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VOLUME 12 NO. 34

to Close

Tournament President 
Gerald Freeny Honored

In an abrupt move 
Wednesday, officials of 
Lowe’s, the parent company 
of Orchard Supply Hardware, 
said they plan to close all 
Orchard stores, including 
locations in Pasadena and 
South Pasadena. 

 All 99 Orchard Supply 
Hardware, as well as the 
distribution facility that 
services those stores across 
the country are expected to 
close within months, “by the 
end of fiscal 2018,” they said.

 “While it was a necessary 
business decision to exit 
Orchard Supply Hardware, 
decisions that impact our 
people are never easy,” said 
Marvin R. Ellison, Lowe’s 
president and CEO. “We will 
be providing outplacement 
services for impacted 
associates, and they will be 
given priority status if they 
choose to apply for other 
Lowe’s positions,” 

 Company officials said it was 
unclear how many employees 
will be affected. 

 Ellison said the decision 
to exit Orchard Supply 
Hardware was part of Lowe’s 
Business Outlook. The 
announcement was made 
during their “Lowe’s Reports 
Second Quarter Sales and 
Earnings Results.” 

 As of Friday the Orchard 
Supply Hardware website was 
replaced with a single banner 
saying, “Store Closing Sale. 
Prices Slashed, 10-30 percent 
off.” Items can no longer be 
purchased on the website. 

 The Pasadena Orchard store 
is located 3425 E. Colorado 
Blvd and the South Pasadena 
store is at 452 Fair Oaks Ave.

PETA Protests AAA’s SeaWorld Promotions

Freeny, Photo by D. Lee/MVNews

About two-dozen PETA (People 
for the Ethical Treatment of 
Animals) protesters took to the 
Pasadena office of Automobile 
Club of Southern California 
Wednesday to urge the company 
to end its promotions of 

 “We’re urging the company to 
cut ties with SeaWorld and join 
the ranks of dozens of other 
companies that have stopped 
supporting SeaWorld, Taco 
Bell, South West and Jet Blue 
[airlines],” Katerina Davidovich 

 Davidovich said “By promoting 
SeaWorld they are promoting 
animal abuse.”

 AAA listens to their members 
she said, “So we really hope that 
anyone that’s a member of AAA 
will recognize that SeaWorld is 
incredibly cruel and ask them to 
cut ties.”

According to Davidovich over 
40 Orcas have died along with 
800 other marine mammals 
at SeaWorld. The website list all the 
Orcas in a time line starting in 
1971, including the parks most 
famous Orca Shamu. 

Davidovich said they will 
continue to protest AAA, “as long 
as there are promoting SeaWorld.

In 2016 the state put a complete 
ban on the breeding of killer 
whales in captivity, SeaWorld has 
also said they stop conducting 
theatrical shows, also part of the 
Orca Protection and Safety Act. 

Davidovich said the act is a 
great first step, “Orcas and other 
animals are still being imprisoned 
at SeaWorld so we still have a long 
way to go.”

She said there goal would to 
be get SeaWorld to release all 
the animals in their parks into 
seaside sanctuaries, “Where they 
could dive deep and swim further 
and have some resemblance of a 
natural life, while still benefitting 
from human car when needed.” 

 The Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses and community 
partners hosted, Wednesday 
night, an open house in honor 
of Gerald Freeny, the first 
African-American President 
of the Tournament of Roses. 
Over 400 community members 
attended the event to recognize 
Freeny and learn more about 
the 2019 Tournament of Roses.

 “I am honored to be a part of 
this community,” Freeny said. 
“And I’m so humbled to have 
the opportunity to serve as 
President of the Tournament 
of Roses. As we continue to 
evolve as an organization, I 
look forward to promoting 
volunteerism, diversity and 
community support.”

 Freeny is providing leadership 
for the 130th Rose Parade on 
Tuesday, January 1, 2019.

 In a statement officials said 
Freeny has been a volunteer 
member of the Tournament of 
Roses Association since 1988. 
In addition to his many years 
of service in the Tournament 
of Roses, his community 
involvement has included; 
president of the San Gabriel 
chapter of NOBLE (National 
Organization of Black Law 
Enforcement Executives), the 
Pasadena Police Foundation 
Board, Pasadena Police Citizens 
Academy, Pasadena Rose Bowl 
Aquatics Board, University 
Club, Pasadena YMCA Board, 
Black Support Group at Cal 
State LA, Urban League Board 
of Governors, United Way 
Fundraising Committee, Toast 
Masters and the Pasadena 
NAACP. Freeny has been on 
the Advisory Board of the Rose 
Bowl Legacy Foundation since 
2016, and is also a member of 
Legacy’s Museum Committee.

 He attended Pasadena 
Christian School and John 
Muir High School in Pasadena, 
and received a bachelor’s degree 
in business administration 
and finance from California 
State University, Los Angeles. 
Freeny is a member of both the 
Kappa Alpha Psi and Gamma 
Zeta Boulé of Sigma Pi Phi 
fraternities and First Historic 
Lutheran Church. 

Community partners for the 
event included the Pasadena 
Community Coalition, the 
Armenian Community 
Coalition, the League of United 
Latin American Citizens 
(LULAC) and the Organization 
of Chinese Americans – Greater 
Los Angeles (OCA-GLA).

 The Tournament of Roses 
is a volunteer organization 
that hosts America’s New Year 
Celebration with the Rose 
Parade, the Rose Bowl Game, 
and a variety of accompanying 
events. 935 volunteer members 
of the association will drive the 
success of 130th Rose Parade 
themed “The Melody of Life,” 
followed by the 105th Rose Bowl 
Game. For more information, 
visit: tournamentofroses.

Police DUI 

Labor Day

Kids Clubs Launch at 
Local Humane Society

The Pasadena Police 
Department has started 
participating in a high-
visibility national enforcement 
campaign, “Drive Sober or Get 
Pulled Over.”

 Pasadena Police Department 
will have a special emphasis 
during this 18-day mobilization 
to enforce all traffic violations 
by deploying DUI Saturation 

 During this extended period, 
Police and Sheriff’s Departments 
statewide, along with the 
California Highway Patrol, will 
increase the number of officers 
on the road to stop suspected 
drunk or drug impaired drivers 
and motorcyclists.

 The campaign started last night 
and runs through the Labor Day 
holiday weekend, which is one 
of the deadliest times of year in 
terms of alcohol-involved traffic 
deaths. One-third of all traffic 
deaths involve drunk drivers. 

 “It’s up to drivers to make the 
smart decision and drive sober 
not just for this enforcement 
period, but every day”, said 
Pasadena Police Lieutenant 
Mark Goodman. “This isn’t 
about ticketing. This is a 
campaign to get the message 
out that driving impaired is 
illegal and takes lives.”

 Pasadena Police Department 
will show zero tolerance for 
impaired driving or riding and 
joins efforts by the California 
Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) 
to educate drivers that “DUI 
Doesn’t Just Mean Booze.” If 
you take prescription drugs, 
particularly those with a 
driving or operating machinery 
warning label, you may be 
impaired enough to get a DUI. 
Marijuana can also be impairing 
and result in a DUI, especially 
in combination with alcohol or 
other drugs.

 To avoid a DUI Pasadena Police 
Department has a few tips.

- Use public transportation or 
a ride sharing service to get 

- Have a friend or family member 
who is about to drive buzzed or 
impaired? Take the keys away 
and make arrangements to get 
them home safely.

- Report drunk drivers – call 

 Animal Shelter Offers 
Children a Way to Get 
Involved After School & 
On Weekends

The Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA 
announced Wednesday 
they have officially 
launched clubs for kids 
and teens ages 7 to 
17.The new Kids for
Animals Clubs meet 
at the PHS campus 
in Pasadena and offer 
hands-on learning 
opportunities with 

 Each Kids for Animals 
Club session includes 
weekly meetings 
that incorporate an 
engaging humane 
education topic and 
craft or game activity 
geared towards animals. 
Club members may also 
participate in special 
on- and off-site PHS 
events and other kid-
related activities. Teen 
Club members will also 
work alongside trained 
staff and volunteers in 
our dog, cat and rabbit 
enrichment programs.

 “Our community is 
full of young people 
want to help animals,” 
said Julie Bank, 
President/CEO of the 
Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA. “Our 
new clubs give kids the 
opportunity to make a 
difference for animals 
in a safe and educational 

 Kids and Teen Club 
participants are 
automatically enrolled in the 
Kids for Animals program, 
a community engagement 
program for kids and young 
adults under 18. Kids for 
Animals fills a critical need 
by providing opportunities 
for kids of all ages to get 
involved with animals and 
starts a movement of kids 
being kind to animals.

 Other ways to become a 
Kid for Animals include 
attending one of the 
other shelter activities the 
Pasadena Humane Society 
offers for children. There are 
monthly Animal Adventurer 
programs from kids 8 to 12, 
weeklong summer camps for 
children 9 to 12, and shelter 
tours and presentations for 
schools, scouts and other 

 Registration is now open 
for all Kids for Animals 
Clubs. The clubs are divided 
into three groups to ensure 
age-appropriate activities. 
Children ages 7-11 and ages 
12-14 will meet after school 
on Wednesdays. Registration 
for each 15-week session is 
$180 and includes a t-shirt, 
ID badge, crafting materials 
and a community service 
certificate. Teens age 15 to 
17 must attend a Teen Club 
orientation with a parent or 
guardian. Once enrolled, 
they may sign up for staff 
supervised volunteer shifts 
offered Thursday through 
Sunday in the afternoon.

 Register and learn more at

Event: What is a Theremin?


 Join The Pasadena Museum 
of History for a special 
presentation, Sept. 2 at 1 
p.m., by Ed Sussman – artist,
technician, and theremin 
musician – who will 
present the history of this 
remarkable instrument that 
was invented over 100 years 
ago. You very well might 
have heard the music in 
science fiction movie sound 
tracks, but now experience 
it live!

 This unique instrument is 
played without touching it. 
See how it works and then 
try it yourself. This will be 
a fun and educational event 
for both kids and adults and 
an otherworldly musical 
finale on the closing day of 
Dreaming the Universe!

 The museum is located 
470 W. Walnut St. Pasadena. 
For more information visit:


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