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Mountain Views-News Saturday, January 6, 2018 

Earthquake Brace and 
Bolt Program Registration

South Pasadena Library 
Author Night with Dr. Buratti

Works on Paper by Henry 
Moore at The Huntington

 An Author Night with Dr. 
Bonnie J. Buratti will be 
presented in the Library 
Community Room on 
Thursday, January 25 at 7 
p.m. Dr. Buratti, a leading 
astronomer, will be discussing 
her new book, “Worlds 
Fantastic, Worlds Familiar: 
A Guided Tour of the Solar 
System.” The 2017 book is 
an engaging account written 
for non-specialist readers of 
high school age and above. 
Dr. Buratti, a Senior Research 
Scientist from NASA’s Jet 
Propulsion Laboratory, will 
lead audience members on 
a fascinating tour of some 
of NASA’s latest discoveries. 
The free program is for all 
ages and is sponsored by the 
South Pasadena Public Library 
and the Friends of the South 
Pasadena Public Library.

 Moving through the Solar 
System from Mercury, Venus, 
and Mars, past comets and 
asteroids and the moons of 
the giant planets, all the way to 
Pluto, Dr. Bonnie will vividly 
describe some of the planetary 
landforms that are similar to 
those found on Earth. Her tour 
of the solar system will also 
include descriptions of such 
other-worldly land marvels as 
sulfur-rich lakes and volcanoes 
on other planets, active gullies 
on Mars, huge ice plumes and 
tar-like deposits on Saturn’s 
moons, near-bottomless 
hydrocarbon rivers and lakes 
on Titan, and massive nitrogen 
glaciers on Pluto.

 Dr. Bonnie J. Buratti is 
currently serving on the 
Science Teams for both the 
Cassini and New Horizons 
missions. Dr. Buratti is also 
the NASA Project Scientist 
for the Rosetta Mission which 
heading to a comet. She also 
has expertise on the structure 
and evolution of icy moons and 
other small bodies and holds 
degrees from MIT and Cornell 
in Astronomy. The author or 
coauthor of over 200 scientific 
papers, Dr. Buratti has been 
awarded the NASA Exceptional 
Achievement Medal, and the 
International Astronomical 
Union recognized her work by 
naming asteroid 90502 Buratti 
after her. She is a Fellow of the 
American Geophysical Union.

 On the morning of August 21, 
2017, Dr. Bonnie served as the 
moderator for the Total Solar 
Eclipse program at the South 
Pasadena Library and earned 
many compliments and kudos 
from the full house audience. 
Those in attendance were also 
treated to a live feed from NASA 
coverage from throughout the 
Pacific Northwest.

 The Community Room is 
located at 1115 El Centro Street. 
No tickets or reservations are 
necessary. Doors will open at 
6:30 p.m. for the free program. 
Refreshments will be provided 
autographed copies of “Worlds 
Fantastic, Worlds Familiar” will 
be available for purchase.

Autographed copies 
of “Worlds Fantastic, 
Worlds Familiar” will be 
available for purchase

 Homeowners in South 
Pasadena may qualify for the 
Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) 
program, which provides 
up to $3,000 to strengthen 
their foundation and lessen 
the potential for earthquake 
damage. The seismic 
retrofitting involves bolting 
the house to its foundation 
and adding bracing around the 
perimeter of the crawl space. 
Applicants will be asked to 
fill out a short questionnaire 
to see if their home qualifies 
for this program. To learn 
more about the program go to

 A residential seismic retrofit 
strengthens an existing older 
house, making it more resistant 
to earthquake activity such 
as ground shaking and soil 
failure. The seismic retrofitting 
involves bolting the house to its 
foundation and adding bracing 
around the perimeter of the 
crawl space.

 The EBB registration period 
will open for 30 days from 
January 23, to February 23. 
Funds will be available to 
complete an additional 2,000 
plus code-compliant seismic 

 The Huntington Library, Art 
Collections, and Botanical 
Gardens announced today 
that it has acquired a major 
collection of graphic art by 
Henry Moore (1898–1986).

 A gift of the Philip and Muriel 
Berman Foundation, the 
collection contains about 330 
works on paper and place The 
Huntington among the largest 
Moore repositories in North 
America. Limited-edition 
etchings and lithographs 
comprise the greatest part of the 
collection, and these intricate, 
often delicate works explore 
the same universal themes 
found in Moore’s monumental 
sculptures, which are enjoyed 
by millions in sculpture 
gardens and museums around 
the world. The gift also includes 
three drawings by Moore—
one a solidly modeled figure 
of a woman holding a book, 
another a biomorphic form 
that is possibly a study for a 
sculpture, and the third a sheet 
of varied studies revealing the 
artist’s process as he works 
through a series of ideas.

 The collection will form the 
basis of an exhibition at The 
Huntington next summer. 
“Spirit and Essence, Line and 
Form: The Graphic Work of 
Henry Moore,” will be on view 
in the Virginia Steele Scott 
Galleries of American Art’s 
Susan and Stephen Chandler 
Wing from June 16 through 
Oct. 1.

Berman Foundation president 
Nancy Berman (member 
of Huntington’s Board of 
Overseers), along with her 
husband, Alan Bloch, and the 
Berman Foundation, have 
contributed to The Huntington’s 
art collections over the past 
decade. They donated a series 
of tapestries by Alexander 
Calder (1898–1976) that are 
on display in Rothenberg Hall, 
made the promised gift of a 
bronze Sounding Sculpture by 
Harry Bertoia (1915–1978), 
which stands to the north of 
the American art galleries, 
and were instrumental in 
securing the long-term loan of 
Calder’s Jerusalem Stabile for 
a stroll garden. In 2016, they 
donated a large-scale Moore 
lithograph. “Nancy tends to lift 
The Huntington to new levels, 
and into new areas, time and 
again,” said Catherine Hess, 
interim director of the Art 
Collections at The Huntington. 
“With this major gift—a 
selective, well-rounded group 
of graphic works by one of 
the greatest artists of the last 
century—she again exercised 
her keen understanding 
of The Huntington and its 
goals—in this case, our aim to 
grow our collection of 20th-
century British art. Nancy’s 
contributions always have a 
special power to move the 
institution forward.”

 The Berman Foundation was 
founded by Nancy Berman’s 
parents, devoted collectors who 
often built friendships with the 
artists they admired, including 
Henry Moore. “We’ve long 
known we’d eventually like 
to give this group of prints 
that my parents so carefully 
assembled to a museum where 
they were likely to make the 
biggest difference, and be most 
useful to a range of visitors 
and scholars,” said Berman. 
“Once we were ready to make 
the gift, The Huntington was 
the obvious choice. As one of 
the world’s major institutions 
for the study of British art and 
culture, with a substantial body 
of secondary sources on Henry 
Moore, the addition of this 
primary material places The 
Huntington at the forefront of 
Moore scholarship in the U.S.”

 For More call 626.405.2100.

 Registration period 
will open January 23, to 
February 23. 

Free Crowell Library Class 
will Explore Healthcare 
and Biotechnology

 Hal Slavkin, Professor and 
Dean Emeritus from USC, 
returns to Crowell Library 
January 9th, with a new class 
about the recent advances 
in healthcare based on new 
understanding of the human 
genome. In six sessions, 
participants will explore 
healthcare and biotechnology, 
with a focus on the new 
personalized healthcare 

 It was not that long ago 
when physicians, dentists, 
pharmacists, nurses and other 
healthcare professionals had 
only a few treatment options 
for patients with seemingly 
similar diagnosis for illnesses 
or disorders. The result was 
that some patients responded 
well to treatment while others 
did not. Now healthcare 
providers consider factors such 
as genotype (an inventory of all 
that person’s genes), phenotype 
(the sum of observable 
characteristics from hair color 
to cardiac function) and the 
environment (epigenetics) 
in which the individual 
exists. Understanding 
the interaction of all these 
factors in one person is being 
termed “precision medicine” 
– a sophisticated assessment 
of each person’s genome, 
epigenome, phenotype, growth 
and development history, 
environment, behaviors, 
and susceptibility to certain 
diseases and disorders, so 
that precise high definition 
protocols can be tailored for 
individual personalized health. 

 This course will demonstrate 
how phenotype connects 
with genotype; the principles 
underlying the development 
and evolutionary process of 
how an organism grows; and 
how novel and innovative gene 
editing techniques can address 
major human diseases and 
disorders such as birth defects, 
diabetes, cardiovascular 
diseases, pulmonary disorders, 
periodontal diseases, 
cancers, mental diseases, and 
neurodegenerative diseases 
and disorders. 

 Professor and Dean Emeritus 
at the Herman Ostrow School 
of Dentistry, University of 
Southern California, Hal 
Slavkin has served as Chair 
of Biochemistry, and as the 
Director for the National 
Institute of Dental and 
Craniofacial Research at the 
National Institutes of Health in 
Bethesda. He lives in Marina 
Del Rey.

 Crowell Library is at 1890 
Huntington Drive, San Marino, 
call (626) 300-0777 or visit:

Library Film 
‘Sands Of 

By Presidential Proclamation, 
January is National Slavery and 
Human Trafficking Prevention 
Month, and in recognition 
the Library is proud to co-
sponsor with WISPPA 
(Women Involved in South 
Pasadena Political Action) a 
special screening of SANDS OF 
SILENCE, an award winning 
film by producer, director, and 
writer Chelo Alvarez-Stehle. 

WISPPA is requesting a 
voluntary $5 donation, and 
proceeds will go to fund the 
film's impact campaign and the 
Human Trafficking Survivors 
Foundation (Fundación de 
Sobrevivientes de Tráfico 

Alvarez-Stehle’s film 
documents a 15-year quest 
to expose the underworld 
of sexual exploitation and 
trafficking from Asia to the 
Americas. This intimate story 
tracks the transformation 
of sex-trafficking survivor 
Virginia Isaias—a Mexican-
American woman whose past 
is engulfed in a cycle of sexual 
exploitation—into an inspiring 
advocate committed to 
breaking that pattern. Sands of 
Silence celebrates the triumph 
of the spirit with a call to action 
to break the chains of sexual 
violence worldwide.

The film will be followed by 
a Q&A with Director Chelo 
Alvarez-Stehle and survivor 
Virginia Isaias.

Sands of Silence has been 
featured in festivals around 
the world, including Germany, 
Nicaragua, Columbia, Ethiopia, 
Spain, Belgium, and Denmark, 
and has received many awards, 

2017 Winner Feature 
Documentary – 59th Southern 
California Journalism Awards

2017 Nominated as Best 
Documentary to the 32nd 
Imagen Awards

2017 Premio fada a la Cultura 
Award second prize

Nicholas Mcgegan to be 
Symphony Guest Conductor

 Join the Pasadena Symphony 
and Principal Guest Conductor 
Nicholas McGegan as he takes 
you on a wonderful adventure 
with Baroque Around the 
World, on January 20, 2018 
at Ambassador Auditorium. 
Highly regarded as “one of 
the finest baroque conductors 
of his generation” (London 
Independent), the two-time 
Grammy nominee will jump 
start the new year as only he can 
with his historical performance 
practice bringing a wealth 
of experience to this exotic 
Baroque repertoire, ranging 
from the finest Cleopatra 
operas to quintessential Bach. 

 For the symphony's entrée to 
the new year, Colburn artist 
Blake Pouliot will join principal 
oboist Lara Wickes for Bach's 
Concerto for Violin and Oboe. 
Grand prize winner of the 
2016 Orchestra Symphonique 
de Montreal (OSM) Manulife 
Competition, the twenty-three-
year-old “Pouliot has the whole 
package. the look, charisma 
and talent." (The Toronto 
Star) Soprano Sherezade 
Panthaki will also take the 
stage to invoke the fabled 
queen of the Nile with heart-
rending Cleopatra arias from 
Handel, Graun, Mattheson 
and Hasse. An acknowledged 
star in the early-music field, 
Panthaki has developed strong 
collaborations with many of 
the world's leading interpreters 
including Nicholas McGegan. 
Her international success has 
been fueled by superbly honed 
musicianship and passionately 
informed interpretations, 
"mining deep emotion from 
the subtle shaping of the lines" 
(New York Times).

 Bookended by Telemann’s 
Overture des nations anciens 
et modernes and Rameau’s 
Les Indes Galantes, these two 
young soloists promise to bring 
together an absolutely riveting 
performance of a varied 
program of music, all in the 
masterful hands of Conductor 
Nicholas McGegan.

 For those who want to learn 
more about the music, join us 
for Insights – a free pre-concert 
dialogue with Conductor 
Nicholas McGegan, which 
begins one hour prior to each 
performance. Patrons who 
plan to arrive early can also 
enjoy a drink or a bite in the 
lively Sierra Auto Symphony 
Lounge, yet another addition 
to the carefree and elegant 
concert experience the 
Pasadena Symphony offers. A 
posh setting along Ambassador 
Auditorium’s beautiful outdoor 

 Performances on January 20, 
2018 take place at both 2:00pm 
and 8:00pm at Ambassador 
Auditorium, located at 131 
South St. John Avenue, 
Pasadena, CA. Subscriptions 
start at $99 with single ticket 
prices starting at $35. Tickets 
may be purchased online at 
or by calling (626) 793-7172.

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