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Mountain Views-News Saturday, August 7, 2021 

Police DogAttacks 
Small Child 

By Dean Lee

 Two different stories 
describe opposite accounts 
of what happened after a 
child was bitten Tuesday 
night by a narcotic sniffing 
South Pasadena police dog 
during the annual National 
Night Out event at Orange 
Grove Park. 

 According to a statement 
from the city of South 
Pasadena, during the 
event a five-year-old child 
was bitten on the face 
around 8 p.m. during 
a demonstration, with 
eight-year-old Dutch 
Sheppard “Barry,” while 
the handling officer Chris 
Perez answered questions 
from the crowd. 

 “This is an unfortunate 
accident,” South Pasadena 
Chief Brian Solinsky said. 
“I can imagine how scared 
the family must have been, 
and my heart goes out to 
them. I am relieved to hear 
the child is ok,”

 According to reports, 
South Pasadena resident 
Josh Forbes suffered bite 
wounds on the left side of 
his face and ear after the 
“un-leashed K-9” made eye 
contact with Josh Forbes 
and leaped suddenly at the 
boy his father, Sebastian 
Forbes, said. He also said 
that their family was at 
least 10 to 15 feet away. 
During the attack, Forbes 
and an officer were able 
to pull the dog off his son, 
who was bloodied and 

 Sebastian Forbes told 
reporters that the officers 
involved downplayed 
the attack stating that 
"accidents happen." 

According to a official 
statement by the city of 
South Pasadena, Barry sat 
on the grass next to the 
handling officer. “At this 
point, a five-year-old boy 
in the crowd [Josh Forbes] 
walked past the other 
children to pet Barry, who 
was spooked by the sudden 
movement and reacted.”

 Josh Forbes, who suffered 
superficial injuries, was 
treated at the scene by 
paramedics and taken 
to a local hospital as a 
precaution city officials 

 "Barry has performed 
at dozens of community 
events without an 
incident," they said. "Barry 
is not a patrol or search 
dog, nor has he been 
trained to attack. Barry 
is a scent dog trained to 
follow odors given off 
by narcotics. He attends 
monthly training, which 
includes obedience. Due to 
the circumstances, Barry 
will be removed from 
patrol until the training 
staff evaluates him." 

New Annandale Canyon Trail to get Funds 

The Pasadena city council 
is set Monday to approve 
funding for the Annandale 
Canyon Open Space Trail 
Access Improvements 
Project that, when completed 
will include a new parking 
area and lookout point above 
the Arroyo. 

 Construction is set to begin 
in October at 1420 Wierfield 
Drive on a 2,350 foot trail and 
parking area, with the work 
is expected be completed in 
December. If approved the 
bid with Bellfree Contractors, 
Inc is not to exceed $247,359 
for the project. 

 According to city staff, the 
new trail and parkland will 
incorporate the existing 
abandoned unpaved graded 
access road (pictured), with 
the exception of the creek 
crossing, where a wooden 
pedestrian bridge would be 
constructed. The trailhead 
will include informational 
signage, bench, combination 
trash/recycling receptacle, 
and perimeter boulders. 
An observation point will 
be located atop the San 
Rafael Hills and includes 
the installation of another 
bench, interpretive signs, 
perimeter railing, and 

boulders. A parking lot for 
six cars will be constructed 
at the end of Wierfield Drive. 
The parking lot will be paved 
with crushed aggregate base, 
except the for one Americans 
with Disabilities Act (ADA) 
space which will be concrete. 
The parking lot will also have 
a security gate to prevent 
vehicle access after hours. 

 Funding for original 
acquisition of the 23 acres 
of open space in 2009 was 
comprised of a $2.5 million 
grant from Santa Monica 
Mountains Conservancy for 
acquisition of undeveloped 
hillside and canyons in 
the northwest portion 
of Pasadena; a $500,000 
contribution from Los 
Angeles County Proposition 
A funds and City Council 
appropriation of $2 million 
in Residential Impact Fees 
staff said.

 The item is on the council’s 
consent calendar that consists 
of routine items which are 
approved in one motion and 
one vote unless removed for 
separate discussion. The city 
council meets at 4:30 p.m. 
in the Council Chamber, 
Pasadena City Hall 100 North 
Garfield Avenue, Room S249 

Supporters Honored at Boys& Girls Club’s Luncheon 

The Boys & Girls Club of 
Pasadena held their second 
Annual Recognition Luncheon 
last week at Annandale Golf 
Club’s outdoor Pavilion. Since 
the Club was unable to hold the 
luncheon in 2020, they honored 
two-year’s worth of recipients as 
Champions for Kids, including 
The Helen and Will Webster 
Foundation, The Rose Hills 
Foundation, Capital Group, The 
Walt Disney Company, Junior 
League of Pasadena, Alyce 
Williamson, and “Big John” 
Matthiessen. Each Champion 
for Kids was recognized for 
their long-time support of the 
Club, either financially, or as 
volunteers, or both. Each year, 
the Club awards a foundation, 
corporation, volunteer, and 
individual donor.

 Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, Pasadena’s 
Health Director, was on hand 
to share the latest updates about 
Covid-19, and urge attendees 

to encourage people in their 
networks to become vaccinated. 
She was also presented with 
a Champion for Kids award 
for her sound guidance and 
support of Boys & Girls Club 
of Pasadena over the past 18 
months. Mayor Victor Gordo, 
a BGCP “Club Kid” himself, 
also stopped in to greet guests, 
sharing how much the Club 
meant to him as a young boy 
growing up in Pasadena. Award 
presenters included teens from 
the Club Anthony Moke, Kafshi 
Bennett, and Jonathan Lopez.

 “We invited these special folks 
to our Champions for Kids 
luncheon quite simply to say 
thank you. We are grateful for 
each individual donor, each 
Club alum, each foundation and 
corporation, each community 
partner, and each volunteer 
who steps up to help us change 
kids’ lives each day,” said Boys 
& Girls Club of Pasadena Board 
Chair, Barry Pyle. 

and online through Zoom. 
For more information or to 
submit public comment visit: 

of Altadena 
Street GangArrested

 Five alleged members of street 
gangs based in Altadena and 
Duarte have been arrested on 
federal charges of being felons 
in possession of firearms or 
ammunition during a shootout 
in Ontario that investigators 
say was part of an ongoing 
dispute with a rival gang, the 
Justice Department announced 

 According to the affidavit 
in support of the criminal 
complaint, all five defendants 
used firearms during the 
February 17 incident, which 
occurred during a funeral party 
for a suspected member of the 
Altadena Bloc Crips (ABC). 
Investigators with the Ontario 
Police Department believe the 
shooting was the result of an 
attack by the Pasadena Denver 
Lane Bloods (PDL), which has 
been in a long-running gang 
war with ABC and its allies in 
the Duarte-based Duroc Crips, 
the affidavit states.

 Surveillance video from the 

house where the shooting took 

place “showed that once the 

PDL members fired the initial 

shots, at least five subjects 

from the ABC funeral party 

ran from the home’s backyard 

into the front yard and began 

firing recklessly toward the 

unidentified PDL members,” 

according to the affidavit by an 

ATF special agent, which notes 

that bullets struck several 

homes and vehicles in the 


 The defendants charged in 
the criminal complaint, all 
suspected members of the 
ABC or Duroc Crips gangs, 

 Daniel Corey Roach, 41, of 
Altadena, who was arrested 
Wednesday on a charge 
of illegal possession of 
ammunition; Lionel Roberts, 
32, of Altadena, who was 
arrested Wednesday on a 
charge of illegally possessing a 
small revolver; Dejon Thomas 
Nunley Sr., 32, of Adelanto, 
who was arrested Monday on 
a charge of illegally possessing 
a 9mm handgun; Tristan Jon 
Taylor, 32, of Ontario, who 
was arrested Wednesday on a 
charge of illegally possessing a 
.38 special revolver; and Shawn 
Terrell Lyndolph, 30, of Rialto, 
who was arrested Wednesday 
on a charge of illegally 
possessing a semiautomatic 

 The charge of felon in 
possession of a firearm or 
ammunition carries a statutory 
maximum sentence of 10 years 
in federal prison. 

Recipient Given InauguralRobert Gorski Access Award 

City officials announced 
Monday that Pasadena 
resident Donna Pomerantz 
(pictured) has been selected 
by the Accessibility and 
Disability Commission 
as the first recipient of 
the Robert Gorski Access 
Award. The award, named 
after long-time City 
employee and disability 
advocate Robert Gorski, 
is presented to a Pasadena 
resident with a disability 
who has made significant 
contributions towards 
improving accessibility and 
quality of life for people 
with disabilities. Mr. Gorski 
was employed as the City’s 
Accessibility Coordinator 
from 1989-2016, and 
continued his work as a 
disability rights advocate 
into retirement until his 
passing in January 2020.

 As a former Chair of 
the Accessibility and 
Disability Commission, 
Ms. Pomerantz advocated 
for several initiatives that 
positively impacted the 
quality of life of Pasadena 
residents with disabilities 
including an ordinance to 
ensure that people who 
use service animals or 
other mobility aids receive 
accessible and reliable taxi 
service, a project to install 
accessible pedestrian signals, 
and a successful campaign 
resulting in Pasadena 
receiving the Accessible 
America Award from the 

National Organization 
on Disability (2004). Ms. 
Pomerantz has also served 
on several national and local 
boards and committees, 
including the Los Angeles 
Metro Accessibility 
Advisory Committee and 
Access Services Paratransit 
Community Advisory 
Committee to ensure that 
transportation is accessible 
to people with disabilities. 
Ms. Pomerantz and her 
husband have resided in 
Pasadena for nearly 20 years 
where she continues her 
efforts to improve access for 
Pasadena’s residents with 

 “Donna and Robert 
are champions for the 
Americans with Disabilities 
Act (ADA). Because of their 
unsung work in this space, 
the City of Pasadena is 
inclusive and accessible for 
all abilities,” says James Farr, 
Chair of the Accessibility 
and Disability Commission. 
“The Accessibility and 
Disability Commission is 
honored to present Donna 
with the inaugural Robert 
Gorski Access Award. We 
look forward to annually 
recognizing advocates 
who are instrumental in 
improving accessibility and 
quality of life for Pasadena’s 
disability community.” 
The Robert Gorski Access 
Award was presented to 
Pomerantz at last weeks City 
Council meeting. 

Officials Caution Residents as 

Federal Eviction Freeze Expires 

 The city of Pasadena made information on eviction 
the following statement moratoriums/renter 
Sunday night: protections, rental assistance, 

 "The federal eviction and even connection to free 
moratorium has now expired legal services. Finally, we 
and there are a lot of renters encourage renters to apply 
panicking even though they for state emergency rental 
are still protected by our assistance if they are behind 
state and local moratoria. on rent or struggling to make 
Pasadena renters can call the rent due to the pandemic. 
Housing Rights Center at The state is now covering 

(626) 831-9732 if they have 100% off areas for eligible 
questions about how they renters. Landlords can apply 
are protected and the steps too at:" 
they need to take to stay For more information 
protected. about the city’s Department 
is another great resource for of Housing visit: 
LA County residents with 
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