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VOLUME 14 NO. 25

 SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 2020 

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On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, the Sierra Madre City 
Council will discuss the process to update Sierra 
Madre’s state mandated Housing Element of 
the General Plan for the

2021-2029 period as required by State law. 

The Housing Element establishes policies and 
programs to address existing and projected 
housing needs, including the City’s fair share 
of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment 
(RHNA) allocation. 

Just prior to the onslaught of COVID-19 
challenges, On March 10,

Director Victor Gonzalez and Karen Warner, 
the City’s housing element consultant

provided an informational presentation to 
the council which included an overview of 
the Housing Element process, RHNA/site 
requirements, and consequences of non-

RHNA Process and Status

Every eight years the California Department of 
Housing and Community Development

(HCD) re-evaluates the status of the housing 
market throughout the State, and develops

a new set of housing production goals for the 
State and its subregions. These allocated

housing production targets are called the 
“Regional Housing Needs Assessment”, or

RHNA. Each regional government, which in 
our case is the Southern California

Association of Governments (SCAG), then 
allocates these regional housing targets to all 
its member cities and counties. The process 
for the 6th cycle RHNA is now underway, with 
1.34 million new housing units assigned to the 
SCAG region, representing the largest allocation 
the region has ever received, resulting in much 
higher RHNA allocations for SCAG cities and 

Following adoption of the final RHNA 
methodology and release of the draft RHNA 
plan by SCAG, jurisdictions will have a 45-day 
period in which to appeal their numbers. 

Based on SCAG’s Regional Council-approved 
RHNA methodology, as of March 3rd,

SCAG had assigned Sierra Madre a 6th cycle 
RHNA allocation of 204 units. While still

subject to refinement based on the RHNA 
appeals process, Sierra Madre’s current

allocation is distributed among the following 
income categories:

6th RHNA Cycle (2021 -2029)

Units Allocated to Sierra Madre

Income Category Housing Units

Very Low Income 78

Low Income 38

Moderate Income 34

Above Moderate 53

 Total 204

The City Council has the following policy 
choices for the selection of Opportunity Sites:

1.Designate a combination of Multi-Family
Residential High Density opportunity sites

R3-H (20 du/acre) and R3-H (30 du/acre) 
including Measure V properties

(requiring a public vote); or

2. Increase densities on all current R-3 sites from 
13 du/acre to R3-H 20 du/acre

(excluding Measure V Boundary properties).

3.Identify one to two sites for very high density
(i.e. 50+ units/acre).

On March 10, 2020, Staff solicited City Council 
input on potential opportunity sites with

appropriate densities to meet the City’s RHNA 
allocations. Recent changes in State

Housing Element law under AB 879 and AB 
1397 require substantial additional analysis

to justify sites as suitable and available for 
development within the planning period. For


1.Non-vacant sites, small sites (<0.5 acres), and
large sites (>10 acres) are

presumed to be inappropriate for development 
of housing for lower income

households unless the jurisdiction can provide 
evidence why the sites would be

appropriate, such as statements from developers 
or submitted plans.

2. Vacant sites included in the prior two housing 
elements to accommodate lower

income households, or non-vacant sites 
included in the prior element, cannot be

used in future housing elements unless: a) the 
site is zoned to the minimum lower

income density thresholds; and b) zoning allows 
for development by-right if at least

20% of units are affordable to lower income 

3. Unless a jurisdiction has established minimum 
densities, site capacity calculations

must be adjusted downwards based on the 
following factors: a) land use controls

and site improvements; b) realistic capacity of 
site; c) typical densities; and d)

environmental and infrastructure constraints.

4.Sites identified in the Housing Element that
had either lower income units or a

lower income occupant within the past five 
years must replace that housing at the

same or lower income level as a condition of 

A draft schedule is being provided to the council 
for review on Tuesday. (See Below)

To review the complete Agenda Reports 
online go to: http://cityofsierramadre.com/

As part of the City of Sierra Madre’s COVID-19 
transmission mitigation efforts, the City Council 
meeting will be conducted virtually. The Brown 
Act provides the public with an opportunity to 

By e-mail to PublicComment@cityofsierramadre.
com by 6:00PM. on the day of the meeting. 
Emails will be acknowledged at the Council meeting 
and filed into public record.

Members of the public may also call into the 
meeting to provide their comments. To provide 
public comment by telephone, please call in when 
your topic of interest is being discussed by the City 
Council and provide your name and the agenda 
item number. You will be placed in the cue until 
the Mayor opens up the topic for public comment.

To participate in public comment via telephone, 
please call:

Phone Number: (669) 900-9128

Meeting ID: 626-232-0232

Password: 232242

You may also watch the meeting live streaming 
on the City’s website at www.cityofsierramadre.
com or broadcasted on Government Access Channel 
3 (Spectrum). 

For more information, please contact Assistant 
City Clerk, Laura Aguilar in the City Clerk’s Office 
via email at LAguilar@cityofsierramadre.
com or by telephone at (626) 355-7135.



The Public Works Department is very excited to announce the Sierra 
Vista Park Parking Lot Improvements. 

The project will consist of the addition of 18 new parking stalls 
with 6 ADA parking spaces. During the construction there will be 
traffic and parking interruptions. The contractor will be starting 
with the west driveway approach and the new parking stalls on 
the west side road leading to the City Yard, Dapper Field, Rose 
Float building, dog parks and tennis and basketball courts. During 
this time we asked that you park in the lower lot or on the street 
and walk to your destination. Once the west side drive approach 
is cured the driveway will open and the move on to replace the 
middle drive approach to the park and other concrete improvements 
in the lower lot. 

After the concrete improvements are completed the contractor 
will grind the old asphalt and prep for a layer of new asphalt. With 
striping being the last and final touch to the parking lot, the project 
is scheduled to be completed by July 24th. 

Please respect the work zone and park on the street whenever 

Thank you for your assistance in the matter. If you have any questions, 
please feel free to contact James Carlson at (626) 355 - 7135 

Mountain Views News 80 W Sierra Madre Blvd. No. 327 Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 Office: 626.355.2737 Fax: 626.609.3285 Email: editor@mtnviewsnews.com Website: www.mtnviewsnews.com

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