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TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills



MONROVIA, CA – On June 13, the Monrovia Police Department held its annual Awards Ceremony. 
Officer Rosendo Ramos III was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his exceptional work and 
dedication to the Monrovia Police Department and the community of Monrovia. 


Serving as a police officer for just over one year, Ramos has become a highly-valued employee of the department, 
consistently ranking as one of the most proactive officers in the Operations Division.


In addition to his on-duty work ethic, this past year, Ramos demonstrated his commitment to service by 
taking immediate action during two incidents while off duty. The first incident involved a motorcyclist 
who went down on the 210 Freeway in heavy traffic. Witnessing the incident while on the freeway, Ramos 
and his father stopped to divert traffic and render aid until paramedics responded. During the second 
incident, Ramos observed a deputy sheriff involved in a physical altercation with a suspect. Ramos, again, 
immediately responded professionally to assist the deputy with detaining the individual until backup 
units responded.


“Officer Ramos has developed an excellent reputation among his supervisors and peers. He maintains a 
positive attitude and is always willing to help his fellow employees at a moment’s notice and without fail” 
said Alan SanVictores, Chief of Police. “His strong, unwavering work ethic has earned Officer Ramos the 
Monrovia Police Department Commendation Medal in the relatively short time he has been assigned to 
Patrol. This accomplishment is indicative of his steadfast and tenacious dedication to duty.” 


Ramos has also expressed his dedication to the community through volunteerism. In November 2018, 
Ramos participated in the annual Thanksgiving Food Distribution, where he helped distribute food to 
families in need. He also participated in the annual Special Olympics Torch Run and the Special Olympics 
Tip-A-Cop event, both events help to raise money for Special Olympics. 


For his professionalism, commitment to service, and dedication to the Monrovia Police Department and 
the community he serves, Officer Rosendo Ramos III was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and 
recognized as the Monrovia Police Department’s 2018 Officer of the Year.

 Photo courtesy: City of Monrovia 


It often appears that only the noblest experiences of ones youth can defy the decay of time, 
those memories somehow ripen to perfection in those dream filled moments of innocence 
and all our lives when so much is lost, they alone are brave enough to achieve a place none 
other is accomplished, perpetually perfect in the greatest form of love.

I would like to invite you on a single night with a man that has left this Earthy realm many 
years before but dwells in a devote place of my heart.

My entire life has been an eight-course meal. In my late teens I had the distinguished position 
of discovering myself a bagger at the local supermarket, and later with references, I 
was able to move to Jurgensen’s Gourmet Grocery. I had long believed it all started there 
because at twenty-three I was pretentious about food. For most of my life I thought the love 
for my career developed in those markets, but I have come to realize that I was wrong. For 
many people in life the inspiration quickens from a famous athlete or religious figure, for 
others it is a musical master or the profound artist. How many times in life, if ever do we 
get a chance to break bread with those that inspire us? If I am allowed to claim a single prize 
in this life it would be this, I was gifted with the opportunity to observe, to ask, and lastly 
follow in the footsteps of single the person that holds that place in my life. 

Many of you know my Father Elmer Dills from television and radio, where he was seen and 
heard for twenty-eight years in Los Angeles. I had probably been out with my Father at least 
five hundred times over his life but as a fine wine his wisdom only increased in its depth. 

There was something sublimely special on this night, a night that took us to Madeleines 
(since closed) in Pasadena. It seems my Dad was a regular there and I heard him repeat 
their praise a number of times. “Table for three, please,” my father politely, asked. Being my 
daughter Lauren (the budding Critic) was accompanying us on this evening. Whenever I 
see courteous, well-behaved child; I know their parents are invariably decent people. Likewise 
whenever I receive a compliment, I know the honor extends to my parents. As the 
three of us were seated this evening there is no struggle for attention, no spectacle of ego, my 
father seemed the most understated 
critic in the world 
to me. I was struck by his 
courteous respect for each 
person in the restaurant. 
My Dad, the legendary restaurant 
critic doesn’t even 
demand a recital of the ingredients 
in the dishes he 
ordered that evening. He 
doesn’t push the waiter to 
see the sommelier, and I am 
brought to wonder, is this 
man a restaurant critic? I 
am waiting for a sign of pretension or at least the stipulation of a demand. But the evening 
all transpires as naturally as going to dinner with a group of close friends.

The waiter come to the table after the meal and asks my father, “How was the meal” and I 
know 99% of us when asked would give the response, “Fine, Thank You!” 

The restaurant critic is Solomon like in his decision, “The lamb chops were great!!!” 

“And the dessert was?” 

A shrugged of his shoulders said all that was needed. It was this variety of honesty and passion 
that made me to love the business of food. Today, I’m still found at a restaurant and I 
even get a crazy dream that I may one day own a restaurant. And when the soft candlelight 
waves in the passing of a waiter and the conversation of the restaurant is so rich it spills into 
my heart, my mind instinctively drifts to a place and the immortal strength of a picture and 
that floods my soul in a memory that can time has allowed me to touch. 

To my Father above - Happy Father’s Day, Elmer – I would have never traded sitting across 
from you for anything in this world.

Please listen to Go Country 105 FM every Sunday Morning for my show!

Peter and Elmer Dills



 Businessperson of the Year

Community Activist of the Year

Educator of the Year

Non-Profit of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

Building Bridges Award

 Please submit the attached nomination packet by Friday, June 21, 2019.

Winners will be announced at Congresswoman Judy Chu’s Congressional Leadership Awards 
celebration in July.

 For more information or questions please contact:

Maile Z. Plan

(626) 304-0110

 *Nominees must reside, study, work or provide services in the 27th Congressional District: Alhambra, 
Arcadia, Bradbury, Claremont, Glendora, Monterey Park, Monrovia, Pasadena, Rosemead, 
South Pasadena, San Gabriel, San Marino, Sierra Madre, Temple City, Upland, Altadena 
(unincorporated), San Antonio Heights (unincorporated), East Pasadena (unincorporated), 
South San Gabriel (unincorporated).

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