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Mountain View News Saturday, March 10, 2018 
Mountain View News Saturday, March 10, 2018 
Police Activities LeagueNews Briefs

Local Area 

Golden Badge Awards 

 Officers in Altadena 
Altercation Reassigned 

 Two Pasadena police 
officers have been 
reassigned from the city’s 
gang enforcement unit 
and placed on desk jobs 
following an ongoing 
investigation into a traffic 
stop in November that 
led to a violent arrest of 
Christopher Ballew during 

its mission to “Encourage 

a traffic stop in Altadena 

 The 16th Annual Golden Badge Pasadena Area Youth to be 

according to reports 

Awards Dinner will be held on Good Citizens through a 


Thursday, March 22 at Noor Partnership with the Pasadena 
In December, Pasadena 

in Paseo Colorado. This year’s Police Department.” The goal 
Police Chief Phillip Sanchez, 

Golden Badge Awards will be is to reach youth at an early age 
said the department was 

presented to Abel Ramirez of in support of their development 
El Portal Restaurant and Sindee by fostering positive attitudes 

investigating the incident 

Riboli of Sharp Seating for their toward authority figures, while 

and both Zachary Lujan 

commitment to supporting providing a safe and stable 

and Lerry Esparza would 

the youth of Pasadena. The environment after school 

remain on duty. 

PAL Service Award will be to do homework, socialize 

 Late last month the 

presented to a product of the and participate in structured 

Altadena Town council sent 

By Dean Lee book takes place in Pasadena, to many members of society: 

PAL Program, Officer Roxanne summer activities.

Sanchez and city officials a 

 Author Nathalia Holt it just feels right,” Holt said. women, men, teens, readers or 

Haines. The PAL Center is located at 
letter requesting that Lujan 

(pictured middle) discussed “…It’s fun to come back and to non-readers. The book should 

 The PAL program n average of The Salvation Army Recreation 
and Esparza stop any police 

her experiences writing Rise of see some of the women that I also inspire a conversation. 

85 students participates daily in Center, 960 East Walnut Street.
business in Altadena. They 

the Rocket Girls Thursday night profiled in the book. I feel lucky Hany said that many of the 

the after school program, with The program enjoys the 
to an audience full of past and that I got to know them, spend One City One Story events 

an average of 110 members support and leadership of 

also asked the department 

current JPL employees —the time with them.” center on Science, Technology, 

actively participating during Chief Phillip Sanchez, whose 

from proactively patrolling 

the summer program. There is commitment to enhancing the 

famed laboratory, in the 1940s Catherine Hany, Engineering and Mathematics 

Altadena until doing a 

a waiting list of more then 200, lives of Pasadena Area youth is 

and 50s, was the setting for her Communications for the (STEM). For a full list of events 

review of their use of force 

the proceeds from the event resolute. 

book. Pasadena Public Library said see page 3. 


are dedicated to reducing the The event will include auctions 

 For the first time in its 16 year everything aligned, and that 

 The officers stopped Ballew 

waiting list by increasing PAL and a raffle drawing courtesy 
Nov. 9 initially for driving 

history, Pasadena’s One City, having Holt’s author event 

programs.of Pasadena jeweler Mimi et 
with tinted windows and 

One Story Selection Committee, discussing the true story of the Woman’s 

 The PAL Center offers an Cie. The event begins at 6:00 
missing a front license plate. 

this year, chose a nonfiction women who launched America 

book, “Rise of the Rocket Girls: into space on International Civic League 

array of activities designed p.m. with cocktails followed by 
An altercation between 

The Women Who Propelled Us, Women’s Day was perfect.

to enhance the educational, dinner at 7:00 p.m. For more 
from Missiles to the Moon to She added that the in selecting Luncheon 

athletic, and artistic experience information and tickets visit 

Lujan, Esparza and Ballew 

Mars.”the work the committee’s 

of young people. PAL or call (626) 

left Ballew with a black eye 

 The Woman’s Civic 

 “I was so thrilled that I was criteria include that the book 

continuously strives to realize 791-1225.

and a broken leg. Video of 

League of Pasadena’s 

selected for this because it is a and author should have some tie 

the incident by a bystander 

nonfiction book, so much of the to Pasadena and should appeal monthly luncheon will be 

went viral. Civil rights 

on Monday, April 2nd at 

Sandra Chen Lau to run

activists had demanded 

12 noon at the Women’s 
the officers by placed on 

City Club, 160 N. Oakland, 

for PCC Board of Trustees


leave. Demonstrators had 

Pasadena. Free parking 

 Pasadena resident Sandra 

disrupted Mayor Terry 

behind the Clubhouse on 

Pi Day, the 

Chen Lau, a museum executive 

Tornek’s State of the City 

Madison. This year the 

and non-profit development 

Address January 16 over 

group has chosen Club 21 

consultant, announced today


policing issues. 

and Shepherd’s Door as 

that she will run for a seat on the 

 Ballew was arrested for 

their very worthy grant 

Pasadena City College Board of 

 March 14 is Pi Day, a celebration stars, and how astronomers recipients. A presentation 

assault on a police officer 

Trustees in the election on June 

of the beloved number known 

although the Los Angeles 

predict the occurrence of solar will be made at the 


as pi. JPL is celebrating Pi Day 

County District Attorney 

eclipses. The new problems will luncheon. Cost for lunch 

 “I’m proud to be part of a 

with the fifth annual “Pi in the 

be posted online on March 9, is $25 at the door. Lunch 

generation of women steppingfailed to file the charges. 

Sky” illustrated math challenge, 

and solutions will be posted 

forward to provide new 

Ballew also filed a lawsuit in 

reservations must be made 

featuring pi-related space 

on March 15. You can find 

leadership. I decided to run 

late December against the 

problems that you can do at the previous years’ challenge by March28th. There is no 

because I believe so strongly

Police Department. 

home. cost to attend the ‘program 

problems online as well.

in PCC and its mission. I’m an 

Pi is often abbreviated as only’ beginning at 12:30pm. 

 The challenge is geared toward 

example of a student whose

3.14 (which is why Pi Day is For more information 
students in grades 5 through 

life was turned around by

celebrated on March 14, or visit our website at www. 

12, and JPL offers additional 

Pet of the 

community college, and I want

3/14), but there are actually resources for teachers and

future students (including my

an infinite number of digits in 

educators who want to use the and to make luncheon 

own two kids) to have the sameBoard, and on PCC’s Pacific 


pi. Using computer programs, 

problems in the classroom. reservations, call 626-888

opportunities I had – or better!”Islander Advisory Council. I’m

mathematicians have calculated 

But Lutz said adults love trying 9404. 

 “PCC is an excellent school also Associate Vice President of 

trillions of those digits so far.

out the problems as well, and 

but, it also has serious problems.the Japanese American National

 Pi can be used to derive 

everyone should attempt the 

Yet another President resignedMuseum and serve on Pasadena’s 

characteristics of a circle or a 

challenge even if they aren’t Annual 

recently. We’re now lookingNorthwest Commission.”

sphere, such as circumference 

familiar with space exploration.

at six presidents in less than “As a Trustee, my goals will be

or surface area. Scientists 

 “The Pi in the Sky problems Pasadena 

ten years – seven, if there’ssimple: Work to rebuild campus

and engineers at NASA’s 

give people a little glimpse 

another interim appointment!morale and stability. Focus 

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 

into what goes on at JPL,” Lutz 

Meanwhile, the college was on success for all students – 

Egg Bowl

Pasadena, California, 

said. “And that’s empowering, 

recently on academic probationincluding returning veterans. 

frequently use pi to learn about 

because it shows people that The annual Pasadena Egg 

for two years, at risk of losing itsAnd build for the future within 

moons, planets, stars and other 

accreditation.”a strong framework of fiscal

they can understand some of Bowl is back and better than 

spherical bodies, and to track 

the magic that goes into space ever! Bring your family for a 

 “I am well-prepared to addressresponsibility.”

the orbits of satellites and 

these issues and to provide “I’m pleased that so many

exploration.”hoppin’ good time March 31 


 Pi belongs to a special class of from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. as you 

the leadership PCC needs. college and community leaders

 The “Pi in the Sky” challenge, 

 Vanilla (A409032) is 

For over a decade I worked have already endorsed my

numbers known as “irrational hunt for eggs on the Rose Bowl 

created by JPL’s Education 

a 2-year-old guinea pig 

in higher education, helping campaign. And I look forward

numbers.” These numbers field. Enjoy a delicious all-you-

Office, features math problems 

searching for a new home. 

run successful developmentto talking with voters about

contain an infinite number can-eat breakfast, pictures 

that illustrate how pi can be 

of digits that do not repeat or with the bunny, exclusive 

campaigns at UCLA, USC andmy plans and dreams for the

She came to PHS when 

used to learn about all kinds of 

Pacific Oaks College. I currentlyamazing community asset that is

show any pattern, and they activities and a VIP egg hunt 

her owner moved to a new 

curious features of the universe, 

serve on the PCC Foundation Pasadena City College.”

cannot be represented as a on the Rose Bowl field! All 

place that does not allow 

including earthquakes on Mars, 

ratio of two integers. (Integers attendees are required to 

pets. They report she’s a 

helium rain on Jupiter, and 

include all whole numbers, purchase tickets in advance of 

very cuddly girl. Vanilla 

planets orbiting other stars.

as well as their negative the brunch. 

Free February Events at

loves to be petted (except 

“All of the problems in the ‘Pi 

counterparts, such as -1, -2, -3, BRUNCH TIMES: 

in the Sky’ challenge are real 

under her chin) and sit 

etc.) Pi enthusiasts regularly 8:00AM - 9:00AM 

Pasadena Senior Center

problems that JPL scientists and 

in your lap. Her favorite 

use Pi Day as an opportunity to 9:00AM - 10:00AM

engineers solve using pi,” said 

snacks include cilantro and 

There is something for Myer, a Pasadena community

test their memorization skills, Sign up for the all-you-can-

Ota Lutz, a senior education 

everyone in March at the Gold Award Girl Scout candidate. 

grape tomatoes. Vanilla 

because the random nature of eat brunch at cityofpasadena. 

specialist at JPL who helped net. 

Pasadena Senior Center, 85 E. Arthritis Foundation 

the digits makes them difficult 

needs regular nail trims and 

create the Pi Day Challenge.

Holly St. You do not have to beExercise Program – Mondays

to remember. Members of the 

was a frequent visitor to the 

 In previous years, Pi in the 

a member to attend. Some events and Wednesdays to April 11, at

public are encouraged to share 

Pasadena Humane Society 

Sky featured problems about Paul Stein 

require advance reservations as11 a.m. Using low-impact and

photos and stories from their 

Nail Trimming Clinic. 

how NASA space probes gather 

noted. low-intensity exercises, seniors

Pi Day celebration activities 

 The adoption fee for 

Friday Movie Matinees –with arthritis can increase their 

information about objects in through the Education website in Concert

guinea pigs is $10. Stop by 

our solar system, how scientists 

Fridays at 1 p.m. Everyone flexibility, range of motion and


search for planets around other Paul Stein, retired Los 

our Shelter Shop on the way 

enjoys movies and the muscle strength during this 


Angeles Philharmonic 

home to get your guinea pig 

pleasures they bring. March 16: six-week program that can bepellets, treats and timothy 

violinist, will solo with the 

“Groundhog Day” (1993, PG)modified for each person’s need,

Journey towith our peacock celebrationCrown City Symphony, 

starring Bill Murray and Andiewhether sitting, standing or on


India on featuring Indian classical March 17 at 2:00pm at 

MacDowell. A weatherman finds the floor. Register by callingand folk dances, arts, crafts, the Altadena Community 

 View photos of adoptable 

himself inexplicably reliving the626-685-6732.

pets at pasadenahumane.

same day over and over again.Cal-Med Connect –

Peacock Dayand food. The peacocksChurch, 943 E. Altadena 

org. Adoption hours are 

March 30: “Good Night, andThursday, March 15, at 10 a.m.

We take a cultural will be in their full springDr., Altadena and March 

11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday; 

Good Luck” (2005, PG) starringCal-Med Connect is a State of 

journey to the countryplumage! Simply gorgeous.18, at 2:00pm at the 

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday 

David Strathairn and GeorgeCalifornia insurance program

of origin of ourPeacock Day is organized inFirst Baptist Church of 

through Friday; and 9 a.m. 

Clooney. Broadcast journalistthat combines Medicare and 

famous peacocks.collaboration with the Hindu Pasadena, 75 N. Marengo. 

to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Edward R. Murrow decides to Medi-Cal into one plan to 

Temple Heritage Foundation, Mr. Stein will perform the 

 Pets may not be available 

try and bring down U.S. Senatorprovide additional benefits for

Saturday, March 24, 2018,a non-profit organization“Poeme” by Chausson. Also 

for adoption and cannot be 

Joseph McCarthy during themanaged medical care. Specific

10am-3pmdevoted to preserving andon the program will be 

senator’s communism witch benefits and eligibility are among

held for potential adopters 

 Peacock Day celebratespromoting the rich heritageOverture to “Rosemunde” 

hunt. the topics that will be discussedIndia, the ancestral home of Indian culture. by Schubert, and “Morceau 

by phone calls or email.

Tech It Up! The Basics andduring this program. Presented

 Beginning March 22, the 

Benefits of Technology – by Health Net.

of the beautiful blue Indian Regular admission applies ($9Symphonique” by Cesar 

Pasadena Humane Society 

Mondays to March 26, from 3 Founded in 1960, the Pasadena 

species which reside at to $4); Arboretum membersFranck. Dr. Paul Sherman 

& SPCA is hosting a fee-

to 4:30 p.m. Do you ever feel lostSenior Center is an independent,

the Los Angeles County freeis the conductor. Both 

waived “Sweet 16” adoption 

during conversations about socialnonprofit organization that 

Arboretum and Botanic Los Angeles County concerts are free and 

event to celebrate the 2018 

media, apps and technology?offers recreational, educational, 

Garden. Our famous birds Arboretum and Botanic handicapped accesible. 

NCAA March Madness 

During this four-week program,wellness and social services 

are descendants of several Garden 301 North Baldwin Stein will also perform 

Tournament. Learn more 

learn how to use some popularto people ages 50 and older

pairs of peafowl broughtAvenue. Thursday, April 5 at 

about adopting a pet or 

travel apps. March 5: a welcoming environment.

from India by Elias J. “Lucky”For more information Crowell Public Library in 

March 12: Uber and Lyft. MarchServices are also provided 

sponsoring a pet adoption 

Baldwin in late 1800s. Take visit: or callSan Marino. See page 2 for 

19: Maps/GPS. March 26: Yelpfor frail, low-income and 
a cultural journey to India 626.821.4623 details. 

and Expedia. Presented by Jade homebound seniors.


One City, One Story Author Welcomed

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