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Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 27, 2020 

Disaster Small 
Business Relief

Schiff Introduces Act to 
Provide Free Cloth Masks

 Rep. Adam Schiff this week 
introduced the Masks Work 
Act to provide free cloth 
masks via United States mail 
to any American who requests 
one, as well as authorize a 
public service announcement 
campaign and further research 
into mask efficacy to reduce the 
spread of COVID-19.

 “As many states, including 
California, experience a 
worrying climb in COVID-19 
infection rates, it’s time to 
take seriously one of the most 
effective interventions we have 
- masks and face coverings. 
Simply put, masks work,” said 
Rep. Schiff. “Study after study 
has found that high rates of 
mask adoption impede the 
spread of the virus, and that 
countries where mask wearing 
is universal have been far more 
successful than the United 
States in preventing infection. 
It’s time for the federal 
government and our leaders 
to make crystal clear to the 
American people that wearing 
masks when you’re out in 
public and around others saves 

 There is a growing body of 
scientific research indicating 
that high levels of mask adoption 
by a population can reduce 
transmission of the virus, and 
may prevent asymptomatic or 
presymptomatic carriers from 
unknowingly infecting others.

 The Masks Work Act would 
direct the U.S. Department of 
Health and Human Services to 
establish a program to provide 
cloth face coverings to any 
American who requests one 
free of charge by USPS.

 The legislation also directs 
the U.S. Centers for Disease 
Control to create a public 
service announcement 
campaign to inform Americans 
about the efficacy of cloth face 
coverings and why they are 
recommended by scientific and 
medical experts to reduce the 
spread of COVID-19.

 The bill authorizes funds 
for the National Institutes of 
Health to conduct further 
studies on the efficacy of 
cloth masks and other facial 
coverings in reducing the 
spread of COVID-19.

 Finally, the bill expresses 
the sense of the House of 
Representatives that masks 
and face coverings are an 
effective and cost-efficient 
step to control the spread of 
COVID-19, and that all leaders 
should encourage Americans 
to adopt them and model that 
behavior by wearing masks 

Online Application 
Portal Now Accepting 
Applications from 
Pasadena's Small 

 The Pasadena Community 
Foundation announced 
Friday the launch of the 
online application portal for 
the Pasadena COVID-19 
Small Business Relief Fund. 
The application portal 
went live last night and will 
accept applications through 
July 10 at 5:00 pm. The 
small business relief fund 
is a collaboration between 
the Pasadena Community 
Foundation, City of Pasadena 
and Chamber and will 
provide grants to Pasadena-
based storefront retail and 
restaurant businesses.

 The Pasadena COVID-19 
Disaster Small Business 
Relief Fund will prioritize 
business owners who have 
not received financial 
assistance from federal 
and state-level COVID-19 
relief programs, including 
the Paycheck Protection 
Program. Businesses must be 
located within the physical 
boundaries of Pasadena. The 
selection process will consider 
ownership and whether the 
businesses employ Pasadena 
residents. Once awarded, 
grant funds may be used for 
business-related operational 
costs, including COVID-
19-related expenses and re-
opening compliance costs.

 To view the grant guidelines 
and access the application, 
visit the Pasadena 
Community Foundation 
Website at:

 The Masks Work Act Would 
Include PSA Campaign, 
Continued Research into 
Mask Efficacy, Encourage 
National Leaders to Model 
Medically Sound Mask 

Rose Bowl Celebration Goes Virtual

 To ensure the tradition of the 
94th annual AmericaFest, to 
celebrate Independence Day, 
the fireworks event July 4 is set 
to take a new virtual form due 
to COVID-19 restrictions on 
large public events. 

 The virtual event will include 
music from Cello artist, Cecilia 
Tsan who will be performing 
live two solos from the 100-inch 
telescope dome on top of Mt. 
Wilson in honor of our United 
States Fallen Heroes and the 
first responders and frontline 
workers for their admirable 
work and courage during 
COVID-19. In addition, Mt. 
Wilson has been testing a special 
art installation called “Sunstar”, 
created and owned by artist 
Liliane Lijn and astrophysicist 
John Vallerga. The prism will 
be moving throughout the 
day to shine a bit of pure color 
from the Sun over Pasadena for 
residents to enjoy throughout 
the virtual 4th of July event. 

 Focused around legacy and 
community-building, the one 
hour virtual event will feature 
celebrations of our United 
States Veterans and military 
personnel, messages from 
our community thanking first 
responders, frontline workers 
and their personal heroes for 
their work during COVID-19, 
as well as a salute to America 
with a message for why we 
celebrate the 4th of July. At the 
culmination of the online-based 
event, there will be a flyover of 
Pasadena and its most historic 
landmarks. The flyover will be 
viewable from many Pasadena 
resident’s homes, as well as 
streamed online, providing 
equal access to this free event 
for all.

In related news

 The city maintains a zero 
tolerance enforcement policy 
for fireworks, and Pasadena’s 
police and firefighters are 
teaming up for special fireworks 
enforcement patrols before 
and during the Fourth of July 
holiday. Violators are subject 
to arrest; having their vehicles 
impounded; and serving up to 
one year in jail and fines up to 

 Help keep all of us, our 
children, our homes, and our 
property safe from illegal 
fireworks. If you see something, 
say something! Call Pasadena 
Police at (626) 744-4241 to 
report illegal fireworks and 
other suspicious activities.

Senior Games 
Set for July 18

 For the first time in 28 years, 
the Pasadena Senior Center 
has had to cancel the Pasadena 
Senior Games that feature 
adults 50 to 99+ who display 
their athletic abilities during 
an annual series of about 20 
competitive, Olympic-style 
individual and team events 
throughout Los Angeles 

 According to Annie Laskey, 
the center’s events director, the 
cancelation does not prevent 
them from celebrating and 
honoring the athletes who 
would have participated this 
year if not for the COVID-19 
pandemic. Older adults are 
among the most vulnerable for 
contracting the virus.

 The virtual celebration via 
Zoom is scheduled Saturday, 
July 18, from 3 to 5 p.m. 
Athletes, Laskey and others 
will share photos and videos 
from past years, fitness tips will 
be offered by Pasadena Senior 
Games sports commissioners 
and athletes, and friendships 
forged over the years will be 

 “Every year the Pasadena 
Senior Games promotes healthy 
lifestyles for older adults 
through education, fitness 
and the spirited competition 
of sports,” said Laskey. “These 
remarkable athletes are shining 
examples that good health, 
socialization and optimism all 
contribute to healthy lifestyles, 
so we all remain confident that 
next year they will be able to 
compete again.”

 Athletes are invited to display 
or wear their medals, T-shirts 
and/or other memorabilia from 
prior Pasadena Senior Games 
during the Zoom celebration.

 Friends and families of athletes, 
the Pasadena community and 
others are welcome to join in 
the celebration.

 To register or for more 
information about Pasadena 
Senior Center programs and 
services, including more 
online options for classes, 
events and activities during 
the COVID-19 crisis, visit: or 
call 626-795-4331 or email 

 Everyone who registers online 
will receive email instructions 
for accessing the Zoom 

San Marino Police Looking 
at Offensive Comments

Mobile App to Help Support 
Open Pasadena Businesses


 An employee of the San 
Marino Unified School District, 
not a District representative, 
notified San Marino Police 
Department, in earky June 
of possible racial comments, 
videos, and, photographs 
posted on social media 
platforms. Immediately upon 
receiving this information, the 
police department initiated a 
criminal investigation.

 In order to be able to establish 
the elements of a crime and a 
connection to acts of hate, it is 
imperative for the department 
to speak with victims. The 
department has contacted a 
person who identifies them self 
as a whistleblower and, in news 
articles, uses an alias of Eugene 
Debs. Since the investigation 
has started, we have contacted 
the whistleblower more 
than once in an attempt to 
gather additional information 
concerning possible crimes and 
identification of victims. Some 
of the possible victims are 
juveniles, and as required by 
law, we will not release any of 
that confidential information.

 It has proved difficult to locate 
potential victims who are 
willing to come forward and 
be publicly identified. We have 
attempted to work with the 
District and identify individuals 
in photographs that have been 
posted by the whistleblower. As 
of today, we are still working 
with the District to obtain 
the information. We are 
encouraging all of the possible 
victims of these photos, videos, 
and comments, or the parents 
of the possible victims, to 
contact the department.

 The Department assures the 
community that we are taking 
this seriously and are exploring 
all areas of these incidents and 
any related criminal conduct. 
As of now, the investigation is 
continuing and will continue 
until all leads are exhausted. 
The department is utilizing 
the assistance of the Federal 
Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as 
well as the LA County District 
Attorneys’ Office as part of 
our efforts to investigate these 

 The Department’s investigation 
is limited to whether a crime 
has been committed. The 
First Amendment of the U.S. 
Constitution prohibits the U.S. 
Department of Justice from 
prosecuting people for their 
beliefs or language. Although 
untrue or stereotypical 
beliefs and expressions can 
be offensive, they are not 
considered a crime, nor 
is it criminal to join with 
others who share such views. 
However, once the protected 
speech includes a nexus to a 
crime, the First Amendment 
no longer offers protection, and 
actors may be prosecuted for 
committing a crime based on 
hate. This is why it is critical 
to have identified victims. 
Without them, offensive speech 
on its own, even if clearly 
demonstrated by evidence, is 
not considered a criminal act.

 Many community members 
have come forward and 
expressed their concern in 
regards to the acts of prejudice 
and bias that are being posted 
on social media platforms. The 
San Marino Police Department 
understands that hate affects 
families, communities, and 
at times, the entire nation. 
However, per the Constitution 
and the current state of law, 
hate itself is not a crime. 
Hate speech may violate an 
organization’s policies and 
guidelines, but it is at the 
discretion of the organization 
to investigate and take 
appropriate action to reduce 
or eliminate that conduct. 
Administrative actions by an 
organization are outside of 
the scope and authority of the 
Police Department. 

Senior Center 
Fourth of July 

 A free mobile application 
for restaurants has been 
unveiled to the community. 

 Pasadena Be Local 
Strong lists Pasadena area 
restaurants that are open 
for business. There are no 
charges to restaurants to 
be listed and no cost to 
for users to download the 
app. The application is a 
collaboration between Small 
World Communication and 
the Pasadena Chamber of 
Commerce as part of Small 
World’s Be Local Strong 
initiative. The app can be 
accessed online at https://

 “I am very grateful that 
Rob McLinton and Small 
World Communications 
approached me with the 
idea for a web-based mobile 
application to support local 
businesses during the current 
health and economic crisis,” 
said Paul Little, president 
and CEO of the Pasadena 
Chamber of Commerce. 
“Rob and his company were 
very generous to put the 
app together at no cost to 
either the restaurants or the 
users and provide a simple 
to use guide to who’s open 
and what’s on the menu. All 
free for the business and the 

 Businesses that want to be 
listed on the site can go to:
submit-your-listing/ and 
put in their information. 
Right now, the app only 
lists restaurants, but retail 
and service businesses will 
be added soon. The app 
is available to any retail 
or service business in the 
greater Pasadena area. 
Membership in the Pasadena 
Chamber of Commerce is 
not required to be listed.

 “Rob and I really saw this 
as a service that we could 
provide to the local business 
community and our 
residents,” Little said. “Every 
opportunity for businesses 
to reach potential customers 
at no cost to them is very 

 Don your favorite red, 
white and blue apparel, set 
out your picnics, display 
patriotic decorations 
and clear some dancing 
space: The Pasadena 
Senior Center’s Fourth of 
July celebration will be 
virtual this year via Zoom 
Thursday, July 4, from 
noon to 1:30 p.m.

 Music for dancing 
featuring classic, toe-
tapping tunes will be 
provided by the Great 
American Swing Band. 
Special appearances by The 
Tap Chicks and the color 
guard of San Marino Scout 
Troop #351 will round out 
the festivities.

 The cost is free for 
members of the Pasadena 
Senior Center and only 
$5 for non-members of all 

 To register or for more 
information, visit: 
org and click on Lectures 
and Events, then Online 
Events. Everyone who 
registers will receive email 
instructions for joining 
the festivities online. The 
virtual Zoom doors will 
open at 11:45 a.m.

 For more information 
about other Pasadena 
Senior Center programs 
and services, including 
online options for classes, 
events and activities during 
the COVID-19 crisis, visit: 
or call 626-795-4331.

Fireworks are Illegal, City 
Holds Property Owners 

 Fire danger and injuries from fireworks still exist even in the 
midst of a pandemic crisis. The City of Pasadena municipal code 
holds property owners and tenants responsible for permitting the 
possession, sale, usage or discharge of fireworks on their property. 
The ordinance allows for the prosecution of fireworks-related 
offenses and for the demand of payment for all costs associated with 
the safe disposal of confiscated fireworks. The City maintains a zero 
tolerance enforcement policy for fireworks, and Pasadena’s police 
and firefighters are teaming up for special fireworks enforcement 
patrols before and during the Fourth of July holiday. Violators are 
subject to arrest; having their vehicles impounded; and serving up 
to one year in jail and fines up to $50,000.

 National Fire Protection Association statistics reveal that a majority 
of fireworks-related injuries are caused by so-called “safe and 
sane” fireworks, which are illegal in Pasadena.

 Help keep all of us, our children, our homes, and our property 
safe from illegal fireworks. If you see something, say something! 
Call Pasadena Police at (626) 744-4241 to report illegal fireworks 
and other suspicious activities. 

 Due to the potential for fire hazards and injuries, Pasadena police 
and fire personnel will patrol the city looking for illegal firework 
activity, and police officers will seize fireworks in an effort to protect 
the public. Parking enforcement officers will ensure that vehicles 
illegally parked in Pasadena’s hillside areas on July 4 are impounded.

 The Pasadena Fire Department will be applying Phos-Chek to 
brush areas around the Arroyo area. The main ingredients of this 
fire retardant are phosphates and fertilizers to help prevent plants 
from burning and to re-vegetate burned wildland areas.

 For more information visit:

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