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Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 30, 2017 11THE WORLD AROUND US 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 30, 2017 11THE WORLD AROUND US 
Titan, the largest of Saturn’s more than 60 moons, 
has surprisingly intense rainstorms, according to 
research by a team of UCLA planetary scientists 
and geologists. Although the storms are relatively 
rare—they occur less than once per Titan year, 
which is 29 and a half Earth years—they occur 
much more frequently than the scientists expected.
“I would have thought these would be once-amillennium 
events, if even that,” said Jonathan 
Mitchell, UCLA associate professor of planetary 
science and a senior author of the research, which 
was published in the journal Nature Geoscience. 
“So this is quite a surprise.” 
The storms create massive floods in terrain that 
are otherwise very cold deserts. Titan’s surface is 
strikingly similar to Earth’s, with flowing rivers that 
spill into great lakes and seas, and the moon has 
storm clouds that bring seasonal, monsoon-like 
downpours, Mitchell said. But Titan’s precipitation 
is liquid methane, not water.
“The most intense methane storms in our 
climate model dump at least a foot of rain a day, 
which comes close to what we saw in Houston from 
Hurricane Harvey this summer,” said Mitchell, the 
principal investigator of UCLA’s Titan climate 
modeling research group.
Sean Faulk, a UCLA graduate student and the 
study’s lead author, said the study also found that 
the extreme methane rainstorms may imprint that 
moon’s icy surface in much the same way that 
extreme rainstorms shape Earth’s rocky surface.
On Earth, intense storms can trigger large flows 
of sediment that spread into lowlands and form 
cone-shaped features called alluvial fans. In the 
new study, the UCLA scientists found that regional 
patterns of extreme rainfall on Titan are correlated 
with recent detections of alluvial fans, suggesting 
that they were formed by intense rainstorms.
The finding demonstrates the role of extreme 
precipitation in shaping Titan’s surface, said 
Seulgi Moon, UCLA assistant professor of 
geomorphology and a co-senior author of the 
paper. Moon said the principle likely applies to 
Mars, which has large alluvial fans of its own, and 
to other planetary bodies. Greater understanding 
of the relationship between precipitation and the 
planetary surfaces could lead to new insights about 
the impact of climate change on Earth and other 


[Nyerges is the author of “Self-does not and cannot occur when a government simplySufficient Home,” , and an prints more paper currency. Even the local Native 
occasional blogger of current Americans understood this when they created beadworkevents. He can be reached at and basketry which served as articles of trade that hadBox 41834, Eagle Rock, CAintrinsic value. 
90041, or].Of course, everyone’s list will be unique. Such a list 

When I ran into my friend Nicole recently at Beanof things you can make could include woodworkingTown, we got into a discussion of how the recent(making bookshelves, desks, canes, etc.), various usefuleconomic problems are affecting the income of so manycrafts (candles, soaps, metal-works, etc.), and makingpeople. We began to consider the solutions that are clothes. If you know how to sew, you could not only makeavailable. custom clothing but could also make repairs. Many larger 

Nicole and I both focused upon one question (outbusinesses started when just this way. 
of the myriad of financial topics): What does someoneunemployed do? Should one just sit and collectGROW FOOD 
unemployment and wait for someone to hire them?You can make foodstuffs, like pies, cookies, soups,
Certainly that is one option. Everyone’s financialsalsas. Unfortunately, in today’s very controlled society,
situation is different, of course, but we tried to consider you will need Health Department permits to sellthe question: from whence comes real wealth (for anfoodstuffs to stores or farmer’s markets – and maybeindividual or a country)?you can go that route. But you could also just let your

Obviously, one big part of the solution to unemploymentneighbors know that you need the income and areis to get someone to hire you, someone whose businesscurrently selling meals, pies, etc. You might be surprised 
requires your unique skills or talents. at the response.

Growing and then selling fruits, herbs, and produceMAKING A LIST is another way to create something and introduce newBut “getting hired” is only one-half of the equation. As wealth into the economy. I have done this part-time forI have personally done many times, and have advisedyears, and did once go the route of getting the Departmentpeople dozens of times, when you need to earn money,of Agriculture certification so that I could also sell theyou should also sit down and make a long list of all yourfruits of my labor to farmer’s markets.
talents and skills, as well as all the things you can sell. Useful artworks are also worth considering, such

as greeting cards, posters, hand-made art pieces,
WHAT CAN YOU SELL? photography, etc. Again, everyone’s list is different.

Selling stuff, of course, is a short-term solution, butWhen I was laid off from a regular office job in 1993,
sometimes that’s what’s needed. And the very act ofI felt tinges of fear as to how the bills would be paid. But 
taking inventory of the physical stuff you have acquiredI quickly segued into making arts and crafts and sellingcan force you to re-look at your own needs and priorities.them at craft fairs around Southern California, which 
The act of getting out and talking to people and trying toincluded cards, walking sticks, twig pencils, bull roarers,
raise some short-term cash allows you to let others knowand booklets that we wrote and published. 
your plight, and opens the door for others to hire you, oroffer some advice. A NEW WAY OF THINKING 

Some examples of raising short-term cash by sellingOne of the personal benefits of pursuing such anstuff includes yard sales, estate sales, sales on ebay,unconventional way of “making money” is that it justtaking individual items to antique dealers, and callingmight open you up to doing those things that you reallyall of your friends and offering them deals on somethingenjoy doing, and you might find that you look forwardyou getting up each day. Though such efforts generally

This is another big topic, one that I will address intake time, and generally do not replace a full “hired job”
a future column. Still, it is amazing how many “poorincome immediately, they can be valuable ways to bringpeople” are buying junk that they do not actually need.a family together, and create a hitherto unknown senseStop spending! Buy only what you absolutely require.of family and community. I know for me that such daysIt is amazing when I recall how many people tell mehave been the best times of my life. We had the money wehow much they “saved.” “Oh, look, I saved 40% on thisneeded, but not always the money we wanted. [By the way,
great gizmo for my living room,” when in fact they stillthe details of this are all recorded in “Extreme Simplicity:
purchased something that their life would be betterHomesteading in the City,” available at Amazon or www.

Which leads to another benefit. When you have noELIMINATE CREDIT incentive to save and to find other ways to fulfill your

Credit and “equity” are two big areas that help to movebasic needs, you tend to do what is easiest. When there is 
the economy overall, but also get many people in trouble.a pressure, you often are highly motivated to make otherNicole laughed because she’d done this too. A friend had things succeed. Plus, you learn that you can do things forrecently told us how he wanted to buy something but heless, that you can recycle, and you learn how to produce aonly had so much money “left.” “Do you mean left in yourproduce with minimal waste. 
bank account?” I asked. “No, I’m referring to the creditleft on my card,” he said, barely aware that all credit isWHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? 
money that he doesn’t have. If you are buying on creditAt our home, we grew as much of our own food asbecause you do not otherwise have the money, and youpossible, raised chickens, composted, burned our scrapknow you cannot pay off the entire balance of the creditwood in the fireplace, and never let anything go to waste.
card, then you cannot afford the item, and you would be When we had a need, we approached others with thebetter off not buying it. mindset of “What can I do for you?” (rather than “can

you help me?”). This way, when we put the other personsMARKET YOUR SKILLS needs first, people were more than willing to help solve

Then, another list should be made where you list all ofour problems. And at that point, we were not so muchyour skills. This includes things you can do, possibly on“solving a problem” as we were doing things that we alla free-lance basis, for hire. The list should also include all benefited from. 
the things you can make and sell.What a wonderful mental attitude. It is precisely this

It is noteworthy that rarely does the politician whoattitude put into action that can provide real solutions intalks about unemployment ever mention the fact thattoday’s economic depression.
just about everyone has latent skills that can and should Though I have written about 10 books about “survival”
be put into action. And keep in mind that real intrinsicand self-reliance issues, it is always worth remindingwealth occurs when something of higher value is createdourselves how money and the use of money seems tofrom something of a lesser value. Lasting real wealth dictate so much of our daily life. 

Although Titan’s alluvial fans are a new discovery, poles than to the equator.
scientists have had eyes on its surface for years. Such variations in surface features suggest 
Shortly after Cassini reached Saturn, radar and Titan has corresponding regional variations in 
other instruments showed that vast sand dunes precipitation, because rainfall and subsequent 
dominated Titan’s lower latitudes, while lakes and runoff play a key role in eroding land and filling 
seas dominated its higher latitudes. The UCLA lakes, while the absence of rainfall promotes the 
scientists found that the alluvial fans are mostly formation of dunes. 
located between 50 and 80 degrees latitude—close 
to the centers of Titan’s northern and southern You can contact Bob Eklund at: b.eklund@ 
hemispheres, but generally slightly closer to the 


A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder 


Memory is a very tricky thing, at least for me it — like being without electricity for four days — 
is. Looking back over a year's span of activity, twice this past year. Oh, that I remember, and 
my memory seems to pick and choose what it remember well. In fact, if my memory serves me 
remembers. After all, I do not have the brain correctly, it was more like 90 days.
capacity I once had.I remember deducting the monthly service 

Often some old-timer will moan about how charges from my bank each and every month. 
much he misses the good old days. I am not sure Well, maybe not "each and every" month. Why 
if he is thinking of World War II or the Great those three checks bounced is beyond my 
Depression. I am positive that during the Great comprehension.
Depression, some wonderful memories were Should the bank charge a larger fee for a 
created, but I am not sure anyone wants to return bounced check than the face value of the check? 
to those thrilling days of yesterday.I personally do not think so. Isn't it the bank's 

The bad was not as bad as we remember and the business to keep their records straight? Why do 
good not as good as we boast.I have to spend so much time each month on my 

Some things are best forgotten, while some checkbook account? 
things should never be forgotten; my trouble has Last, but certainly not least, is the year the 
always been remembering which is which.Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage remembers.

Several things about the old year bear serious At times, I am tempted to think (at least it's 
consideration. The past year, in my opinion, what I call thinking) my wife lives one life and I 
was not just one year, but several years flowing live something altogether different from hers. The 
together. Sometimes I am not sure which year I things she remembers that took place during the 
lived. year are beyond my remembering.

This past year, like all its brothers before it, I am beginning to believe she remembers 
actually consisted of three years.things that never took place. Of course, and I say 

First, there is the year that really was. "Just the this with all sincerity, I would never contradict 
facts, ma'am." her memory.

I am a little fuzzy about this one. For one thing, For the life of me, I do not know where I was 
looking at my checkbook entries (at least the when all these things happened she says happened. 
ones I remembered to enter) the past year was a Nor do I know where I was when I promised to do 
completely different one than I recall.all those things she said I promised.

I really do not recollect having all the fun Even in my right mind, (of which I do not have 
suggested by my bank statement. Why is it no much left) I would never concede to help remodel 
matter how much money I put into my bank the family room. I would never accuse her, heaven 
account, more money comes out? It is a Ponzi forbid, of taking advantage of me in this area. The 
scheme in reverse. thought is not a stranger in my head, although 

Evidently, some phantom creature has access to rational thoughts are.
my checkbook.King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, 

President Ronald Reagan was accused of voodoo framed his thoughts this way, "Remember now 
economics. Reviewing my bank statements, I thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the 
could be accused of "Who-do" economics. If I evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, 
ever find that “Who-Do” rascal, I will balance my when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them" 
checkbook on the top of his head.(Ecclesiastes 12:1).

My income tax statement is another perplexity. Solomon's idea was, "now" is more important 
I can never figure it out either. If the government than "then." 
said I made that much money, I must have made The Apostle Paul had the right idea with this 
that much money and owe that much in taxes.matter of remembering. "Brethren, I count not 

Speaking of the government, what I do not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing 
understand is how they know how much I I do, forgetting those things which are behind, 
owe, to the penny, along with millions of other and reaching forth unto those things which are 
Americans? before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the 

Second, there is the year I remember.high calling of God in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 

This year is much shorter than the previous 3:13-14).
one, for some odd reason. The year I remember It is not important how much I can remember 
had only two months; this month and last month. about the past, as long as I do not forget to set 
And believe me, "last month" is a stretch for me. Christ before me in all I do in the coming year. 

Honestly, I remember paying the electric bill, 
contrary to what the electric company says. My Dr. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family of 
problem with the electric company is that during God Fellowship, 1471 Pine Road, Ocala, FL 34472. 
the space of a year they send me 12 bills and I can He lives with his wife in Silver Springs Shores. Call 
only remember two. Let's just split the difference.him at 352-687-4240 or e-mail jamessnyder2@att.

They penalize me for screwing up, but they net. The church web site is www.whatafellowship. 
do not credit my account when they screw up com. 

Catch breaking news at:

Titan’s alluvial fans were detected by a radar 
instrument on the Cassini spacecraft, which 
began orbiting Saturn in late 2004. The Cassini 
mission ended in September 2017, when NASA 
programmed it to plunge into the planet’s 
atmosphere as a way to safely destroy the spacecraft.

Juan Lora, a UCLA postdoctoral scholar 
and a co-author of the paper, said Cassini has 
revolutionized scientists’ understanding of Titan. 

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