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Take Back

Norma Coombs Elementary 
Welcomes New Principal

As Pasadena Unified schools 
get ready for the first day of fall, 
officials announced that Debra 
Lucas will be the new Principal 
of Norma Coombs Elementary 

 “I am pleased to appoint Ms. 
Lucas as Principal of Norma 
Coombs Elementary,” said 
Interim Superintendent David 
Verdugo, Ed.D. “With her 
experience as an instructional 
leader and track record 
of developing innovative 
partnerships that enrich 
student learning, Norma 
Coombs will be ready to launch 
into the future.”

 Ms. Lucas was selected after a 
thorough process that included 
input from Norma Coombs 
Elementary stakeholders. 
The contract is scheduled for 
ratification by the Board of 
Education on August 29.

 This year, Norma Coombs 
Elementary will introduce 
“Code to the Future,” the 
computer science immersion 
program that gives students 
exciting opportunities to learn 
the fundamentals of computer 
coding as an integrated part 
of their daily curriculum. 
Through this 21st century 
digital literacy, students 
develop critical thinking, 
creativity, communication, and 
collaboration skills.

 Ms. Lucas served as principal 
of Cleveland Elementary from 
2016 to June 2019. Under 
her leadership at Cleveland 
Elementary, Cleveland 
Elementary developed a 
focus on STEAM (science, 
technology, engineering, art, 
and math), with classes taught 
weekly by visiting Caltech 
scientists. Previously, she 
was a District Elementary 
Instructional Coach and was 
part of the district’s Curriculum 
Revision Workshop Team that 
made PUSD an early adopter 
of the new state learning 
standards. Ms. Lucas was a 
Curriculum Resource Teacher 
and Language Development 
Resource Teacher at Longfellow 
Elementary School. She began 
her career in PUSD in 1997.

 “I am very proud to continue 
serving Pasadena Unified 
School District as principal of 
Norma Coombs Elementary 
School,” said Ms. Lucas. “In 
line with the school’s mission, 
I am confident that as a 
learning community we will 
demonstrate perseverance, 
commit to excellence, inspire 
leadership, build futures, 
and achieve the impossible 
as we discover every child’s 
gifts through collaboration, 
innovation, and literacy.” 

 Ms. Lucas has a Bachelor of 
Arts degree in Dance Therapy 
from New York University; 
a teaching credential from 
California State University, 
Dominguez Hills; and a Master 
of Arts degree in Educational 
Leadership and Administrative 
Services Credential from Point 
Loma Nazarene University in 
San Diego. New School 
Year Starts Monday

 “we will proudly welcome 
an estimated 16,000 PreK-
12th grade students to our 
schools. We look forward to 
providing a caring, engaging, 
and challenging educational 
experience for every student, 
every day in partnership with 
our families and communities,” 
said PUSD Superintendent 
Brian McDonald.

“Although I am on medical 
leave recuperating from 
surgery, I am thinking of you 
and can’t wait to return. Dr. 
David Verdugo, who is serving 
as Interim Superintendent, will 
guide PUSD until I return.”

New School Year Starts 

The Altadena Sheriff’s 
Station will be taking in 
all types of unwanted 
prescription drugs 
at a special event on 
Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 
11 a.m.

 We will be set up just west 
of our Station is located 
at 780 E. Altadena Dr. in 
Altadena, just west of Lake 
Avenue, under a green 
awning at the Altadena 
Community Center. 

The “take back” event is 
being conducted to prevent 
abuse and theft by ridding 
homes of potentially 
dangerous expired, 
unused, and unwanted 
prescription drugs.

 The service is free and 
anonymous, and no 
questions will be asked.

 Some medicines that 
languish in home cabinets 
are highly susceptible to 
diversion, misuse, and 
abuse. Rates of prescription 
drug abuse in the U.S. are 
alarmingly high, as are 
the number of accidental 
poisonings and overdoses 
due to these drugs.

 Studies show that a 
majority of abused 
prescription drugs are 
obtained from family and 
friends, including from the 
home medicine cabinet. 
In addition, Americans 
are now advised that 
their usual methods for 
disposing of unused 
medicines—flushing them 
down the toilet or throwing 
them in the trash—both 
pose potential safety and 
health hazards.

 Our only request is this 
event is intended for private 
persons and not companies 
that dispense medications, 
as destruction of the 
medication costs money to 
county of Los Angeles

 For more information call 
(626) -798-1131.

Debra Lucas


 A march and demonstrations 
are planned Wednesday 
morning to protest what 
organizers say is an attempt 
by the Trump administration 
to unblock the cancellation of 
Temporary Protected Status for 
six countries. The 9th Circuit 
Court of Appeals in Pasadena 
will hear the administration’s 
arguments that morning. 

 “We will be inside and outside the 
Courthouse while our lawyers 
argue why the preliminary 
injunction protecting TPS 
status must remain in place,” 
organizers, including the 
National Temporary Protected 
Status Alliance and Pasadena 
Organizing for Progress said. 
“The termination of TPS is 
illegal and immoral. Will you 
join us to send a message against 
the politics of hate and fear.” 

 The groups are set to convene 
at All Saints Church at 7 a.m., 
from where they will begin to 
march 1.5 miles towards the 
Federal Court house.

 According to U.S. Citizenship 
and Immigration Services, on 
Oct. 3, in Ramos v. Nielson, 
the U.S. District Court for 
the Northern District of 
California enjoined DHS from 
implementing and enforcing 
the decisions to terminate 
Temporary Protected Status 
(TPS) for Sudan, Nicaragua, 
Haiti, and El Salvador, pending 
further resolution of the case.

 Other countries spared from 
TPS termination included 
Nepal and Honduras.

 The U.S. currently provides 
TPS to over 300,000 foreign 
nationals including, 195,000 
from El Salvador, 57,000 from 
Honduras and 46,000 from 
Haiti among others. 

 Under the Department of 
Homeland Security, Temporary 
Protected Status is designated 
due to conditions in the country 
that temporarily prevent 
the country’s nationals from 
returning safely, or in certain 
circumstances, where the 
country is unable to handle 
the return of its nationals 
adequately. They include:

Ongoing armed conflict (such 
as civil war)

An environmental disaster (such 
as earthquake or hurricane), or 
an epidemic

Other extraordinary and 
temporary conditions

 Once granted TPS, an 
individual also cannot be 
detained by DHS on the basis of 
his or her immigration status in 
the United States. 

 The event is being held by The 
National TPS Alliance which 
was formed and is led by TPS 
beneficiaries across the United 
States, combining advocacy 
efforts at a national level to save 
Temporary Protected Status in 
the short term and to devise 
legislation that creates a path 
to permanent residency in the 
long term.

 For more information visit: 

 Pasadenans Organizing for 
Progress connects the several 
silos of activism that have 
existed in Pasadena for years 
or have recently sprung to life: 
PAHG, Pasadena Affordable 
Housing Group; CICOPP, 
Coalition for Increased Civilian 
Oversight of Pasadena Police; 
Pasadena Tenants Union ; 
NDLON, the National Day 
Laborers Organizing Network, 
among others.

 For more information about 
POP visit:

 All Saints Church is located 
132 N Euclid Ave. The rally and 
hearing are set for 8:30 a.m. at 
the U.S Federal Court 125 S. 
Grand Ave.

Groups to 
Rally at 9th 
Circuit Court 
of Appeals

Citizenship & 

Museum of History Extends 
Exhibit through ArtNight

 Newly created Citizenship 
Corners at each of the three 
library sites will provide 
patrons with access to 
resources and materials to 
assist them with understanding 
United States citizenship and 
related processes, including 
information kits, which will 
be available for checkout. 
These locations will also 
host bilingual educational 
workshops in English and 
Spanish in partnership with 
outside organizations to 
address a variety of immigrant 
needs. Additionally, library 
staff will receive training 
from the Department of U.S. 
Citizenship and Immigration 
Services (USCIS) to help them 
better assist patrons with 
questions on the citizenship 

 To help patrons prepare further 
for the naturalization test, the 
Pasadena Human Services and 
Recreation Department offers 
a U.S. citizenship class at Villa 
Parke Community Center for 
adults ages 50 and up. This 
class provides participants with 
a basic overview of U.S. history 
and government.

 Citizenship Preparation 

 Prepare for the U.S. citizenship 
exam by enrolling in these free 

Thursdays beginning Sept. 19 • 
6-7:30 p.m. • Central Library/
Studio on 4th.

To sign up, call William Porras, 
(626) 744-4225.

Fridays beginning Sept. 20 • 
10-11:30 a.m. • La Pintoresca 

To sign up, call Melvin Racelis, 
(626) 744-7268.

Pasadena Central Library 
Authors & their Journeys

Saturday, Sept. 14 • 3 p.m. 
Donald Wright Auditorium

 Author Janet Fitch will talk 
about her newly published 
book Chimes of a Lost 
Cathedral, which finishes the 
epic story of Marina Makarova’s 
(The Revolution of Marina M.) 
journey through some of the 
most dramatic events of the last 
century---as a woman and an 
artist, entering her full power, 
passion and creativity just as 
her revolution reveals its true 
direction for the future. Books 
will be available for sale and 

 Fitch is most famously known 
as the author of the Oprah’s 
Book Club novel White 
Oleander, which became a 
film in 2002. Her novel Paint 
It Black, hit bestseller lists 
across the country and has also 
been made into a film. She is 
a graduate of Reed College, 
located in Portland, Oregon. 
Fitch was born in Los Angeles, 
a third-generation native, and 
grew up in a family of voracious 

 Pasadena Central Library is 
located 285 E Walnut St. For 
More information call (626) 

Heritage Month


 Pasadena Museum of 
History invites visitors to 
bask in the joyful ambiance 
of quintessential childhood 
amusements in a uniquely 
“touchable” exhibition, Giddy 
Up: Children Take the Reins. 
Curated by local collector and 
conservator Lourinda Bray, 
the exhibition is now on view 
through October 13.

 Officials said this will allow 
the museum to be open during 
ArtNight Friday, October 11. 
The museum will be free to get 
in from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. There 
will also be music fun and 
games they said. 

 The PMH galleries are filled 
with a dizzying array of more 
than thirty-five smaller scaled 
carousel horses and exotic 
creatures that visitors of all ages 
will be able to see – and touch. 
An enchanting photo booth 
features a double-seat Polar 
Bear from an English carousel 
by J.R. Anderson, circa 1920, 
that children and adults can 
climb on for a special keepsake 

 A selection of ride-on horses/
animals that rock, bounce, 
and/or roll, along with a 
wide variety of animals and 
carousel themed toys, are also 
on view. Today we might call 
these the ‘interactive’ toys and 
amusements of yesteryear. They 
were specifically designed to 
spark children’s imaginations, 
encouraging youngsters to 
“take the reins and create their 
own unique stories and fictional 
characters as they pretended 
to be their favorite cowboy 
film stars or other fictional 

 Giddy Up is the Museum’s 
second exhibition devoted 
solely to items from Lourinda 
Bray’s collection. Her Running 
Horse Studio in Irwindale, CA 
houses her nearly unimaginable 
menagerie, along with carousel 
art, miniatures, toys, and 
more in 7,000 square feet of 
merry-go-round memorabilia. 
Here she carefully restores 
figures for other collectors 
and for operational carousels, 
as well as pieces in her own 
collection, which spans the 
history of carousels from 
the mid-nineteenth century 
to modern day, with many 
examples from the “Golden 
Age of Carousels,” 1861-1920. 
For more information about the 
Exhibit visit: pasadenahistory.
org. For more information 
about ArtNight Pasadena visit:

Fiesta La Pintoresca

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage 
Month with a fun afternoon 
filled with a special 
performance of Charro rope 
tricks by the Los Hermanos 
Banuelos Charro Team and 
Marshal Ramon Banuelos 
along with stories, music, and 

Thursday, Sept. 19 • 3:30-5:30 
p.m. • La Pintoresca Branch

INCA: The Peruvian 

Join us for an interactive 
musical experience through 
the enchanted land of the 

Wednesday, Sept. 25 • 4:30 
p.m. • La Pintoresca Branch

La Pintoresca Branch is 
located 1355 N Raymond 
Ave. For more information 
call (626) 744-7268. 

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