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Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 27, 2020 


 by Deanne Davis

Walking Sierra Madre...The Social Side

Deanne Davis

June 25, 2020

“Art is how we decorate 
space. Music is how we 
decorate time.” Jean-
Michel Basquiat

“Music gives a soul to 
the universe, wings to 
the mind, flight to the 

and life to everything.” 

“Music is like a dream. 
One that I cannot hear.” 
Ludwig von Beethoven

“I want to use music 
to help the local 
businesses during this 
financial downturn.” 
That’s Jane Fuller 
speaking in last week’s 
Mountain Views News 
column by Christopher 
Nyerges. Jane will 
be performing at Corfu’s Restaurant tonight, Saturday, June 27th, at 5 p.m. Her theme for the 
evening will be “Welcome Back to Sierra Madre.” Jane will also be honoring our friend Barry 
Schwam, who recently passed away, performing one of his songs, “Once I Was A Mountain,” on 
an autoharp Barry bequeathed her. This promises to be a really splendid evening. 

If you missed Christopher’s column last week, go back and look on Page 10 where there’s a great 
picture of Jane and so much information about her that you’ll enjoy knowing before you go see 

I had an opportunity to meet Jane a couple of years ago when Rich Johnson of JJ Jukebox invited 
me to come to Corfu to hear Jane sing. I discovered that she is a terrific singer-songwriter/guitar 
player/successful CD recorder/movie scorer and great entertainer. She was accompanied by 
another really nifty guitarist, Mike Gallegos, also a member of the aforementioned JJ Jukebox. 

That night Jane sang all my favorite stuff, including Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” and we all 
got to sing along. She did “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield; “I Can See For Miles,” 
by The Who; “Undun,” By The Guess Who; “You’re the One”.... these are all such great songs 
and the nicest thing about all of them was that you could actually understand the words! I know, I 
know, I’m showing my age and a certain wistfulness for the music of my youth and my mother’s 
era. Remember: “I’d love to get you on a slow boat to China, all to myself alone.” Or: “Gonna 
take a sentimental journey, gonna set my heart at ease. Gonna make a sentimental journey, to 
renew old memories.” Jane and Mike also did some instrumentals, including “Apache,” by 
the British surfband, The Shadows, “Pipeline,” by the Chantals, which was a hit later for The 
Ventures. I know Jane will do all your favorites and this song, “Once I Was A Mountain,” by 
Barry is so touching. 

The picture is Jane and her latest CD, “Night and Day.”

Next Saturday is July 4th! Can you believe it! Not exactly sure what that’s going to look like in 
our “new normal,” but I had to laugh at the picture someone posted on Facebook of a whole 
lot of dogs dancing with delight at the news that there would be no fireworks. Independence 
Day commemorates the day in 1776 that the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the 
Continental Congress, in case you had forgotten that.


I, of course, will never forget the first year we lived in Sierra Madre, 1967, and John and I forced 
our children to be in the parade. Patti and Johnny had a great time. Decorated their bicycle and 
tricycle with red white and blue crepe streamers and Leah still hasn’t forgiven us. The time will 
come again, I’m sure, when we’ll all enjoy seeing the Sierra Madre City College Band and float, 
all the kids’ sports teams, the classic cars and all the rest.

I don’t know about you, but the 4th of July makes me want potato salad and barbque-ed 
something. Potato salad has been in my culinary repertoire for over fifty years and, fortunately, 
most of my family like my version. It’s a classic summer dish and most everybody has their secret 
ingredient. Me, too, and I’m not telling.

There are many ways to wind up with a big bowl of potato salad. I do the old-fashioned, 
hard boiled eggs, pickle relish, onions, potatoes, celery salt and seed, pepper, dill, mustard, 
mayonnaise, a dash of 1000 Island dressing and refrigerate for a couple of days before the event 

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