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Public Health recently revised the K-12 school reopening protocol so that changes will be 
in place when L.A. County’s children return to school. Face coverings will continue to be 
required indoors for everyone regardless of vaccination status, including during indoor 
PE classes, unless a person is alone in a room. Students who are exempt from mask wearing 
because of a documented disability or other condition should not be excluded from 
in-person education, and appropriate accommodations should be made on a case-by-case 
basis. Students who are excluded from campus because they elect not to wear a face covering 
should be offered alternative educational opportunities. 
Public Health continues to recommend physical distancing as long as it does not interfere 
with full-time attendance for all students, and infection control remains essential. 
Many schools have established routine testing programs to provide an additional layer of 
protection. All unvaccinated students and staff should be included in routine testing and 
where resources are sufficient, fully vaccinated individuals can also be included. 
Every school will have a plan on how to manage cases and outbreaks and will notify Public 
Health whenever there are cases. All positive cases are required to isolate, and all close 
contacts of each case should be tested and are required to quarantine unless they are fully 
vaccinated and without any symptoms. 
As a reminder, teens between 12 and 17 years old are eligible for the Pfizer vaccine, a 
regimen of two doses given three weeks apart, and they are considered fully protected 
two weeks after their last dose. In addition to the 135 vaccine events that high schools and 
middle schools are planning countywide in August that the County is supporting, we continue 
to offer Pfizer vaccines to children at all County and City sites, and these vaccines are 
available at many other sites throughout the county. 
As of August 1, more than 11,158,934 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered 
to people across Los Angeles County. Of these, 6,190,247 were first doses and 4,968,687 
were second doses. Ninety percent of L.A. County seniors 65 and over, 72% of residents 
16 and over, 71% of residents 12 and over have received one dose of vaccine and 53% of 
L.A. County teens between the ages of 12 and 17. Of the nearly 10.3 million L.A. County 
residents, including those who are not yet eligible for the vaccine, 53% are fully vaccinated 
and 61% have received at least one dose. 
Among the more than 5 million fully vaccinated people in L.A. County, Public Health 
identified 15,628 people fully vaccinated who tested positive for COVID-19 as of August 
3; this is less than 1% of all vaccinated individuals. Of those who tested positive, 446 were 
hospitalized, up from 410 the week prior. This translates to a rate of 0.009% of all fully vaccinated 
people ending up hospitalized. Deaths in this group is also very low at 0.0008%, 
representing 41 people fully vaccinated that passed away. These small increases, while indicative 
that fully vaccinated people do become infected, and that more have become infected 
during this summer surge than before, still provide compelling evidence that fully 
vaccinated people remain at low risk for becoming infected and even lower risk for having 
a bad outcome if they are infected. 
Anyone 12 and older living or working in L.A. County can get vaccinated against COVID-
19. Vis-it: (English) and www.VacunateLosAngeles.
com (Spanish) to find a vac-cination site near you, make an appointment and much 
more. Vaccinations are widely available throughout L.A. County and many sites are open 
on weekends and have evening hours. Vaccinations are always free and open to eligible 
residents and workers regardless of immigration status. If you don’t have internet access, 
can’t use a computer, or you’re over 65, you can call 1-833-540-0473 for help finding an appointment, 
connecting to free transportation to and from a vaccination site, or scheduling 
a home-visit if you are homebound. 
COVID-19 Sector Protocols, Best Practices, COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard, COVID-19 
Surveillance Interactive Dashboard, Recovery Dashboard, and additional actions you can 
take to protect yourself, your family and your community are on the Public Health website, 
LOCAL STATISTICS 07/30/2021 vs. 08/6/2021 
Cases: 1,297,032 
Deaths: 24,676 
Altadena 43,260 3,528 78 
Arcadia 57,754 2,909 141 
Bradbury 1,069 39 0 
Duarte 22,016 2,405 98 
Monrovia 38,800 3,334 80 
Pasadena 141,371 11,822 352 
Sierra Madre 10,989 512 13 
Cases: 1,315,313 
Deaths: 24,739 
Altadena 43,260 3,590 78 
Arcadia 57,754 2,967 141 
Bradbury 1,069 39 0 
Duarte 22,016 2,442 98 
Monrovia 38,800 3,398 80 
Pasadena 141,371 13,004 353 
Sierra Madre 10,989 523 13 
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TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills 
Mountain View News Saturday, August 7, 2021 8 
What is the fascination with our love of the hot dog? I know that food 
trends are cyclical but hot dogs I found have been a staple of our diets 
since the first Ferris wheel went up in Coney Island years ago. The 
setting at Dog Haus is industrial, with picnic tables and self-service 
fountain drinks. The menu boasts a lengthy list of selections, including 
the Sooo Cali ($8.95) signature pound.all beef skinless hot dog 
with avocado and crsipy onions on a grilled King's Hawaiian Bread 
bun. Let me tell you I love the bread, it is a great touch. I suggest to 
you that you get the bread untoasted so that you may savor the true 
taste of the bread. The manager told me that the customers like the 
grill mark on the bread, but trust me fellow foodies, do it my way. 
The manager could sense my frantic devotion to downing enough 
dogs to make this story credible; I mean what kind of critic would I 
be if I just had one dog! So here comes the Chili Idol ($7.95), Serrano 
chili, with chili and cheddar cheese. I am in dog heaven! 
So, I know if you are on the same page as I am for all these years blabbing Angels Radio AM 830, you 
ask, ok... Peter... what's the hook, there are several Hot Dog spots around, heck even Sam Club has a 
Hot Dog. Well, my answer is that any true foodie has to stay clear of being a creature of habit, The Dog 
Haus delivers some great Dogs and they make their own French Fries, and that alone makes me a fan. 
I have been very critical of certain "Gastropubs" shelling out frozen fries and rings and wings. They get 
it here at the Dog Haus. I haven't had one, but the manager tells me that burgers are good as well! All 
100% Angus beef. Beer and wine available 
Tip: Get there at 11 AM and have them put a fried egg on your dog, it’s only a couple bucks extra 
Dog Haus 
105 N Hill Ave 
Pasadena, CA 91106 
Join me this Sunday at 5 PM for my radio show on AM 830 KLAA 
Mosquitoes spread West Nile virus. 
Protect yourself and your loved ones from 
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• Wear mosquito repellent when you’re 
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• Cover, clear, clean and throw away items 
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