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Mountain View News Saturday, March 3, 2018 
Mountain View News Saturday, March 3, 2018 
Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis 

“True love is an act of the will – a conscious decision to 
do what is best for the other person instead of ourselves.” 
Billy Graham“Love is not only ‘the union of two good forgivers’ but also‘the union of two good appreciators.’” Ruth Bell Graham 

What a long, extraordinary life Billy Graham lived. 
Can you imagine the scene in heaven when he arrived? 
Millions standing in line to shake his hand and thank 
him for changing their lives by telling them about a life 
with Jesus as one’s personal savior. My best friend, John, 
was there to say hello, too. When Billy Graham held his 
crusade at the Rose Bowl November 18-21, 2004, we were 
counselors. What a thrill to hear him speak and then 
as people began pouring out of the seats and heading 
forward, we were there to help them with the next step 
toward a changed life. I still have my badge! I pinned it on 
my kitchen curtain and there it has remained. Well, the 
curtain has changed along the way but the badge keeps 
going back up.

If you haven’t been down to that charming center at 38

E. Montecito, you need to go! Not only do we have ourown splendid brewery, the RT Rogers Brewing Company,
but Susan Wallis, the stained and leaded glass designerwho also restores stained glass is in Suite #7, next door toMichael Hill and his WoodHill Designs in fine furnitureof the Greene and Greene era. If you stop in to RT RogersBrewing Company, you can see several examples ofMichael’s exquisite work.
But there’s a new guy down there in Suite 4, Matt Flentie,
owner and proprietor of Big Daddy’s Garage Home Décor.
Not only is Matt situated among some of the niftiest arcadegames you’ve ever seen – ones like Asteroids, Paper Boy,
Captain Fantastic’s Elton John Pinball, and Pole Positionfor the Racing fanatics, but they all work and Matt’sbrother-in-law, who is the pinball expert, repairs andrecycles these machines and YOU could come down andplay on them!

Not only is Matt running a new and exciting businessfeaturing items that would delight anyone who wantssomething a little outside the usual stuff you’d find on yourwall, but he’s totally involved here in town with our LittleLeague kids. Last Saturday was opening day and Matt wasthere all day with the little people on the T-Ball Reds team,
starting Friday night with the team and all the parentsdecorating the truck that would carry the team throughtown on Saturday. Matt’s two nephews, who are five andseven are part of the T-Ball Reds with their dad as Coach 

and Uncle Matt is their Assistant Coach. Matt’s waitingimpatiently for his little girl, who is about 18 months old,
to get involved, too.

Matt spent seven years as a Special Ed teacher andanyone who knows a special ed kid also knows what achallenge they are. Reaching one of those crossroads 
moments where one either invests in all the additional 
education necessary to keep going or one turns in anotherdirection, Matt had an opportunity to get into the salesside of online education and spent the next ten years there.
But then, another of those crossroads moments came 
along and Matt had the chance to get into what he’s lovingdoing right now, which is online sales of totally hip stufffor the home, the office, the man cave, like the sign Mattis holding here in the picture. He’s having the best timeselling American Pop Culture photos, reproductions ofvintage toys like the Popeye Bank and Mr. Peanut that arecast iron and have been distressed to look like they cameout of somebody’s grandpa’s garage from 1930. Thesethings are really neat!

Big Daddy’s Garage right there at 38 E. Montecito isa cool place to hang out, as more and more people arediscovering. Comfy couches, arcade games, Little Leaguefolks, it’s a fun family hangout. Come in and take a look.
You’re going to find something you didn’t realize youneeded to spruce up your den. Big Daddy’s online salesinclude signs that light up, framed art, light fixtures, walldécor. Take a look at their website: www.bigdaddysgarage.
net. But Matt says you’ll get a better deal on price if youstop in. If you’ve always wanted one of those beer signs orjust about anything you once saw in your best friend’s dad’sgarage, Big Daddy’s Garage is the place. So much cool stuffin one place!

Have you finished the One Book One City book “InGod We Trust: All Others Pay Cash”? Guys reminiscingabout all the trouble they got into in their little town inIndiana during the Depression. Trust me! You’ll love it!

I’m missing the Olympics...

My book page: Deanne Davis 
Check out “The Crown” now that we are heading forEaster... 
If you’ve ever wondered what happened to that crown ofthorns, 
“The Crown” is perfect for you!
Star of Wonder the CD is now on TuneCore! Take a look! 

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Sierra Madre Civic Club marked their 74th 
birthday this year by honoring past presidents at theannual Birthday Celebration. The event recognizesthe 1944 founding of Civic Club that began with 15charter members. Today Civic Club boosts morethan 100 members who are committed to civic 
and philanthropic activities in Sierra Madre andsurrounding communities. During the year, the 

women of Civic Club raises monies, and sponsorsevents such as Halloween Window Painting, HuckFinn Day, the Mount Wilson Trail Race, and more.
For more information contact sierramadrecivicclub. 
org, see our Facebook page, or come to a meeting!
Civic Club meets the second Thursday of each monthat 7:30 PM at Hart Park House in Memorial Park. 

See you there! 

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