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A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder 


At the beginning of the week, 

introduced themselves and began their sales pitch 
the Gracious Mistress of the 

on my auto warranty. My auto warranty, accord-
Parsonage informed me that 

ing to them, had run out, and this was their “last” 
she and some of her friends would be going thrift 

call for me to renew this warranty. 
store shopping on Thursday. 

I jumped in and politely said, “No, thank you. I 
I nodded my head and smiled, not knowing where 

don’t need your warranty.” Then I hung up the 
she was going with this. 


“Now,” she said, “you will have to take care of your 

I took a deep breath and went back to the table 
lunch. You think you can do that?” 

and looked at my Apple Fritters, and reveled in 

the delightful experience of eating them. Then, 
I was smiling so hard on the inside I could hardly 

just as I was ready to pick up the first one, the telekeep 
it from my face. 

phone rang again. 

“Well,” I said as calmly as possible, “I think I can 

Very hesitantly, I got up and went to answer the 
take care of it. No problem.” 

phone. This time it was a recorded message about 

a warrant that has been issued for my arrest some-
That meant I could eat my lunch when I wanted to 

where in Texas. So all I needed to do was push 
eat it. My wife is very strict with rules and regula

number 1. 
tions. Everything has to be done at a certain time 
and in a certain way. 

I hung up very angrily and went back to the table, 

sat down and took a deep breath, and once again 
Thursday morning, the Gracious Mistress of the 

looked at those wonderful Apple Fritters. 
Parsonage said, “Do you remember what’s going 
to happen today?” 

Before I could even clear my mind, the telephone 

rang again. By this time, there was a swirl of anger 
Did I remember? How in the world could I ever 

bubbling up in my mind. 

I answered the phone, someone introduced them-
I soberly looked at her and said, “If I remember, 

selves and said they are sending me a diabetic ma-
you and some of your friends are going thrift store 

chine according to my doctor. And, it was FREE. 

Is it wrong to give someone a piece of your mind? 
She smiled and then said, “Are you sure you can 

And, which piece am I going to give this person? 
get your own lunch?” 

Not dwelling on this very long, I just opened up 
“I’ll be able to manage,” I said, still trying to hide 

and gave this person a piece of my mind that I 
the giggly smile inside. 

have never used before. I was so tempted to say 

things that would be very inappropriate. I was 
I walked her to the door, waved very happily as 

expressing my anger as I have never expressed it 
she drove out of the driveway and disappeared 

into the sunset. 

For someone to come between my Apple Fritter 
In my mind, I had prepared for this moment. 

and me is a very dangerous place to be. So I ex-
I planned to go to McDonald’s and get a bunch 

plained to the person on the phone what a stupid 
of double cheeseburgers, French fries, and milk-

idiot they were, as if they didn’t know already, and 
shakes to help me through the day. 

how I did not appreciate them calling me, particu

larly at this time of the day. 
Ah yes, McDonald’s has one of my favorite desserts, 
Apple Fritters. Although I’m not permitted 

Then I heard the magical sound of “click.” He was 
to bring them home, today was different so I de

no longer on the phone. 
cided to get two Apple Fritters. 

Sitting back at the table, I looked at my Apple Frit-
Just before lunch, I went to McDonald’s and pur

ters, and as I took my first bite, I thought of a verse 
chased my luxurious lunch, including the Apple 

of Scripture that means a lot to me. 

“There hath no temptation taken you but such as 
I was very excited to get home and indulge in a 

is common to man: but God is faithful, who will 
lunch which would not make my wife very happy. 

not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; 
But since she isn’t here, and I’m not telling her, I’m 

but will with the temptation also make a way to 
going to have the time of my life for lunch. Espe

escape, that ye may be able to bear it” (1 Corincially 
those delicious Apple Fritters. 

thians 10:13). 

I got home and set up the table for my lunch, and 

There is a hymn that says, “Yield not to temptabegan 
the process of enjoying. 

tion, for yielding is sin.” Temptations are there all 

the time, but God can give me the strength not to 
I got to most of my lunch and approached that 

yield to them. I can’t control the temptation but I 
wonderful point of delving into a delicious Apple 

can the yielding part. 

Dr. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family of 
Laying those two Apple Fritters on my plate, I just 

God Fellowship, Ocala, FL 34472, where he lives 
enjoyed looking at the beauty of a perfect dessert. 

with his wife. Call him at 352-216-3025 or e-mail The church web site is 
Just as I went to pick one up, the telephone rang. 
That’s all I needed. 

Answering the phone, the person on the other end 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! …August Birthdays*

Nancy Beckham, Karlene Englert, Juanita Fernandez, Jeanette Francis, Joseph Kiss, 
Jacquie Pergola, Pat Miranda, Jerry Burnett, Margaret Aroyan, Phyllis Burg, Beverly 
Clifton, Rosemary Morabito, Susan Poulsen, Joy Barry, Marcia Bent, Joan Spears, 
Ruth Torres, Jane Zamanzadeh. Helen Stapenhorst, Chandy Shair, Heidi Hartman, 
Erma Gutierrez, Margaret Switzer

* To add your name to this distinguished list, please call the paper at 626.355.2737. 
YEAR of birth not required 


Every Monday and Wednesday, 10-10:45 amChair yoga with Paul is coming back! Class be held in the Covered Pavilion in Memorial 
Park in front of the Senior Center. Please join us for some gentle stretching, yoga, balance exercise and overall 
relaxation. Classes will maintain a distance of 6 ft between participants. ALL participants must be wearing 
masks for the duration of the class. All equipment used will be sanitized after each use before it is stored. Each 
participant is responsible for providing their own water, masks and needed equipment or supplies for each class. 
Class size is limited so please call 264-8923 to reserve your spot. 

TEA AND TALK, SENIOR BOOK CLUB—2nd and 4th Wednesday at 9:00 am Staff has launched 
a new book club series, Tea and Talk, that will meet twice a month to discuss the fun, suspense, intrigue, 
love and so much more that each selection will have in store! This month we will be reading I 
Was Anastasia, Ariel Lawhon’s historical novel, Anna Anderson defends her attempt to prove herself 
to be Anastasia Romanov, a member of the last imperial family to rule in Russia. If you are interested 
in participating please call Lawren Heinz at 626-355-7394 or send an email to lheinz@cityofsierramadre.

TISSUE PAPER HANGING ART— Tuesday 8/17 at 10:00 am 

Fiber Friends— Tuesday 8/ 24 at 10:00 amIf you enjoy knitting, crocheting, embroidery, needlepoint, bunka, huck, tatting or cross stitch then 
we have a group for you! Bring your current project, a nonalcoholic beverage, then sit and chat with 
like-minded fiber friends. We will meet in the Hart Park House patio and chairs will be provided. 
Please call Lawren with any questions at 626-355-5278. 


 Do you have any ideas for programming? Is there a class or club you would like to see in our Senior Community? 
Please call or email Lawren Heinz with ideas or questions. 626-355-5278 x 704 lheinz@cityofsierramadre. 

 City staff are monitoring email communication daily, and although employees are minimizing direct engagement 
and interfacing less with the community, please note that voice messages, emails, and social media responses 
are being addressed in the most efficient and timely manner. If at any time additional information 
is needed, please contact City Hall Administrative Services at (626) 355-7135, Monday-Thursday from 7:30a 

– 5:30p, as they are taking messages and e-mailing the appropriate per-son. For messages that may trickle in 
otherwise, please note our team is remotely checking voicemail daily at the Community Services Department, 
(626) 355-5278 x702. 

Dear Savvy Senior:
I just found out I have stage 1 hypertension and my 
doctor recommended I get a home blood pressure monitor 
to keep an eye on it. Can you offer me any tips on 
choosing a good one? Hypertensive Helen 

Dear Helen: 
It’s a smart idea! Everyone with elevated or high blood 
pressure (stage 1 and higher) should consider getting 
a home blood pressure monitor. Home monitoring 
can help you keep tabs on your blood pressure in a 
comfortable setting. Plus, if you’re taking medication 
it will make certain it’s working, and alert you to a 
health problem if it arises. Here are some tips to help 
you choose a good monitor. 

Types of Monitors

The two most popular types of home blood pressure 
monitors sold today are automatic arm monitors, and 
automatic wrist monitors that are electric and/or battery 

 With an automatic arm monitor, you simply wrap 
the cuff around your bicep and with the push of one 
button the cuff inflates and deflates automatically giving 
you your blood pressure reading on the display 
window in a matter of seconds.

 Wrist monitors work similarly, except they attach to 
the wrist. Wrist monitors are also smaller in weight 
and size, which makes them more portable, and a 
bit more comfortable to use than the arm monitors, 
but they tend to be a little less accurate. To help you 
choose the best monitor for you, here are several 
things to check into:

 Make sure it fits: Be sure the cuff fits the circumference 
of your upper arm. Using a cuff that’s the wrong 
size can result in an inaccurate reading. Most arm 
models have two sizes or an adjustable cuff that fits 
most people. Wrist models also fit most people.

 Choose one that’s easy to use: Be sure the display on 
the monitor is easy to read, and that the buttons are 
large. The directions for applying the cuff and operating 
the monitor should be clear.

 Consider what extra features you want: Many automatic 
monitors come with additional features such as 
irregular heartbeat detection that checks for arrhythmias 
and other abnormalities; a risk category indicator 
that tells you whether your blood pressure is in the 

high range; a data-averaging function that allows you 
to take multiple readings and get an overall average; 
multiple user memory that allows two or more users 
to save their readings; and downloadable memory 
that lets you transmit your data to your computer or 

Where to Buy

You can find blood pressure monitors at pharmacies, 
medical supply stores or online, and you don’t need 
a prescription to buy one. Prices typically range between 
$40 and $100.

 In most cases, original Medicare will not cover a 
home blood pressure monitor, but if you have a Medicare 
Advantage plan or a private health insurance policy 
it’s worth checking into, because some plans may 
provide coverage.

 The best automatic arm monitors as recommended 
by Consumer Reports include the Omron Platinum 
BP5450 ($75), Omron Silver BP5250 ($50) and 
the Omron 10 Series BP7450 ($100); A&D Medical 
UA767F ($45); and Rite Aid Deluxe Automatic 
BP3AR1-4DRITE ($37). And the top wrist monitors 
are the Omron 7 Series BP6350 ($80); and the Equate 
(Walmart) 4500 Series ($40).

 After you buy a monitor, it’s a good idea to take it to 
your doctor’s office so they can check its accuracy and 
teach you the proper techniques of how and when to 
use it.

 You can also get more detailed information on how 
to accurately measure your blood pressure at home 
at – click on “Learn How to Monitor 
Your Blood Pressure at Home.” 

Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 
5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit Jim 
Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author 
of “The Savvy Senior” book. 

media accounts, apps, and websites or blogs with 


no revenue potential. This type of property typically 


won’t be of any monetary value, but it can offer 


real sentimental value and comfort for your familyfollowing your death and inform future generations 


in ways you may not have considered. 


Do You Own or License the Asset? 


Although you might not realize it, you don’t ownmany of your digital assets at all. For example, you do 


own assets like cryptocurrency and PayPal accounts,
so you can transfer ownership of these items in a 

Recent advances in digital 

will or trust. But when you purchase some digital 

technology have made many aspects of our lives 

property, such as Kindle e-books and iTunes music 

exponentially easier and more convenient. But at 

files, all you really own is a license to use it. And in 

the same time, digital technology has also created 

many cases, that license is only for your personal use 

some serious complications when it comes to estate 

and is non-transferable. 

planning. In fact, if you haven’t properly addressedyour digital assets in your estate plan, there’s a good 

The Law of the Digital Land 

chance those assets will be lost forever when you die. 

Until very recently, there were no laws governing

 Without the proper estate planning, just locating 

who could access your digital assets in the event of 

and accessing your digital assets can be a major 

your incapacity or death. The federal government 

headache—or even impossible—for your loved ones 

stepped in to find a solution for this problem and 

following your incapacity or death. And even if your 

the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital 

loved ones can access your digital assets, in some 

Assets Act (RUFADAA) was passed in 2015 and 

cases, doing so may violate privacy laws or the terms 

adopted by California in 2016. The Act lays out 

of service governing your accounts. Plus, you may 

specific guidelines under which fiduciaries, such as 

also have certain digital assets that you don’t want 

executors and trustees, can access your digital assets 

your loved ones to inherit, so you’ll need to take 

and allows you to grant a fiduciary access to your 

steps to restrict or limit access to those assets. 

digital accounts upon your death or incapacity, either

 Indeed, there are several special considerations you 

by opting them in with an online tool furnished by 

should be aware of when including digital assets in 

the service provider or through your estate plan. 

your estate plan to ensure your digital property isproperly accounted for, managed, and passed on in 

Make a Plan for Your Digital Assets 

the event of your incapacity or death. 

Given that leaving detailed instructions is the bestway to ensure your any assets are managed in exactly 

Types of Digital Assets 

the way you want when you die or if you become 

Digital assets include a wide array of digital files and 

incapacitated, you’ll want to add your digital assets 

records stored in the cloud, on smartphones and 

to your estate plan. As with any other asset you 

mobile devices, or on your computer. When it comes 

own, you’ll typically pass your digital assets to your 

to estate planning, your digital assets will generally 

loved ones through either a will or a revocable living 

fall into two categories: those with financial value 

trust. Within your estate plan, specify the person, or 

and those with sentimental value, which could mean 

persons, you want to inherit each asset and include 

far more to the people you love (and your future 

detailed instructions for how you’d like the asset to 

generations) than the assets with financial value. 

be managed in the future -- do NOT provide the

 Digital assets with financial value include 

specific account info, logins, or passwords in your 

cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, online 

estate planning documents, which can be easily read 

payment accounts like PayPal or Venmo, loyalty 

by others. This is especially true for wills, which 

program benefits like frequent flyer miles or credit 

become public records upon your death. Instead, 

card reward points, domain names, websites and 

keep this information stored in a secure place, and 

blogs generating revenue, as well as other intellectual 

let your fiduciary know how to find and use it. 

property like photos, videos, music, and writing thatgenerate royalties. Such assets have real financial 

A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a mission 

worth for your loved ones, not only in the immediate 

to help parents protect what they love most. Schedule 

aftermath of your death or incapacity, but potentially 

an appointment to sit down and talk about ensuring a 

for years to come. 

legacy of love and financial security for your family by

calling 626.355.4000 or visit for more 

 Digital assets with sentimental value include email 


accounts, photos, video, music, publications, social 

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