
should be respected as such. Or, the men who used his power to influence her to do something shehave been running things for so long have comedid not want to do. 
to expect – even demand – certain perks from theAs since the beginning of time, men like women,
women who are part of their solar system.women like men, and we all need each other, as 

Once, many years ago while having lunch withfriends, partners, and associates. Learn to give themy mentor at the time, he noted that I glanced overrespect that you want and expect others to give of 
at a very attractive woman in the next booth
My mentor said nothing at first. Then, in a shortThese are some of the things that my friends andwhile, he said, “Most men have no clue how hard it I discussed. I think it’s good that the cat came outis to be a beautiful and attractive woman.” He did of the bag, and I hope that we might see positivenot specify the woman that I had glanced at, butchanges in the male-female relationships of ourlet’s just say that she had all the assets that a mansociety as a result. 
seems to not be able to not stare at. “Imagine if 
you were such a woman,” he continued. “All daylong, men would whistle at you, yell at you, tauntyou, and they would interpret your every move as


long-range imaging included the mapping of Plutoatmosphere and its effects on the solar wind. Theyand Charon to 25 miles resolution. Because of Pluto’s also searched for dust. A communications dish on 
tilt, portions of the northern hemisphere were inEarth measured the disappearance and reappearanceshadow at all times. of the radio signal as the probe flew by behind Pluto.

Meanwhile, instruments on board New Horizons The results resolved Pluto’s diameter (by their timing)
studied the atmosphere, both by emissions ofand atmospheric density and composition (by theiratmospheric molecules (airglow), and by dimmingweakening and strengthening pattern). 
of background stars as they pass behind Pluto(occultation). During and after closest approach,You can contact Bob Eklund at: b.eklund@ 
other instruments sampled the planet’s high 


A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder 


Sitting in the living roomdifference between a cookie and an apple fritter?
the Gracious Mistress of I think my wife will be surprised when at the 
the Parsonage and me wereMarriage Supper of the Lamb in heaven there will be
enjoying some hot apple cider tea and listening toapple fritters for dessert.
some Christmas music. The song came that referredThen there is the idea of organizing your mess.
to Santa’s nice list and naughty list. I was not payingAccording to the other resident in our home,
too much of attention, but somebody else in the organizing and cleaning up after yourself is nice. If
room was. you do not do that, it is naughty.

“Do you think you are on,” my wife said ratherI sure would like to know who set those rules. 
sarcastically, “Santa’s nice list or naughty list?”I think if your mess is comfortable and you are

I always get trapped by such questions. I have beenhappy with it, it should be nice.
married long enough to know that questions are notIf she thinks organizing her space is nice, then whyposed to get an answer, but rather to get someone incan’t she allow me the same privilege to think that mytrouble, mainly me.messy space is also nice?

I did not want to answer that question and I didn’tIt is all just a matter of perspective.
know how to get away from it. Suddenly the answer Then it is Christmas time and people should became to me. able to indulge in certain activities that at another

The telephone rang and I jumped up to answer it.time may be naughty.
It was some Robo call trying to sell me something IOne of my holiday indulgences is eating.
did not want. I took advantage of the situation andA bunch of us gathered to have a Christmas dinnercarried on a one-way conversation, hoping someonebefore the actual Christmas holiday and we had awould forget the question they had asked previously.merry time. I was enjoying myself and indulging in

Finally, I hung up the phone and resumed drinkingthe luxury of eating everything set before me.
my hot apple cider tea in the living room.Someone was passing a pumpkin pie and asked ifThen it came back again. “Well, are you on the niceI wanted another piece of pie. I’ve already had threelist or the naughty list?”pieces of pie, but this is the time of the year to indulge.

This only points out the difference between us.Before I could even process the word “yes,” my betterNice is really a matter of perspective. Some peoplehalf jumped in and said, “No, he’s had enough piethink something is nice while other people think thefor tonight.” 
same thing is naughty.Her definition of “enough pie” is a little different

For instance. My wife thinks eating too manyfrom mine. My definition is, “Yes, I’ll take one moreapple fritters is very naughty. I think you cannot eatpiece.” It does not matter how many pieces I have hadtoo many apple fritters and it is really nice to eat one.up to that point, one more is always on my plate. ThatOr two. Or three, or four. is what makes eating pie nice for me.

I cannot see what naughty has to do with eating anThe most disturbing part of that conversation wasapple fritter.when she looked at me and said, “Remember, you’re

If eating an apple fritter puts me on Santa’s naughtyon a diet!” 
list, then I gladly apply for that position.Her idea of being on a diet is to watch what youMy problem is, looking at Santa and the dimensionseat. That’s nice in her regard.
of his waist, I do not think he believes eating an appleMy idea of being on a diet is to watch what I put infritter is naughty. I am not sure my wife consideredmy mouth. That’s nice in my regard.
that aspect.“So,” my wife said after a long pause, “are you on

After all, everybody sets out cookies for SantaSanta’s nice list or naughty list?”
to eat when he brings the presents. What is the “That all depends,” I said rather slowly, “on yourdefinition of nice and naughty.” 
What I think is nice for me may not be nice for

of haze particles on the atmospheric energy balanceof other planetary bodies, such as Neptune’s moonTriton and Saturn’s moon Titan. Their findings mayalso be relevant to investigations of exoplanets withhazy atmospheres.

New Horizons passed within 7,800 miles of Pluto,
with this closest approach on July 14, 2015. NewHorizons had a relative velocity of 30,800 mph at itsclosest approach, and came as close as 17,900 miles toCharon. Starting 3.2 days before the closest approach, 

someone else. And what someone else thinks is 
quite thought about it that way before. I’d figured,

a flirt or an invitation to them. Honestly, I’d never 

naughty I may not consider to be naughty at all. It isas a male, that it would be quite awesome to be the

all just a matter of perspective.
most attractive woman in the room where every

Then a thought popped into my head.
guy wanted to… well, you know.

“Are you referring to Santa’s list or to your list?”
My mentor continued. “The curse of being

For once, she had nothing to say. She just looked athighly attractive is that it is nearly impossible for

me and could not come up with a comeback. Nowmost men to see beyond your body, and get to

that’s nice. 
know the person inside.” I had to admit that was

I believe Paul had this in mind when he writes, 
true. Sad, but true. 

“Furthermore then we beseech you, brethren, andIn our recent Weinstein-related discussions, 

exhort you by the Lord Jesus, that as ye have receivedmost of the women were a bit surprised when I

of us how ye ought to walk and to please God, so yedeclared that nearly all men are natural predators,

would abound more and more” (1 Thessaloniansand that they have to work hard to overcome their

animal nature. Women are not that way, and so

The question needs to be restated; are we on God’sthey are too often surprised when a man’s animal

nice list or God’s naughty list?
nature strikes. That’s no excuse for the man, of 

To please God in everything I do is the greatcourse – it’s just a fact.

ambition of my life. I know that I cannot please GodI found it interesting that not a single man

and other people at the same time.
challenged my assertion that nearly all men are

Dr. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family of God

Fellowship, 1471 Pine Road, Ocala, FL 34472. He livespredators. Why? Because they are men! They 

with his wife in Silver Springs Shores. Call him at 352know 
what it is like to be inside a man’s body.

687-4240 or e-mail The church

I was asked if I thought any of these women

web site is lying with their sexual allegations. I said no, I 
didn’t think so. I mean, maybe there are one or twoexaggerations, but I didn’t see any reason for deceit 

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